My Fuck-Tank Is On Empty [The Side Effects Of Pickup?]

[Thanks to my blogging friend “Sexy Angie”, I was virtually cajoled to writing this article about my sex life [lack there of], and the existential ingredients as to why.]

Never had I thought the day would come where I’d be jaded and tired with the act of sexual intercourse.

Well, that dreadful day had actually arrived over 2 years ago to be specific.

Socialkenny PUA has been sexually maxed the fuck out!!!

Perhaps this is the indelible price a Pick-Up Artist pays for having so much uninhibited sex, that he eventually faces a juncture where banging hot women just gets old.

Think about it!

It sounds logical!

Keep doing the same thing for an extended period of time [no matter how enjoyable that activity is], you will get tired of it. It’ll lose its savor and it will friggin’ burn you out psychologically.

Guys who are unfamiliar with these sentiments, who scoff at the notion of being sex-tired, are obviously men who don’t get laid (enough).

The other day at the barbershop, some guys were talking shit about sex, and they all boasted that they can have sex 4 times in 1 day…EVERYDAY [I believe them]!

That shit blew my fucking mind to even try to fathom it!

Then I said to myself, “You know what; these guys don’t get laid often at all. If they did, they would not be boasting and gloating about having so much sex”.

Sure! Having sex is fun and a major boost to a guy’s psyche and sense of Alphaness.

However, having too much sex over a long duration of time [consecutive years] with random women, will actually kill the fun, the rush and novelty of it all.

2009 was the year on record in which I’d slept with the most women in my lifetime.

Cerca 2009; the rockstar year.

Cerca 2009; the rockstar year.

I’d slept with more girls during that 1 year (2009), than my entire adulthood combined almost!!!

Ponder fucking that!

That year, I knighted myself an advanced Pick-Up Artist. I was f-closing at best 2 new girls per week. At worst, 1 new girl every other week.

Coincidentally, that was the year I’d met my current-MILF GF [December, 2009].

Had I not met her, and had I not been virtually stymied by monogamy, 2010 would’ve been an even more sick year for me, as I was on pace for laying twice as many girls than the previous year!!

Talk about rockstar status!!

My weiner would’ve fallen off that year. So meeting by GF was probably a God-send.

I Now Understand Tyler’s Plight

Tyler Durden aka RSD Tyler, a guru in the PUA community, had once said that he’s satisfied with just talking to women, getting their #’s, seducing them, but not having sex with them.

Tyler Durden aka RSD Tyler, PUA guru

Tyler Durden aka RSD Tyler, PUA guru

At that time (few years ago), as I read TD’s articl, I lost major respect for his Game, and thought that he was going mad, gay or has no skills to f-close his targets.

To confirm this point, Neil Strauss aka Styles [the PUA guru], mentioned in the famed PUA Bible [“The Game”], that Tyler is probably 1 of the most skillful PUA he’s ever seen; but he doesn’t get laid. His goal was NOT to get laid, but to enjoy the ride.

Neil Strauss, PUA guru and author of “The Game”, the Bible of the seduction community

I was dumbfounded to read that about my mentor in the seduction community [that he wasn’t pushing to get laid]. I couldn’t comprehend the psychology behind it.

Fast forward…

I never thought I’d see the day when I would undergo what Tyler had, where I would lose the drive for sexual intercourse.

I’ve now been in Tyler’s shoes over the past 2 years, where f-closing the HB10 isn’t my aim in pickup anymore.

Sex now feels anti-climactic to me.

Transformation Paradigm

Nowadays, I’m more excited about getting a girl’s phone number than to actually drag her off to my lair to pound her silly.

I get a major thrilling head-rush from the entire ride alone, which subsequently dissipates after sex.

Sex alone doesn’t provide me the thrill, adventure neither the push-pull which gets me excited about a woman.

In fact, sex seems to be the buzz-kill where the chase ends [technically, it is].

Whereas as a newbie to pickup, I was hell-bent on getting my cock wett.

As a seasoned PUA who’s lived the life of a gigolo and man-whore, I now enjoy getting a girl all worked up, knowing I can fuck her at the drop of a hat, but chose to leave her saturated in her vaginal juices instead.

I no longer have the drive nor the motivation to full-close as when I was a horny student of pickup [which actually makes sense].

Drawing a reference for example sake; everyone wants to go to Hawaii, until they’ve actually been there few times, and discover that it wasn’t all that as they made it out to be, and it’s just as shitty as anywhere else on the globe.

Pussy is the same way. Once you’ve been there way too many times [to pussy-ville], it becomes played-out, and you no longer see what the hype was all about prior to going there. But you had to at least been there many times to actually not give a fuck about it anymore.

The Reason I Do Pickup, And The Maturation Curve

Ninety five percent of successful PUA-dating coaches all have girlfriends, or are in committed relationships, multi-relationships [MLTR], open relationships or even marriages.

No decent dating coach is single (or single for long)! At worst, he’s either coming out of a relationship, entering 1, or has the tangible option to be in 1.

Any guru who’s out there tryna hustle ass every night for the sake of taking girls home, is apparently not good at pickup [he should’ve already surpassed that phase] .

Every Master Pick-Up Artist will have reached a point in Game where he isn’t (that) gung-ho about getting laid.

Vagina becomes a psychological burden opposed to a blissful ride to Nirvana.

I love to demonstrate how to seduce women; whether on live in-field video, audio, podcasts, transcript, etc. This is part of the transition to becoming an instructor; you enjoy TEACHING others how to fuck, more than you actually fucking.

[Socialkenny picking up NYC college student who has a boyfriend].

So whenever I do fuck a girl or simply game her, it’s more for demonstrative purposes [field testing] or the thrill of knowing I can still do my thing and have girls eating out of my big-dirty palms.

It’s rarely ever to get a quick fuck nowadays.

Just as I’d documented the other day in this field report: Kenny walks out on date like a prick. I was on a day2 (date) with a Vancouvan MILF who had picked me up by the way! She was all about it! However, I walked out on the exciting date after accomplishing my goals (none of which was to fuck her).

My purpose was to merely gather some mental notes, sharpen my flirting skills, and write a field report for my readers to learn.

After walking out on her, I immediately met up with another DTF HB (15 minutes later), took her to my office, but never fucked her.

I enjoyed the chase, and the underlying theme of knowing that girls wanna get laid. But I’m so in a different mindframe, that I’m able to play hard to get and pass up on 10 minutes of frolic…which the average guy couldn’t do.

My Current Sex Life

As I eluded to above, if I do bang a stray piece of pussy, it’s more so done in the name of field testing (seduction experiment), testing out a new technique or concept or to gather intel. It’s never about having an itch for sex.

Believe it or not; I only have sex at best: 3 times per month!

So that is once every other week, but rarely ever twice in 1 week, let alone twice in 1 day LOL!

My MILF GF periodically bitches about my lack of sexual interest. But she’s now more understanding as to why my libido has tanked and my sex-ometer is stuck on ‘0’.

Perhaps this is the side effects of being a successful Pick-Up Artist.

You’ll arrive at a point where sex doesn’t matter, doesn’t consume you, and is no longer your primary, nor secondary goal when chatting up hot girls.

Some guys may say:

“Kenny, you’re full of dog shit! You’re only saying these things because you can’t get laid, so you justify that inability by saying you don’t care to get laid anymore”!

Sounds plausible if I were the average guy. But I do have a GF (of 3 years now), so getting laid is always available for me.

Is this 2 year slump of being disgusted by sex just a phase that I will have passed through to then revert back to being a sex-maniac?

Only time will tell!

I did break my sex routine however over the past 3 weeks [look forward to that article next].

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website.

24 thoughts on “My Fuck-Tank Is On Empty [The Side Effects Of Pickup?]

Add yours

    1. Yea I’m with you too. But it’s so funny how few years ago, I didn’t grasp this. Nowadays though, the chase is more exciting than the end results.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


  1. Glad to be your blog muse :0)

    Interesting viewpoint, never knew it was possible for men to get tired of the act but guess it makes sense when your goal is actually “knowing” you can get the goods w/o getting them. That’s your “satisfaction”

    also, nice addition with adding acronym link at the end of your blogs . Big help to newbies


    1. Well actually Ms. Newbie, I think I mentioned before that I added the acronym page after you bitched about it lol. Just kidding. After you inquired, I decided to add the page.

      Well, I didn’t know men could get tired of sex neither lol. But over the past 2 years and change, my sex drive or passion for sex isn’t that great.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


  2. Hey Ken, great to see that you reached a certain plateau that you can just recline and let the fun happen instead of chasing pussy like we not-so advanced guys do.


  3. pacing yourself is ridiculous. As men that is impossible. Not that we can’t pace ourselves but men get laid so sparingly and sporadically, even if its often, we have to jump on it before too late.


  4. Reminds me of playing fighting games.
    When I play a new fighting game and don’t have the skill sets and knowledge to win I’m trying to win the match over and over. Then I’m winning all the time.

    After a while I just want a challenge so I’m seeking out stronger opponents and winning all the time after playing them enough.

    Then I get to a point where I do really enjoy the game but I want to experiment and so I’m not trying to win the matches as much as try out something new. New combos, strategies, etc.. I don’t care if I win, just if I can pull off whatever that something new is. Cause I already know I have my opponent beat.

    Then it gets boring… I’m just fucking around and not caring about victories… Occasionally someone interesting comes along and it’s fun again, but I still don’t care about winning. Then rarely someone not only interesting but challenging comes and the rush comes back again.

    But I’m not playing for the win. I’m playing for the thrill of the fight. It’s communicating with someone in a new language almost. If I win or lose I don’t care I just like fighting this new opponent cause they’re interesting and challenging.

    But, this grows old too after a while. Unless they’re constantly changing… And one gets bored with it.

    Girls. Well I don’t understand them or the system and I’m really frustrated mostly from deprivation. I haven’t experienced getting laid enough or having a relationship with someone I care about and I would like to. Having my emotions and hormones denied what they ask strikes into the soul and breaks me a little each time. I have no one and don’t have the skill set to get someone.

    This is why I crave sex and relationships. I’m aware that once I get it on a regular basis it’ll be just like fighting games.


    1. @Chime- Great analogy. I couldn’t have said it better. You basically summed up everything I
      was trying to say in your comment. Such is women and f-closing regularly. It gets
      old where you begin to focus on new aspects of game, like tweaking certain skillset, etc.
      Perfectly said with the video-game analogy.


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