How Would You Open These 3 Girls In 3 Different Situations [test your situational-opening skills]?

A little Friday fun on a much lighter note than my previous posts.

The concept was hatched by my man Glenn PUA, as he periodically dishes out challenges to his readers in order to test their seduction abilities. However, I put a little funky twist to mines [no worries Glenn P].

The point of this quasi challenge is to test the skills and ability of my readers to approach and strike up a convo’ with hot women in the most common scenarios.

Let’s get started fuckers!

There’s no right or wrong answers. It’s basically a question of who has the more solid-situational opener.

You either suck major-donkey balls, or you have decent-verbal rap in approaching and opening the OYD(object of your desire).

For the laymen, or those outside of the PUA loop; Openers are essentially ice-breakers (not pick-up line). If you wanna use a pick-up line as an ice-breaker/opener; then that’s up to you.

Forenote: Pay attention to the target’s mood, facial expression, body language, demeanor and the situation, then open her accordingly! Those factors are key when cold approaching women!

1.) How would you “Approach and Open” this English-speaking Chinese girl @ a bus stop in China?

2.) How would you open this seemingly-bored black chic @ a coffee shop?

3.) How would you open this sexy-lean girl at the library who’s blocking the aisle?

Post your answers in the comment section for us to scrutinize.

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website.

16 thoughts on “How Would You Open These 3 Girls In 3 Different Situations [test your situational-opening skills]?

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  1. Ok, I’m gonna kick this off (as expected).

    Girl #1): “[approaching diagonally]Hey, why is it soo hard to catch a bus China? Is it ’cause I’m black”?

    Girl #2): “That must be decaf you’re drinking that you’re still looking so tired after downing 2 cups”.

    Girl #3): “If you keep blocking the aisle, I’m gonna have to report you to your supervisors.

    So, those are the 3 situational openers I’d use in the 3 cases.

    The main thing to my delivery is banter, humor and light-heartedness.


  2. 1 which bus do I take to get to Beijing? by the way, you look European. are you?

    2 I need your opinion on something. does your coffee tastes better with milk or without?

    3 What book would you recommend as a good read?

    that’s my shot.


  3. wtf was the wine guy drinking !
    those don’t even classify as negs or false disqualifiers more power to him for being ballsy I guess.


  4. I only have time to answer 1 quickly. Girl in cafe, I would approach, sit down if a chair available, introduce myself and ask her if she can buy me a coffee.


  5. 1)Excuse me,could you tell me are we in Austria or Germany,don’t know how i got here(smirk)2)Hey,tell me that joke you’re laughing at all the time3)Need to find something about Casanova,could you help?


    1. Wow! You got skills Tom!

      Your delivery is totally my style. All 3 of your approaches have built-in humor, which is a key part of my skillset. I mean, I really can’t see any of those 3 openers failing to open the girl unless she’s just a bitch regardless.

      Thanks Tom. Your opening skills are tight!
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


    2. Hi Tom, that was real solid man.

      The Casanova line when talking to the girl in the library was nifty. I’m going to have to use that from now on.


      1. Yeahh,i read Casanovas biography,it is usefull in any conversation with woman,arouses their mind when you speak about great Italian seducer..


        1. I’ve never read the biography, but I did read a lot about Casanova in the “Art of Seduction” by Robert Greene. I never knew a biography even existed.
          Sent from my BlackBerry® device


  6. 1. You look like you’ve been waiting a while for this bus, buses are fucking ridiculous with being on to me. I’m ……. by the way.

    2. You look like you are bored, so I wanted to come and say “Hi”. I’m ……, you don’t like your drink?

    3. You look like a flamingo standing on one leg, what you doing blocking the isle, you must be desperate to get the book you are looking for, I’m. …..


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