Why Are Ugly Men Sooooo Confident With Hot Women..!!!?

My boy “Pimp” resembles the guy on the right, except his ears aren’t so protrusive, and he’s black

Personality trumps looks!!

Self-perception trumps looks!!

In the grand scheme of things, looks are only about 5% of a guy’s overall attractiveness. So in essence: looks doesn’t fucking matter!

It’s no secret that un-attractive men ‘Generally’ have hot girl(friends).

While society’s so-called “hot guys” AREN’T friggin’ getting laid [talk about a contradiction]!

They spend 12 hours weekly @ the gym buffing up, tryna build an “Adonis-like physique” ontop of an already ripped body; all in hopes of becoming more attractive to women.

Yet, they don’t get laid [SMDH]!

But the scrawny guy, or the one struggling to carry his protruding beer-belly, who neglects going to the gym ‘Period’: he’s getting laid like a Rockstar!!

Un-attractive guy’s secret to getting hot chics

Ignorance is bliss!!!

Ultimately: an ugly guy knows he’s fucking ugly [unless he refuses to look in the mirror ever so often].

But these guys have an EXTREME tolerance, and a rejection proof-like attitude when it comes to what people say and think about them [physical appearance]!

Just observe an un-attractive guy whenever he’s chatting up a hottie!

He comes off as though he’s Brad Pitt incarnate!!

He does ‘NOT’ see himself as ugly, hideous nor un-attractive!!

One of my sarging buddies goes by the pseudonym “PIMP”.

Now, what separates “PIMP” from your house-hold attractive pimp? His face is virtually disfigured from an accident as a toddler.

He literally has a pizza-face, semi-burnt with crooked, rotted front teeth [enough to give a mummy a run for his money].

Throughout his pre-pubescence and teens, He was brutally teased and ostracized as if he were an extraterrestrial on Earth [sad when I retrospect].

However, if you see “PIMP” in action chatting up an HB10, you’d think this fucking dude doesn’t know how hideous he looks [I hope he doesn’t read this LOL]!!

This dude gets laid!!!

As much as we dodge him out to the clubs & bars [not wanting him with us: thinking he’d be a DLV, fuck up our Game/image and repulse hot girls], whenever he begs to tag along, apart from me: he’s the ONLY friggin’ guy in our social group who has little to no fear of rejection!!

I was never able to ascertain the method to PIMP’s madness -until now; He doesn’t see himself as ugly!!

In spite of 28 years of being outcasted, bullied, excluded, ridiculed, laughed at…daily reminders of his extreme Unsightliness…

It never phases PIMP.

It’s like an internally automated- filtering process, where he filters out intolerance and prejudices.

In essence: bullshit bypasses his auditory system, where he ignores what critics say.

He’s inherently aware that looks mean shit to women on an attraction level.

He innately knows that his self- confidence, non-reactiveness and self-perception will ALWAYS trump his facial deformities.

He may not be able to put this in words. However, on a subconscious level; he knows this.

Ignorance is bliss!!

Hence the answer to the elusive question that all men have pondered for decades: What the hell does she see in that ugly guy!!!?

Ultimately: it’s attitude/personality.

Hot men [according to societal standards] are generally bland and lacking in the personality department.

They’re very insecure,gullible and fearful of rejection: thus they approach less women, which means less chances of getting laid, and less chances of landing that hot girlfriend.

Attractive men do NOT have that built-in emotional filter which un-attractive men do.

When an attractive guy gets rejected- he becomes hurt and defensive.

When an un-attractive guy gets shot down- he laughs it off (non-reactively), then plows forward via charm (which hot men lack on a grand scale).

With that said, it should be no surprise that the guys who get laid the most are ugly, or physically/facially un-attractive (to society’s standards).

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59 thoughts on “Why Are Ugly Men Sooooo Confident With Hot Women..!!!?

Add yours

    1. True.But if good looking with no Game:we might have a prob there.A lot of dudes just wanna get by on good looks but no verbal skills to have a 2 min.chat at least.


  1. Lmbao (b=brown). I wouldn’t say I’m in the same league as the two gents in ur pic, but I managed to snag a hottie. The confidence is a huge factor, almost as important as fat wallet. I didn’t have either. Think it was a full moon.


    1. Laughing my black ass off @ full moon was out!

      Confidence definitely trumps a fat wallet.

      As the PUA Paul Janka said,he got more ass when he was piss poor than when he’s wealthy.


  2. “It’s no secret that un-attractive men ‘Generally’ have hot girl(friends).”

    This is a total stretch. I agree with most of your post with regard to girls seeing personality and confidence in an ugly dude that doesn’t care that he’s ugly and doesn’t perceive himself that way, but to say that generally un-attractive men have hot girl(friends) is just disingenuous.

    The reality is that for every shortcoming you think you have physically, there are a lot of guys out there getting laid with way worse shortcomings. Ugly guys have one thing not going for them and they make it out to be WAY worse than it is. Like Assanova used to say, if you put your best look forward (taking care of your looks, dressing better than others, being a better conversationalist, etc… you will succeed more than you ever thought possible.

    I have a friend with crooked ass teeth (from an accident when he was young) and a big ass nose, freckles, and kinky ass hair. Does that stop him? No. He dresses well, has lots of life experience, and can get laid. I always thought, “man, my teeth aren’t perfect, but I’m SO glad my teeth aren’t like his” and then he started getting laid more and more and I realized it wasn’t because his teeth are getting any straighter!


    1. Well we do agree on knowing guys who have some sort of major prob’ with appearance(teeth,etc.),yet they get by.

      But come on,I think you dropped the ball on not believing that men who society would deem as ugly are getting most of the girls.

      Most coaches in this PUA community are not attractive(facial-wise).Tyler Durden has a giant head;yet he was attracting major ass.Mehow is butt ugly.

      Dude,it’s general consensus that attractive men do not get laid(consistently).Same as rich men don’t get laid.

      Most guys who are attending bootcamps are wealthy men who spree at the bars and clubs and floss with money:yet the can’t get laid.

      So money nor good looks is the key to getting laid.Confidence is a much major key.And unattractive men are more confident.


      1. I agree that confidence is a much bigger key to getting consistently laid than good looks or money.

        However, I still disagree with your idea encompassed in this statement:

        “But come on,I think you dropped the ball on not believing that men who society would deem as ugly are getting most of the girls.”

        Your statement that most guys who are attending bootcamps are wealthy men who spree at the bars and clubs with money yet aren’t getting laid doesn’t prove anything. Even if it were true, bootcamps are expensive, so of course most of the guys who attend them are going to have money. Almost nobody attending basic bootcamps is getting laid for obvious reasons.

        I agree that ugly men shouldn’t despair with regards to getting girls, but to say that men who society deems ugly are getting most of the girls is just not true.

        Ugly men with confidence and who are successful get more women than good looking men without confidence and who aren’t successful? Sure, I’ll get behind that statement every time, but the one you’re making is pretty far out there. I’d be happy to see lots of comments supporting you, but I just don’t see it happening.


        1. Ok cool,I get the first part of you argument(which we pretty much agree on).

          Anywho,we’re just speculating pretty much.There’s no way to measure who gets laid more:unattractive men or attractive men.

          But from what I see day to day,and have been observing since a teen,guys who are unattractive pick up more chics,and they’re on a whole more confident.


        2. I dount you’re gonna see lots of comments supporting me(especially from guys),since every guy wanna believe that he’s Brad Pitt.It takes a lot for a guy to admit that he falls in the not-so attractive bracket.

          But chics would more keep it real.


  3. yayyyyyyyyyy I’m nodding in approval Kenny, I’ve never dated an attractive guy, so your post rings true for me, personality and that silent swag trumps looks any day 😉


      1. I kid you not, it’s always been like that for me, looks are not huge in my books. What gives you the idea that I’m high maintenance mister? lol not bleaching, that’s natural ahahahaha


      1. Nah those dudes are an exception, they’re not the regular brand of ugly that I’m referring to-(sticking out my tongue)


      2. Come on Aneroid,you’re being rhetorical now with that question.And as a guy skilled in Pick up(you are),you should know that a woman may look at a pic and dismiss a guy,yet if that same guy in field was to have good game,it may override her perception of him as being ugly.


  4. Hey Kenny,
    To some girl, your boy pimp probably doesn’t look like an escaped convict as he so clearly does to us. She might think, “Wow, he looks just like a superhero… One that got beat up defending justice! How sexy!” As they say… There’s no accounting for taste. Be Amazing,


    1. Lol decent point JR.

      And the irony is,a lot of guys whom other guys may see as ugly,women don’t particularly see it that way.

      Womens’ standsrds of ugly is far different than ours.You obviously agree.


  5. Totally true, the guys that approach with the most confident are always the ugly ones. The hottest ones will stand and give you eye contact and smiles for hours, the ugly ones get one milisecond of eye contact and they’re over like a hawk! lol!



    1. Good point Kai.

      That leads me to say that it is the ugly guys who almost always approach(as you said).

      The guys who girls would like to approach them(the hot guys),they never do lmao!!

      And that leads me to repeat,”Attractive men are usually scared to approach women,and they lack confidence.

      The hotter guys are so affraid to get rejected,that they don’t approach.They will give the eye all night as you said Kai.


    1. And the extra insight on this is that ugly guys are used to getting rejected often,so they automatically develope a tolerance to being rejected.So they don’t have that fear anymore.

      Same as a cute girl is used to being complimented,that when a guy calls her cute,it doesn’t do anything for her(since she’s used to it).Same concept.


  6. Pretty much everything has been said…just wanted to say my spill! Confidence goes a long way…but sometimes if he too ugly, it just won’t help! LOL


    1. We’re being realistic here.I don’t expect a girl to wanna go bang Shrek or those ugly-looking ghouls from Harry Potter series.

      But guys who are semi ugly gets most of the play.

      I’m not super hot.


  7. Well if you come to the states you would be…your dark and look rather tall and um just talk and and us women from the states would suck u right up! lmao!


    1. Lol Serenity,what you mean come to the States?

      Girl,can’t you read what my blog’s subtitle says,”From NYC to the Caribbean”?

      I grew up in NYC my entire life(since age 9 until now).I’ve just been coming back and forth over the past 8 years.

      Didn’t you read my “Coming to America” post bacc in January lol?You did actually.


      1. I know! I was being silly…and just stating facts that I don’t know about in the Caribbean but here women love men from the Caribbean… (the voice)….shrugs might just be the way the words roll off your tung! ha


  8. I have seen so many “ugly” guys with hot girls, but what is annoying is that you never see a hot guy with an ugly girl. Thats not fair is it? She may not be blessed with looks, and she compensates by having an amazing personality, but the hot guy just doesn’t want to know.

    Does that mean guys are just more shallow than girls?


    1. Of course guys are 100 X more shallow!!

      Men are visual.We go off of looks.

      Women aren’t visual when it comes to attraction.She’s more personality driven.While men are more driven and attracted to a girl’s face and ass.


  9. I am an attractive woman who gave an extremely ugly man a shot. His personality reeled me in, but at the end of the day I couldn’t bear having sex with him anymore. We dated for about 6 months and over the course of that time I realized his personality was the only thing he had going for him. He’s also out of shape, doesn’t dress nicely, has horrible teeth (when we were dating I had to remind him to brush his teeth like I was his mother), freely spit and burped around me all the time, and was just generally gross. I didn’t tell him I was breaking up with him because he was ugly and gross as we are still friends, but just want to tell other unattractive men that you CAN snag an attractive woman but you MUST put your best foot forward. You can’t be ugly AND out of shape AND a fashion disaster AND have bad hygiene.


    1. Thanks for the comment MJ.

      It’s so ironic how women always complain about hot guys who have nothing else going for them, then when you’d given the time of day to a guy with substance, he was lacking in looks department.

      Your comment though should be encouragement to guys out there who believe they don’t have a shot because they don’t have Will Smith looks. But they just need to keep the rest of their stuff in up to standard (style, dressing, etc.) As you advised.

      Feel free to subscribe to this blog and check out the latest posts to give your 2 cents.


      1. Those PUA ‘gurus’ are scam artists who will charge you €3000 to tell you that confidence can trump looks. It’s a load of crap. LMS (Looks/Money/Status) is all that matters to women. Just remind yourself that no amount of “inner” beauty would make you want a fat old hag either. It works the same with women.


        1. Nope. You’re wrong in what you say. Sure there’s scammers out there but you’re wrong about what it takes to get laid or get women period. Looks aren’t a factor for me whenever I approach. I don’t have $$, don’t drive, don’t own a home, yet I get laid more than any rich handsome guy who has 20 cars and mansions. What’s your excuse now?


          1. What’s your height? And are you a musician or some other girl magnet? Maybe a football player? I guess I forgot to mention those too.


  10. I’m not being ridiculous. I just figured the reason: you’re 6’2″. If there’s any flaw that makes dating more impossible than any other it’s short height. I’m only 5’8″ so I’m invisible to a majority of women.
    Second, you defend PUA and me attacking it was the original premise, so tell me how you went from AFC to master PUA. Which specific thing helped you? That is if you even were not a natural in the first place.


    1. Even though you’re invisible to women because of your height, there are other things you can do to compensate. This is what pickup teaches you. Accentuate you other qualities. I’m not a muscular guy. I’m skinny. That is seen as a negative for lots of women but I don’t let that hamper me. I just accentuate another physical quality; perhaps height. There should be something you or any other short guy can do to compensate.


  11. I’m a girl who came across this, and I have to make a comment on the first part of the post. I was dating a guy who was Calvin Klein underwear model meets Colgate poster boy. HOT. Wanna know why I dumped him and why he never got into my pants? Because he told me he would never sacrifice gym time to spend (waste) time with a girl, because “abdominal definition” was more important in his life. He was also passive and always waiting to be approached by women. No wonder this dude only lost his virginity at age 30, and only because a girl threw him in bed, grabbed his dong and pretty much did all the work.

    I can handpick my men, but can safely say attraction isn’t limited to looks, but to get into a girl’s pants (not my case) or scoring a hot girlfriend, the guy needs to have GAME to draw and KEEP attention, regardless of how he looks. Uglier guys tend to get numbers and score dates simply because these were guys who had the balls to come up to a chick and TALK (while the hot ones usually and unsuccessfuly wait to be approached–turnoff) so they end up earning whatever it is they are looking for.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great comment and perspective Tina. You deserve a trophy for this. I couldn’t have said it any better. The scenario you gave of the guy who preferred gym to you is a perfect example of ow and why so-called good-looking men fail because they rely on girls approaching them while they passively await and wait and wait


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