Quick Update: What’s Coming Soon For The Blog

There’s a few projects I’ve been stalling on and postponing more than a flakey girl standing up some nice guy 5 times in a row…

Well, here’s a taste of what’s in the pipelines and what’s already here:

IPhone/IPad users will now be able to subscribe to The Kenny’s PUA Podcast Show in the iTunes store [where you can download directly with ease].

This service is now available and work safe.Click Here to go directly to my page in the iTunes store.

I know I’ve been pussy-footing around with the release of my up-coming free e-book, but I promise I’ll get to publishing it within the next month.

It’s entitled “How To Bang Foreign Girls”.

A short, concise how-to guide on picking up girls from overseas, out of town or while in a foreign land.

And it’s no 300 page e-book which will take you 3 years to read [like most seduction e-books out there].

It’s about 16 pages (18 tops) of applicable, easy-to do techniques and information.

Up-coming podcast interviews (via phone), where I’ll be interviewing my man, the one and only rockstar; Tripp out of Los Angeles of Tripp Dating Advice & The Social Rules.

You can check out his rockstar seduction website/blog for the best in dating tips. Also follow him on Twitter @ Tripp.

I plan on doing a shit load of interviews with dating coaches and Pick-Up Artists.

However, that slutty bitch called Skype has been giving me major problems with international Skype to Skype calls.

14 thoughts on “Quick Update: What’s Coming Soon For The Blog

Add yours

  1. Congrats! Your blog has been blowing up. I’m sorry I must get caught up with all of it. But so far I been loving the post. Now let me check out this itune thing!


  2. I checked out Tripp and watched his opening vid. I thought his advice about getting out of the house and just meeting people was excellent.

    He also made the point (on his website) that women don’t communicate to men what it is exactly they want. Women are pretty good at saying what we don’t want though.


  3. Make sure you get your podcast on Stitcher Radio too. That’s a must. Let me know if you need any assistance with that.

    Going back to tune into the podcast…


    1. I’ve heard of Stitcher but vaguely.

      I’ll have to get at you for some info or help on that(via e-mail).

      Funny thing is,you’ve always done podcastings,right?So you’re a vet at this.


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