It’s Better To Be Rejected Now Than Later [+ In-Field Video]

Quick-video tip for the guys out there reading this.

It’s better to be rejected ‘NOW’ than later!!

Drill that into your cabezas guys!

There’s no logics in pursuing a specific girl for 6 months, to then have her reject you after 6 months, when you could have pushed the envelope right away (from day 1)!

Let her reject you or diss you from the moment you meet her as to save yourself the time and headache down the line.

If she doesn’t reject you, then you know without a doubt that she’s down.

Whenever I meet a new girl (street pickup, online game or @ the nightclub), I get forward and aggressive with her from the get-go.

I tow the line of being a disrespectful asshole, and I rarely get shut down by the women I approach that way!

If she becomes offended and react in a negative way; then I move on to the next girl until I meet 1 who reacts positively.

The theory is: if the girl likes you, you as the guy will be able to get away with murder!

Therefore, don’t be hesitant to ruffle her feathers right away and piss her off a bit if you have to.

If she doesn’t like you, and isn’t attracted to you, she will let it be known in certain unmistakable ways (however subtle).

If she does like you, and is attracted to you, you can get away with a lot [and that’s an understatement]!

Perfect example, at the end of the video, I inserted a clip from a few days ago where I’d picked up an 18-year old virgin with a funny-looking Mohawk @ a pizza joint [went for a late-night snack].

Check out my tone (dominant yet playful) and the shit that I said to her that the average guy wouldn’t because they’re too pussy.

Also, notice how the target isn’t even offended by the shit that I was saying. She was visibly open and feeling my forward approach (negging her ,etc.).

I negged her by implying she isn’t hot enough for me…


*This was recorded 3 days ago on the island of ******* [top secret for now].

*The official language on this island is English, however, the natives speak a broken English (which you’ll hear the girl speaking a bit as she mixes it with standard English).

*Oh BTW, I can also speak and understand this broken English [as an International Pick-Up Artist; being able to seduce girls in other languages and dialects is a major plus].

At the end of the chat (about 10 min., which was edited out), I walked away with her #.

What I hope guys learn from this short clip, is that you don’t have to be passive, scared, anxiety-filled to seduce women.

Be rude, dominant, aggressive, pushy, bad-ass right away as you meet her!

If she rejects you: cool! If she doesn’t, then you know she’s DTF and into you.

Watch the short-video clip to see it go down in action at the end!

Have a great weekend! And remember; don’t be afraid to offend. You’ll be surprise to know that women aren’t easily offended, and you can get away with a ton!

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

13 thoughts on “It’s Better To Be Rejected Now Than Later [+ In-Field Video]

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  1. Nice nice.
    I’m all about it dude. I never taught about the concept until now. Not long ago, I had oneitis over a girl I pined a way for over 9 months then she rejected me. That’s 9 fuckinmg months wasted.


  2. lmao solid neg in the video! im going to havbe to use that one some times but congruency plays a huge part when it comes to delivering negs the right and being shameless about it.

    by the way Kenny how do you develop such strong frame where you can say shit to the target and she doesn’t get offended?


    1. Yea if the guy isn’t congruent and doesn’t believe his own shit, it’d totally flop and the girl will get offended or feel awkward.

      As for strong frames, it basically boils down to inner game and massive amounts of cold approaches. Critics say cold approaching isn’t necessary nor plausible, but when one approaches massive amounts of hot women, he eventually becomes virtually immune to insults from the target, etc.


    1. Lol yea I may need to post some more vids of chics with this broken English accent that they speak in the Caribbean. It’s fascinating though how they can flip it on and off and they can understand and speak perfect American English too.


  3. Being bold with your game is the only way to be. This also has a lot to do with valuing your time. Going for it right away will force women to make a decision. A lot of guys are scared to do that because they think that will jeopardize their chances of sex. They don’t want to do anything to rock the boat with women. I use to be the same way. I was talking too long to make a move and it never worked for me. When I started being bold, I started getting results.


  4. I agree. It’s better to know sooner rather than later! I said this on your previous post- if a girl is into you, she will fuck or date you regardless of what you say or do. If a girl has a question mark about you, she’s either looking for a reason to reject you or for something better to come along.
    Being self-assured is always attractive and you were working that in the video!


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