RSD Julien: Featured-BadAss PUA Coach [+ videos]

I regularly get e-mails from readers asking which other guys they can learn from [apart from me obviously].

With that said, at least every other week, I’d like to showcase a PUA/ PUA coach whose style I’m feeling, and from whom the inquiring readers can learn some valuable tips with the hotties.

The featured instructor for this week is RSD Julien, a PUA coach for the Real Social Dynamics (RSD Nation) crew.

He mainly games throughout Hollywood recording in-field videos as he sarges and picks up HB’s [although he does games internationally].

We can all learn a lot from his playfully aggressive style of pickup. So check out the following videos of Julien teaching and demonstrating his pickup style on in-field hidden camera.

*Julien in-field rampage pickup [some nice routines in this video]

*Screening for logistics vs persisting for logistics

*Short circuiting girls

*Seeing the matrix of interaction

*Being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

You can find his blog @ Julien, and on RSD Nation.

And follow him on Twitter: @RSDJulien

20 thoughts on “RSD Julien: Featured-BadAss PUA Coach [+ videos]

Add yours

  1. Rsd guys are no joke when its time to get in field and do damage. I been following juilien for a while now on the nation forum. I didn’t get to see the last video. It kept giving me difficulties to play.


    1. Hey Pat, none of those RSD guys are jokes. They all do them, and that’s why other hate on them so much like those faggits @ PUA hate. I like Julien’s flow since it’s similar to the way I operate when in field.


  2. Long time Kenny Pua. I been really busy over the past 2 months.

    Rsd Julien. Real dude. I don’t know if you remember, b ut he was featured on pua lingo at one time. I don’t quite know if it was for pua of year thing or just a small bio on him.


    1. yea you are right mr. Japan. With the cartoon caricature with him and a girl. I would have to google I to see if what it was for exactly.


  3. @ socialkenny pua- weren’t you on the RSD Nation forum too just a minute ago (few months), because I did notice your name on the site with some posts unless that was another socialkeny pua.

    And thanks for the props in bigging up an RSD coach.


    1. @RSD Showcase: That was me! But those fucking asshole moderators yall have over there had banned me or closed down my account about a month ago, so I now got a little beef with them. So that’s why you haven’t seen me posted lately over there.

      However, RSD coaches are rockstars. I just hate their mods on the forum.


        1. Jealousy lol! What else?

          Those fuckers, some mod from RSD forum e-mailed me saying it seems like I have an agenda (business agenda) when it comes to posting my in-field videos, so the banned me. That’s bullshit.

          I never got any issues from posting my videos on Phasehift Lounge (Speers), PUA forum nor Casanova Crew forum. I was able to post my vids all that.

          But the fucking mods on RSD were so jealous that they felt they had to ban me.


          1. I grasp. I’m not a mod over there but I know they can be stricts some times. I don’t know what to say dude but cool blog never the less. And thanks for bigging up Julien.


  4. I can see why this guy is successful. But he talks so fast, can those guys who are trying to learn actually grasp what he is saying? He’s hard to follow!
    As far as ‘short-circuiting’ goes, I would think that guy was bi-polar or crazy. I had a boss that was bi-polar and that’s how he spoke; he was all over the place!


    1. Doesn’t seem too fast to me.

      As for short circuiting, it’s an old PUA concept. It’s pretty workable and solid. The rational is, you distract the girl by being all over the place then you can slide in under the radar. The more the girl is in a logical mindset where she can process 1 topic at a time, the harder it’d be to let’s say make out with her. So you want to distract her logics be being all over the place which will make it easier to make out with her in an instant.

      Irony is, rambling from 1 topic to another may sound weird to women (or bi-polar), but when actually in a seduction mindset, it would totally fly under the radar and disarm her defenses. When in a logical mindset, or let’s say @ work or any any non-seductive environment, doing this may backfire.


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