Why Kenny Hates The Manosphere, And Thinks Gamers Like Yohami Is A Little Bitch

I’m no stranger to fucking the Manosphere in its ginormous pussy.

In fact, I was first to expose the “Men-Of-Fear” for what it is; a bunch of insecure losers suffering from CIGD (Chronic Inner-Game Deficiency), so severe that not even the best Pick-Up Artist has the prognostic tools to cure such ailment.

To those not in the know, let me shed a bit of light on what the Men-Of-Fear (Manosphere) is [at least my take on what is is]:

1.) They’re a bunch of fucking PUA rejects.

2.) 90% of them have ZERO Game!

3.) 90% of them have no real-world experience in seducing women.

It was hatched with good intentions, and spear-headed by RooshV, a controversial Turkish Americanized Pick-Up Artist guru out of DC, who’s been lobotomized so badly, that he’s scared shit to even admit that he’s a PUA [fearing the Feminist bogeyman hiding in his closet].

But Roosh is undoubtedly a PUA [and we all know it], although he indirectly panders to feminists.

RooshV on the far left rocking out his Jesus look

RooshV on the far left rocking out his Jesus look

You can consider the Men-Of-Fear (Manosphere) a school of thought in the pick-up community.

Only,Roosh’s followers [the Men-Of-Fear bloggers], are too naïve and butt-fucked to not see that they’re actually PUA’s, but on a dumb-downed scale.

So all in all, the Men-Of-Fear (Manosphere) is just a self-segregated branch of the Seduction community.

Reason why they’re not considered main-line PUA is that they hypocritically take shots at PUA’s, 95% of its member bloggers are afraid to show themselves [live in anonymity], and they don’t have an iota of in-field proof as to their claims of picking up women [no footage, pics’ nor video clips].

In the world of pick-up (main-line), without proof of your skills; you’ll be weeded the fuck out like a Mitt Romney in the midst of real Conservatives!!

So those Men-Of-Fear(Manosphere) bloggers have fount refuge in Roosh’s world, where they can knight themselves as “having game”, without actually having to prove that they have Game or skills [pretty laughable].

So Roosh (as a main-stream PUA), inadvertently cheered a movement for the less fortunate[Men-Of-Fear bloggers]: Manosphere for dummies

As much as I detest Roosh since his catty behavior on Twitter towards me [he blocked me just for tweeting that his forum isn’t that active compared to other PUA’s], I have nothing against him, and I still read his blog daily [he’s also blocked me from commenting there also].

However, my qualm isn’t with Roosh [the Men-Of-Fear’s figure-head].

It’s with guys like Yohami el gran pinche manilo [those who don’t speak Spanish can ask someone to translate].

Why am I singling out Yohami (whom I had no prior probs with, and we’re also long-time Facebook friends)?

Not long ago on a thread on the PUA Hate Forum, he (Yohami) took shots at the PUA community by saying that he wish it never existed, and that he hates PUA’s…same old diatribe.

That would be totally understandable coming from a non-Gamer, or some disgruntled chic who’s pissed off that she got fucked and dropped by a PUA!!

But this is coming from someone who preaches “Game” aka pick-up!

What fucking hypocrisy!!

It’s like eating chicken everyday then trying to convince yourself(or us) that you hate poultry!!

And Yohami el gran puto is definitely not the only Men-Of-Fear blogger who’s been caught in such bullshittery.

In fact, over 75% of them have been guilty of such insane hypocrisy.

GMac, whom I’ve been restraining myself from proverbially shooting [I respect his Game], wrote an article a while ago, dribbling at the mouth about the seduction community.

I called him out on his bullfuckery, and his only line of defense was, “I’m not a PUA”.


But that would only seem transparent and true if you weren’t using pick-up jargon and subscribing to Roosh and Roissy [2 known PUA outfits].

What is behind the Men-Of-Fear’s (Manosphere’s) fervent and hypocritical denial of being Pick-Up Artists?

1.) Non acceptance by official PUA’s [as I mentioned above].

2.) Fear of being called out to action, knowing they cannot perform [in-field proof].

3.) Unwillingness to defy God Roosh [since Roosh has been trying to lay low from the title PUA, to avoid heat from anti-PUA groups as the feminists].

4.) Fear of being called out as Pick-Up Artists by the women they game [a need to please women mentality].

But I wanna be the first main-line Pick-Up Artist to come out and publicly say that I’m extending the olive branch of inclusion to all Men-Of-Fear (Manosphere) bloggers, and I’m encouraging every single one of y’all to embrace the seduction community FULLY.

No more half stepping like little fucking bitches with a sever case of plausible deniability!

Either you’re in; or fucking out!

But this playing both sides shit and being undecided like a hermaphrodite is just purely laughable!!

If you don’t wanna be a PUA, hate the label (because some feminist has gotten you scared shit); then drop Game entirely and stick to Beta-Male dating outlets like Maaxim or Dr. Phil!!

But don’t claim to be a Gamer, using PUA insights, ideologies and lingo 99% of the time, yet shit on the community!

Until the Men-Of-Fear (Manosphere) could come up with a cogent reason as to why they’re not PUA’s, it’ll continue to be deemed a wing of PUA rejects, or some 3rd. tier buffoons who cannot find their way !

If such bad branding satisfies yall; then more power to you!

But we in the Seduction community (main-line), will NEVER acknowledge, nor exhibit an ounce of respect for guys who leech off of our systems, routines, lingo and concepts, yet shit on us at the same time like little-menstruating bitches.

I once was sucked into the whole Manosphere bullshit (back in February), but has since pulled my dick out of her mouth completely over the past 3 months [after discovering the innate hypocrisy and contradiction in its platform].

And the weird irony is: 90% of main-line Pick-Up Artists have NEVER EVER heard of this Men-Of-Fear (Manosphere) buffoonery before!

I’d never heard of it until about February, 2012.

I honestly thought they were main-line pick-up artists until I got the fucking memo LOL!

Now I’m beginning to fuck them like a cheap-Spanish hooker.

So anyone of you little Men-Of-Fear maggots like Yohami, Fly, Fresh and Dumb, Mentu the low-key racist , desires to take shots at the community, believing that your hypocrisy will go unnoticed: Think again!!

I got the fucking drop on you clowns!!

And the Men’s Rights garbage will be the fatal nail in it’s coffin [as Roosh is now saying].

So it’d be wise if y’all jump ship into the folds of the PUA community, and let the Manosphere shipwreck.

It had a good run, but has served its time [since infiltrated by the Men’s Rights, White Nationalists and non Gamers like that bitch Ferdinand Bardamu].

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70 thoughts on “Why Kenny Hates The Manosphere, And Thinks Gamers Like Yohami Is A Little Bitch

Add yours

  1. I don’t know where to begin.
    Just want to say youre right with the hypocrisy.
    Another guy that always give it to manosphere is the black dragon.


          1. Those idiots at Heartiste,or Roissy is nothing more than a clown who just speak philosophy all day but cannot actually apply shit.

            Everything he posts is some bullshit about feminism and some other crap.


  2. Can’t remember who it was exactly but the blogger or commentor mentioned that the PUA community needs to attack this Men’s Rights Movement and Manosphere shit and rid them from the community, or at least speak out on it/them. Its fucking killing the image. What you say ken?


        1. I find where the manosphere game bloggers went wrong is in definition. They’re not puas in the natural sense. But they do teach and preach pickup. So what does that make em? That’s the $ million question.


          1. Ok cool. That’s a nice way to put it,but the million dollar answer is still out to tender.

            I have my own theory. They are PUA advocates. They’re advocated and teachers of pickup. Although they don’t pick up themselves. They only teach concepts of it. That boils it down pretty good.


  3. Dude,I don’t care about any political fall-outs.

    I’m only concerned with getting laid and continuing my rockstar lifestyle.

    I thought men on a whole would grasp this idea.

    That is the severe problem with the Men-Of-Fear;it’s been infiltrated with nuts and virgins who talk game philosophy 24/7 but don’t do nada to live it.


    1. Hey socialkenny I’m a new reader of you work. I found your link posted on a article over at cookie’s blog.

      Man,this went hard. And what do you think about the political fall outs?


    2. Some idiot by the name valmont on roos latest post trying to make distinction between puas and gamers. Trying to say that puas just collect #s while gamers do more. What a fucking joke whem socalled gamers are using our shit and like you say they do have game and skills.


  4. the fuckin thing abt most guys who have discovered e game though using pua philosophy is 2 be different-the quest 2 be kld different rabbi of e game ie shit.as roosh tht guy smtimes u wonder why he preaches game,have u ever read e beta male ,s lay guide by this guy.beta male stuff and he says he tired of pussy so he advocates that beta stuff.if u wanna get laid pua stuff works.nowadays e guys teaching e game ar trying too hard 2 be unique and end up confusin thmslvz nice post man!


    1. I get your point totally.

      As I said in this article; I’m not knocking Roosh. It’s his followers who are idiots for dissing PUA’s,when without us,they wouldn’t even exist as Game bloggers.


  5. Kenny did this post inpire you by chance?


    II’ve said this before the mens right movement should be called “The northern americans white mans movement” There was a forum post made on sosuave that talked about MRM, I brought up the point that black men are presecuted the most yet we complain the least!!! and the shyt was locked down swiftl when another veteran black member shut the thread down with some knowledge. The MRM movement is all good until you start talking race cause lets be real The truth of the matter is femisnism has destroyed the black family worst then any other group. Yet this Men’s right movment seldom aknolwedges this. This is why I at least give Roosh props because unlike other bloggers he understands what’s what with brothers. You gotta remember before Roosh went full PUA he studied the “Mack” game. Any one who reads Roosh’s older blogs knows this.A lot of the other dudes are closet racists or could give two shits about black people. This is why when you go on certain “conservative” blogs the comment section looks like stromfront.

    Your pont about field footage and proof of game. It’s not gonna happen. The average game blogger wants to remain private. It takes big balls to post a video much less a picture because truth is people wanna expose you and tear you down on the internet. For me I’m not a PUA blogger, I talk about shit that pua’s are agiasnt like spiriality, Pua’s ain’t spiritual. I talk about an array of things my blog right now is a cluster fuck of topics.

    I respect Krauser for putting himself out there, as I do Justin Wayne. But more infield footage? its just not gonna happen. People who read blogs on theory are usually keyboard jockies who rather whine about how “women are all whores” or brag about the hb9’s their getting, truth of the matter is though you asked for proof then your labeled a “hater”. Yet these same cats are quick to talk down on Pua’s or cats who do post field footage yet you’ll never see theirs. I talked about this as well before on my blog. So you got certain fanctions who gonna hate. This is why I take everthing I read now with a grain of salt and critical analyze anything I read.

    Including your blog



    1. Lol Soloist,you’re a friggin psychic bro’ lol!!

      That exact article was what motivated this article. I just couldn’t remember the source nor the site,but I read that same article like last week on the real!

      Dude made some great points and I fed off that. In my opinion(and the opinion of Roosh’s stated in his latest article),the Men’s Right Movement is fucking up the image of the community. Not because they’re bad essentially. But they’re armchair quarterbacks and pull no strings at all.


    2. Why would sosuave clamp down on a thread about MR? Sosuave is PUA shit to the fullest,unless MR has infiltrated that too?

      I kinda figured Roosh studied some Mack game from some of the lingo he uses,plus being around DC which is like black central.

      Lol I get what you saying about certain blogs(MRM) comment section looking a certain way. I got ate up on Firepower/Ryu’s blog like 3 weeks ago. He’s a MRM/Game blogger.

      Roosh does understand the bullshit at play,and I gotta give him props for calling it out.


  6. For example,rollo tomassi. I don’t believe he ever claims to be a pua coach or instructor but he does teach pickup and advocate it. So I’m guessing manosphere guys like him can be called pua advocates but not actually pua coaches


    1. Lol I feel you totally.
      I’m not advocating for dudes to become PUA’s and PUA coaches. Just like you Captain,you’re not a PUA,but you damn sure have knowledge of pickup. So dudes like you I call teachers of pickup theory. You’re not “in”,but you know how to teach it. I respect that angle.
      But I totally can’t respect the Manosphere crap when dudes say “fuck seduction”,then they advocating it on a different blog.
      And like you said,those dudes really don’t go out and they’re scared shit to show their faces of themselves living a decent lifestyle,at the gym,etc. But Roosh is now bashing them too(so-called game bloggers who don’t go out and don’t have a life).
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


  7. I see where you’re coming from, Kenny. Yohami does philosophize quite a bit, but I don’t think he’s ever claimed that he can get tons of women, and his advice is fucking solid as far as self-improvement. If guys are helping each other get a better mindset about their lives and women, I don’t see what the problem is, though. Lots of people want to distance themselves from the word PUA.

    I don’t have a lot of time, it’s one thing none of us can buy no matter what we trade. If I can spend more time having people understand what I’m doing by labeling it something other than PUA instead of having to explain the misconceptions that people have about the word/field, then fuck yes I’ll call it something else that people understand inherently so that I don’t have to waste my time.

    I’d prefer anonymity, even despite being frustrated by some of the trade-offs. It’s good to call out people who make claims that are way beyond what they can actually produce, but I don’t think Yohami or even Roissy claim to be able to land the hottest chicks left and right. Everyone has different goals and some people cater to different audiences. If you find a lot of hypocrisy sure, call it out, but I think you’re shooting from the hip some.

    Take me for example, I don’t claim to get the hottest chicks and fuck chicks all the time, but that’s not my goal. I have some success and I’ve come from the same place as a lot of guys (had a huge fear of rejection and next to zero social skills with women), so I blog to grow myself and hopefully help someone else that’s been in the same place as I have. My smaller successes are miniscule compared to some guys in the community, but way fucking cool to some guys just realizing they can improve themselves with social skills/women.

    I have respect for guys that aren’t anonymous and are successful, that’s a huge help for many, many guys, but I don’t knock guys who prefer to remain anonymous, or guys that don’t get that hot of chicks (example is the Yohami picture you posted). Maybe they’re only getting what you’d consider mediocre girls, but if they’re improving themselves or happier with their lives and that’s cool in my book.

    Why didn’t you link the actual PUAHate forum thread that Yohami posted in? You should, makes it easier for people to see where you’re coming from when your references are direct.

    Real shit.


    1. I thought I did link the actual post where Yohami made those guys at PUAHate punk him. The last linked post should be to that post on PUA Hate.
      Anyway,I get what you saying Aneroid. Being anonymous for good reasons is understandable. But being anonymous because you’re(not you) afraid that others will see how out of shape you are is totally Beta. And that is why 99% of them never post 1 pic of themselves in their articles.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


  8. Damn! Been a loafin’ ass Monday so I have been iPadded up all day! I found the Manosphere over the Summer and it’s got some good tips on here. Some of this stuff can be kind of “women haterish” to an extent. I had a manipulative ex girlfriend and all that. Did it make me bitter? Not really. I like the Red Pill concept. But if you take all this in you will probably get LESS women. Each relationship and interaction with a woman is a lesson learned whether its a wifey or a jump off.


    1. Lol I was ipadded up too.

      I don’t knock what the Manosphere teaches since 99% of it is PUA/seduction community knowledge on women and lifestyle changes.

      My main beef is what the fact that 95% of them are hell bent on not giving us a glimpse into their supposed-exciting lives.

      A guy shouldn’t be preaching and teaching for other men to go out and live an interesting life,when he himself(the teacher) cannot show proof(pictures) that he’s living an interesting life opposed to just loafing around 24/7.

      You for instance have many photos of yourself having fun and doing interesting stuff. You’re a perfect example of what 95% of the Manosphere bloggers aren’t. I am also lol.

      So I don’t knock the teachings.


  9. I think overall manosphere is not that bad, They maybe do not go and do game (this yet to be determined), but they do bring the message across that man do need game and that man do need to have their shit together.

    Pua community itself rigged a lot, honest guys like you who really wants to help other guys are rarity, most of gurus out there give no shit and in into it for money with their empty promisses. At least manosphere doesn’t ask for money.


    1. I don’t knock what they teach since 90% of it is PUA philosophy. I just don’t like how the always diss the community on every site/blog when they practice and preach our stuff.
      Lol good point that they don’t ask for $$.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


  10. Kenny, I just started reading your blog and I really dig your aggressive, forward writing style. However, although PUA and Manosphere are branches of the same tree there is a key difference. Most PUAs nerd out with the lingo and have branched out SO WELL it’s hard not to relate to terms or techniques with any other vocabulary. Their interest seems to end at gettting a girl.

    My impression of Manosphere guys like Roosh is that they learned or are learning Game – and admit failures or short comings which adds a “human” side to the blogs. But the Manosphere also focuses on activities outside of meeting women that can get glossed over by PUAs like Mystery and co. PUA is more about “I can approach xyz and get xyz dates/lays/etc.” It’s more of a science.

    So to me, do I use PUA techniques and do I owe guys like you mad props for your knowledge? Hell yeah. But I also know that it comes as a bonus to how I already live my life and is serving masculine knowledge I already knew instinctively. So defining oneself as on one team or the other becomes a bit counter productive because to call yourself a PUA I feel like you have to have MAD SKILL. Everyone else – myself included – is a work in progress.



    1. I definitely get your point. But I have to say that you’re very wrong about Manosphere doing things outside of women. Their main 2 positions are: bashing feminists(which I agree with) and teaching PUA philosophy. But none of them ever apply what they teach(since there’s no one calling them out to do). PUA’s on the other hand,we have to act or get called out. Roosh is the only guy in the Manosphere who actually games and doesn’t hide. The rest are couch potatoes
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


  11. Good shit here Kenny. I’ve always said I wasn’t a PUA but I never tried to shit on your game. Game will always recognize and respect other game. That’s what the game is all about. I use some of the same techniques as you do. I’ve learned a few different things from reading your stuff.

    I do agree that a lot of bloggers have these fuck up stereotypes of black people. That’s a majority of whites though. In America, most of the images of black people are fucked up. If you turn on the tv/news/movies, you would think all black people are crack heads, drug dealers, on welfare and in jail. I’m hip to that part of the game so I know not to internalize that shit because I know its not true.


  12. At my forum, you’re not even allowed to talk about hookers. They’re bad for game and I don’t use ‘em. But I found another outlet, when I’m really hard up, there’s a bathhouse in my city. Its not gay if you’re on top. That’s one thing you learn from international travel to Latin countries.


    1. Since when Roosh’s forum was your forum?

      As far as travel; I’m not writing a book called “How to bang foreign girls”, just for fun. So I’m quite aware of international travel and in Latin America.

      The bathhouse thing you mentioned, I don’t know what the insinuation there is, but you can have that one.


  13. Thank you man for not judging me. Here is how it all got started. I’m actually about to come out (so to speak) with a new breakthrough game technique, that is so simple, obvious, and powerful that you’ll kick yourself for not having thought if it first. I noticed how gay guys always had a lot of hot chicks hanging around them. The guy is safe and unattainable for them – irresistible. So I just play that role, then when I get them home I start telling them about how they have suddenly unleashed strange new yearnings in me. Believe me, its a real kick to see how turned on they get thinking they’re breaking you in for the first time to a woman. Anyway that is how I started going to gay bathhouses, I was doing field research into how they act and stuff. I had gone months, my code says I can’t pay for sex, nor am I allowed to rub one out. I guess I was vulnerable and like I say, according to my code and most latin cultures, its really not gay if you’re on top. And sometimes okay I get a helping hand, hey its not ME rubbing it out, or give one. The strange thing is though, maybe the last laugh is on me… women think they’re turning me one way… but I’m worried that I’m turning the other way and may “ditch the bitch, and make the switch”.


  14. Look, I want it to be known, that I don’t count it as a notch when I’m switch-hitting That makes it okay, and hey I’m the moderator at rooshvforum so my word is law. Anyway for me a nice ass passes the boner test. I’m sure Roosh will understand.


  15. This thread has really gotten long. So I appologize I will admit that I wasnt able to read all the comments. However as I awaken from my long rest in my comfy casket I saw this topic by kenny: Kenny, I know where you are comming from with all these sentiments. I do admit that Roissysphere blogs and DD are the ones that inspired me to write in the first place. For me, yes there is no assurance that these dudes really accomplished these feats, but hey? the methods work don’t they? it passed the test wherein you annalyze if it delivers or not. Hasn’t it?
    I admit that I am one of those guys who always say that “I am not a PUA” and I cite it with special intent but citations like so are not meant to insult and I am sure most manosphere bloggers do this.
    Men of words must not compete with men of action:
    for only in their full cooperation wil they be able to harvest the sweetest fruits that are destined for them.
    Did you get my point or shall I repeat myself?


    1. I’d be comfortable putting my head on a block that 90% of Manosphere bloggers are losers. What do I classify as losers? Guys who don’t get laid or can’t get laid but stay home and keyboard jockey in anonymity-ville 24/7 afraid of women in the real world. That’s the Manosphere. Manosphere bloggers have no plausible reasons to be anonymous besides insecurity and afraid for the world to see that they’re actually 400 lbs.grotesque-looking dudes. How can one defend a bunch or keyboard-jockeys is just beyond me.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


    2. Good points you made there when it comes to men of action and men of words. I’m not saying Roissy doesn’t game. He probably does or used to (same with Roosh). My beef is with their blogger followers who are too afraid to put themselves out there
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


  16. another point: not all manosphere poeple are losers, (but there are of course) but 90% of us are FORMER losers, there is where we learn that is why we know where he average citizen of the feminized culture or lack of would come from: but it depends upon the writer if he would deliver the message negatively of positively. But to assess a blogger’s validity one must annalyze if their messages “help” people or offer real value at least.
    I am a fan of confidentiality and anonymity, yes. But that is given; most of us write stuff that you would not want your employer to see, and I respect the fact that people would tend to focus on the person rather than it’s message and I am not willing to take any chances with that. Its all in the message however it is up to the person whether to respect (or not) any person whose methods are different from their own.
    peace be with you, friend.


  17. I guess Im famous now.

    Focusing on pickup is still putting pussy on a pedestal and chasing after it, while devaluing yourself in the process.

    PUA = pick up artist = a dude who can read a girl’s needs and can mold his game and behaviors so these are attractive to the girl he’s chasing after = a dude who changes himself and compromises depending on what the girl likes, what works on her, etc. Guess who has the value there.

    Alpha = a dude who has the girls chasing after him, changing their behavior and trying to please him.

    PUA can mimic Alpha. But its not sustainable. Been there done that.

    In short, use game to become Alpha. Then use hypergamy in your favor.

    I despise PUA because it puts pussy in a pedestal. I embrace game because most game is simply relearning how to be a man and put your own priorities first.

    The reason the PUA techniques work is they give you the look and feel of a man. But as long as you put pussy on a pedestal, you’re not one. So you cannot do the real shit.

    And, I get plenty of ass.


    1. Sounds ridiculous Yohami. The idea that PUA’s chase women is hilarious. Every guy has to show interest in the girl initially and then get her to chase.

      You can’t just expect a girl to chase initially or you’ll be waiting a lifetime.

      My issue with you is the way you allowed those clowns at PUA Hate to punk you and made u back down.

      Well at least you should appreciate that I blew you up and te hice famoso y pegao.


      1. PUAs chase women, collect numbers, follow leads, etc.

        Girls were born to chase dick. If you’re doing the chase, they are not into you.

        I didnt back down on PUA hate, the dude that initiated the post did. I’ve been anti PUA since the very beginning (check my blog).

        I mean. If you want to PUA, go ahead. Going Alpha is a better investment though.


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