Handling “Shit Tests” From Girls [Video Included]

What are “Shit Tests” aka “Congruency Tests”?

A popular-PUA community term to describe when the target says something bratty, bitchy or sarcastic to the guy who’s chatting her up.

She’s essentially giving the guy a hard time by asking difficult questions in hopes to stumble him and throw off his Game.

Women do this automatically. Doesn’t mean she hates you or isn’t interested. It’s just her nature to test you for qualification.

The reason she’s subconsciously doing this, is to find out if you’re a challenge, or a guy who will willingly give in to her shit tests by becoming super defensive.

The best ways to handle a shit test (as a guy), is to:

1.) Ignore it! Pretend as though you never heard the bitchy remark or question, and continue gaming.

2.) React to it “verbally” with something witty or sarcastic of your own (challenging her).

3.) React to it “physically” by motioning “Hush”, with a finger to your lips saying “Shhh”.

4.) Acknowledge it for a second, then continue to routine stack.

An interesting note about “Shit Tests”; women often times aren’t aware that they’re shit testing guys.

It’s an automatic response she has whenever guys chatting her up or hitting on her.

Whether she likes you or hates your presence; she will shit test you to see how congruent you are (or not).

If you fail her tests (often times, socially awkward guys do), then the attempted pick-up will begin to unravel and go downhill.

She will see you as a giant pussy who isn’t worthy of her time.

Then she’ll shit test your ass to death, to the point that you’ll either react the following ways [failing the shit tests]:

1.) Curse her ass out!

2.) Say to her, “Why are you being so difficult? I’m just tryna have a conversation [submitting to her].

3.) Make an excuse to leave by pretending that your phone rang, and you have to take an important call, “Excuse me Erika” [then sneak away].

Often times in the past, I’d resorted to cussing bitches out who would shit test me to death:

Classic Example:

Me: “Ok cool. So what’s your name by the way”?

HB: “I’m not gonna tell you. Why should I”?

Me: “Ok fuck you then bitch”!!!

That of course is the wrong way to handle a shit test [with few vasos of Malibu coconut rum in my system; this becomes an easy decision].


Not that it’s wrong to curse girls out (I do it often). But in the case of token-shit tests; it’s the wrong move, because you lose all together.

As an advanced PUA [MPUA], I NOW get what’s taking places when a woman tests me.

So, instead of getting angry [failing her tests], I become witty[passing her tests].

Women aren’t doing this to be diabolical bitches.

They’re subconsciously trying to find out if you’re a manly man who have wits about himself, or are you a doormat who’s socially uncalibrated, whom she can take advantage of at a game of wits?

*Now, in the 1st. Infield video clip, while out doing Day Game, I spotted an HB9 in front of a supermarket.

* I opened her, she shows interests (ioi’s), then she throws out some anticipated-shit tests [later in the chat, I found out she just graduated high school. Teenagers are shit-test gurus]

* We had about a 20 minute chat, but I edited the clip to just include the initial shit test.

* In this clip, I was taking a stroll in my neighborhood and spotted this chick.

* Later during the chat, I found out she was from Dominica, a Caribbean island which speaks English and broken French [they have a French accent].

* She shit tests me right away after I threw my opener.

* I’d edited this clip a lot to just include the “shit test” part. But we actually chatted about 5 minutes.

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20 thoughts on “Handling “Shit Tests” From Girls [Video Included]

Add yours

  1. Testing testing
    Girl 1 was feeling it.i seen the full vid on your page the other week.don’t know why you had to cut it unless it convey shit test only


  2. I call shit tests her way to kno if youre down or not.She has to show interest in subtle ways to preserve herself.You should know what I mean man.


    1. You mean that she’s not going to show interest/IOIs in obvious ways.
      Kenny-you couldve done better at handling the shit test from girls 1.not that you did bad but from your other stuff,I know this was passive.


      1. True.

        When trying to stick to a script while doing your thing on cam,it’s tough.

        I could’ve pulled(in part 1)but I had a goal to just try some stuff opposed to actually pull.


  3. You got me.
    I get that ‘difficult’ line a lot, which pisses me off. Just say something witty/smart back! Damn!
    Also it makes things more interesting then just talking about stuff. Why do guys get to be the only ones talk smack while flirting???

    Classic Example:

    Me:“Ok cool.So what’s your name by the way”?

    HB:“I’m not gonna tell you.Why should I”?

    Me:“Ok fuck you then bitch”!!!



  4. “women often times aren’t aware that they’re shit testing guys.”

    You’re right. And when I’ve broken it down to females, they all deny ever having done it!! Haha.

    Only problem with ignoring it is that they’ll up it next time to try and make it even more noticeable. Better to go alpha and shut the bad behaviour down sooner than later.

    Good links in the post as well, enjoying reading them.


  5. Usually chick will shit test when guy displays in congruence and she gets confused.

    I think in the first video the in congruence was when you escalated fairly quickly with some sex suggestive language, she gets interested and asks who you are (you can hear her voice is changing, and real interest), and than you back down and tell her you just some random dude lol

    Almost like a clockwork you can see her throwing shit test and changing her tone of conversation.

    You obviously recovered from it, but that where I think her shit test comes from.


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