Rule #1: “She Just Wants To Be Bent Over”

Over at the RSD Nation PUA forum, a junior member dubbed Vicious Skills, had posted the following post which is based on insights from Natural Tim, a PUA coach for RSD out of Melbourne, Australia.


I love this concept Tim came up with years ago.

Stop lying to yourself!

As much as you want to believe that girls are innocent and that “this one is different” or “she is classy”.

The reality of it is that she just wants to be bent over.

Girls masturbate more then guys do.

They just don’t tell others about it because they don’t want to be
judged for being sluts.

There are giant stores running in every city just selling sex toys for girls, with over 300 different types of dildos and vibrators just for girls.

What that tells you is that
girls are fucking horny, they want to get their brains fucked out.

This is how you should be
thinking whenever you see a girl you are attracted to.

Remind yourself constantly that she is fucking horny and wants to get fucked and she will do it as soon as a champ steps up and bends her over!

– When you see that hottie stunner at the bar, remember… she just wants to be bent over.

– When you are talking to your friend’s mom and she’s banging hot, remember… she just wants to
be bent over.

– When you are wondering whether or not you should go for her number remember… she just
wants to be bent over.

– When you are thinking about whether to approach or not, remember… she just wants to be
bent over.

– When you are thinking if you should go for the make out or not, remember… she just wants to be
bent over.

– When you are thinking if you should escalate hard or not remember… she just wants to be
bent over.

“Kenny’s Take”

Without a doubt I agree with everything said in this insightful rule by Tim.

The average guy needs to realize that women aren’t saintly as he would love to believe.

They are horny fucking dogs who are way more sex-bent than men are.

Only when you,the average guy, begins to grasp this concept will you begin to appreciate women more as sexual-loving beings instead of pedestaling her as a Mother Teresa who gets the chills whenever the word sex is mentioned.

Nice concept by Natural Tim.

Tim In-field with his students teaching them how to kiss random girls on the street. He emphasizes “no talking”; just doing(kissing the girl). “Don’t waste time chatting to girls when they want to be kissed.

If you’re feeling Tim’s style, check out his active blog where he writes about adventure, becoming your own boss and having an overall rad lifestyle: “Do Something Rad”.

Or go to the post: Vote your favorite PUA coach 2012

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

39 thoughts on “Rule #1: “She Just Wants To Be Bent Over”

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  1. This is what it means to have natural game.
    You do not give a fuck to the core. 
    Remember that Somebody has to be the guy that Tames her. Somebody has to be her boyfriend, somebody has to be the guy that can keep his shyt together and not freak out just because she is hot. Somebody has to bend her over, You are that somebody. You Are The Best Thing That Can Happen To This Girl. You are the guy she dressed up for hours and came out looking for. Your entire frame when you walk up should be “Hey, I’m here”
    – If a girl turns away when you approach or is rude remember…you only like girls that know how to behave, its good that you didn’t waste your time with her because she doesn’t know how to act. This bitch doesnt deserve your dick. She cant even act.
    – Remember, most of the guys that approach her are chodes & Even chodes are getting laid. Its so easy to get laid because women are freaking horny and they just want to get bent.
    – Chodes don’t know Girls are super horny and will express it as long as they don’t feel they will be judged. 
    – Girls love it when you “Take Over Control” & try to fuck them in Alleys, cars, Everywhere. They just want to be bent over.
    – Your primary Thoughts when interacting with a hot girl should be: “This is for me”, or “She is Here For Me Tonight”,or  “She is Mine tonight”, or “Congradulations, your about to get bent”…..not i hope this works out or man i really want this.
    –>Women masturbate twice as much as men do, they just don’t tell other people about it. The healthier she looks the more her hormones are raging for sex. Think about it. Her body wants to have sex and reproduce.

    I was with a girl the other night and her Clit was swollen up with in seconds of me touching it. that means she masturbates a lot, she’s beaten that clit the shit out of that clit for years….She just wants to be bent over.


    1. Makes sense to me bro’.

      There’s definitely a role for each guy in a woman’s life. Some girls have a guy to provide $$, provide sex, emotional stability,etc.

      LMBAO I had to laugh with the swollen clit field report. I never thought about that before. Next time I’m about to shag down, I’m gonna check the clit.

      We’ll catch up on the RSD forum post.


  2. Yes, but once they get married guys jerk off 20x more. The toys don’t mean they are hornier. Just means that they have options!


    1. We are home playing family feud and baking brownies. Good girls does exist like me. I mean using a toy is just to keep us content until the real thing gets home. **HAHA*


  3. One of my first sexual questions when meeting a chick is if she masturbates a lot. That usually tells me if she’s a freak, and how freaky she really is. I met a chick one time who never masturbated! Teaching her sexually grew frustrating and of course she couldn’t handle me….I don’t have that kind of patience anymore lol


    1. Lol I could imagine she being sexually frustrated. I’m gonna have to incorporate that into my flow where I ask the girl if she masturbates. She might not be honest but hope she is
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      1. Actually in these days women are more open to admit to using toys. Women use them as a replacement for a man or because she is trying to hold out for whatever reason. I can tell you about the toy thing…I use to sell them! LOL


        1. That speaks volumes to what the poster was saying which was that chics are more sexually active and driven than men. Where are the sex toys or sex shops for men?
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          1. You don’t need toys and shops when you got whores and women who doesn’t know any better. You MEN use us poor women as your toys.

            You do have a point because the in house parties I use to do, Men wasn’t allowed or I could lose my rights to sell…smh! Women might be a bit sexually needy but Men are sexually greedy!


          2. Women cheat more than men. So I’d say that women are sexually greedy also.
            Also, men have a harder time getting women. The best looking men in the world with the most money still have to scratch and sniff and pray to get some ass. An old crack-head women can walk the streets and get 20 desperate guys who will fuck her. So women have more options than men, so they use their options more thus cheat more.
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          3. Well you have a point about the crack head chic…I guess that proves another point as well…It’s more thirsty ass men than women.

            I still disagree with you….Men cheat more and hormones are higher and it’s obviously shown by the bulge in their pants…


          4. Well you know I’m gonna combat that statement about thirsty. You’re not quite right. Women are as thirsty or more thirsty. That’s what Natural Tim was tryna point out. But due to society’s clamping down on women’ sexuality, the girl has to conceal her thirstiness or be deemed a slut. But women are thirsty at the core. They just cannot show it or they’d be demonized.
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          5. Now I will agree women has to conceal their freaky ways to save her name. But its more unfaithful sexual driven men than women. I promise.


          6. Yes we are better because we are smarter and freaking too emotional. We try not to hurt people so we are sneaky. Still doesn’t mean we do it more…


          7. It’s mathematically impossible for men to cheat more. Women have options for days. Men do not. The average guy has to get LUCKY in order to get ass. Women need not rely on luck when she has 10 guys in the loop who are dying to fuck her. So if he BF dumps her; she can just go fuck 3 of her orbiters tomorrow. If a girl dumps her BF, he has to pray and rely on luck to get some ass in the next 6 months. It’s hard for men.
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          8. I don’t think it’s that hard for men to get some tail! Maybe the one who lacks game and is ugly as hell but the average guy can get some tail just as easy as a woman.


          9. What!!!? Are you joking? Whether a guy has game or not; it’s still difficult for him to get ass. Remember, we have to deal with flake issues and girls not showing up and canceling on meet-ups. Women never have to worry about a guy calling her up and say,”I can’t make it”, especially if it’s a chic he hasn’t fucked yet. Having game doesn’t mean u get laid more. It makes you have more options. But it ultimately comes down to the girl’s mental faculty of whether she wants to play games or get busy. Men are always willing to get busy
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          10. I am on Kenny side here, statistically average man sleeps with 6-7 women in his life period, he is unlikely to have more sexual partners than women do.

            It is not that women a cheaters, but they do have more options and opportunities than man, and being just human she has more chance to act on it.


          11. 6-7 in a month? Well maybe I’m listening to lies or living in another world from you guys. I totally disagree with that. Men switch women more often than they do boxers…I can’t believe you guys are saying this. Am I the only woman who disagree with this or what?! LOL


          12. The average guy in the world only has about 6-7 sex partners in his entire life. I don’t know any woman who didn’t have over 10 sex partners. Perhaps my grandmothers; and that was in a different age.
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  4. I don’t know if I buy that girls masturbate more than guys do….unless they’ve just gotten a new vibrator.

    I also think that women like sex almost as much as men. And women do like a strong, alpha male who takes charge.


    1. Well whether it’s correct or not. What Natural Tim was trying to say is that guys should assume that every girl is slutty, easy and sexual until she proves herself otherwise. We should approach every girl as a one-night stand. If it doesn’t work out that way where she’s harder than expected; then maybe she’s a quality chic. But assume she just wants to fuck when you first meet her. Don’t assume she’s a saint. Assume she’s a slut and act accordingly by escalating on her hard.
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  5. I see this post is mostly about the mindset men should have. I agree that women are not saints, or fragile china fixtures. Of course girls love sext too! We’re human!
    I don’t know about them being more horny than guys though. Sex is not always on their mind. I think women are attention whores (as Reema likes to point out) and men are whores. And women know the easiest way to get attention from men is to be sexing them.


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