“Flirting, KINO Escalating And Being Playful To Get The Girl [In-Field Video]”

Ok guys,I’ve been pretty friggin’ busy as of the past week with Sarging[PUA term for looking girls] and shooting amateur infield videos of picking up chics.

The point of it all [in-field videos], is for men reading this blog (aspiring PUA’s) to get a visual idea of the concepts we teach in the PUA/Seduction community.

You can tell a person anything, but it only becomes real and legit when you can actually show it.

And BTW, this’ what we PUA’s do anyway, “Walk The Walk”, opposed to your generic,media-hyped dating experts and matchmakers who have no real-world experience in pulling ass.

What is KINO and KINO Escalate?

A PUA term for “Touching”.

KINO is like the 1st.commandement of pick-up; every successful PUA lives by it.

KINO Escalation is touching rapidly and more sexual, opposed to standard KINO.

The reason behind KINO (touching the target, i.e. the girl) is quite simple yet powerful.

The earlier, or the more you touch the girl [non-sexually], the more she becomes psychologically acclimated and used to your touch.

The more you touch her (KINO Escalate), the greater your chances to touch her sexually and lay her (later on).

The average guy(AFC’s as we call them) makes the mistake of NOT touching the girl he’s chatting up,thus he comes off as a-sexual and a pussy.

They fail to understand that the less you touch a woman, the greater the chances of her saying to you “LJBF” [putting you in the friendzone].

So KINO (touching) from the get-go says to the chic that you’re a physical, sexual, confident Alpha-Male.

However, there’s an art to KINO and touching women.

You don’t wanna go KINO and come off as sleazy, groping and annoying.

Many newbies/students to pick-up will do KINO wrong and actually piss off the target or get a , “Why are you touching me” shit test.

But over time with experience, one should learn how to CALIBRATE properly,touch her properly at the right moments, right way and right body part.

Field Report:

Ok,so I was sarging the other day and ran across some chics and a dude chillin’ in a park.

I approached them,opened the seated set and did my usual thing.

Found out she’s actually 18 and waiting on her BF at the park[classic lie].

I immediately fucked with her, toyed and bantered with her, push, pull, tug, tap and hit her.

Essentially being flirty with this random stranger chic.

At 1 point (in the short vid clip), her phone rang (some guy), and I playfully got closer to her to listen in and teased her and try dragging the phone from her.

This sort of vibe is the quintessential way you want to communicate with the target: light, fluffy, playful and fun, opposed to serious, quiet and reserved.

Especially when gaming teenagers, they’re so hyped and easily distracted, that you really have to use this sort of fun , flirty vibe to keep her attention.

The video was actually about 20 min. long, but I cut it just to display few playful moments of KINO and being playful.

I intentionally masked over the audio with some electronic music so guys will NOT pay attention to the “WORDS”, but more importantly, to the vibe and mood I’m creating.

At the end of the day, what should guys learn from this article and vid’ clip?

That girls love to have fun, and they won’t kill you for teasing them.

And the fastest way to a girl’s panties is through banter, touching and playfulness.

If you desire to take forever to f-close her; then do the opposite.

*Related article by the top female PUA coach, Kezia Nobles: Being Playful With Women.

16 thoughts on ““Flirting, KINO Escalating And Being Playful To Get The Girl [In-Field Video]”

Add yours

    1. Well 1 reason for removing the words is so guys will not focus on the words but the vibe and attitude I’m communicating. You don’t need words to communicate that. Guys get too caught up and focused on the verbal(the least important),and neglect the most important;which is tonality,vibe,body language and non-verbals.


    1. Nicely put Bogs.

      As in the vid’ clip,I was doing light KINO: tapping,touch on her ear(she had a piercing,so I used that as excuse to touch there),grabbed her hair and slightly tugged on it playfully. All light KINO.

      How’s your day sarging coming along?


      1. Yah, kino has to come in very first few seconds of interaction, the more time passes the more awkward it becomes to touch.

        Sarging goes ok, approached few chicks on Saturday, got into decent conversations but did not really push the envelope so to speak and nothing solid came out of it, did not even go for number.


        1. Well it is the way it goes sometimes. The chic in this vid’,I didn’t even get to # close because her friends/cockblocks pulled some external interrupt
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    1. Lmao yea I know girls are always so funny about their hair.

      Actually when I did it,I did notice her body tense up a bit[bad calibration on my part],but I smoothen it out with a little compliment after[“your hair smells fruity”].


  1. Well I guess if you are good picking up on people personalities quickly you could play with them in this manner and it would work. If a guy is attractive and he start talking to me then touch my hair, I would laugh and find it funny. Yet, if a guy is ugly and being annoying and do that he would get slapped. I like a guy who is playful in a gentle way…I would go for this one with the right guy.


    1. That makes a lot of sense.

      And you touched on something I was tryna say,that when you can read someone,you can tell how to approach and what approach to come with. This sort of stuff and foresight comes in due time with practice.

      When I first started out, I got hell from chics like,Why the fuck you touching my hair”!!?


  2. I agree with you about the playfulness 100%.

    Touching of the hair? Not so much.

    Also, I know that’s why guys are touching me, it doesn’t work. I just get annoyed. Yes, even if I think you’re cute and charming. I’d rather be touching you!


  3. Hey there! I’ve been following your web site for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the great work!


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