3 things a guy would hate about girls in the Caribbean islands.

This' actually a photo taken of some girls at a concert in the island of Trinidad a while back.

This’ actually a photo taken of some girls at a concert in the island of Trinidad a while back.

It’s 2012, and I’m still having to write semi-rant posts about women and poor grooming!! This list absolutely pisses me off and equally turns me off.It even gives me the goose bumps to blog about this, so I’ll get it over with- quick, fast and in a hurry:

1.) They dress very Tom-boyish unless they’re going to some function, event or party. I’m talking about baggy-ass basketball shorts or windbreakers, with an equally fucking oversize t-shirt. Enough to make a man’s dick shrivel faster than a prune in the sun.

So it’s almost impossible to discern whether she has a shape or if she’s flatter than a surfboard…on both sides.

2.) 65% of them do NOT shave their armpits nor legs regularly.

I remember 7 years ago, chillin’ on a balcony of a night club, and the girl sitting next to me (an HB 9 on looks), literally had more hair on her legs than I do!! And I’m a hairy muthafucka!!

Thought she was the exception, but she’s actually the rule and the norm.

The MILFS and Cougars actually keep their shit up to par with hygiene and grooming. But the chics from ages 17-30: 75% of them are satisfied looking like teen-wolves for a good portion of the year SMFH!

Could be the reason why I mainly sarge and pick up girls over age 35 (in the islands).

If it’s 1 thing I noticed (via traveling and interacting): the Spanish-speaking islands are super keen on grooming (Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico & Belize). It’s solely in the English-speaking ones that the young girls are fucking regressive when it comes to grooming.

3.) They think it’s sexy to be fat and overweight!

It’s sought of a Caribbean cultural thing where Slim is equated to being poor and unhealthy. While being fat and heavy is a sign of good health, wealth and desirability.

This mentality actually goes back to the Victorian age of Britain(1830’s), where plump women were highly desired and preferred to slim ones. Being fat symbolizes healthy and higher social status.

But goddamn, this is 2012!!

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