Rest In Piss Uman [Professor Mentu & Ashur]!

Rest In Piss “University Of Man”

Try visiting the ‘University of man blog’, and this’ what you’ll encounter:

“When we first started writing The University of Man nearly a year ago, Ashur and I decided we
would write until we reached one million views. A little over 250 posts and 4,000 comments later,
we changed our minds and decided 897,681 hits would suffice.

We appreciate every page view and comment, and the friends we met online and in person along the way will not be forgotten. But Ashur and I have made our statements, so now it’s time for us to move on and maintain a dignified silence.

We hope we made you happy for a while”.


The University of Man

Sounds familiar?

How backwards is it to actually ditch your blog at a moment when you’re supposedly doing great. Sounds like his blog was actually doing poorly to me.

Few months ago when I was feuding with Ferdinand Bardamu of the now deceased blog: In Mala Fide, I also predicted the death of The University of Man website/blog as the 2nd. power-house to fall.

Lo and behold, the Uman blog has died a few days ago [just as I foretold].

What did the Manosphere-game blogs In Mala Fide & Uman have in common?

Both of them made a tragically unprovoked mistake to go against Socialkenny via hyperboles, racial insinuations and raw stupidity…UNPROVOKED!

Ferdinand Bardamu [the then owner of the now deceased In Mala Fide/Bona Fide website], had lashed out against me on Twitter some months ago (unprovoked), as he felt excluded from the Twitter chat among 10 of us. Some of the guys included in my conversation were: Bronan, The Private Man, Badger, Bill Powell, Blaze, to name a few.

So Ferdinand hung himself (unbeknownst to him) by Tweeting some bullshit on my conversation timeline.

In response, I immediately created an article and podcast episode about the ridiculous-Twitter incident. Thereafter, I predicted that I will personally kill his blog by tanking his readership and views.

Shortly after, In Mala Fide-Bona Fide announced that it’s closing shop, under the guise that Ferdinand has other business to tend to (which was bullshit). Read “The tragic death of In Mala Fide blog caused by Socialkenny PUA”.

What really led to the collapse were my article and podcast aimed at exposing Ferdinand Bardamu as a nut-job!!! You can read that fatal article here: “Ferdinand Bardamu, a Twitter-trolling closet fan of Socialkenny”, and download the over-kill podcast from the following link: “Socialkenny PUA podcast show, episode #2, Ferdinand Bardamu the troll”.

Fast forward beyond the untimely death of In Mala Fide, Professor Mentu of the University of Man blog, had made the same mistake that Ferd’ did by attacking me with racial insinuations in 1 of his in-direct rants aimed at me.

Since that incident (which had spun out into a huge Twitter feud between Professor Mentu, the Manosphere and I), I declared that the power-house Uman blog will shortly and surely meet its death just as In Mala Fide/Bona Fide did.

That incident also prompted me to put Mentu’s blog on my shit list: “Game blogs I read, and the ones I shit on”.

Another Game/Manosphere blog which Socialkenny had killed was Beer and Concrete by another low-key racist: “The Geographer”, who had taken Mentu’s side against me, hence landed himself on my shit list.

The Geographer’s blog perished so quietly, that a pin dropping in a packed coliseum would make more noise. Visit his blog, and the silence is surely deafening.

The next blog to perish under the weight of Kenny’s pressure WILL BE that bitch The Alpha Persona, as he’d chosen to feud with me over the past weeks on Twitter…UNPROVOKED.

His website is now on life support until I decide to fucking pull the plug on that low-key racist prick. But I just haven’t been motivated enough to waste time on the idiot. A feud with him would be like a chihuahua head to head with a pitbull [so unfair].

The underlying lesson to other Game and Manosphere bloggers is simple: Don’t jump on the Kenny-haters’ bandwagon just to get blog views, or to get virtual pats on the shoulders by other writers. Don’t dick ride faggots like Ferdinand & Mentu just because you feel that they’re too big to fail. As I’d proven twice already: Kenny is bigger, stronger and will fucking crush you.

Faggots like Matt Forney had jumped on the Kenny-hating bandwagon when he wrote this post a while ago: My day of rolling like Kenny, which he took indirect shots at me but obviously failed. BTW, who the fuck is Matt Forney again!!!?

In Closing

I was once the biggest fan of the Uman blog. Before our falling-out, I was the main commentor on that blog, essentially driving traffic to his site by my name alone.

However, he [Professor Mentu] fucked himself royally by launching a war against me which he wasn’t equipped to win. He was suckered into a battle (by other Manosphere bloggers), then paid for it after his daily blog views and hits had plummeted by the hundreds!

Professor Mentu made the strategic mistake of attacking his biggest fan (as I was initially)! Ungratefulness will always come back to bite you in the ass!

Mentu showed his ungratefulness and innate stupidity by turning on me just to appease the kings of the Manosphere: Roosh V and Roissy (since I’d exposed Roissy, and called out Roosh).

The Geographer made the same mistake (of dick riding Mentu); and his blog subsequently bit the dust!!!

The Alpha Persona, not wise enough to notice the perilous trend, decided to make the same mistake (of sucking cock and Kenny-hating), now his blog is in its final stages of a slow death.

I’m a very humble dude who strives to get along and create a cohesive niche in the dating-sphere. But when you attack me with racist innuendos by insulting my intelligence [with the “black men are dumb” undertone], I’ll fuck you harder and kill your career as a Game blogger!

So on that note; rest in piss to the Game-blogger formerly known as Professor Mentu.

I relish in his suicidal demise!

And those bloggers who empathize with his subliminal bigotry, I have 3-nice words for them; Fuck You maggots!!!

Now let’s party! 4 down, 5 more to go!

The Manosphere-Game blogs which are on thin ice:

1.) *The Alpha Persona
2.) *Fly, Fresh, Young
3.) *Danny from New Orleans
4.) *Matt Forney
5.) *Gmac’s Blackbook

Update: The Alpha Persona blog has now died and closed down.

He claims that there’s nothing else to blog about, he’s spent, etc.

Whatever the reason, it’s pretty evident that I predicted the demise of Alpha Persona after Uman.

Or go to the post: Vote your favorite PUA coach 2012

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

30 thoughts on “Rest In Piss Uman [Professor Mentu & Ashur]!

Add yours

  1. You’re too cute. I’m not going anywhere.
    It’s sad that you have no clue what goes on in the background.

    But that’s what makes your blog so adorable- No one really cares what you post.

    No one. Kisses pookums.


    1. Come on Danny, you make this sound as though there’s some behind-the scenes plot which I don’t know about.

      Just as with Mentu, I was your biggest fan at 1 point, driving traffic to your blog also. But you screwed yourself by not showing gratitude.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


  2. You state these guys are racist and then don’t point out any examples. Then you rip into guys with an anti-homosexual tirade and take credit for all these blogs going offline that more likely than not have very little to do with your blog. Good luck on the blog, Kenny, but you lost your credibility in my eyes with this post.


    1. Hey Aneroid, I wouldn’t call these guys racist without them spewing blatant and low-key racial stuff at me. You obviously weren’t in the Twitter discussions over the past months when these guys interjected with racial epithet and stuff. And isn’t a lot of those Men’s Rights blog racials anyway? This isn’t a secret. I really didn’t feel need to have to point out instances that they made racial remarks. They know it, the rest of Manosphere knows it.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


        1. Wait wait wait. Hold on a second. Aneroid, are you actually saying that I’m coming up with all this? are you an idiot!? Can’t you read all those links I’d provided highlighted in bold blue? All those are links to posts by the chodes who took shots at me, essentially jumping on the bandwagon of Kenny-hating. Ferdinand hated on me on a public Twitter timeline, calling me out as having no skills and racist remarks on Twitter in public. You weren’t there, but 10-12 other MOFO’s were in the convo. Mentu and The Geographer jumped on the bandwagon defending Ferd and Roissy after I exposed them. Matt Forney wrote a post which I provided a link in the blot to, where he was hating on me. Alpha Persona also. The fucking links are provided in the post! So don’t be a fucking Manosphere dick-riding chode defending ignorance when I’m providing links to those dude’s hater posts.
          Why the fuck hasn’t any 1 of those dudes came out to refute and deny any of my claims on my posts? They did comment on my posts, but they never denied hating on me, nor using racial innuendos. So get the fuck off my site if you wanna defend bigotry. And just as I did to those 4 blogs, don’t make me get on your case too and leave you down to 2 blog views per day..


          1. Hemmaroid or Annaroid should take the manosphere stick out his ass. he must not be able to read with all the pertinent links kenny put forward in his article,


          2. @kenny pua that Aneroidocean guy is a fucking clown. why don’t you just delete his fucking stupid comments and get him out the equation?


          3. @Wayde- I don’t censor comments and ppl airing their views bro’. I’m a real Alpha male who accepts criticism. That Aneroid dude just shocked me since he’s under the delusion that I’m making shit up.


          4. I respect that kenny. And its ironic how on Aaron Sleazy blog, he admittedly blocks and censored your comments just because they opposed his


  3. I don’t know what to take this as…the quitting by the professors. If you’re goning to discountingue writing, why not just keep the material up as a memory of your dominance and all instead of removing whole site?


      1. don’t make any sense to me. I was a reader of those two websites and felt facked up when they gave up without warning. Well its life


  4. Yo Ken, just as Roosh lashed out on these trolls from the MRA/M for not having game, it’s the same way you exposed them too. Uman was cool as you used to read their shit too. But that comment with the racial shit is why those dudes will always die out in this field.


    1. sparpie I don’t know you but you speak with geat wisdom as to the topic. I would not be surprise if the 1 who made that comment was mentu. Just as I notice from the kenny farewell post to bardamu, someone kept commenting with stupid shit which I believe was badamu.


  5. lol @ bloggers beefing over twitter

    pure faggotry

    Kenny leave twitter alone man thats for bitches and attention whores, you saw how cats was bragging left and right about getting pussy but not a single picture was posted besides myself and Gmac

    Just saying


    1. Lmao well that was the reason why I always gave Gmac props and I never dissed Gmac out of everyone who be on Twitter from the Manosphere. I respect Gmac’s game fully!
      And just like you said about dudes tweeting about HB’s but no pics. You the 1 who called me out and had me start showing and proving lol.
      Anyway, good looking out for defending me a while ago on Matt Forney’s post where he took shots @ me. He basically called those dudes out that they were hating over some BS/nothing.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


  6. On another note Kenny this is starting to get corny, just keep going to the field get bitches and money, why even entertain “twitter beef” with guys you don’t know? that’s faggotry kenny and you should b ashamed for taking the bait

    smarten up brah

    real talk

    Uncle Solo


    1. I hear you Solo. But I was chillin’ all the while. I didn’t even know about this Uman thing until last night. Just having fun with it. A little fun doesn’t hurt bro’.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


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