Cats Love Strings! [by Chelios]

As the great PUA guru ‘Mystery’ once said, “ Cats don’t take orders, but they can be tempted to chase”.

[That concept has stuck in my mind ever since I got into pickup. To this day and for the rest of my life, it will never evade me where the pursuit of women is concerned.]

Cat-String Theory

Women more times than not have the majority of men in the palms of their hands, because the man finds it harder to get his leg over than a woman does (in my opinion anyway). So when he thinks he has a chance: he jumps in head first as if she’s gold.

The man will often give in and comply to any of her requests; “take me here, buy me a drink, meet on this day” blah blah blah.

Not with me though!!

This is why Cat-String Theory has become one of my favourite theories and developmental logics that I follow and practice.

Cat-String Theory to me and many others, is also known as ‘deliberate withdrawal’.

It’s a set of social withdrawal tactics that are pre-planned.

As human beings, we always desire what we cannot seem to have and grasp.

Cat-String Theory by Mystery is based upon (selective) withdrawals.

For example, I had one girl that amazed me, a girl I wanted to hook up with when I wasn’t Alpha.

She led me on and kept me at distance just where I couldn’t reach (it felt like finger tips away). But as I kept giving in, she took from me, saw me as an easy ride and eventually told me to be on my way, “ we’re not compatible” “I’ve met someone I like”.

Cat-String Theory is something you can develop over time: short or long.

It is just about your commitment to the course.

It will stop you from being needy to which is essential in pulling women, resulting in positive progress on your all-round game.

Some examples are:

•Show interest. If by text, don’t always reply nor have a straight pattern.

•Going in for a kiss, pull away, blow her a kiss or stop and say, “ you haven’t earned one yet”, I always get a humoured reaction from that and many have said, “ how do I earn it”?

Remember to be Demonstrating Higher Value (DHV) when you can!
You need to have a reason on why she should persevere and chase you.

It could be your looks, charm, charisma or the way you are friendly with other women and less with her (one of the biggest cock teases I find!)

To summarize: Cat-String Theory is ‘Deliberate Withdrawals.

The ability to withdraw even when temptation is there and the prize seems accessible.

It’s a powerful tool!

You’re the toy that she can’t have and she’s the cat who wants it.

By slowly showing her a little more about yourself, she will think she’s closer and closer, and then you can strike and move in when you like.

In most cases (if played right), pretty much seeing her is on your terms.

“Disinterest promotes attraction”!

Make yourself a challenge!

You are the one who is too high maintenance- not her.

You have to be taken out on your terms as well as hers.

Best get back in field!

Chel … 😉

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Chelios PUA, online-dating instructor out of London

Chelios PUA, online-dating instructor out of London

13 thoughts on “Cats Love Strings! [by Chelios]

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  1. Thanks guys. Glad you liked it. Straight forward but people tend to miss the point. When that piece of string is in front of us, our knowledge can become non-existent. It’s something we learn over time.

    Nononsenser, that’s a terrific read,I really enjoyed your post. Thanks for the acknowledgement. I share the same opinion as yourself.

    Just be the prize, you are the best, be positive and good will come.

    I’m torn between what to write for my next post. Any suggestions of what people would like to read about and get my views on?



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