Last Night’s LMR (Last-Minute Resistance)

LMR (Last-Minute Resistance) is a PUA community coined term, where a girl resists before point of sex.

LMR (Last-Minute Resistance) is a PUA community coined term, where a girl resists before point of sex.

Had a girl (HB5) at her friend’s place last night (alone)…on the bed, but expected LMR (last-minute resistance) surfaced and fucked things up.

Ok, I had her on the bed,went KINO (touching her fingers), stroking her fingers and hands while saying to her, “Your skin is so soft. Tell me the secret to your soft skin”.

Stroked her bare shoulders and neck with my fingers, but she brushed my hand away, so I re-calibrated and went back to stroking her hands while talking and breathing heavily into her ears.

I visibly notice her quivering as I talked with my lips virtually touching her ear.

Things she said during LMR

“We shouldn’t be doing this”

“We’re going too far. I just met you”.c

“I can’t believe this is happening. I just met you days ago”.

“If my friend finds out I have a guy in his place: he’s gonna kill me”!

“It’s time to go”.

Calling her bluff,I said to her, “Ok, you’re right: I’m gonna leave now”. I put my sandals on and said, “Are you sure you want me to go”. Her reply, “You don’t have to”.

“I’m not ready for this”

“How I know you’re not gonna fuck me and forget me”?

“I never done one-night stands before [SHH]”.

“I feel like I’m disrespecting myself”.

“I have a boyfriend. And I’d feel guilty. My conscience”.

While all this verbal LMR was taking place, I was pretty much using a combination of backing off, re-engaging touching (KINO), massaging her shoulders,stroking hands, rubbing her tits (in bra)…

Last-Minute Resistance (LMR) is a bitch!

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    1. Warn all your fellow girlies that they should watch out for men like us lol.

      Surprisingly enough,those girls would actuall become more intrigued once they find out about this stuff.


      1. They sure do. They get intrigued and they STILL fall for it. They call game girl-crack for a reason. Even crackheads know it’s not good for them but they’re still addickted.


        1. Lol good example with the drugee.It couldn’t be broken down any simplier than that.

          But I really couldn’t go through in trying to f-close this HB5.I must’ve been terrible desperate lol.


          1. Ha, i think the smoothest pull I have had was when almost everything I said was just telling her what my game would be if I was trying to pull her and laying clean every trick I pull. She kept saying she didn’t believe any of that works even whilst she’s getting closer and playing with my hand. Chick crack, exactly.

            They always just got to have that plausible deniabilty!


  1. @J Smooth- Lol nice observation bro.

    And that’s why I always say that I never had a girl get turned off by me telling her I do pick up.Of course she’s gonna deny that she could be picked up.But that’s just plausible deniability and bitch shield at work.


    1. Let her believe it, too. That way she won’t feel whorish for letting you get it in. It’ll be her (in her mind) conquering you as if she wanted to have you from the beginning. HA.

      And to add to the echo chamber, telling a girl I’m “running game” on her has consistently made the girl intrigued/laugh/smile/tease back. Funny shit.


      1. Ha complete psychology… making her think it was HER idea to get together, making her feel less “used”. Why do we let ourselves fall for that anyway? You’re still doing the same act… who initiated it is really an unnecessary detail.


          1. We do the same thing to y’all when it comes to things…. make you think it was your idea to do something, make the decision, buy something, etc. So it goes both ways lol.


          2. Hell no Roxem:Fail!!Women do NOT do the same thing to men.The average guy doesn’t even do this to women.It’s only guys with Game and PUA’s(maybe some naturals)who are aware of this mind-fuck.Women do not do it to men(although yall are smarter than men).


      2. Classic pick up stuff there.

        And as I was saying,I never had a girl get turned off by telling her I do this for a living as an art(picking up chics).While other guys will be hesitant to admit he’s a whore.


  2. “If my friend finds out I have a guy in his place:he’s gonna kill me”! hahahaha that’s great. I think you can still get the notch. It seems like she wanted you to keep going. What ended up happening? Did you leave?


    1. Lol you right,she was just dishing out the standard token resistance all women do the first time around.I could’ve broken down the defenses but she was a 5 SMFH.I didn’t feel I should’ve had to work to fuck a 5,so I just got fed up,put my kicks on and bounced.

      Problem I got now is that she’s a stalker.Chic calls me 10 times a day!!


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