Around the Seduction Community [posts I’ve read this week]

I read a lot!

Per day, I’d say that I read between 20-30 seduction/PUA articles from around the web…and that’s on a bad day.

The following posts I’d read and enjoyed over the past few days.

“The Plur Life: An Electric Daisy Ride To Remember” by Ajones PUA.

“6 Characteristics Of An Alpha Male (by Mystery)” by Renaissance.

“To Buy Or Not To Buy Drinks For Women” by Tony King.

“How To Sext: For Guys And Girls” by Manwhore.

“Rules Of The Game Day 1” by Cricket.

Guerrilla Warfare: Phone Game by Kino 5000.

“Top 10 Countries By Female-Sex Ratio” by Superman PUA.

“Update From PUA-World Summit 2012” by RSD Alex.

“China: Macau And Taipei In Taiwan” by Neil Skywalker.

“Club Game Escalation: Sexual State” by Steve Jabba.

“DJ Fuji’s Guest Article On The History Of Pickup” by Dj Fuji.

“How To Get Her Away From The Guy At The Bar” by David Wygant.

“Top 10 PUAs And Dating Coaches Of 2012 From Love Systems” by Savoy.

“Attraction Superpowers: Vocal Tonality by Paul T.

“Mission: 25 Kiss Rejections” by Liam Mcrae.

“Nice Guys vs Badboys” by The John Cooper.

“Focusing On Goals And Postponing Relationships” by Johnny Wolf.

“Kings Of Pickup Top 10 PUA’s” by Speer.

It Was Good While It Lasted by Maven.

“Kiev & Oslo Reports” by Sasha PUA.

“I’m Confused And In Love With Her” by Ross Jeffries.

“Should A PUA Smoke?” by JB The Mummy.

“Asking Out The Friend” by Permanent Guest.

Or go to the post: Vote your favorite PUA coach 2012

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5 thoughts on “Around the Seduction Community [posts I’ve read this week]

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    1. Lol I hear you. I’m against reading books. I’d blogged about this a while ago. Books are good of course, but one can learn more from reading an article on how to drive, than to actually read a 300 page book on how to drive. Just as I did and started out. I learned the concept of driving from reading an article on the net about 8 years ago. All the concepts of driving I learned in that 1 article and so I aced the written and physical driving test the following weeks. No need for a 300 page book. Books are scams in just to get ppl to purchase them. That’s all. Same as going to college is just a scam but the powers that be won’t reveal it, but many studies and credible people have come out about the truth in going to college and that it’s a scam to get people in debt for life thus owe the government for life. How many of us still can’t get a job in the desired field we went to college for? Almost all of us. So purchasing books and going to colleges are scams. It’s more of a power-trip and self-gratification than an actual advancement in life.
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      1. Woah… Well, I get it a bit about colleges, but I’m not entirely sure about books; even textbooks. I’d rather argue they don’t need to be as expensive as they are (texts and colleges), but not necessarily that they are scams.


  1. Thanks for the nod bro. Impressive you do that amount of reading per day. It’s like Nietzsche… listen to lots of perspectives and it gives you such a great bird’s eye view that it gets you closer to truth. And it’s great you’re in turn sharing all those perspectives with others. Thanks again.


    1. My work permits me to do a lot of reading and blogging. I do security work (securing a government complex), so I’m just just sitting or standing around for 8 hours while reading for those 8 hours and sarging while on the job. So it’s a win win.

      So true about getting varying perspectives on things. Later!
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