20 + Reasons Why Mitt Romney Lost The 2012 U.S. Presidential Election

1.) The 47% comment on hidden video which alienated a huge part of the electorate.

2.) Not publicly condemning Rush Limbaugh on the Sandra fluke issue for calling her a slut [although I’m anti-Feminist, and just don’t give a shit about calling women slutty].

3.) Implying, “Let Detroit go bankrupt”, which he wrote in an article (although he didn’t select the title).

4.) Alienated the Latino voters with prior anti-immigration comments like self-deportation, building a fence on the southern border, etc.

5.) Naming Paul Ryan as his vice president when he (PR) has a huge baggage of skeleton in his closets because of his voting record which was anti-women and pro-capitalist.

6.) He lost the fight on birth control, and just happened to be running for president in a party which has stupidly positioned itself as anti-women.

7.) He never tried winning any of the black vote by any means. In a close election; every vote counts. His speech at the NAACP where he touted repeal Obama Care, that killed him totally with the black vote.

8.) Happened to be in a political party which harbors lots of political looneys as of late: Todd Akin, Michelle O’donnell, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Allen West, etc.

9.) The Tea Party rhetoric and radicalism stained Mitt.

10.) The birther stupidity pushed by the Tea Party and the wacky Donald Trump.

11.) Going against the auto bailout in the Mid West.

12.) Bad mouthing the stimulus which was key in battle-ground states as Ohio (which Mitt needed to win).

13.) Flip flopping on the individual mandate and the Health Care fight. And flip flopping in general.

14.) He’s not a true Conservative nor a true Republican but an opportunist. Any other candidate (true Conservative) would’ve defeated Obama.

15.) His Mormon faith and its views towards black people (as being cursed and not fully men). Also not seen as true Christians by other sects of Christians in the electorate.

16.) His party’s rhetoric that Obama is a secret Muslim, anti-American, non-American, Kenyan, Communist, etc.

17.) Being out of touch with average Americans and regular folks, and coming off as the elite rich guy who can solve the economy’s problems.

18.) Damned himself in the presidential debates by coming off as dogmatic and CEO-like (bullying the moderators and the sitting president).

19.) FOX News. This is probably the biggest handicap to Conservatives, which misled Mitt Romney into believing that he would win huge, thus causing a sense of complacency.

20.) Being anti gay marriage. I definitely don’t support gay marriages (although I’m a Liberal). However, when running for national office, and everyone has gay friends or a gay relative, it’s stupid to alienate that branch of the electorate.

21.) Positioning himself as a war-monger who would strike Syria and Iran in a heartbeat (unprovoked).

22.) Refusing to do sufficient amounts of public television interviews (even on friendly Fox).

12 thoughts on “20 + Reasons Why Mitt Romney Lost The 2012 U.S. Presidential Election

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  1. Damn, Kenny! You hit it on the head with all of these. I think in general he was too much of an opportunist yes-man to stand up to the loonies in his party. And not standing up wackos is not a good Presidential trait. All this is funny because if he did stand up to them, they’d still rather have him than Obama.

    But props has to be given to Obama’s ground team. A lot of people make fun of the Chicago political machine, but they were the ones who had great strategies for the swing states. I worked on a TON of campaigns in Chicago and they are tops at what they do.

    You forgot one reason why Romney lost – his wife’s not as good looking as Michelle.


    1. Lol I’ll have to do some revision and add the sexier wife as to another reason Mitt lost. Michelle is sexy as a MOFO though!

      You’re from Chicago, so you’d know a lot more about the ground game there. But the media made it seems like the machine in Chicago is weak.

      Anyway, if he’d only stood up to the wackos, he would’ve seen more human to ppl.


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