Playing The #’s Game To Win With Women [Killing The Scarcity Mentality]!!!

It’s Friday, looking forward to a fun-filled night of seduction debauchery, wine tossing, bar brawling, ass slapping, hair tugging, girl mugging…y’all get the friggin’ picture!!!

The most important, yet most underrated aspect of picking up lots of hot girls, is NOT your looks [totally overrated], NOT the Bentley, NOT the fat wallet, NOR even the giant dick[all those things are academic]!

Then what the fuck is it Kenny!!?

Playing the “Numbers Game”!!

This’ probably one of “THE” oldest concept of pickup.

Yet over the years, many of us have neglected “Playing the #’s Game in order to seduce and lay more women.

“Why it’s super smart to play the #’s game with women”

It’s quite elementary in concept: the more prospects you have[phone #’s for instance], the more chances of getting laid or landing that hot girlfriend.

Not a tinge of rocket science at all LOL!!

However, the average guy doesn’t fully embrace this concept, nor does he even know of this concept.

He’d get a girl’s phone #, befriend her on Facebook, then throw all the proverbial chips on this 1 potential lay [which he’ll never get].

5 months elapses, and he still hasn’t laid hands on this 1 cherished girl at which he’s extolling as if she’s a Virgin Mary reincarnate!

So that is 5 whole months down the toilet focusing on 1 particular girl, who most like had already LJBF’d him [friendzoned].

Now, If he were smart (or perhaps a Pick-Up Artist, or Natural like Reema), he would’ve played the #’s Game like a slot machine [only with better luck]!!

“How To Play The #’s Game”

Step away from the fucking remote, and drop the Cheetos bag!!

This is for your own good and sexual well-being!!

If you’re an online gamer [a guy who meets women online, or is a member of an online-dating site], then your primary mission should be to “#-Close” at least 3-5 solid HB’s within the next week or so.

You don’t wanna overkill by getting 100 #’s in a week and cannot practically engage these girls [FMAC as the old-school pickup heads would say].

So aim for 3 to 5 solid #-closes this week [online or street pickup].

It’d be better (depended on your skill level) if you can actually get those #’s in 1 day: which is nothing to advanced PUA’s like I am [pardon the egoism].

Reason being, so you can begin to seduce all 3-5 girls on even foot and at the same level of the game.

Opposed to getting 1 # at a time, tossing all your golden eggs into 1 obscure basket, which from an Arithmetic standpoint would be utter stupidity [1 in 1 chance of success].

Now,you’re effectively playing the #’s Game [hi-5 buddy]!

You now [by aiming for 3-5 numbers] have a pretty decent shot at hooking up with at least 2 of those 5, or 1 of those 3[depended on your overall skill level again].

But when your options and chances are ONLY in 1 girl,you ONLY have a 1 in 1 shot, which you will most likely miss.

With 3 to 5 chiquitas in your contact list in which to game, your odds are 600% greater to achieve whatever you’re goal is; to bang the girl(s), meet a girlfriend, get dates or just to find a phone-sex buddy LOL!!!

The #’s Game concept of pickup transcends all medias: online-dating sites, Facebook, women in your phone-contact list, text game, phone game…

Apply this concept to wherever you FMAC[Find,Meet,Attract,Close].

If it’s the weekend and you’re priming to go out [as I am]: Remember to play the fucking #’s Game!!

Don’t be an AFC idiot and pine away at one chic[unless you’re setting up an SNL].

Don’t focus on getting just 1 number.

Remember, women are in abundance, and they’re as horny as fucking dogs, coupled with the hypothesis that 75% of them probably didn’t get fucked the past 3 weeks[maybe jaded with the same-old weiners and are seeking something fresh, thus keeping the vaginas extra tight].

You’ll always win as long as you have options, and armed with an abundance mentality.

Contrarily, you’ll always lose and resort to wasting toilet paper wacking off when you’re coming from a scarcity mentality [no options].

Life in itself is a #’s game [every aspect of it]!!

The more jobs you apply for,greater the chances of landing 1 or more jobs [opposed to applying for 1, then reclining with all hopes on that 1 application being successful].

Use this short-video message as a reminder:

Now,go out and meet lots of women[FMAC], play the #’s game and get laid this weekend!

Ciao Bella!!

Socialkenny just arrived at an island bar [last weekend], and a chick fight broke out[not over me though lol]:

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32 thoughts on “Playing The #’s Game To Win With Women [Killing The Scarcity Mentality]!!!

Add yours

  1. yeah man.the idea is once you focus on one girl u going to become needy and emotionally attached faster than her which is bad.another issue is its fun having a lot of girls also experience on approaching,sex, u learn of things abt the game!nice post i once read the pua bible which purported the idea of focusing on one girl until u crash and burn which is shit coz it ruins the game coy u become desperate 4 1 pussy tht u are chasing and never get.the idea wen u gat lot pussy u don,t chase and its attractiv


    1. Exactly!!
      And she isn’t focused on just 1 guy(you) lol! Women always have options and guys stringing along in case her relationship goes bad.
      I never read the PUA Bible,but if it really advocates focusing on 1 guy,that is not a good frame. I do believe in going all out to seduce a girl,but go all out with more than 1 girl and not just 1.
      Great comments Kua Gee


  2. I would agree with you on this, and I used to believe that was true, however, due to recent events that is no longer true.

    Pickup like anything when your a newbie is indeed a numbers game and it’s because you suck. You don’t understand how to create a conversation and connect, break rapport, qualify, screen for logistics, escalate, or plan for contingencies.

    Now once your advanced it’s a lot less of a numbers game because you have more control as you are not focusing on the little things that mean nothing anymore. Your brain is focusing on taking care of the contingencies and being a couple steps ahead of the girl to make the lay happen. At this level it’s more about consistencies and quality control. Since you’re able to game properly you are tailoring what you do to get hotter girls more consistently.

    The last level that I have encountered recently is controlling what happens at every stage. I literally mean having a game plan for getting laid, finding the right target and walking her through that game plan. At this level, things tend to get dark because you are using manipulation to make it happen. It’s not nice or friendly like how most people game. It’s sneaky, dirty, and based on playing with the mind, understanding how it works and using it to your advantage. You will start blending who you are to match the girl you are gaming. Robert Greene states in the Art Of Seduction, that the best seducers never leave the seduction up to chance. Instead the plan, and calculate for anything that can happen. Murphy’s law said it best, What Can Go Wrong Usually Will Go Wrong. People may say this is evil and not natural but Greene states that, It is really just a mask for how lazy they are. People want to be seduced they want to be swept of their feet, however they don’t want to feel like a guinea pig in some experiment; they don’t want to feel played. So don’t toy with people because you can, game her because you want her for more than sex, so at least it justifies what you did. At the end of the day, at this level you are helping get women out of their own way.

    Believe me if you want to, but there are people out there who game like this and it scared the living shit outta me. However, that being said, if you can’t beat em, join em.


    1. Youre right Ace. Newbies should abide by certain concepts of game that advanced guys may not have to. The #’s game is a great example(although I believe we can all benefit in spite of level in the game).

      And bro’,I totally get where you coming from with zoning in on a specific target and tryna get sexual. It’s a great test of skills as advanced PUA and coaches like we are.

      As far as not feeling like a guinea pig,of course you’re right. But you would agree that there are certain tactics of pickup to neutralize the target feeling this way.


    1. @Energia Positive- Yes! They should keep it in mind or in the back of their minds. On forums,I see newbies chasing after 1 special girl when they should pensar en ontras tambien para que mejore
      sus chances,entendido?


  3. Numbers theory applies to most anything;
    discounts, housing, employment, etc. I’m not sure I
    get your point here? Occassionally men come
    across a select group of females & may narrow that
    group down to one he must have or have in his life
    permanately, so he’ll focus on her, but that doesn’t
    mean he decreases his numbers in the interim
    while trying to accomplish that goal of establishing
    something w/ said female. So do you mention this
    to say men slow down socially from time to time?


    1. What I mean by numbers theory applying in all areas of life,it’s quite simple: si se las tenga mas opciones,las posibilidad de ganar estarían mas grande. Este ideólogo aplica a todas partes de la vida: relaciones,negocio…


  4. ok, I see your point
    now in relation to numbers to keep always in mind.
    Some focus too much, you have to take breaks &
    get new exposure. True, the more people you know
    or come in contact, more opportunity. Talking to
    many women can help men gain that one specific
    woman also; practice & occasional diversion are
    healthy. Some men don’t understand that
    although being attentive (chasing) is good but they
    have to also pull away, quite effective. Not saying
    how, because it’s worked on me 😡 lol. Just comes
    down to the personal goal. Good Spanish, btw…


    1. I agree Positiva Energia. I totally agree. That’s why I adovate(as many PUA coaches) that guys should have a life away from picking up girls.

      Your theory is great as a woman lol. At least your big enough to admit what works on you. Además,hablo Español como si fuera Hispanohablante desde niño.


  5. I’ve always played the numbers game. Playing the numbers game for me is about having options. When I was single, I was always dating multiple women. This helped my game drastically. I was more relaxed and confident around women because it didn’t matter if it didn’t work out. I had more women. Good game here and thanks for the mention homie


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