Fat people should be banned from driving

Under Kenny's law:she wouldn't be driving.Disclaimer: Socialkenny does NOT hate fat people: I abhor ‘lazy’ people who neglect a more active lifestyle[there’s a slight difference].

Ok people, it’s been a while since I unleashed my wrath on that ugly bitch named Obesity.FFY’s jihad on fat women has died down since New Years, so…

Apart from witnessing border-line obese people in fast-food joints, stuffing their faces with grease-laden fried chicken, side of fries topped with melted cheese…and a milk shake [damn, I just got hungry typing that]. The 2nd. most deplorable sight is seeing them actuallydrive away afterwards! For crying out loud- don’t we walk anymore?

I used to frequent a library to chat up a sexy librarian (HB8.3). Her co-librarian must have weighed in at a cool 350 lbs. on her lightest day[no joke].

But the thing that was so disturbing; this woman who was obviously 250 lbs. over-weight, would wobble into her truck just to drive 1 bloc away to get lunch from a fast food joint!!

Isolated case? Hell no!!

This is the culture of the western world today(especially that fat bitch America), where over-weight people, who should be walking by all means, would make a conscious decision to drive instead of taking the 10 minute journey on foot.

With that said, the DMV should revoke all licenses of people weighing over 280 lbs. until they make an effort to change their lazy lifestyle and habits. Then- and only then, should their drivers’ licenses be reinstated.

Same applies for riding public transportation: ban their ass! MTA should be manning every subway station in NYC preventing people weighing over 300 lbs. from riding. Let them walk from Pelham Bay (in the Bronx) to Columbus Circle (in Manhattan) in hopes of shedding the extra pounds. Those unfamiliar with NYC: that’s pretty much a 5 hour walk [I can already foresee the in-humane society trying to shut my blog down LOL].

Call it tough love, in-humane or discriminatory, but a little of that is necessary some times for a healthier society.

Ahh,now that's more like it.

Aah, now that’s more like it.

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14 thoughts on “Fat people should be banned from driving

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    1. Taking cheap shots Souther Man?It’s just a parody bro’.

      Really though,it’s just hard to respect ppl who see no need to live a better lifestyle.You can’t be saying that obese ppl should just write themselves off?


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