Was I An Asshole For This One, Or Did She Deserve It [Plus Chic Logics]?

I’m a believer in karma, retribution and giving people a dose of their own medicine.

Two weeks ago, I texted a former fuck-buddy of mines to set up a booty-call:

HB8: “Won’t be possible from now on”.

Me: “I’m guessing you have a BF now”.

HB8: “Yep. I’m trying to be faithful to him”.

Me: “Cool! I can’t be mad @ that”.

[Following week]:

Me: “You should pass by later and we chill”.

HB8: “Nope! I’ll be with my man later”.

Me: “Lol Cool. You’re sprung”.

HB8: “I wouldn’t say that. Just being a good girlfriend. Coming by you and having sex and shit won’t be a in the picture from now on. Sorry”.

Me: “It’s all good”.

[Last Night @ 1 AM On BB Messenger]:

HB8: “What’s up Ken”?

Me: “Cool as a fan”.

HB8: “Ok. What’s your plans now”?

Me: “Bit busy but I wouldn’t mine giving you some dick at some point”.

HB8: “Lol you’re so forward. But that sounds nice though. My boyfriend is fucking up and wasting fucking time”!

Me: “Yea I feel you. 1 day good, another bad”.

HB8: “For real! Well it’s bad now and I can use some sex real bad to be honest lol. Can you come over”?

Me: “Yea sure. Gimme a half hour”.

HB8: “Ok Kenny”.

[45 Minutes Later Via BBM]:

HB8 :Ping! Ping! “It’s almost an hour later”.

HB8: “Why so long to come by”?

HB8: “Hello!!!! Kenny”!

HB8: “Kenny if you not coming just let me know and don’t waste. My time”!

HB8: “It’s now after 2. I’m sleepy”.

Did I do that on purpose?


No let me rephrase that: hell fucking yea!!

Why should women be able to pull these sort of mind-game shit on men all day, yet it’s seen as head games when men decide to turn the tables?

So I basically flaked on her intentionally and led her on to believe that I was coming over to bang her brains out. But the main thing to look at is how some chicks [I’d say most who are sexually active] will turn down your advances for sex now, then they’d casually contact you ON THEIR TERMS fishing for sex.

This is a TRUE example of chic logics [irrational behavior by women] that we speak of in the pick-up community.

One minute she hates you, the next she loves you.

One minute, she doesn’t want to fuck you, then the next, she’s texting you for a booty-call.

One minute, she’s in love with her BF and wants to be faithful for life. Then days later, she wants to cheat and test the waters.

Overall, I don’t think that I was an asshole for standing up that girl last night.

Sure I wanted to do the nasty with her, but after recalling how she came off as a hypocrite and blew me off; I think it’s fair game that I did the same.

Retribution Is A Bitch!

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31 thoughts on “Was I An Asshole For This One, Or Did She Deserve It [Plus Chic Logics]?

Add yours

  1. lol @ these slores

    Wait so here man is messing up so it jusfifys fucking someone else? chick logic maaaaaaan i swear. This is the reason why IMO secular women deserve to get played and shytted on. If your man ain’t doing you right then work it out or break up with him but don’t call some other nigga to fuck

    Thats whats wrong with these broads these days, then they wonder why they can’t find a good dude….

    fuck outta herre!!!

    In regards to you Ken Ken you did the right thing, but you shoulda fucked her and took a video or picture and send it to her man, to “aware” him that his girl is a slore.

    SRS that’s what I woulda done


    1. Lol I’m with you all the way on this one Soloist. Is grimy as hell the way chics operate. 1 second, they so in love then 2 days later, they wanna fuck. Dudes like us are exposed to Game and pickup, so we understand chic logic or else we would go crazy tryna figure out why women do certain things.

      The pic/video idea would be great lol but from my sexperience of banging this over the past 3 years, she hates to fuck with the lights on. So pics to get to her man wouldn’t be possible (even though you were being smart)


  2. hahahahaha some women are just fucked up. I’m sure she plays the innocent role around her dude too. Makes it seem like she loves him when she’s trying to have other dudes come hit it. Also, who knows if she called someone else to come hit it when you flaked. I’m sure this chick has a few dicks on standby. Her boyfriend really need to get up on some game. Even if you banged her and showed him the video, he probably would have said it wasn’t his girl. You’re just hating haha.


    1. Lol yea you right 100%. Some dudes just won’t believe even if you show them the tape.

      Oh without a doubt she has more than 1 dude on standby. Remember, I know this chic. I first fucked her over 4 years ago. She’s been a booty call of mines since, so I know her business and she does tell me that she’s fucking like 2 other dudes on the side but tryna be faithful now.


  3. Wow dude you never tell the guy, alot of my girls have bf’s and husbands and to be honest I perfer it that way its for the better…can see why you’re solo tho

    Anyways I’ve done the same thing man you have to show you’re different and have a backbone…at the same time you will need to reconnect in some way or she’ll just find another f* buddy


    1. Thanks for the comment Steve. But if you meant solo as in no GF. I do have a GF. That’s been well documented on this blog.

      Anyway, you’re totally right in that she will next me as an FB if I were to do this again. One definitely can’t overdue such moves. So you’re quite right Steve.


  4. Her behavior i quite standard for chick, usually once they get tired with their beta bf they come back.

    Next time she finds new bf and tells you no more sex, open your calendar count 3 months ahead and mark a day. She will be back by than.


    1. Basically. As guys who practice Game, this is something we’re well aware of, that this is standard women behavior and operation.

      Calendar count sounds nice lol. I can predict it again too. I have no probs if a girl fount a BF and wants to be faithful. That’s cool. But it was the way she brushed me off I didn’t like.


  5. Well done! I’m proud of the fact that you didn’t go ahead and meet her – (even though your reasoning wasn’t because of her boyfriend).

    Hate unfaithful people, so I’m glad you didn’t encourage it this time.


    1. Just as I’d mentioned @ the top to Steve, this is definitely something a guy cannot abuse. This should be done only once with the same girl. So good point Free Chick. Doing this too many times (3 times for example) would be over kill and cause the girl to totally next the guy.


  6. I don’t understand…she was just trying to be faithful to her bf, what’s wrong with that? When she realizes she doesn’t want to anymore, of course she’s going to hit you up to open up your FB communication.

    I agree with what you did because you didn’t help her cheat, but I don’t agree with your reasoning behind it (maybe because I don’t really understand it).


    1. I don’t mine that she’s tryna be faithful. I applaud that.

      My reasoning behind not banging her is that I wanted to give her a dose of mer medicine from what she did to me.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


        1. I get you. It was the manner in which she rejected me. I applaud her for telling me she wanted to be faithful so she cannot continue screwing me on the side (although I knew it was BS). So the way she said it to me via text as I showed above, it was pretty shitty manner with major attitude
          Sent from my BlackBerry® device


          1. Ah, I see. Then when she hit you up later, she seemed very entitled to having you available right when she wanted you? I think I get it now, and can see where you’re coming from.


  7. Yo whats up Kenny? Good post. I am glad that you didn’t give her what she wanted. Some chicks think that because they have a p@ssy dudes will come running. Even though some dude probably still hit it. She knows that not all dudes are thirsty.


    1. Exactly! That was the point I wanted to get across; you can’t just brush me off viciously 1 night then expect me to run coming when your man cut style (if you know what I mean by that island slang).


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