Hack Your Brain Into Getting Rid Of Fear And Anxiety With Hot Women [Socialkenny’s Mind-Hack Technique]!

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Socialkenny Mind-Hack Technique

Should we get rid of the attraction-scale rating system in the seduction community?

Maybe not! But for some guys, it’s actually stumping their progress with the hotties.

Sure, I rate women as 4’s, 7’s, and HB8.5’s, just as every other guy.

Whether you’re into pickup or not, most men on the globe have a numerical-looks system whereby he rates women: She’s a 10, 5, 8, whatever…

Personally, I never rate girls as 10’s!

Shit, I rarely even rate a girl a 9!

If I do happen to rate a girl (on this blog for instance), it’s solely for the purpose of clarification and getting a point across to my audience. But I personally don’t rate any specific girl higher than a 7.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox

Beyonce, Kim Kardash’, Megan Fox: neither of those hotties rank on my virtual-looks scale.

I can approach any 1 of these celeb chics without acknowledging their star power or perceived beauty. Just totally approach them as if they’re some annoying rascals I really don’t want to be around.

I’m totally against idealizing women and swelling their egos to the size of MetLife blimps by considering them 8’s, 9’s or 10’s. So rating a woman based on her outward appearance (facially) could be the nail in the coffin for most guys before they even approach the girl.

Over at David Wygant’s seduction blog, we discussed this a bit on How to approach a group of women. But many of the commentors didn’t get the heart of the problem.

Many of our fears and anxieties about women and about approaching women, come from our perception of their outward beauty.

The greater her perceived beauty, the higher the anxiety or fear to approach and game the shit out of her.

On the contrary, the less we see her as beautiful, the more easier it’ll become to approach her.

So our fears about women all stem from her beauty (or what we men see as beauty).

Now try to smell what I’m getting at.

Let’s say you’re a single guy, eligible bachelor looking to get some action tonight.

You enter your favorite bar, pub or nightclub and spot a fucking stunner [maybe she’s alone or with friends].

The first emotional process which takes place upon seeing this fine-ass chic is to proverbially size her up from a distance by rating her: a 7, 8, 9 or 10.

She’s a fucking dime!!!

The second thing to take place in this chain of reactions is a sudden rush of anxiety, fear and mental blockage.

What is this based on (this irrational fear upon seeing this girl whom you’re super attracted to)?

Her looks!!!

Her outfit!!!

Her body!!!

Her ass!!!

Her face!!!

Her bouncing boobs!!!

In a nutshell; her appearance!!!

How do you totally flip this shit to almost eliminating this irrational fear?

To not rate hot women as hot!

This is 1 of “the” magic bullets to getting rid of approach anxiety.

Just a simple alteration and tweaking your mind set!

That extremely-hot girl you’ve been gawking and drooling over; tell yourself that she’s not hot at all!

Psyche out yourself into believing this!

Make yourself believe this! That this otherwise HB10 you’re looking at, is actually beneath your standards in the looks department.

Photo courtesy of www.isexted.com

Photo courtesy of http://www.isexted.com

She doesn’t add up!

Make that your mantra and repeat it to yourself and believe that shit!

However, for us guys who are used to banging hot women, we aren’t (so) fazed and dazzled initially by a beautiful piece of ass, so we may not need to actively activate such mindset/frame when faced with hot girls.

Such confidence comes with experience and a strong inner game.

On the contrary, the average guy who isn’t so fortunate as to swim in vagina-ville regularly, it’s best that he hones in on this mindset and mantra whenever faced with women he perceives as (very) beautiful.

Whenever I spot a super-hot girl, within a millisecond, she goes from a 10 to a 4- INSTANTLY!

That split-second transition enables me to approach her without an ounce of fear. So much so, that I will banter and fuck with her, neg her and treat her like a little brat who needs my approval.

Girls of exceptional beauty do NOT faze me at all, nor do they hinder me from approaching them.

This mindset is largely possible because I’d altered my perception of what female beauty is.

Instead of focusing on her big boobs, nice ass, and saying to myself “how hot she is”, I flipped the friggin’ script with some mental mantras on the spot:

“She’s not hot at all”

“My grandma is hotter than she is”

“She has fake boobs…they must be implants”

“Wow, look @ those rolls”


You’re cutting her down to size by fabricating things about her (to yourself), which will then make it easier to approach her.

When I first hatched this concept a few years ago, with every hot girl I seen and was to approach and open, I recited the specific mantra to myself a few times, and I made myself believe it!!!

Subsequently, approaching and opening the girl was as effortless as taking a morning piss.

However, if when you see an HB9 or a super-attractive girl, and the first mental notes to rush to mind are:

“She’s fucking hot!”

“Wow! She’s beautiful!”

“Oh shit”!

It’s fucking game over!!!

You’ve massacred your chances before even approaching the girl [that’s if you were able to muster up the cojones in the first place].

So it’s all a mind game.

Approach anxiety and fear of approaching hot women is just a mind trick that can easily be fucked, hacked and altered with a little mantra and mental reworking as I cited above.

Templated Mantras you can use to hack your mind whenever you come across a hot girl whom you’re afraid to approach

• “She isn’t that hot”

• “Her boobs are fake”

• “My ex was prettier”

• “She’s the least hot out of her friends”

• “She’s ugly”

• “Is that a rash on her forehead”

• “She looks like a shitty conversationalist”

Guys, these are just templates, guidelines and examples of mental mantras you can recite quickly before approaching a hot girl.

You don’t have to use them word for word. Just ensure that whatever mantras you come up with, that they are negative.

It’s 100 times easier to approach and open a girl whom you have put in a negative or not-so perfect basket.

Just as there won’t be much anxiety in talking to a girl who is unattractive with major-physical flaws.

Any guy can approach a UG (ugly girl) and remain calm and unaffected (since you aren’t lusting and drooling over her).

So with these negative mantras, you are transforming a super-hot girl into an ugly duckling, which enables you to approach and chat to her with confidence opposed to anxiety, fear and a need to pedestal.

Plus hot girls suck in bed, so that’s an added bonus in cutting hot girls down to size enabling you to game them without looming, paralyzing anxiety.

Try it out!!!

With Socialkenny PUA's mind-hacking mantras, these hotties will instantly appear to be ugly duckings

With Socialkenny PUA’s mind-hacking mantras, these hotties will instantly appear to be ugly duckings

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

35 thoughts on “Hack Your Brain Into Getting Rid Of Fear And Anxiety With Hot Women [Socialkenny’s Mind-Hack Technique]!

Add yours

  1. Im hacked !

    I gotta internalize this state especially when I come across an HB8 or higher.

    As a guy who is very new to game and seduction, I suffer great from anxiety around hot women. Kenny already knows this so its whateva.


    1. lol u are stupid picasso. AA and approach anxiety is natural for us men to experience when face with hot bitches.

      but what kenny pua was saying is that this doesn’t have to hamper you all the time you can fight anxiety by certain ways.


      1. Duh I know what he was saying dude.

        And I believe SK can agree that approach anxiety is almost impossible to eradicate but this method is almost the closest.

        I will await feedback.


  2. Socialkenny pua, do you believe that Eric Disco is 1 of the best in the community when it comes to approach anxiety game?


    I’ve been hearing info that Eric isn’t all that in-field and so forth.

    What is your take since the working title for his site is approach anxiety.


    1. Disco getting a lot of slacc right now because his content aren’t that much detailed nowadays. Is like he lost interest in actually coaching good a s used to. I thinks he works now with glen pua and those guys in new york city.


      1. I know Eric Disco.

        He doesn’t work with Glenn P U A nor Brad P. All of them are out of new york however they are separate.

        I just don’t get how you can pride yourself as the best pua coach on dealing with approach anxiety yet your info is a bit sucky.

        That is my beef with Eric.

        Kenny seems to know his stuff when pertains to AA, that’s why I loved this article the most.

        Hey Kenny P, you can e mailk me at salis1@yahoo.com. I would like to discuss this topic on dealing with this off the record.



        1. Kenny doesn’t teach much game on approach anxiety. This is probably the first post I seen on this subjcet. But its a good post without any doubt.

          Its all a mind game and I believe that fully when it comes to seducing girls, al ot of it is our preconceived notions about what is hot or not. If we see all women on a level, we won’t have to worry much abou this


  3. @ Socialkenny PUA nice site bruh. And thanks for the Facebook add a week ago. I didn’t even notice it until a while after.

    Well what can I say, absolutely the best article on social anxiety I read in a while. This is like the magic bullet of approach anxiety.

    The thing is that guys need to get is that you should walways reframe how good a girl looks into how bad she looks.

    You explained it more concisely though.


  4. Hey Kenny, long time no see. I’m a big fan of mind hacks / mantras while out and about meeting women. Some of my recent favorites have been:

    “I can never date any girl I don’t meet.”
    “If she likes me right from the get-go, things will go well.”
    And if I’m getting flak early on: “Sorry, but your D-cups just don’t justify that J-cup attitude.”

    Another mind hack I’ve used is practicing visualizing different ‘looks’ on a girl I want to go talk to. Rather than verbally saying to myself, “She’s not that hot,” I visually what it would look like if she was wearing a red clown nose, or without her make up, or how she’ll look in 30 years, or if cup size was 3 sizes smaller, etc.



    1. This is good information john robbie. really hacking your mind to bringing the girl down to earth. I have to take note of these tips you gave.


    2. Hey JR! It’s been a while for real. I couldn’t subscribe to your site, so I wasn’t receiving any notification of new stuff. Is it possible to subscribe (I didn’t see the plugin)?

      Anyway, great stuff. Just like Picasso Gamer, I’ll hve to take some notes of those virtual mantras. You took it to another level.

      It’s a powerful concept to view a hot girl as not so hot when you visualize her with a clown nose or picture her 30 years from now. I’d forgotten to add to my list, which was to picture that hot girl years from now with wrinkles and stretch marks.

      BTW, you ever wrote about this before (an actual article)?


    3. lmao because this is what I was looking for.

      Mixing John Robie concept with Kenny’s would make for a good mind hacking technique.

      But guys 1 thing is missing, and thats an actual how to do it or apply these things like when I come across a girl I’m real attracteed to.


    1. @F-Close Frank: Lol nan bro! I never met her nor seen her in person.

      Was just proving a point that no matter how hot the HB, that shit doesn’t faze me, and it shouldn’t faze any guy.

      If I had seen her, it’d be FMAC without hesitation: Find, Meet, Attract, Close.


  5. Hey Kenny,
    This is good game here for men. Because I have had guys tell me that they didn’t even approach me because they were intimidated or thought I wouldn’t give them the time of day. Now, I am not saying I am a 10 but apparently I am hot enough for guys to feel this way…and I have to admit a few of them could have had this goodness had they stepped to me with confidence. So basically I can confirm…that when guys let anxiety get in the way…they are missing lots of hot chics. Speaking from personal experience and all my hot ass girlfriends…


    1. There’s no greater feeling in the world than getting endorsed from my female nemesis aka Serenity.

      I could imagine though that guys get intimidated to approach you and do their thing. I mean, if guys get this was over girls who aren’t even hot, imagine an HB 10 or you. Ok, that’s enough flattery for 1 night for you.


      1. HAHA! I guess you have stroked my ego enough for one day! Shrugs…
        The crazy part is the women is often trying to figure out why they didn’t approach them, left clueless on the fact its because the guy think they are hot!!
        I’m telling you lack of confidence is a sure killer!
        But A CONFIDENT MAN is a turn on and instantly makes me ….


  6. An ugly dude with a whole lot of confidence without arrogance can get more ass than a model looking dude with low self esteem! I’m just saying…


    1. You’re right!

      I wrote about this months ago that ugly men get laid more than guys who are deemed hot.

      Ugly men are super confident since they’re immune to being ridiculed and stuff, while the hot guy cannot take being rejected and has low-self esteem. Same as models. They’re supposedly the hottest girls on Earth, yet they’re super insecure and commit suicide on a regular basis.


      1. Oh yes! I forgot about that post. This for sure works both ways too but since we are talking about men I won’t go into that.


          1. Girls don’t get rejected…at least not hot ones, so this is still a major hypothetical. Your point is well take but women rarely get rejected; even the ugliest ones.
            Sent from my BlackBerry® device


          2. Um yes they do…sorry to tell you! They might not get rejected for a quick fuck but they many times get rejected for wanted more than that! Because a lot of hot women thinks that is all it takes to hold down a good man so they end up ass out.


  7. I agree that anxiety fucks up a guy’s game. But this seems like a neg to me (which I’m not a fan of). Why can’t a guy think you’re hot and STILL approach with confidence. How does hot girl = can’t function right? Too much pressure?


    1. Lol no girl is a fan of negs.

      Well you pretty much summed it up: hot girls are paralyzing to most men to approach. It is really paralyzing. I don’t think girls really get how difficult it is for men to strike up a convo with them.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


    1. Thanks you fine piece of ass. I was dead tired of the old look. I wanted to change it a while ago but I was scared to fuck my site up by mistakenly changing something. I actually did lose some features and old headers since I changed themes yesterday but it was worth it. The old look was killing me!
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


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