Kenny’s “Exotic Drink” Routine [attract women by the drink in your cup]

Whenever I’m strolling through a high-end joint [like The Coast Nightclub & Diamond Ice on the island of Antigua], or even a local bar like Yankee Tavern in the Bronx…1 thing you’d readily notice (besides the Mohawk), which separates me from the chodes: I have an exotic-colorful drink in my hand!

Yankee Tavern Bar in the South Bronx

Yankee Tavern Bar in the South Bronx

Now I know “colorful” drinks don’t appeal to the Alpha’s who’re reading this- but I can explain!

What will NOT attract women [drink wise]:

•Strangling a bottle/can of Old Milwaukee, Coors or Guinness will NOT.

•A bland cup/mug of piss-colored liquid [beer] will NOT do you any favors neither.

•Ordering beer,wine or champagne will not cut it neither (when it comes to baiting women into talking to you).

“Women And Colors”

•Women are stimulated and captivated by colors and colorful things [unlike most men]: roses, clothing, hats, shoes, etc.

•Same goes for drinks.Women go bonkers over Apple Martinis, Margaritas, Sex On The Beach, Tequila Sunrises…

•The key ingredients to those colorful-attractive drinks are: Schnapps, Syrup (Grenadine) & Liqueurs.

•As an aspiring bartender (mixologist), and a guy who’s spent a billion hours in nightclubs and bars; I got a pretty good sense of what hot chics order.

•But if you’re a self-conscious guy, and you’d feel like a giant pussy ordering Margaritas & Sex On The Beach- here’s what you can do:

•Order what you would regularly [beer, rum and coke, whiskey], but tell the bartender to dash some color in there (preferably schnapps).

Viola MOFO!!

•You now have a colorful, exotic-looking drink.

Kenny’s “Exotic-Drink” Routine/Technique

•Two things will either happen (in response to your colorful drink):

1.) Women nearby will open you(initiate a chat) by saying:

“What are you drinking”?

“Hey, what drink is that”?

“Wow, that drink looks pretty”!

•I’ve had either, or all 3 of those responses each time I’m holding a colorful drink [it’s like some Voodoo charm lol].

2.) You can take the initiative (as you should as a man) and open the target by saying anything:

“Hey, I want some of what you’re having”!

•In return, she will most likely notice your drink (the exotic color), and make a comment on it:

“I want some of what you’re having”!

“What are you drinking”!?

Example Of How SocialKenny Rolls His “Exotic-Drink” Routine:

Now, let’s say there’s a hot 2-set @ the bar counter ordering drinks, or just bored to death of the losers so they chose to prop up the bar.

I’d approach the counter and order my signature cocktail:
•Malibu coconut rum,
•Pineapple juice
•Splash of Grenadine syrup (to give it a red-orange look).

I’d make sure that the girls standing/sitting beside me overhear or see me ordering [telling the Bartender how to mix my drink].

[Girls can appreciate a man who knows his spirits and mixing drinks. This’ why bartenders get laid and are attractive to women].

When the bartender hands me my colorful cocktail, the chics next to me are usually eyeballing it, which @ that point, I’d say something to them like:

“The 1st. one to taste my “COCKTAIL” gets a free drink”!

Nine out of 10 times, they will either make 1 of the following responses:

•Laugh hilariously
•Have a shocked yet playful face
•Take the 1st. sip for me

Then it’s game on from there!!


•Google an exotic-looking drink.
•Order it @ a bar/club.
•Make sure women can hear or see you place the order.
•Open them (or her) by saying: “I give you $100 bucks if you taste my COCKTAIL”.


•Walk the venue until you spot a hot girl.
•Say to her: “I want some of what you’re having”.
•Flaunt your colorful drink in the her face (baiting her to comment on it).

The rest is now up to you with your standard Game.

My “Exotic-Drink Routine” was just to entice, impress (in a good way) and open her.

Whenever I’m @ the bar,I’m always “THE” guy to captivate women by what I’m drinking.

I’d usually have a 4-set (4 girls) all surrounding me as I bust on them for drinking bland shit.

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The Coast nighclub and restaurant on the Caribbean island of Antigua

The Coast nighclub and restaurant on the Caribbean island of Antigua

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  1. Fucking brilliant! And I u got ur shit together, they’ll think this is a guy unafraid and so confident in his sxuality to drink a frou-frou drink.


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