Kenny Walks Out On Date Like A Prick, Then Hooks Up With A Hotter Girl

Those who follow me on Twitter would’ve caught a whiff of the debauchery in progress: Socialkenny’s live tweet after walking out on date.

Don’t mean to come off as a GOA (Grand-Old Asshole), but I digress…and I can explain.

Cougar Photographer From Vancouver Picks Me Up

[The Wednesday]

It’s pretty rare that a woman actually picks up a guy and be so ballsy as to ask him for his phone #; but these Canadians are pretty fucking ballsy LOL!

While working (government-security detail), a cute MILF-type with an obvious tourist look comes up to me:

HB-Cougar: “Ahmmmm, can I take a picture of you”?

Me: “[looking like a deer caught in the headlights] Yea, sure”!

HB-Cougar: “BTW I’m ********, a photographer from Canada”.

Me: “Wow cool! First Canadian I met for the month. But don’t think you’re special though”!

[10 minutes passes, she takes about 15 pics’ with a huge-ass industrialized camera]

HB-Cougar: “I’d like to take your # so we can go grab a beer if possible tomorrow”.

Me: “Don’t do beers on weekends. How about red wine”?

HB-Cougar: “Lol that’s great. Good for the heart”.

She punched my name and # in and took off [to learn how to seduce tourists, download my free, short e-book: “How To Bang Foreign Girls”].

Date With Ms. Presumptuous

The Thursday night(following night) which was supposed to be the date night; she flaked by not calling [no prob’ since I didn’t even recall we had a date to be honest].

Friday afternoon, she surprisingly stops by my job site:

HB-Cougar: “Hey Kenny, I was trying to call you all night last night. Is this your #”?

[She actually had 1 digit wrong in my phone #, so that’s why she wasn’t reaching me last night. What a DTF cougar to actually go back to my workplace to find me].

Date was set for later that night(Friday) @ a bar-and-grill joint beside the lagoon[pretty intimate local too]. Since the setting is smoke-filled (from the grills), and in a sandy area, I specifically told her to dress down in some sandals/slippers, etc. I wasn’t gonna dress up neither.

Pre-date hang out

Pre-date hang out

Blinded by the camera flash

Blinded by the camera flash

9:30 PM, we’re on the date sipping some beers (I actually had a glass of Cherry Brandy instead). It’s all going fine and dandy [at least the first half hour] until she drops the F-Bomb, “I’m a Feminist”!!!


Talk about anti-climactic and anti-PUA. It gets no more anti-PUA than a feminist. This is like dining with the fucking enemigo; Hitler & Stalin at the round table with bombs within arm’s reach!!!

Having distanced myself from The Chodosphere(The Manosphere) and its idioticly overblown paranoia of feminism, I chill back like RSD Tim would say.

Apart from dropping the F-Bomb, it went pretty well…so it would seem, until she made the following declarations over the duration of the date:

Enjoying some beers... (which she paid for BTW).

Enjoying some beers… (which she paid for BTW).

*“Every country I go to, men are always throwing themselves at me. I was in Fiji, and …”.

*“Younger men are always hitting on me…”.

*“Men are sharks who try to prey on easy women…”.

*“I bet you think you’re taking me home tonight. Think again. I know your type.”

At that point, I was pretty turned off by bullshit assertions and attempts at making herself seem way more desirable than she was[although I knew it was just plausible deniablility/backwards rationalization at play in case something/sex was to go down].

She came off with the classic feminist-talking points of “all men are dog”, which turned me off to the max. I would’ve understood had she said that “I” was a dog.

So she made 2 critical faux pas which were sure boner-killers for me: 1.) Over stating that guys throw themselves at her (which came off as insecure). 2.) Coming off as man-hating brute.

Having enough of the pageantry, I looked @ my cellphone and say to her:

Me: “Welllllllll, it’s getting pretty late. I don’t know what you’re up to, but I have things to do”.

HB-Cougar: “Is the date over so prematurely [with a shocked facial expression of, “I fucked up now”]?

I just walked off and phoned an HB8.4 whom I’d met weeks prior…and she’s definitely DTF without the male-bashing headache.

Right after the botched date, I hooked up with this HB who'd wanted to see me that night.

Right after the botched date, I hooked up with this HB who’d wanted to see me that night.

Was looking rough that night...

Was looking rough that night…

This chic has a wicked body: huge boobs, nice ass to hip ratio, exotic face, DTF that Friday night

This chic has a wicked body: huge boobs, nice ass to hip ratio, exotic face, DTF that Friday night

Remember guys; whenever you have an abundance mentality like I do, no 1 girl is too special to NOT walk out on.

No 1 girl becomes so special that you’d take male-bashing insults just to TRY to get a piece of her pie.

Surely I could’ve stayed on the date and had an 8-10 chance of f-closing the Canadian-Cougar Photographer perhaps on the secluded pier just 20 yards from where we were.

However, you’re presented at times with situations where you should man up, stand up, put a quick lay aside and walk away.

What I’d done didn’t only show dominance and assholishness, but it communicated to the date that as an Alpha-Male, I have certain obligations to my manliness, and certain bounds I won’t let her cross…in spite of how horny I was and wanted the easy lay.

And the lessons here for women are pretty straight forward:

1.) Don’t go on dates and start to male-bash.

2.) Don’t go on dates with a pre-conceived notion that the guy will fall head over heels for you just as every other guy did (allegedly).

3.) Keep blabbing to a minimum, or you run the risk of saying something that would cost you the guy.

4.) Keep your emotional baggages home. If the last 3 guys you’d dated fucked you over; don’t project this negative emotion onto other men. Same as a pick-up artist doesn’t brand all women as lazy just because his past 2 dates had flaked on him.

Overall, it was a good date! I just got turned off and wasn’t anymore interested in pursuing this ass which showed every sign of being DTF [on top of that; she was the one who literally picked me up, so she was DEFINITELY into me].

Another tangent: just as RooshV once wrote, Never cancel on a sure thing(sure pussy) for one that is unsure.

The black chic was super DTF in that she wanted to hook up for 3 weeks now. The Canadian Cougar, although super DTF, I would’ve had to play the dance/cat and mouse a bit more to get to bang-ville.

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It’s not a 300 page e-book as you’re used to seeing from these internet-marketing chodes who have no real-world experience in picking up women.

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26 thoughts on “Kenny Walks Out On Date Like A Prick, Then Hooks Up With A Hotter Girl

Add yours

  1. I don’t see what the point is of the first woman telling you all that stuff. Maybe I need to add this to the list of things women shouldn’t do around a man: brag how attractive other men find them.

    If you’re an attractive woman, why would you have to say such things anyway? Don’t your looks speak for themselves? That’s like Megan Fox walking around saying, “Men are always hitting on me.” No shit.


    1. Yea point well taken. If a guy does the same thing, it’d be a turnoff too. And guys do do it a lot also. But like I said, I could’ve hung in there but…Blog about it and see how it works out with your female audience.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


  2. TH Canadian lady was just talking shit, She was DTF she just wanted you to work for it. Proclaiming feminism and dogging men was her strategy, which a is a terrible one btw, She wanted you to prove her wrong; for you to be different. I just don’t get why she picked you up is she was going to act that way.


    1. Of course she was. I knew that. This is standard for every new girl a guy meets. She’s bound to put up token resistance. I’m used to this. That just wasn’t a night where I was up for working for it.
      It’s a defense mechanism in order to not look easy. Every woman does it, so I wasn’t surprised she made those comments.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


  3. lol I love this field report pics and all that. So Kenny did you smash the black chick?
    lol @ how faded and drunk you look in all the pics surprised you didn’t wait out the bullshit to smash that snowbunny


    1. Lol due to certain circumstances beyond my control (not her period), wasn’t able to smash that night (or yet).
      Yea man, I can’t drink for shit Solo. I drink I had and my eyes were spinning. Snowbunny drank way more than me. She drank like 10 beers and was still more sober-looking and acting than me.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


    2. BTW Solo, like I told you before, you the reason I started doing in-field vid and photos in field in the You got mad photos of in-field with snowbunnies doing your thing. I’m still waiting for other Manosphere cats to put up or shut up.


  4. Good read Ken, enjoyed it. Your game has really come far! I swear I’m going to save up to come visit you so we can tear shit up!

    When on a date, women and men should keep home stuff to a minimum, focus on the moment and have fun. If someone goes on about past events, it’s likely they’re either caught up with things still or miss the past. Have to look forward and cease the moment.


    1. That advice should be the lesson here: leave your baggages @ home when on dates.
      Without a doubt bro’, I’ve been dying to go to England for a mini vacation and tear it up. UK girls love me so that’s on my calendar lol.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


  5. I wouldn’t have waited as long as you did to bail on the Canadian chick, I would have looked at my phone at the first sound of feminism lol. Then again my patience is razor thin these days too


    1. Well, women crave attention, so this isn’t hard to pull off.
      Most times, my videos and pics are done anonymously. But as you can see by these 2 girls, they obviously conceded to having their pics taken (as they were posing facing the cam).
      Do they know I’ll post them on my blog? 90% of times: NO.
      However this time, I told the Canadian cougar that I was a blogger and I was gonna blog about her shortly. She opposed it (as expected), then the innate attention-loving nature of women kicked in, and she agreed under conditions that I don’t put her name, and censor her face. So that’s what I did.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


    2. However, this’ standard practice in pickup whenever we go “in field”.
      PUA’s pride ourselfs on being able to capture game in progress and real time. You can write on blogs how good you are with women and how many dates you get, but without pics or video, it’s somewhat futile and not believable. So to quell that, we post pics and vids as proof and certification for guys who may doubt our abilities.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


  6. I like how she was bragging about how young hit on her, but then she picked YOU up.
    I don’t think you were a jerk. You didn’t throw your drink tot ground and yell at her fro being a feminist lol! You bolted early once you knew you weren’t interested. Girls do it too.


    1. Of course girls do it too. Sneaking away when the guy goes to the restroom and stuff lol. So I did a bit of role reversal to give a dose of her own meds (assuming she’d done something like this in the past).


  7. “Remember guys; whenever you have an
    abundance mentality like I do, no 1 girl is too
    special to NOT walk out on.
    No 1 girl becomes so special that you’d take male-
    bashing insults just to TRY to get a piece of her

    Roger that!!!


  8. Dear Kenny,

    I am a great fan of your blog and your dating advice. I do have one bit of constructive criticism though, if I may.

    In my opinion, there is something about your blog (I’m not sure if it’s the font you are using, or the combination of colours – I can’t quite put my finger on it) which makes the blog look a little bit outdated (even amateurish).

    You might want to consider experimenting with the font / or colouring a little bit to try and get a more professional look to your site.

    Anyway, that’s just my two cents. Keep up the great work! 🙂


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