“7 Reasons You’ll Regret Banging That Virgin [male or female]”

You do not wanna be this guy.

You do not wanna be this guy.

Sex with a virgin is no fun for anyone. Remember Kenny warned you.

You’ll be sure to regret.

And these are the reasons why:

1. The “INEXPERIENCED” Dilemma

*Fucking a virgin (girl or guy), is equivalent to bumming a ride with someone who’s just gotten their driver’s license yesterday…And now intends to take you on a cross-country drive.

*Can you foresee the complications from a lack of experience [unable to follow traffic, read signs, pay toll, drives too slowly, too fast, can’t traverse the freeway…]?

*A virgin (male-female) presents the same fucking complications!!

• He doesn’t know how to slide the dick in with finesse.

• He cannot find the hole.

• She constantly says, “Wait, wait”!!

• She cannot give a semi-decent blowjob to save her life.

• He’s unwilling to go down [and doesn’t know how to]

• He will not perform fore-play.

2. The “SOB” of Death

* Sob is a tad too mild to say the least.

* Most virgins CRY and WAIL!!

* If you’re a guy who has an ounce of heart at least [as I do…despite being an asshole]: a chick with tears streaming down her lovely face, should be enough to convince you to stop!

* A sobbing damsel taking the shaft down the pink hatch, would make any guy’s dick do the nose dive.

* I’ve banged maybe 3 virgins in my lifetime; they all bawled, sobbed and cried in pain.

* I felt like I was raping those poor- little angels.

* Any man who’d continue banging away while the girl pleads and cries her heart out- he takes heart-less to a new level!!

3. Bloody Mary

* Hey fuck-tards; you thought I meant the tomato juice-based cocktail?

*Literal BLOOD!!

* Once a virgin girl is being de-flowered (getting that cherry popped), the tearing of the hymen inside the vaginal walls, actually causes blood to leak downwards.

* So say hello to a bloodied cock, stained sheets and the smell of a bloodbath [that’s friggin’ gross]!

* While fucking a virgin once (my 1st. Latina from Brooklyn), I had to throw away 2 towels which were stained with blood…including my mother’s sheets…and I had to turn over the mattress to hide the blood spots LOL [the good old days].

* Is the blood, sweat & tears worth it?

4. Extreme Soreness & Discomfort(afterwards)

* Hey guys, do me a favor.

* Take a piece of sandpaper, and vigorously rub it against your dick for 5 minutes.

* How does that feel?

* Fucking a virgin vagina will tear your dick the hell up!!!

* Every guy who’s gotten laid before knows the irritable feeling of fucking a dry pussy.

* Now picture such dryness X 10 LOL!!

* Being that the virgin girl is in pain with major discomfort; her vagina will not have secreted enough lube to keep her pussy moist.

* Saying that to say; her pussy will not be wett! So you’ll be penetrating a dry, extra-tight pussy.

* After your mission is completed[that’s if you manage to cum], your dick will be in so much pain(a week’s worth): you will have regretted sticking your plug into that outlet.

5. You Will Not Climax

* If you’re banging this virgin in the name of pleasure: kill yourself now!!

* Neither party will be sexually gratified.

* A guy who’s able to cum while screwing a virgin is either:

A. A rapist
B. Cold-hearted
C. A virgin himself

* Any normal guy whom I know; they’ve never came while banging a virgin. And the experience was either pain-filled, or they couldn’t maintain an erection(because of her dramatizations).

* And if the guy is the one who’s the virgin; ladies can expect pre-mature ejaculation [1-minute man], or a dick that’s too bashful to rise to the occasion.

6. The “Cling” Of Death

* Post sex; she becomes extremely CLINGY!!

* Imagine having to shut off your phone every second because this newly-deflowered lass has been calling and texting you 20 times per day!!?

* And that’s just the beginning LOL!

* The embolden ones [75% of them are], will actually show up at your friggin’ doorstep with the puppy-dog face!!!

* Feeling empathy, you will then take her in, sex will occur, then the cycle of clinging and stalking will resume tenfold!!

7. The Possessed STALKER

* Just when you thought the nightmare couldn’t get any worse…

* Your Facebook page will be stalked, you’ll be threatened[that’s if you’ve been avoiding her], she will plaster your wall with “I love yous”…

* In the end,you’ll either detest this chic, file a restraining order against her, or commit suicide.

* Fortunately for you; most guys just take the least-threatening route of the 3; cuss her out royally and detest her for life.

Hot girl on my BB Messenger says[which I disagree with]:

* Sore dick from pussy beats no PUSSY any day.

* I’m not saying it won’t hurt but remember it cools off after a week, and she knows to herself you wasn’t satisfied with the crying and the stopping, so you’re guaranteed to get good pussy for at least 3 months or until she realizes that there’s better dick out there.

* Guaranteed pussy for a while, ’cause she’s gonna be embarrassed to fuck someone else cause she still in training.

Although she’s partially right. She’d failed to mention the downsides (which are many I outlined in this article).

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  1. Lol dude I have to agree with you on this one. I’ve only done one virgin and it was just unbearable since I had so much more experience. I would say though that I was a good virgin. I lied about it and all though but my performance was always on par even the first time and the girl had about 6 years on me. But most times, having sex with a virgin is more headache than anything. I dealt with the clinging and stalking to the searching my name on twitter to see who was talking to me. Tough lol.


    1. Lmbao Drew you made me laugh like hell with your comment about the chic stalking your Twitter!

      And the key point you laid out was about doing a virgin is more headache than anything.

      But it kills me how guys hype this shit up to be like a trophy instead of a headache.

      Might be a trophy for some guys,but definitely not pleasurable.


      1. I think every guy thinks it’ll be like “virgin” porn where the sexy innocent girl holds it like it’s unfamiliar but takes it, bites her lip, and calls you daddy and tells you to fuck her.


        Be lucky if you’re in there for 30 seconds without an ouch or stop or that hurts lol.


  2. Lol I hear you man.

    Makes sense too how dudes get the wrong idea from virgin or teen-simulated porn.

    And don’t even talk about virgin giving head!!

    And that’s if they even go down in the first place!


    1. lmfao!!! Guy its isnt that bad..how would u also try it with ur bare cock a rubber z necessary nd maybe some sex oil for easy penetration…thou am a virgin too hoping for my first time its just the blood thats scaring the hell of me


  3. #1 – OMG I will never ever sleep with a virgin again! The one time I did was the most awkward experience ever & it was the worst sex I’ve ever had. It was fuckn horrendous. NEVER AGAIN.

    #2 – lmao these just made me laugh! I didn’t have any pain when I lost mine, but that could be because I was drunk as fuck, which apparently is the way to go! I’d rather lose my V-card wasted than sober in pain. I probably wouldn’t have had sex again for a long time if my first was that bad.

    #3 – Yeah I didn’t have any bleeding at all either. Who knows, maybe I had accidentally broken my hymen before I ever had sex. It can happen to girls pretty easily from what I’ve heard.

    #6 – hmmm my first & I dated kinda afterward, but it was definitely nothing clingy. I have heard that most girls cling to their firsts though.

    #7 – again, that just isn’t my style.


    1. You’re either super-human or fronting.

      I’ve heard of women not bleeding and some no pain.But those cases are rare[I doubt alcohol has anything to do with it].Maybe you’re just built different.

      All 3 virgins I slept with all bled and cried.

      The Spanish 1 from Brooklyn took it pretty good but she became a 1st.class stalker.

      Certain chics display certain symptoms I guess.

      But for sure:the man will have it bad all times.

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      1. Lmao @ super human! Honestly I’ve never talked to any girl friends about losing our virginity so I had no idea it was THAT bad for any girl, until now. I knew most girls hurt, I had no idea they bled! That’s weird that I didn’t have either, it’s not that I’m super loose or anything either lol, actually quite the opposite. I’ve always bee different though lol.


          1. Lol I’ll ask the couple girls at work wednesday night if it’s not busy. We talk about EVERYTHING at work, I’m surprised it’s never came up before. I think though that it’s just overrated. It was cool when it first happens, but then it’s just a thing of the past & you don’t really think of it much.


  4. OK….I sorta see where you’re going on this I have 9 v-cards (clearly all from men) and I’ve had one guy cry on me and a few have turned into stalkers BUT if I think about my first time….

    I am GLAD that it was with an experienced man who made sex enjoyable for me…I also didn’t become clingy because literally all I wanted from him was a good f**k and I sorta knew he was the one to get it from…we had sex, talked on the phone maybe 4 times after that and I haven’t heard from him since our last phone call…I hear horror stories from my friends about their first time and I actually enjoyed my first time having sex so I’ve always felt lucky


      1. I honestly think that we need to stop preaching that women are special because of what is in between their legs…yes, it’s wonderful if u wanna wait until marriage to have sex…and it’s also wonderful if u’re like me and know your sex game is on point and enjoy it thoroughly…we make virginity such a “special” thing to females (sort of to men also but not so much) that women probably expect to have a lasting relationship with the 1st man they have sex with….I never preach to young girls that they should wait until marriage…I simply tell them wait until the time is right for them…for some people that is a committed relationship and others it is a one night stand….women need to realize regardless of what your sex game is a man won’t stay if there is NOTHING else regardless of if you’re a virgin or not…


        1. I think we have men to blame for this.

          They put virgins on pedestals and hype them up.

          It’s funny too how men are ashamed to admit they’re virgins,but women are proud to say it.


  5. Omg! I am a woman and I can’t lie. You were on point… My dude penis was red as fire and he complained of all the same things…oh well I gave that bastard 17 years of make up sex so I guess he got over it! LOL!


      1. Yeah for the first couple of times he was complaining about it. LOL! Talking about I was rubbing the skin off his dick…well wasn’t my fault he didn’t make me wet! Just kidding…I was just tensing up and scared so like u said to climax is highly unlikely to happen. (but once you get broke in) POW! EXPLOSIVE


  6. But the Possesive crap is so true for most women too…And I think it is drilled in our heads from small. We are always told you will always love the man who take your virgin hood. Girls act like that man is going to feel the same way! NOT


    1. And the funny thing about what you just said is that men rarely ever get like that.

      Meaning,the man who’s taking the girl’s v-card,he rarely ever gets sprung or hooked on the virgin meat.So this is further testimonial that sex with a virgin is meaningless and not worth it.


      1. I have heard many of men say they are not all that excited about bangin a virgin, but you know what I really did not believe that! I think most experienced men what good sex with an experienced woman. Its more of the younger dudes like teenagers who thinks its cool to bang a virgin for bragging rights!


        1. As it would seem,but not quite.

          Older men(adult men)are the ones fascinated with having sex with virgins.

          Teen boys do not have that sense of “conquest” for bragging rights when it comes to virgins.


  7. You see Kenny, where the inexperienced “eff” up is finding another who is also inexperienced. It’s kind of pointless in having any type of sex if you can’t get the pussy wet/d* hard. Just saying. Regardless of it being a woman’s first time or not, it still does not prevent her from secreting as a normal pussy should if handled properly and given the right amount of foreplay. If you don’t have that kind of time, then you are headed for disasters like these. Other than a little spotting, I never had any of these problems, nor did my partner at that time. And if I’m not mistaken, I think I broke up with him shortly after. He was the one that became clingy.

    Now I have rid a male of his virginity. He was actually a college football player which was “LMAO-shocking”. He cried…. becuase he couldn’t get it in. Pleaded to me that all he knew was football and proceeded to tell me how horrifying his childhood was because they would pick on him for not being sexual. *rolls eyes* I hade to fake like I was consoling him but we eventually got it in. He wanted to learn everything that night. I definitely didn’t have that kind of time to be his personal handbook,lol. i just wanted to bust one, which never happened. He was very appreciative but I never talked to him again.


      1. LLS!!! yes football player!! I thought the same too. I actually thought he was lying when he told me that he was still a virgin. Thought I was gon go and jump right in, or he jump in me LLS!!! He proved me wrong and then I realized I wasn’t in Kansas anymore.

        Yeah he bust. A few times


  8. IDK,it’s a catch 22/lose-lose situation.

    ‘Cause if the inexperienced goes with another inexperienced;it would be pointless.

    But if an inexperienced goes with an experienced,the experienced one will run for the hills afterwards(from bad sex).

    So the 1 without experience really never wins.

    Plus remember,a virgin isn’t gonna give the right doses of fore-play.And virgins either sex are shy and awkward;so that’s another roadblock.So I see no way the pussy’ll be wett enough.

    He became clingy!!?GTFOH!


    1. Was this comment intended for me? LOL!!

      I don’t mean like another inexperienced virgin. I mean someone who is suppose to be experienced but not experienced in taking their time or working with what is given. An experienced sexual person has patience and can lure or seduce a virgin into feeling like they have been having sex for years. lol!! After football player got over his first inital cry, I manage to make him man-up. And during my first episode, i was prepped and ready for surgery.

      LMAO!! yes!! men become clingy too!


      1. That makes sense(with the matching).

        As far as the football player;that’s a hilarious story.

        I actually don’t remember my first time.That’s so funny now that I think about it.I don’t know which girl took my virginity.

        I’m such a whore huh Gothic girl?


  9. Kenny…Kenny…Kenny. If you had done proper foreplay, they WOULD have been lubricated. 🙂 Ever heard of lube as an option too? I did not cry or wail, although it was uncomfortable and I did bleed a little. I also did not become clingy. I wasn’t even sure I liked the guy! 🙂


    1. Atheria Atheria Atheria,my spiritual advisor.

      Well,lube would seem a nice idea,but I’m quite sure the natural tightness of the vagina may still irritate the penis.

      Plus that’s just tip of the iceberg.If the girl isn’t physically enjoying sex;the guy won’t.

      So if she sobbing,in obvious pain;it’ll kill the guy’s erection(unless he’s a heart-less bastard).

      I’m the fore-play master by the way,so warming up her engines won’t be the problem.


          1. lol, I do remember location and chick, but that’s all I remember, she was an older women (in her late 30’s), and it was a gift from one of my father friends for my 13th birthday lol, the girl was one of his MLTR who he convinced to give me first sexual experience.

            But that all I remember, I am totally blank on how it went down.


    1. Nah bro’,didn’t as yet.

      I need to get ontop of it before tickets sell out like hot cakes.

      Hopefully I can find a virgin down there that’s worthy enough to give good sex lol.

      What’s up with you out in Brooklyn?


  10. I guess this really pertains to those that don’t want a lasting relationship and only care about sex. I’m really disappointed. Been looking through your posts, and while they are very interesting, I can’t relate to ANY of them. I guess I’ll just have to keep looking.


    1. @Ms.Raven-Why can you relate?

      I guess that’s the wrong question to ask.

      Most ppl don’t consciously relate to the stuff I write since it gets too deep(the subconscious),or it’s generally pick-up community 101(many people do not know of the underground pick-up/seduction community).

      But on this article about virgins,every other female relate.Why can’t you?


      1. Kenny, I think you give yourself a lot of credit (rightfully so – it’s your blog). I’ve sifted through your posts as well and oftentimes find very little to relate to. And it’s not because it’s deep. It’s because your perspective is skewed toward an end-goal of promoting PUA theory and lifestyle. I’m a pretty open-minded, intelligent person. The stuff is not going over my head. And the PUA/ seduction community lingo isn’t that complicated.

        Even on this virgin post, I could relate to number 1 (because women get like that even with men they didn’t lose their virginity to) and i understand all the rest, but it’s just not my experience. Can I understand that you crafted this list based on your experience with three virgins? Yes. But those experiences aren’t the end all be all. You can see that from the responses here.


        1. True, I did craft this list based on my sexperiences. Also, on general consensus by other men (from what boys talk about over the years). Things in life generally don’t happen to 1 person.

          As for PUA lingo and stuff, average guys find it complicated. But since women are smarter than men [this is typical PUA admission], I didn’t think I’d be hard for you to decipher.


  11. I hope I didn’t insult you when I said I couldn’t relate; I do like that you speak the truth; you’re real. Why can’t I relate? Well perhaps it’s because I don’t sleep around. I suppose it’s because I’ve only been involved with one man and vice versa. I guess my point (again) is, you come off as clumping everyone together. You say all men act this way and all women act this way. That’s just not true. Maybe you were referring to a person that was already sexually experienced and then slept with someone that was a virgin. If that is the case, then of course I cannot relate. I slept with a virgin but I was a virgin too. It was not a nightmare-it was the best thing. But then you would most likely counter-argue and say “how do you know he was a virgin. Men lie-blah blah blah.” Not all men lie or “99%” like you stated previously. Well, keep the post coming. I’m sure I’ll relate to one eventually. 🙂


  12. I don’t expect every virgin girl in the world to have experienced every sign that I pointed out.But every virgin will have experienced most.

    So my generalization isn’t wrong as you’re implying.

    And you really need to get to know men(since you’ve only been with 1).

    Men(on average)are weak,wussies,socially awkward,scared,nervous,in-secure…and you can agree.

    It takes a special kinda guy(a pick up artist like I am)to defy the average weak/betal-male qualities that average men have.

    Hopefull you’ll find a post you can relate to soon.


    1. @Ms. Raven, I agree. It’s hard to relate when everything is so generalized and all women are lumped together and all men are lumped together. And yes, a virgin/ virgin sexual combo can be thrilling because you’re both exploring and experiencing the milestone at the same time. If you’re really feeling that person, it makes it all the more special – versus some random dude.


      1. Everything has to be generalize because every sex follows the same patterns most times.

        If I were to say that every girl cries over breakups and being dumped. Would that be a generalization or fact? I’d say fact. Show me a woman who never cried when she got dumped or when her relationship ended, and I’ll call her a liar.

        Every girl likes ice cream would be a generalization that is far out.

        But to say that every girl is emotionally-driven, I’d say that is a fact and not just generalization.


        1. I guess you would call me a liar then. I ended a long term/ live-in relationship with someone and didn’t shed a tear. HE was the one stalking ME afterwards. One day you’ll learn that there’s no one size fit all and all girls are not the same. Every girl is not emotionally driven either. There are women out there who lie, cheat, accuse and deceive, etc better than men do – just because they can (an excuse plenty of men use).


          1. I can understand that a guy would end up stalking a chic after a breakup. That happens for sure. And I am tempted to call you a BIG-ASS LIAR, but I believe you in this case (a little bit).

            Women are better cheaters than men. And that’s why I’ve always said that women cheat more than men by far. Not because y’all are so devious, but y’all are smarter than men.


          2. Women are emotionally driven. Women are more emotional than men. How can you deny this? Almost everything a woman does is driven by her emotions and feelings; not logics and not rationality.

            Just as cheating, most women who do cheat, cheat because of an emotional need. Even if she’s craving sex and more sex, women attach sex to emotions.

            No matter how slutty a girl is or no matter if she’s a hoodrat, it’s extremely rare to find a girl who detach sex from emotions.

            Most women won’t have sex with a guy if she isn’t into him on an emotional level.

            That’s why we teach in pickup, you must tap into a girl’s emotional side in order to make her fall for you. You seduce her emotionally and not logically (since women don’t respond to logics in courtship).

            But the average guy (who’s stupid when it comes to courtship BTW), doesn’t know this, so he goes about attracting women in a LOGICAL way instead of an emotional way.

            So all women are emotionally driven.

            And when I say emotional, I don’t mean crying and sobbing. I mean feelings-driven, which is emotions.

            Any man can have sex with a girl without even liking that girl. Liking is an emotion. She must like you to sleep with you.

            Men on the other hand, we don’t have to like a girl to sleep with her. We don’t have to feel any emotions for me besides sexual arousal.


          3. You said it’s a fact that all women are emotionally driven. How did you determine that was actually “factual.” Show me the proof.

            I think you get so caught up in PUA dogma sometimes that you can’t see the forest for the trees. When you talk about guys in this response you say “the AVERAGE guy” but when you refer to women, there’s no differentiation. It’s just like it’s ALL women. I have a problem with that.


          4. Ok, giving you the benefit of the doubt and let’s assume that all women aren’t emotionally driven. Regardless, a man should approach the situation with that believe and mindset (that every woman is emotionally driven). I seduce women for a living. This is what I do. So I have real-world experience and analysis and data to back up my claims. Just as my last article states, a woman has to be in an emotional state to be seduced or gamed. It’s a must. No exceptions. If a guy approaches a girl thinking that he can bag her up without getting her emotional, then he will fail. And when I say emotional, I don’t mean crying (only). Being excited is emotional. Horny is an emotional/sexual arousal state.

            As for PUA dogma. I’m a PUA instructor. This is what I do and teach as a member of this community. We teach what works because we test these theories every day on thousands of women globally. Every woman I approach and am into, my mentality (and any PUA’s mentality) is, “I will get this girl. She will love me”. Sure, it may be self-deception, but that is where confidence comes in. To be confident enough that no woman can resist you. And you’ll be surprised how this mindset transcends like an invisible aura and actually make you irresistible to any woman you approach.


          5. Sure. And you’re right. That’s the idea; to psych yourself up. No one is rejection proof. But your should have that attitude. A boxer shouldn’t enter the ring thinking he’s gonna lose. So a guy shouldn’t step to a woman thinking he can’t get her. Do you find that as arrogant and cocky?


          6. I don’t find that as arrogant. Of course you should approach every goal, mission, battle etc with confidence. And as far as dating, confident men are more attractive. And to a man of substance, confident women are attractive. My issue is with your one size fit all theories and what I see as sometimes aggressive comments about women. (I take issue when women lump ALL men together too.) But I know its necessary for the game now.


          7. If I’d said all men cheat and all women cheat, then that would be aggressive and 1 size fits all. But I really don’t see why you’re denying that all women are driven by emotions (particularly in sex, relationship and dating). Are you not? Are you than 1 woman who isn’t? And if so, give an example in the sense of dating.


          8. My statement isn’t limited to the emotional comment you made. The way you present these theories in general (all women are emotional, illogical, etc etc). To balance it out, u give women credit for being the smarter of the sexes. You have your fan base and subscribers to the game who appreciate your teaching style. You make some valid observations (I’ve even agreed to certain perspectives). Factual? no. One size fit all? No.


          9. I hear you. And thanks for the semi-compliment.
            I’m asking are you the only woman on Earth who isn’t driven by emotions when it comes to men?

            Taking it a step further, I would love to have met you on another forum (a venue, club, bar, streets, restaurant, etc.) so I can show showcase by chatting you up, and proving once and for all that you are grouped into the 99.9 % of women who are swayed by her emotional side.


  13. I always thought that men liked virgins and were proud to be able to say that their wife or girlfriend has never been with another man etc.

    Also I was quite shocked to read that it isn’t pleasurable for you guys, I thought you liked it real tight? You say there is a problem with it being dry, but isn’t that what lubricant is for? Also if you ensure plenty of foreplay then that shouldn’t be too much of a problem right?

    This post has definitely made me re-think my preconceived ideas about the whole “virgin idealism”. Times have definitely changed huh.


    1. Men do love the idea of a virgin…until he sticks his penis in the vagina.

      Lube sounds ok,but the thing is,how many guys know that they’re gonna fuck a virgin?None of us knows that,so we’re not gonna be walking around with lube,nor keep lube @ our place in hopes of a virgin.

      Plus,when a woman is in pain from sex,you as a girl should be able to attest to this that your vagina will lose lubrication if you’re not tuned on.So that’s why a virgin doesn’t stay wet.She’s going through pain.

      Well,this’ what my blog is for;to educate women on men and men on women.


      1. Haha ok true that. But I guess the way I was thinking it was that a virgin would most likely have her first time with someone in a relationship (at least a couple months old). Therefore you would slightly plan for the possibility of it etc…


          1. Sorry its’ 2012.Didn’t know virgins still exist lol.

            Well I’m sorry for the guy who gets to pop your cherry.It won’t be his best sexperience,neither yours.


  14. #1 is funny. #s 6 and 7 sound true. Overall, it’s insensitive, but I know a guy who had a virgin who was romantically interested in him. I thought he would be excited to have sex with her but he said he didn’t want the responsibility. Eventually he cut her off. (His version)


    1. Yea it’s just hype as your friend proved. I really don’t know why guys get all excited about virgins. Sure I know why, but those reasons are fallacious and false. Was your first time blissfully good?


  15. so if guys really feel like this and he stays . its bc she has something more then? and for the record i didn’t bleed i spotted later in my panties and that shh felt like he was ripping through me but i didn’t cry either.


    1. Ok good to know that you were 1 of the exceptions who didn’t bleed.

      As for him staying, I didn’t quite get you on that. If I do follow you, the guy staying doesn’t necessary means there’s something more besides sex.


          1. Thanks. Today I’m using my phone. On Jun 28, 2013 1:04 PM, Kenny PUA: Get Laid By Being Social wrote:

            > ** > Socialkenny commented: “It happens. But at least you’re blogging from > work.”


  16. true but I’m not just giving it up on the regular either nor have i ever gave him head..and being new to all this it couldn’t possible be for the sex right and now were both deployed to afghanistan and communication is tough out here. so his reason for staying has to be more than right


    1. Well he has no reason to “not” stay. If he’s in Afghanistan too, then I see no reason for him to want to move on since there isn’t much options anyway (while deployed). So don’t look to deeply into this. Being in a civilian population may comes changes in him.


  17. meaning like he would have to teach me everything. thank god i was a dancer previously so i know to to roll my hips and I’m pretty flexible or he’d really have to start from scratch. i don’t think I’m clingy because I’ve never been one to chase. don’t feel as tho love is worth it if its not given to you. but then again anyone is who clingy doesn’t think they are either


    1. Lol @ knowing how to roll hips. Well, that wouldn’t hurt your cause, so maybe a history in dancing would come in handy. Not having to start from scratch is good for him. Being a virgin or bad at sex is a real turn off for men shortly afterwards.

      So you didn’t bleed, didn’t cry, didn’t or don’t cling. I mean, you must have been cut from a different cloth!


  18. lol no and i have a high self esteem or maybe its pride or not wanting to be that stupid bitch so i think thats the reason to not being clingy now I’m real big on respect if i cant get that shh i will demand that shh. i will put someone in they place asap bc i don’t go around disrespecting mf . i like to think I’m attractive so i have friends whose men will try to holla but i will go out my way to let them fucker know it aint like that over here loyalty means a lot to me also. you now you can read ppl intentions so if i sense some shh going on with a bitch tryna get smoove with my man i will voice that shh. i get irritated


    1. Yea I hear you. But what kind of man do you want if you’re going to be putting MOFO’s in their place LOL? A real man or an Alpha-male won’t stand for a chick who wants to put him in his place. Do you understand that males are the dominant sex of the 2? The biggest thing with men is to feel as though he’s the man. When a woman start to put men in check, it’s a sealed deal: he’s gone because his manhood is shattered. I don’t know if you’re black or Hispanic, but this is typically why black men date other races now, because black and Hispanic women are too dominant, which is supposed to be the male’s role. Think about it.

      I get your point with the loyalty part and fending off other girls who may try to steal your man.


  19. you right i agree with you 100% i don’t mean check him . like in front of other ppl or none like that i mean he need to understand that if ima be in his life he has to want me to be there i shouldn’t have to ever question about any female bc those females should already know they place and if they don’t he need to make it known .. if I’m continuously having to correct them then its a problem . i have to voice my opinions about how i feel and how i expect to be treated bc every woman is different… if he’s a man and he knows what he want then hell do that. if not he got to go bc i will be treated with the upmost respect i will be of value to someone. i have deciplined myself which was not easy and have values that a lot do not have. i at least deserve someone who will appreciate that and respect it. and yes i am a dominate person but i will suck that shhh up and put it aside if i feel as tho he is doing his part and being my man


    1. The dominance definitely has to be sucked up because no man will stand for it from his woman, unless he’s just a doormat. All a man ever wants in a relationship is to feel as though he wears the pants. That’s all we want. Doesn’t mean he should treat the girl as if she has no value as you were pointing out.

      Also, do you get that women naturally tend to chose the Alpha male? Meaning, it’s in every woman to want to seduce a man away from another woman. This basically goes back to creation and onwards. Every woman wants a dominant man who can protect her. If you have such a man, other women will gravitate to him and try to steal him away.


  20. Fuck all of you assholes! My boyfriend fucked me last week and I was a virgin. I did not cry, wail, bleed, or tell him to stop. I only moaned, came constantly, and begged him to fuck me harder and deeper. I also gave him a blowjob and he was hard as a rock, he said I was amazing and also he’s the only guy I ever gave head to and he said I was like a natural and also I deepthroated him an made him cum in 20minutes. I know how to give a handjob and how to give an amazing blowjob. I may have been a completely inexperienced girl but I’m sexual as hell and always have been but I’m not a slut or whore. I’m a scene girl. ( person with black emo hair and dresses in skinny jeans and converse) and I know exactly how to suck every single inch of his amazon cock and how to rub him till he’s gripping the sheets on my bed and begging for me to open my legs to let him burry it all deep inside me. And so far we have only had sex twice cause we didn’t wait a day after the night he took my virginity. Also it didn’t hurt ^_^


    1. Lol Jessica, calm down! We’re not saying that you’re not all of the things you claim to be. That is all fine and dandy. But it’s really hard to believe as a virgin and totally inexperienced, that you’re capable of doing all the things you claim.


      1. Now see this is the problem with guys. All virgins must be little innocent girls who don’t know what to do right? Well fuck you and your god damn theory. I was a virgin with a sexy imaginination and knew exactly what to do when the moment came that he wanted me to give him a handjob an then a blowjob. I know what to do cause of how much I know about sex and sexual things even though I’ve never been sexual with anyone until my baby. Sorry all you guys think all these virgins are these scarred little girls but they aren’t. I’m one who says bring it the fuck on. I know what to do just let me show you. And I did^-^. So fuck your theory on bleeding and wailing in pain. Some girls don’t bleed cause of many reasons. Many girls don’t think it hurts cause honestly it dosent and my guy is pretty over average size so yea. Yet I only felt pleasure but no pain. Sorry you guys can’t find the right corona who can handle sex. Or how to give a decent blowjob. Guess I’m pretty scarce


        1. Lol Jessica you’re killing us, or at least me, with the braggadocious stuff. True; not all virgins bleed. And just like yourself, you’re a rare 1 who doesn’t feel pain. And any girl can give a handjob. Nothing special in that. Personally, as I said in the article (I think), I don’t like fucking virgins. They have no experience.


          1. I think the moral of this story is that all men and all women are different. There is a generality but no absolutes when it comes to sexuality. We’re not all robots! (Yet.)


  21. Omg blah blah that’s all I hear. Honestly people its a dick and pussy. Stop making such a fucking big deal out of it. “Oh boo hoo virgins are horrible,” or “Im better at sex because I’m experienced.” Lol honestly this shit makes me laugh. Being “experienced”
    Doesn’t make you good. It depends on the person. You might blow one person’s mind while the other is rolling there eyes in the dark so really stfu ^_^
    Thank you


    1. Lol believe it or not; I agree with you. I still won’t fuck a virgin (knowingly), but I agree that people in general should just take what they get and quit having such high expectations when it comes to sex. As for the experience factor, you’re correct again that another person might be giggling @ you even though you might’ve fucked the last girl into a frenzy or orgasmic bliss.


  22. Check out Kenny PUA’s latest video on Youtube where he field tests an interesting opener about hickeys:

    Hey Kenny, pay me later for the promotion bro lol 🙂 . Good video though! I love the opener!


  23. Shouldn’t have read this article but since i already have whatever. Oh poor you guys who had sex with a virgin go cry yourself to sleep. Do you really think it’s only hard on you? Virgins cry or wail or whatever BECAUSE IT’S FUCKING PAINFUL for them. Maybe virginity is in fact over rated and girls these days just want to be done with it because of douchebags like you. If you hate doing a virgin why do you date them in the first place? So you can complain? I feel really sorry that there are guys like you who doesn’t value a girl who ACTUALLY SLEEPS WITH YOU and it is her first time ever and she does that regardless of knowing that it is going to hurt a lot and that it’s gonna bleed. Do you think we like the idea that we bleed, HELL NO and now all we need is a dick like you who says your dick hurts afterwards. Guess what you’re not the only one in pain. Imagine that it not only hurts for us but we bleed too and now you are surprised virgins cry and shit. If you weren’t an insensitive dude you would have stopped. Girls do feel bad when they tell you to stop or crying when they lose their virginity and there you are, my awesome friend making their 1st experience even worse. Congratulations you dick. Would you like it if a girl laughed in your face because you didn’t last long enough your first time?
    Dont forget that you were a virgin too before and you can’t have high expectations when sleeping with a virgin. Believe it or not all women were once a virgin and they all were bad at giving blowjobs. Maybe if you take your precious time to teach them they could be better than your previous partners. I don’t know if you go down on women or not but i am sure you weren’t the best when you did it for the first time as well. I seriously don’t know why you complain but this complaining just pissed me off.
    I am sorry about all the cursing up there but seriously, i am a virgin and people like you just sadden me and you actually made me feel bad for being a virgin and now i think i should be ashamed of it. So much about sleeping with my boyfriend this weekend xD.


    1. I feel you 100℅ he have no right putting us virgins down like that fr like fuck him if he was smart he should’ve stop having sex with virgins if he know we gana cry a lot like duh that’s nature so fuck anybody that teases virgins


  24. It is curious that we call women emotional and men logical. It’s a cognitive dissonance that society maintains, despite some evidence to the contrary.

    Violence and sexual aggressiveness – the stereotypical hallmarks of men throughout history – are both emotionally driven responses.

    Men have just as much ability to be emotional as women do.

    However, they are better able to keep it locked down for longer, and are better at controlling it (see: most men’s ability to not rape every female in sight as soon as they get a boner), so they present a more ‘logical’ front. Also it is more socially acceptable for women to throw histrionic fits. We will be dismissed as ‘hysterical’ but a man who shows his anger will be called ‘dangerous’. So it’s better for men to hold it in and master it.

    Which, sadly, is what makes women a hell of a lot more dangerous than men, in may ways!


    1. I get your point, but when that is said about women being more emotional and men logical, it’s coming from the standpoint of a relationship. In a relationship, women are more emotionally driven which makes them more susceptible to being illogical.


      1. But the thing is Kenny, there are women is this very comment section saying that they are not *always* driven by emotion, and women might jno more about themselves than you think you know about them. Just like men probably know more about themselves than women think they know about them. As a woman, I can say I have friends that sometimes would just like to fuck without the emotional bullshit. Just saying, nobody can just lump genders into a category and call it good. People are a little more diverse than that.

        On an up note, I’m glad to see this comment section has stayed relatively civil. When the topic is sex and gender, it mostly just descends into name-calling and threats lol.


  25. oh my god, your description of virgins (especially girls) is downright terrible! Ok, from a females perspective, this is what men need to know. If she is dry and tight, that means you’re doing a bad job at having sex, period! when a women is turned on and horny, she becomes wet, and secretes fluid that acts as lube. If she doesn’t, she’s not turned on in the first place.
    A good way to counteract this (like any smart person would) is to have foreplay beforehand and make sure is wet enough, the lubricant fluid doesn’t just dry up in two seconds from pain, you idiot.


    1. Hey Min, sorry for the late reply. I get your point [pretty practical] but the thing is, virgins are so sexually inexperienced, they don’t know their bodies sexually, so to think you can just stimulate them and it will all just work out isn’t really how it goes for most.


  26. Nigga u r really pussyology scientist!!de dry sand pussy will beat de shit out of ur dick but tnx to viagra I fuck it deep even though it takes courage.u believe it or I hv successfully banged 28 virgin girls in de last 10 yrs


  27. Nigga u r really pussyology scientist!!de dry sand pussy will beat de shit out of ur dick but tnx to viagra I fuck it deep even though it takes courage.u believe it or not I hv successfully banged 28 virgin girls in de last 10 yrs


  28. In today’s society we have so much more information, like porn sites
    were men and girls can have some graphic of what is SEX. So i think that if a boy wants to lose his “virginity”, just watch a fuckin porn movie, see how sex is, and just bang it buddy. There’s no way you’re not gonna know what to do if you watch a porn movie.


  29. Virgins, please don’t listen to this idiot. He clearly knows nothing about pleasing women and is only concerned with his own gratification. Its not a virgin who’s the problem, its this guy. These girls wouldn’t be crying and wailing when he pounds them like no tomorrow, if he doesn’t even bother to get a girl wet. A little foreplay before sex would get ANY girl wet but this guy does no foreplay. Is this article really worth considering? If he can’t even slow down for a girls first time, then he shouldn’t be sleeping with a girl as her first time. Period. HE DOESN’T SEE THE GIRL he just sees pussy for pounding. That’s a pig. Is it any wonder then why every virgin he’s been with nearly bleed so profusely? This is not the case for most virgins as he tries to make it sound. Not all virgins bleed their first time (even with their hymen) and most who bleed, bleed very little at BEST because the guy is careful and is going slow. A paining dick, is what you get when you can’t get it right with a girl the first time. Ladies, this is exactly the kind of guy you don’t want to give your first to. It should be with a guy who loves you and is mature enough to know and deal with the consequences later. A guy who loves you won’t be put off when you feel closer to him afterwards. And would be concerned more with making your first time as enjoyable as possible. Ladies trust yourselves. Peace.


    1. Oh God thank you! I didn’t see this post before I made a comment. I thought the same thing! I was shocked when I was reading all his 7 points. Some guys just don’t know how to please.
      Hopefully his expertise has gotten better.

      Poor girls having to have such terrible first time sex. It could ruin their whole sex life I hope they’re fine now.

      I just hope any virgin reading this gets to find a man that’ll really want to MAKE her want sex, not to see it as something to get over with


  30. this shit is ridiculous, you guys didn’t do your job well but want to blame it on the girl. You need to get her WET or get lube. Do you think if she’s really horny she’d be squirming and complaining? NO! So you didn’t turn her on enough simple.
    Ugh thank God I was with a much older experienced man, it probably would have been terrible if it was with a younger male. I was begging for sex, there was no running away.
    As far as I know i gave head during my virgin days way better than “non virgin” girls because that’s the way I knew how to make them cum. I was probably freakier too. Jeez at least teach the girl your with before you start complaining , she’s literally all yours till she finds a better dick, we all learn from somewhere.


  31. I plead the fifth I’m a virgin and it seems like y’all trying to play us that’s so wrong like for real and of course we going to cry its hurts so instead of putting us down put us up try a way to put virgins and a good way


  32. Lol Funny..

    I was a virgin and my boyfriend was a pro.. I wanted to break my virginity and I was excited about it but the pain was unbearable luckily I knew how to jerk him off .. After a few attempts he became clingy, I liked the idea of him being my first but I knew dam well that he wasn’t my husband I just wanted to break my virginity and bounce.


  33. I don’t agree, I’m sorry for your experiences but my 1st time was awesome, we both enjoyed it especially because I took the time to read up, he was wayyyy more experienced, so he coached me through it for 3 mins and then I let go n he fucked the life out of me lol, there wasn’t any blood; I play sports so my hymen broke from early. Plus I personally don’t believe in that clingy shit. #NotAllVirginsAreLikeThis


  34. If a virgin is crying and wailing and bleeding that much you are not having sex with her. You are fucking her. And anybody who fucks a virgin full on must be an inconsiderate jerk. Seriously wtf is wrong with you?

    Youre supposed to get a girl wet before sex. Its something called foreplay. I feel bad for all the girls and virgins who gave it up to you. Nothing wrong with virgins youre just shit in bed. And an selfish prick. Literally.


  35. Lmaooooo! This too funny, because I’m a virgin, I think my hymen is broken from all them toys (will more than likely still bleed, though; my point is that you don’t need a hymen to bleed), and I soak my underwear when I get wet (do you honestly think that girls don’t know how to get themselves wet? If she’s experienced with her own body, just give her a few minutes. It’ll be fine.)


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