World’s Easiest Girls To Bang Are…

Women of various nationalities and countries: but 1 of them proves easiest to bang for me.

Women of various nationalities and countries: but 1 of them proves easiest to bang for me.

On my perilous journey throughout “Bang-ville”, I’d encountered certain girls who present low levels of resistance towards my Game.

In contrast, there are some who require “Militant Game” in order to enter “Vagina-ville”.

Among the chicks who require “Minimal Game [I hate using Aaron Sleazy’s moniker] are UK girls.

Perhaps it’s something in the air over the Atlantic, but British girls are the easiest to bang!!

And no guy likes admitting that his country-women are bangable at the drop of a hat.

So I can imagine my UK mates getting pissy offended about me rating their girls as easiest.

Sexy UK girls

Sexy UK girls

And this phenomenon transcends nationalities: British Indians are as easy as British whites or Caribbean British (blacks).

Maybe the air over the United Kingdom contains some sort of airborne “Fuck-Virus”, which invades the bodies of women dwelling there, thus rendering them abnormally fuckable [who knows].

Not that I’m complaining by the way!!

There are times where a guy just wants to bob and weave extreme resistance to get his fuck on.

UK girls top the list of easy fuckables [in my ‘Sexperience’].

And it’s not that they present less amounts of LMR (last-minute resistance) before the lay.

What makes them excessively easy, is that they throw the proverbial ball in the guy’s court!!

To use boxing analogy; it’s equivalent to a slower boxer who has no foot work nor lateral movement, literally standing within punching range of the faster, more powerful puncher- with his chin stuck out!

He’s bound to get tagged and knocked the hell out!

UK girls are similar in the sense that they hand the game over to you.

• They give you the free knockout punch.

• They clear the paint and give you leeway to the winning- slam dunk.

• They throw in the towel although they may have been winning the bout [pretty funny huh]!!!

UK girls offer the least amount of flakes under the fucking sun [by far]!

On the PUA’s Flakometer, these girls are 2’s (out of 10).

Meaning: there’s a 2 in 10 chance that they’d flake.

Now that’s friggin’ awesome since most girls present a 70% chance of flaking (initially)!

However, British girls (of all nationalities) are almost un-flakable!!

Don’t take my word for it: check it out!

P.S. I apologize to all those who were offended.

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66 thoughts on “World’s Easiest Girls To Bang Are…

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  1. Idk, I think they’re just more sexually open in European countries. I’ve heard sex isn’t so taboo over there, so it might not be that they’re “easy” but they’re just more “sexually free” than our society & what we’re used to.

    I say more power to them!! If you’re single you shouldn’t be frowned upon for going out & having your fun!! Just be safe about it… don’t be havin like 4 kids with 4 different dads or spreading disease or anything lol.

    If you’re single & your sex partners are single, then you’re not being skanky or breaking any rules, so get down with your bad self!!! 😉


    1. Great point boo.You’re right about Europe:the women don’t have such hangups as western girls.And when I said easy,I don’t mean that demeaningly.I love easy girls are girls who are sexually open.


    2. You have the British ways about you too that makes for an interesting blend lol.

      Women who are sexual expressive are totally more attractive than ones who keep it bottled up till eternity.


    3. I am a British male and I’m going to tell you the truth. It isn’t that British girls are easy to fuck as much as that they like sex as much, if not more, than British men and are free spirited and liberated enough to act on their drives. If they feel aroused they will pursue and screw members of the opposite (or even the same) sex just for the sheer physical pleasure and release of it with no pretence at romance or emotional entanglement. In Great Britain men and women are pretty much equal and free to do what they want without judgement or stigma and so behave similarly and a good proportion of British women enjoy being sexually active – very sexually active in fact. What’s good for the gander is good for the goose! And why not? As long as those involved know the score so no hearts get bruised or broken what’s wrong with enjoying a fulfilling sex life?

      (English girls are usually more sexually adventurous than Welsh, Scottish or Irish girls by the way.)


      1. Hey Darrich, thanks for your comment. And I agree with your take. You would know more than me since you’re a Brit. I do get that impression about Brit women, that they aren’t like American women in the sense of being sexually ashamed. They are much more confident and secure with their sexuality than American women


  2. Absolutely agree, I saw an article with easiest places to get laid and UK considered to be on top of this list, makes me wonder why guys like Krauser need to go all the way to Eastern Europe or Asia to get laid.


    1. Lol good point about Kraus.I think he just likes the exotic,and that’s why he prefer to sarge further east.

      And I hope they don’t take it offensive.It’s nice that they make themselves super available when it comes to hooking up.


  3. I wonder if you tricked an American blond girl to speak in a British accent if she would instantly become easier?


  4. Oh lord, you wanna know what is funny… when I read the title of the blog, I said “UK” before I even read that’s what you thought lol!

    I’m from the UK, London baby girl born and bred. I haven’t lived anywhere else, nor do I really have friends outside of the UK so it’s difficult for me to say if I think we are the ‘most’. What I would say though is that sex is not a big deal over here, we have a society and a culture whereby if you wanna fuck then that’s what you’re gonna do, and it isn’t considered a huge deal. Don’t get me wrong nobody is taking home the super sexually promiscuous girl to mummy and daddy, but aside from that; it’s not a big deal.

    For example, Tulisa (don’t know if you know who that is, an x-factor judge) had a sex tape leaked and the biggest deal about the tape, wasn’t that she had a sex tape, but it was that her head game was WEAK loool! So yeah we are sexually very open as a society, i’ll give you that! x


    1. Lol that’s critical when you can just seen the title and figure out who I was gonna talk about.

      But as the other commentor Roxem was saying:women over there are more sexually free.And that’s true.

      Never heard of Tulisa.But I thought sex tapes were super controversial.But seems that’s the norm in Europe.LMAO @ her head game being weak.


  5. I think British girls are easy due to the ingrained drinking culture (happy hours, not eating first, shots etc.). Alcohol makes them uninhibited shall we say. I probably wouldn’t recommend trying totake advantage of an overly drunk girl though. Not a smart move.


    1. I never thought about it that way.

      The UK in general does have a higher propensity for getting hammered lol.So it all makes sense now as to why they might be prone to easy and fast sex.


  6. “British Indians are as easy as British whites or Caribbean British(blacks).”

    I am ashamed to say it but its true, as a British Indian, I have seen so many girls who are just so easy, which is so shocking because everyone knows that in general indians are bought up in a stricter than normal culture and upbringing. So its like they want to rebel or something. But then you always have the exceptions to the rule, me and my group of friends are the complete opposite and would be your “militant game” (I like that phrase lol).


    1. Lol my co-author on this blog(Chelios PUA)is from London.He’d written about 4 articles on this blog so far.

      I’ll let you know what I’m gonna do.I’m gonna set him and his wingmen on a hunt for you and your group,and watch yall all fall like flies under the UK Pick-Up Artists’ wings.

      Just kidding.

      There are exceptions to every rule.It’s shocking to me as you pointed out that Indians were brought up strict,yet rebel in the UK.


      1. That made me laugh out loud 😀
        Bring it on!!

        Yes, Indians are bought up strict, but these days you wouldn’t be able to tell as they act no different from other westerners. But like they would act the way they do outside, but once they go home or around family, they (like a lot of people), act really good and innocent. So their parents know no different, if they knew they would get beats haha.

        Ever watched Russell Peters the Canadian comedian? He sums up the asian upbringing quite nicely LOL.


  7. Lol @ beatings.In certain parts of the globe,beatings are still the norm(which is fine with me).

    Never heard of this comedian from Canada.

    Question for you:what would be your strategy in stopping me from seducing you,take you home and bang you?

    Let’s say we’re @ a bar,club,event,sporting event whatever.Why wouldn’t I be able to seduce you?


    1. Lol ok I have no strategy. The only thing stopping you from taking me home would be that it in my mind it is an instilled and established fact that I will only be banging a guy whom I am in a long term relationship with.

      I have quite traditional values and morals, so the way you think that casual sex is ok, I think the opposite. You truly believe and live your way and in that same respect I truly believe and live my way (the principle is that we have two different versions of what we perceive as the norm).

      Also like I said before I don’t like slick guys with skills, so knowing that I was a challenge to you would make me fight harder and make sure that I succeed.

      Just like seducing girls is your game, ensuring I am not just another notch on the bedpost is my game. Everything has its challenge, consider me your mousetrap. LOL


      1. So the fact that you think casual sex is NOT OK,doesn’t mean I won’t try convince you that it’s ok.

        That’s what Game and PUA is all about.Convincing women to put aside their moral beliefs with this moment.And women do it all the time.

        I’ve banged married women,newly weds,soon to marry,teachers who teach abstinence and are against casual sex.So I know womens’ frames/beliefs isn’t set in stone.


  8. Ok cool.I can accept that.

    But check this;in the PUA community,we have a concept called “Frame”.It’s basically belief system.You have your belief/frame(you’re not banging any guy except an long-termer).

    A PUA has his belief/frame:which is,he doesn’t believe in long term nor waiting.

    So,with those 2 opposite frames(belief systems),who will win?That’s what it comes down to most times.The 1 with the strongest frame and belief system wins.

    Let me give a scenario(based on frames).

    I meet you in a pub,you have your belief,I have mines.I approach you,chat you up.According to my skills,the chat will go amazingly good!

    I run my routine to try make you horny(buying temperature we call it in PUA),I’m employing usual routines and tactics to turn you on sexually(sexy eye contact,dominant body language,sexual tone in my voice).

    At that moment;you start saying to yourself,”Shit!This fucking guy is good!I’m getting turned on!I need to go before I end up doing something I’ll regret”!!

    As the skilled PUA,I’d notice this mental battle taking place in you,so I’d run a routine to keep you there oppose to running off to your friends for safety).

    Judging from logistics,I may figure that I can’t take you home with me because your friends won’t let you.

    So,I’ll decide to bang you in the bathroom instead.I’m obviously not gonna tell you this or you’re gonna flee and feel slutty and put up your ASD(anti-slut defense).

    So I’ll work some more to get you more sexually excited.I’ll go for the kiss close(work a technique to kiss you).Then it progresses.

    Now,if I get to fuck you in the bathroom of the pub or take you home.It means I had the stronger frame(belief in my beliefs).

    If I don’t get to bang you;it means either your frame/belief was stronger,or logistics were poor.

    In the coomunity,we teach that womens’ frames are weak and can be beaten easily.

    So it’s a battle of frames when a PUA interacts with the target/girl.


    1. Your theory makes sense, and yes its true it just comes down to whoever is the strongest with want they want and believe.

      At the end of the day it just comes down to willpower and what you really want.


      1. Yep it’s all about willpower.

        And how strong your will to resist.

        You can resist the average guy who doesn’t have skills nor practice this.

        But a guy who has skills and skilled in the art of seduction;he’d give you problems.


    1. I had never even hear of the concept till I came across your blog, and now I’m shocked to hear that there are a lot of PUA’s in the UK!

      But its not like you guys make yourselves known as PUA’s, so majority of people would be none the wiser.


      1. That’s true.Good point.We definitely don’t broadcast it to the women we’re tryna seduce.

        And as you said,most ppl never heard of this community.Most of my commentors,this’ their 1st.time hearing of the seduction/PUA community.So you’re not the only one lost lol.


  9. never had a chance to visit britain but i totally agree on that european girls are alot more open to sex
    anyways what do you think about asian countries? especially ones like china, japan, korea.


    1. Yea you’re right! I don’t know if “easy” was the best word to use, but I guess sexually open is the right word. European girls are more sexually liberated in a sense than western women.

      As for Asians, I hear that it mainly comes down to ethnicity. Japanese girls love black men. Chinese girls on the other hand love white guys. Korean, I haven’t really gamed any before, so I couldn’t tell whether they’re open, easy or what.


  10. Mate they are racist as hell though, I’m Indian and girls here will drop panties for anyone else but will put em back on and tighten them and place em under lock and key of you’re Indian


  11. Kenny you won’t believe how bad it is in the uk for me, if you met me you would say how can a guy that looks like you have a problem with women


  12. @Jay- This hearkens back to a concept we teach in pickup, which is that looks mean nothing.

    Sure looks count, and being tall counts (I’m 6’2). But you cannot get by on good looks alone.

    Knowing how and having the skills to pickup will always outdo good looks. That is why ugly men get laid more. Good-looking men mostly only have good looks to go on but no skills, no confidence. Unattractive guys know that they cannot rely on looks, so they focus on more crucial parts which is confidence, skills and know-how.


  13. Yes but as much as people deny it, good looking guys get laid and they get hot girls, I know that from experience, the truth is over here in the uk, racism is bad, I mean most people are racist and they think its ok, I don’t think I would struggle in the USA, I haven’t slept with many girls but 2 were American, I agree, personality can overcome stuff, but I’m in a slump, personally and I know if I was in America, a girl would do me and I would get out of it, but in the uk, it’s just so racist, I don’t have a chance, and no racist, but a below average to ugly black guy with little game could outdo me here


    1. This is so strange and new to me. I never had the slightest clue that Britain was racist. I’m totally shocked to be honest. The white girls seem so open and bubbly from my experience with them and online interactions.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® device


  14. Hate to say it again Kenny but british girls are hella racist to Indian guys, as an Indian guy who is attractive to every other ethnicity of woman aside from the british, I can confirm that they are racist, I’ve had an Irish 10 hit on me but not a british girl, this Irish girl was so hot that a lot of british actresses wouldn’t compare, only reason it didn’t go far was because she was with her ex-con boyfriend, it’s just not fair how racist these girls are


      1. I keep getting mobile notifications of your comments as I posted a comment previously – and they just make me laugh. I’m not trying to dig at you but if you are so good looking etc why focus on the fact that you can’t get British girls. You seem to imply that you get attention from other girls but not white British girls – so why not stop focusing on the girls you can’t get? If they are so racist, then thats their loss (assuming you’re the catch that you imply) right?


        1. That’s a lot of Jay to ponder. But as I was saying to Jay, I never knew or heard that UK women (white ones) were that or so racist (towards Indians). You’re Indian DQ, so you can probably elaborate. But good point though about not paying attention to such girls.


  15. Ok well here’s the thing, you live in a society in England that is 90% white, England is 90% white, that’s a fact, the most women you see on the streets are white, when you go to clubs almost all the women there are white, and you’re asking me to seek out a non white , it’s a lot easier said than done, and yes I agree, Id have better luck, but the point is that just like sex isn’t a big deal in the uk, racism isn’t, just like its okay to have sex , it’s okay to be racist, they don’t see racism to Indians as racism, they see it as justifiable


      1. You might think it sounds crazy, but it’s the truth, once you get to know the culture, you can see how much hate they have for our culture, the whole movement of being politically correct does not apply to indians, it’s an unimaginable amount of hate that we have to face, and it has nothing to do with the past, it’s just racism at its extreme


    1. Not only Indians, if they get any suspicion you are arab or middle eastern you get thrown in the same boat as the Indians. English girls will hate anything or anyone they dislike for whatever reason. I never told any English girls my background but they prejudged me to be Arab. I am attractive to all girls of all nationalities but I get no action with English girls. Not a type thing or personality, I go to London, USA and Europe and have no problems picking up girls.

      English people are bigoted, stuck up, racist and prejudiced and not ashamed and see it as justifiable that someone they hate or dislike for whatever reason whether they know your ethnicity or not.

      Lived there for 10 years, no female action or close friends, English people and girls are really that bad and awful. They have certain races mostly white they like and some blacks but no Asians, Arabs or Indians allowed. Even southern Europeans. They are so strict and stubborn on these things that personality nor merit will change this. Years of empire building and slavery have given them a sense of superiority over all other nations.

      Sorry but it is all true. I am getting tons of action in America with white girls. But now living in a big city so it sort of doesn’t compare.

      English people are liars and will never say what they think to your face. Avoiding you and ignoring you are tell tell signs. English girls have a very specific type eventhough they call themselves a tolerant, equal and accepting country. Big fat lies and I know the truth. If you are not white English with them, they won’t even be your friend let alone go out with you.


      1. Sorry, continue.

        Here is the obvious sign. Imagine a decent looking southern european looking guy that is tall, athletic and smart but gets no look in or much interest from English girls but any other nationality or race is interested in me from Asian, Indian, Northern European, Middle Eastern and African. I have been to the USA a lot and I am very popular and London and Europe the same.

        But just with the English they seem to be very racist and against anyone they seem to think is a race they don’t like. Sorry I know this is the truth and not a coincidence. Racism and prejudice prove nothing but how a race has been made to believe they are superior and their views and assumptions are correct.

        Ignorance of other cultures and people and insular small minded attitudes and lack of education don’t help the English in this area when it comes to dating.

        It is that bad with them, coming from someone who has had first hand experience.

        Scandalous but very accurate and true.


  16. Where does the OP who wrote this article go in UK? Because i’m from the uk and I don’t think girls are easy at all. in fact a lot are stuck up and shallow!


    1. I’m the OP, and I never been to UK. The UK women I’d met were all abroad. Well I guess I should rephrase this and say that UK women who travel overseas. Perhaps at home, they are stuck up, which would be the case quite naturally.


  17. Check out Kenny PUA’s latest video on Youtube where he field tests an interesting opener about hickeys:

    Hey Kenny, pay me later for the promotion bro lol 🙂 . Good video though! I love the opener!


  18. Here in england its easy to fuck a girl when you are white but if you look anything black, indian or pakistany, the game changes. English girls are stero typical and they are really anoying. They one of them, you end up fucking them all. They try to get a white guy and they fucking many and then no white or coloured wants them. I my self date only eropeans, they are pretier and less and less desparate.


  19. Well Friends, the reciprocal conversation is sweet and keenly informative. I came a cross many British Women at times, and unshakably I am firm that they, at the outset, try to know the man for being laid at the outskirt of their extra – sensory perception, and once she realised him to be comfortable and convenient she never resist at all to explore any thing in the game of fucking ( even getting fucked in park during day-light). They are not hypocritic and as such we-men like them with true appreciation as a nice sex-partner. For more contact me :-


  20. I was dancing with this sexy tging.touching her ass, her and lettin her feel my kpole from da back. went to get us some drink. came back, chick said my girlfriend wants u 2 f4ck her.

    bagged that rod, and hit it in front of anyone who cared 2 watch..



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