4 Things A Guy Would Be Better Off Not Knowing About You [Advice For Women]

I’m no stranger to giving dating tips to women.

Usually, my asshole approach to advising girls seems to resonate stronger than when I dumb it down to be politically correct.

A while ago, I wrote about the #1 way in which a girl will turn a guy off [unbeknownst to her], and how to avoid making such stupid-fucking blunder [pardon the Creole]: read it here little lasses.

With that said, I’m back cracking again, hoping to improve the chances of both sexes merging, fucking and making babies!

However, if women continue making the following verbal faux-pas (real world or online dating), they will essentially be killing their chances of ever maintaining a guy’s interest beyond the 1st. Phone call, let alone the 1st. date!

Ok drum roll…!!!

4 Things Women Are Better Off Not Sharing Early

1.) We do NOT wanna hear about how bad your last BF was, or how badly he beat you up, abused you and cheated on you [however unfortunate].

Girls tend to let emotions get the best of them and spill too much of the beans right off the bat.

Sure The guy will listen to your sob-stories and seem to empathize with your past struggles by saying, “Wow, how sad. That’s fucked up”!

However, he’ll be saying to himself (internally); “This chic is nuts! Too much baggage way too early”!

Subsequently, his next move will be an exit strategy (from the phone call, date, online chat or wherever).

So keep your mouths shut about a past abusive LTR (relationship). Crying down men as beaters and dogs won’t get you anywhere in the dating world as a single girl.

2.) Equally as important; keep the male-bashing to yourself girl!!!

Women seem to not realize that a man have a secret/subconscious brotherhood type of connection with his fellow man.

Bro’ code stems from this unconscious concept: bros before hoes essentially.

Therefore, when a girl talks shit about another man, it subconsciously affects the way we see her. She’s in essence talk about all men [including me].

So whenever you’re on a date with a new BF prospect (or even a dude you just met online), and you’re looking to give a decent impression: please refrain from man-bashing as if it’s a plague (which it is in relation to courtship).

3.) “I have lots of guy friends. I hang out with guys”!

This is fucking suicide!

Might as well strap on the explosives and detonate the device instantly!!!

This’ probably ‘the’ biggest mistake in the book which a girl can ever make when looking to land a boyfriend (eventually), or keep one.

When a man hears from a girl, “I have male friends, I mostly hang out with guys, I hate bitches because they back bite too much”!

He interprets that as if you’d said, “I bang my male friends every night, and we have massive orgies, and if you were to ever go steady with me; I would bang all of your guy friends too”.

He’s NOT going to be doing back flips that he finally fount a girl whom he can bring to guy’s night out.

There’s not 1 positive emotion you can elicit in the guy when you tell him that you have many male friends (or any at all).

This revelation is best kept secret, ’cause if he does get cajoled into making you his GF down the line; he will have trust issues [unless he’s an Alpha-Male like I am; and even I would have trust issues].

4.)“I’ve had an abortion (or miscarriage)”.

This may not be a nail in the coffin, but some men (lots of us) don’t care to know about this.

It’s not a matter of if he’s pro or against abortions. It’s the fact that he will assume that you slept around a lot and end up getting knocked up for some random guy, then had an abortion or miscarriage [which probably was the case].

You wanna stay away from mentioning things which would make him perceive you as a wanton slut.

For instance, if the topic of kids arises [do you want, do you have?], no need to say:

“I do want kids some time in the near future. But I had a miscarriage/abortion once, and that really fucked me up for a while”.

As I said previously, it’s not that it’d turn the guy off completely, but it just won’t resonate in a positive way. You’re not gaining any points be telling these super emotional intimate misfortunes.

This is something you can let out the bag down the line; let’s say if a relationship does materialize.

However, this is way too much info [TMI], way too early in the game [acquaintance stage] to be revealing such things.

We don’t wanna friggin’ know about it!

More bad could be done than good by mentioning it.

In Closing

Women are pretty naïve when it comes to their impressions of men [sorry for the hard truth].

men on the other hand; we know men!

We know that the guy who you consider “just a friend”, is actually scheming on the pussy.

Girls on the other hand will say shit like, “He’s just a friend. He never even made a pass at me”.


He’s probably been LJBF’d (friendzoned), but that still doesn’t mean he won’t pass that boundary and try to fuck you at a moment of vulnerability or horniness.

Overall, the 4 tips come down to putting a muzzle on the mouth when it comes to the 4 things I mentioned.

A good first or second impression is key (as we all know).

Fastest way to ruin that and fuck your chances with a new guy, is to find yourself in conversation about 1 or all of the 4 things I pointed out.

This all reminds me of an episode of VH1’s Tough Love reality show, where Steve [the matchmaker] sets the girls up on dates with some new guys. He specifically advised them on the topics to avoid bringing up on the dates.

If they did bring up those topics [like the 4 I’d mentioned], he would zap them with a device he had taped to each girl’s ankle. So every time (while on the date) that the girls would bring up a no-no topic, Steve would zap them.

The point was to not turn the guy off by making a bad impression by bringing up certain topics.


*Don’t mention how bad last BF was!

*Don’t talk bad about men to another man!

*Don’t mention that you have, or hang out with lots of guys.

* Don’t bring up the time(s) you had a miscarriage or abortion!

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14 thoughts on “4 Things A Guy Would Be Better Off Not Knowing About You [Advice For Women]

Add yours

  1. Well this goes both ways with the sob story crap!!! Maybe thats only Beta/Simp Men who does this but it happens alot. Oh my last girl would never suck my dick…and the dumb chic would say awww well I will suck ot for ya! Lmao….no seriously dudes does give the sob stories to get closer to the panties! Ijs


    1. We’re talking about women. Sure there are lots of things guys say and bring up that mess up their chances, but we’re dealing with ladies here. 90% of the girls I met, they seem to think it’s cool or a plus for them to say to guys that they hang with guys, sort of to make it seems like she’s 1 of the guys. That’s a turn off


      1. Now thats one I was guilty of… I only deal with only guys. I didnt know that was a turn off til I read it here.

        Really all four of these are good because most females are guilty of this at one point or another…


          1. LMAO that’s true. You’re like the female voice on this site defending the female cause lol. Sorry for the attitude [PLZ].

            Anywho, women are guilty of all of these. Just avoiding them will improve a girl’s chances with a new guy.
            Sent from my BlackBerry® device


          2. I know! I have to keep up with my male bloggers because I know my game is crisp (pops my collar) but I still learn something every now & then here! Or least have a blueprint to show my girls that Men really don’t like these things…I’m not just hating on them! lol


  2. agree with you Kenny.girls think they knw better but hell no ie why they can-t keep the alpha male.girls knw abt playing hard to get which the overdo sometimes.keeping a guy,turning him on is hard 4 them they think their pussy rules everything maybe to virgins coz when get laid constantly its nthng.another thing always want to make assumptions about a guy ,s dick how big it is,its really a turnoff.


  3. Good game here for the ladies.

    1 & 2 means to me that she’s a bad luck chick. A lot of women try to play that innocent role and then when everything comes out in the open, you find out her last boyfriend hit her because he found her banging his best friend. I don’t advocate domestic violence but I know that there is two sides to everything.

    3. Women and male friends! It’s not even that they’re banging them because most of the time they are not. It’s the attention whore thing that gets to me. I understand if you are 18-22. That’s cool in the game. Some of these women are in their late thirties and hanging around a bunch of dudes. That shit is corny. Hanging out with a bunch of guys that want to bang you is NOT the business if you’re looking for a dude. What guy wants his girl around a bunch of dudes that are trying to get with her? I’m sure the girl wouldn’t want her dude hanging around a bunch of women that wanted to bang him. They forget about that part of the game.

    4. Again, more bad luck shit. Why would a girl even tell a guy she had a abortion? Nothing beneficial at all. Sometimes it’s best to leave things in the past and this is one of them.


  4. Women over 22 should all just be rounded up and put in Antarctica to spend the rest of their remaining years on Earth. Because so many women are sexually worthless in the world, the overflow can be sent to the wilderness in Siberia where they can properly be housed without bothering anyone. . Keeping them in these remote locations is the best option to ensure they don’t pollute the Earth any more than what they already are simply still being on it when they have no sexual value anymore.


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