Test Your Observational Skills: Can you spot the guy who has attractive body language…and why?

Spot the guy who has the overall body language of an Alpha-male who seems confident around women.


Guy with fingers clasped and legs tightly together.


Hands in pockets, gazing downwards.


Leaning back on the counter, arms wide apart.


Guy minding his own business.

22 thoughts on “Test Your Observational Skills: Can you spot the guy who has attractive body language…and why?

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    1. Lol smart guy Hedonist.#3 is definitely displaying more confidence and comfort in the atmosphere.Very approachable.

      4 is slouched over too much.That’s a turn off.

      Well #3 is what a PUA would mostly try to follow.Good job on the observation.


  1. What about guy #2? He is clearly in control of his situation, and even thorough his hands are in his pocket, his back is not arched, and he is taking a dominant pose. It is the woman who seems to be trying to get his position and not vice versa.

    #3 does kind of look like a douchebag, he doesn’t look entirely comfortable, and he seems to be staring at the camera, which is fine for a second, but he’s gotta follow up with a move shortly afterward or he gets put in the creepy box.


    1. Thanks for joining the discussion Rotten.

      Well,the scenario of guy #2 does have some positives as you observed(which I didn’t at first).The HB/girl is facing him,which is always a plus and an indicator of interest in him.The guy is also doing something good by having his body turned somewhat at a side angle with his shoulder facing her(you eluded to that pose as dominant also).That is a key body language move that actually allays any fear the girl might have.Thanks for pointing out guy #2.He’s definitely doing it like an alpha(despite hand in pockets).


    2. I’d picked guy #3 as most alpha and has the most dominant body language and seems most comfortable.I’m starting to re-think that.I mean,I prefer to be him at the bar than guy #1 or 4 lmao.


  2. Not a good test… I fail to distinguish who the guy is in pic #1. On the other hand, I agree with going for #3. He looks confident, besides his ridiculous hat. Good eye contact that conveys dominance and fearless attitude.


  3. I like number 2 the best. #3 looks like he’s at the beach staring at teenage girls in bikinis. Problem is it’s hard to compare cause they are in different situations.


    1. Silly G,you only like #2 the best because you have an affinity for chocolate lol.Problem with #2 is that he has his hands in pockets and gazing downwards as if he’s submissive to the girl.

      #3 I give the most props although you put him in the child-molesters category lol.But this is the persona I run with when at the bar alone.Very powerful.


      1. Well I think that the thing #2, knows when to play submissive! He looks cool, period. ….and the chocolate thing – who knows if I do, never had it on my plate before!


  4. number 2 for me!!!

    num 1-needs a hug or something

    num 2-looks completely cool and in control

    num 3-confused, pensive, possibly questioning his sexual orientation

    num 4-just sad


  5. No doubt it is #3, he is care free and lives his life first of all for himself.

    It cannot be #2 because guy stands there with slouched shoulders, and his eyes down and with closed body language, it is way too important to him what she has to say.

    The chick on other hand stands straight and her body open and toward him, she dressed sexy and is out for the kill, she clearly in control.

    The #2 looks like a reach beta guy (the car looks expensive). Upper echelon of beta so to speak. And the girl looks like a gold digger.


    1. You’ve hit the nail on the head. #2 is British/Grenadan Formula 1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton who is beta to the core. It’s only his profile, wealth, relatively good looks and profession that put him in the alpha category (situational alpha). The female in the photo I assume is his on-off girlfriend former Pussy Cat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.


      1. @Just Me: Thanks for the clarification on who the guy and chic is. I had no clue.

        Grenada-born? I was born in the islands so that’s a bit disappointing lol!

        I totally get what you mean by situational Alpha.


  6. #3 has the most attractive body language

    #1 has some sort of mental problem

    #2 clearly has the girl. He is probaby just chilling. Listening to what she’s got to say, while thinking about football, or in his case, racing.

    #4 is reading the menu. All that dude cares about right now is food. Love him. He almost certainly got up after ordering, scratch his ass, walking back over to his beer plus friends and started wolf whistling, shouting “sexy” to every woman that was unfortunate enough to have walk within 10 meters of him lol


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