Do Women Secretly Hate Condoms? And Why Do We Fuck Without Condoms?

…“She secretly desires to feel your raw-manly shaft penetrating her warmth insides in the most primal and natural way possible… without a condom”!!

Do women get off at the thought of a stiff cock wrapped in latex or animal skin fucking the shit out of her?

Of course NOT [so I’ve been told]!!!

Just as we men dread the shit out of using rubbers, and they can be massive boner-killers [at least for me they are]; chics secretly wish that they could enjoy raw-dog sex…even more than men do!!

This surely crushes the romcom Beta-Male perception that all women are sexually pious-little damsels who scoff at the idea of a hot guy banging her without protection.

Well…call me the “myth-buster”, here to dismantle the shit out of the 3 decades-old notion that women are safety-conscious when it comes to fornicating aka fucking!

She has to say, “Where’s the protection”?

When it comes to sex, women have to present men with their alter-egos [a front]. She must orchestrate, pretend, and act her ass off as to appear holier than a Virgin Mary on steroids.

Hence, as much as she’s dying for you to bang her sin condon (without a condom), she’s socially pressured to pretend as though she’s safety-conscious, and that rubbers are girls’ best friends.

Then the all-too familiar declaration gets uttered by her as you whip your cock out, “You have protection, right”?

The sluttiest, dirtiest, nastiest, bottom-of the barrel girls, who’ve probably never seen a condom before will also utter: “We’re not fucking without protection”.

She’s socially conditioned to PRETEND as though she’s safety-conscious!

Lots of men, being oblivious to this feminine Jedi-mind fuck will either:

1.) Abort the mission of fucking her, and just snuggle instead (in spite of his pending, pent-up blue balls).

2.) He’ll run to the pharmacy to buy rubbers, return, and notice the girl’s sexual arousal has dissipated.

3.) Convince her to fuck without a condom [the easiest of the 3].

Why We Instinctively Fuck Without Condoms

Guys, it’s pretty fucking simple; humans have been screwing and replicating for millions of years, while condoms weren’t even mainstream until mid-1990’s.

So it’s hard-wired in our psyche to follow what comes natural to humans: fucking without condoms.

It’s a primal and instinctive impulse.

Pulling out a latex to roll onto the boner isn’t a natural nor instinctive procedure for humans, thus we often times neglect to use them (since it’s an unnatural process to mating), essentially putting desires/human nature before safety/manufactured desire.

That is why it’s so easy breezy to convince a girl to have sex without protection.

She instinctively yearns to feel your raw flesh against hers. It’s fucking nature!!

However, due to social pressure and the need to protect her perceived-innocent reputation, she’s NOT gonna tell you this unless you’ve already slept with her more than 5 times or become your LTR(Long-Term Relationship).

Any woman who claims that she’s never had un-protected sex is either self-deluded, grossly ashamed or down-right lying!

If she hasn’t yet; it will happen eventually when she decides to procreate and bear kids.

I Convinced Girls To Have Un-Protected Sex

A bit of truth: As mentioned before in this article: 50 things you didn’t know about me , over the past 6 years, I’m unable to count the amount of girls I’d laid from then to now [tried counting but failed].

Of the innumerable girls I’d f-closed over the past 6 years, I only used a condom ONCE!

I said ONCE!!!

That is ONE time in 6 years with possibly over 100 women…70% of whom were ONS(One-Night Stands)/SNL’s(Same-Night Lays) of women whom I’d picked up @ nightclubs or online-dating sites.

Call me a dog, pig, animal, disgusting, low-life, insane, whatever…but I wasn’t a fan of using condoms (still not).

It personally kills my erection the instant it touches my cock head. Had I relied on condom use, I’d probably be a 30 year-old virgin today.

Anyway, armed with fore-knowledge that women really want to fuck without protection (more than I did), I decided to invent some clever-verbal tricks in order to enable me to fuck virtually any girl without a condom.

1.) I’d get her really turned on to the brink of insanity (via verbal foreplay in a seduction location), knowing that she’d be too horny to refuse un-protected sex; thus she gives in [which she really wanted to anyway].

2.) If lying in bed, she says she’s not fucking without a condom, I’d agree (just to psych her out), then eat her pussy to a boiling mess, then stop before she climaxes. Then I’d continually tease her clit with my tongue, but not bringing her to cum. At that point, she’ll beg for the cock (un-protected).

3.) Knowing that she’s REALLY attracted to me and turned on by me, yet she says, “I don’t have sex without protection”, I’d strategically stop everything (foreplay, kissing, caressing, snuggling), withdraw, put on my iPod and block her out of my world while we lay there. She’ll eventually succumb to the urge for cock, then I’d bang her raw [I call this the “Pity Bang”].

4.) If it’s a girl I met online, I’d get to know her menstrual cycle and when she’s to have her period. Knowing that girls are extra horny a day or 2 before menstruation, I’d schedule our date/meet-up for that time, where she’d be massively horny prior to bleeding. She’d be so sexually charged, that there’s no way in hell she can decline sex.

5.) I’d never really had to employ this one but sparingly: simply fucking plead LOL! “I never fucked a girl without a condom in like 8 years. Your pussy looks so juicy girl! Can I just slide the head it 1 time and pull it back out? Please Jessica”!

Are those tactics of mines manipulative and diabolical? Might be!!!

Conversely, she wants it as much as I do. She’s just not socially allowed ask for it (un-protected sex), so we both have to create a quasi play for sex to happen.

She wants to feel as though the sex just happened, and that she had no decision making in it. So she’s not gonna ever admit that she wants to fuck raw, or else that would deem her as a slut and a turnoff.

It’s up to the socially savvy guy to take advantage of this, then operate accordingly like what I did in the above 5 realistic examples.

In essence, women want to be tricked!

They expect to be tricked into sex!

They have to be tricked into sex!

Not f-closing the HB just because you have no protection will cause her to lose interest and attraction in you.

You’ve essentially landed yourself in the wuss basket, or the category of “men who just don’t get it”, and “men who are too afraid to take chances”.

Women are SUPER turned on by the Y.O.L.O. idiomatic concept [You Only Live Once]: rebels, outcasts, badboys, assholes, action heroes, firemen, Brad Pitts, etc.

Likewise, they are SUPER turned off by guys who are safety-conscious: nerds, virgins, men who work in offices (bureaucrats), counselors, etc.

She’s obviously not going to say, “Hey, Kenny, I’m not up for seeing you tomorrow because you refused to fuck me raw”. She’s just gonna flake on you.

The End Game

Now, I’m not advocating for men to go pussy-crazy and bang raw. If you’re a condom-user; then continue using them!

If you can maintain an erection in latex (unlike me); then use it!

The point of this article was to dispel the false notion that women care to use protection, and that without it, she won’t have sex.

That is utter bullshit!

90% of the girls I’d slept with in my lifetime, got busy without protection [I wasn’t able to convince this girl however]!

It didn’t require major convincing neither. It was like stealing candies from a handicap.

Realistically, had she not wanted to have sex; then it wouldn’t happen.

I didn’t put a pistol to her head nor gag and bound her. I simply knew that all humans were programmed to have un-protected sex [it’s in our genetics], and it shouldn’t be difficult to convince anyone to do what is natural and has been done for the past million years [Pre-Historic man to Homo-Sapiens]: fucking raw dog!

All the “wrap-it-up” condom- campaign ads on TV and billboards will never be able to convince humans to use condoms religiously.

No matter how many AIDS patients you wheel out of the graveyards as testimonial that un-protected sex kills [which is all western-media propaganda by the way]: people will always opt for having un-protected sex, because the impulse of SEX is way stronger than the consequence of death.

Humans will fuck raw, knowing we could die tomorrow from doing so.

Yet we all take that risk whenever we do decide to impregnate and be impregnated.

So how valid is the use of condoms anyway, if at some point in every human’s lifetime, he-she will abandon protection (in order to procreate)?

What’s your thoughts?

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36 thoughts on “Do Women Secretly Hate Condoms? And Why Do We Fuck Without Condoms?

Add yours

  1. AIDS is a chemically generated germ warfare created by scientist to reduce the black population of the Earth. That’s why it’s more prevalent in the black communities, because it was specifically engineered to attack the black’s immune system unlike whites, Asians, etc.

    However, one does not contract the AIDS virus from having sex. That is pure fallacy cooked up by the neocons and globalists.

    The globalists have a quota of ppl whom they have to inject the AIDS virus into within a specific timeline (per anum). So they selectively pick a region to target, you go to the doctor for a specific ailment, he gathers info on your sexual activities (to see if you’re active), they run a scan and decides to inject you with the HIV virus to meet their yearly quota.

    So one doesn’t get AIDS (via sex). It’s injected into you at the clinics (even unknowingly to the doctors who are all Manturian Candidates and puppets by the way), then you’re now diagnosed with AIDS from thereforth.

    So this AIDS thing is a germ and chemical warfare to reduce the world’s population. Since the globalists (who run the world) feels that it’s over populated (thus they instigate wars etcetera).


    1. Wow wow wow lol! That’s all I wanna say Truthbot.

      I’m definitely with you 100% since I’m a skeptic of all this AIDS stuff BTW. I do feel and I’d read over the years that it was synthetically created by scientist. I’m all with you there man.

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing this solid info and food for thought. I figured this article would be up your alley since this’ your subject on Twitter.


  2. Kenny youre one of my regular followers, so you already know my schtick.

    I’m just here to bring truth to light and expose the globalists for what they are: SCUMS who spread diseases all over the Earth by way of germ warfare. They manufacture diseases and viruses and lie that they sprang out of nowhere.

    Later man. We’ll parler on Twitter.


  3. I find that chicks are less likely to use a condom as long as the guy she’s screwing looks really hot.

    The less hot looking, the more she’d insist on protections. Isn’t that so Kenny pua?


    1. I never thought about that before until you mentioned it. Sounds plausible. The more attractive the guy (not only physically but personality-wise), the more he gets away with. So that makes sense


  4. You paint the picture as thought women are the ones who want to have unprotected sex opposed to the guys pressuring that case. Clarification needed plz.


    1. Don’t know about where you are from ms unknown, however in my part opf the world, women seem to be the ones who want to have condom free sex. May be just my persinal take.


    2. From my experience, and since I’ve done some studies on this, women aren’t that opposed to not using protection. But as I explained in the article, women have to be totally discreet about this liking.


    3. Not quite sure where you’re going with this one Faisal. I’m a bit confused. We can wait for Socialkenny to clarify the question I’d asked.


  5. kenny, kenny, kenny… i adore you… but please wrap it up! to answer your question: it’s true, women hate condoms but we hate std’s even more

    i don’t want to read an upcoming blog about your dick falling off… i want you to remain as my healthy pua stud go-to :o)


    1. I’m not saying I don’t wrap it up currently. I do actually, but the weiner never gets rock solid though.

      I mean, many of y’all might not have known this; but I’m in a relationship (have been in for the past 3 years). With my GF, I’m secure enough to not wrap it up (as we know each other’s status). However, if I do stray, I do wrap it up, but it doesn’t get nearly a full erection. I guess I’ll get used to it.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


        1. LMAO @ not the straying part. Funny thing about that is this; I enjoy seducing women without fucking them. Seriously! I’ve been at a junction in my life over the past 2 plus years where the act of sex just doesn’t appeal to me. I more enjoy the thrill, ride and chase of picking up women than to actually have sex with them. I’m not a sex maniac. I only have sex about 3 times every other week. My GF always complains that I have low libido(sex drive), which I probably do. So sex and cheating isn’t my thing. I’m satisfied with having sex once a month (which I’ve been doing for over 3 years now).


          1. We should come to appreciate your stark honesty Ken. Most men will have tried to come off as super macho by saying that they’re sex machines and that they could have sex 10 times in 1 day. I appreciate your honesty. Never seen the likes of it yet in my career neither in the blog world.


  6. Kenny you’re fucking sick. Not because of how you may have sex (unprotected or not), but for surmising that women are somehow innately bent on unprotected sex is crazy.


    1. Thanks for commenting Gina. Let’s not make this a battle of women vs men. I think it’s pretty safe to say that women and men are inclined to not use protection. Not a matter of right or wrong. A matter of natural vs unnatural.


  7. All I gotta say is wrap it up, and even if you do you ain’t a 100% protected just went to the clinic last night to get some liquid nitrogen on that der BBC. HPV and all that is more prevleant then ever. If you’ve had sex with more then 4 people you have it

    Stay safe ken ken and follow people


  8. A lot of women are against using condoms and a lot of women are for using condoms. Personally, I’m all about using condoms. Especially for someone you just met. If its wifey, I can understand not using condoms. I would immediately charge a girl to the game if she didn’t tell me to use a condom when we. first banged.


  9. Of course everyone likes it better natural!
    I think women should be more responsible, even if it’s an act. We gotta carry the babies for 9 months, dudes dont! Plus women pick up diseases easier for some reason, and men can just be carriers for some of them. Gross. Guys have to earn that shit with me.


    1. You’re right! I preach this all the time. Men have nothing to lose in the sense that we don’t carry babies for 9 month nor any months. With that being the facts, you would expect that women would be more cautious about protection. But in my experience or SEX-perience; they aren’t. Many women (especially ones under 30) think consequences after. They bang raw now, and worry about pregnancy later. And I also believe that most pregnancies happens that way (unwanted or unplanned), especially with ppl under 30 or 25. In the heat of the moment


  10. Enjoy reading this article of yours, Bro. Not that I am gonna applying any of the shit. I am not a type of guy that cut for it. But I enjoy reading. I think you write well and you know how to creatively use words to express your conviction. It’s a fun read.


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