America The Hypocrite [Syrian Conflict]

Syria's great president

Syrian’s great president

In America, where the primary source of world news is from a bias CNN, or some other news-outlet which only tells 1 side of the story (the America’s side), it’s no surprise that they always get it wrong.

The greatest propaganda-spreading nation on Earth is America. The government and media would convince you that taking a shit is somehow shaving 10 years off your life. And the more you shit-the sooner you’d die.

With the current conflict in Syria, that clown Obama (whom I love by the way) and his administration (I am a Liberal), has been PUBLICLY plotting an uprising and overthrow of the Syrian government (we all know that this is nothing new). Hilliary Clinton publicly met with Syrian’s opposition party to discuss a revolution.

To top it off, America actually supports terrorist organizations within Syria, who are causing the chaos and bloodshed. Once again: nothing new there (America did fund and support Bin Laden against the Soviets).

The Syrian government (Assad’s)is fighting against those home-grown terrorists in hopes to squash the conflict. But the great spin-doctor – America, claims that Syria is murdering innocent civilians instead or armed gangs/terrorists. Once again: American-bullshit propaganda.

Here’s the hypocrisy:

Imagine if a group, gang, militia army, KKK, Black Panther were to physically and violently rise up against their own government in America…Would we not expect the US armed forces to crush them and blow them to smitherines?

Imagine if some street thugs were to storm the capitol and the White House and start killing shit. Would the National Guard not massacre them? Of fucking course they would!! And no one, nor any government would say that Obama needs to step down, resign and be charged for war crimes aginst his own people.

However, when the Syrian government (Assad) and the Libyan government (Ghaddafi)fight home-grown terrorists, America butts in, sides with the terrorists, then call for Assad (a good man by the way) to step down and leave.

If a foreign government were to side with Timothy McVeigh (the Oklahoma bomber) or some radical-fringe group to overthrow the American government: I bet America wouldv’e invaded that nation and wipe it off the map.

Therefore, America needs to stop siding with terrorists, stop funding terrorists (from Israel to Syrian rebels) to overthrow other governments in order to supplant puppet regimes like in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, & Egypt.

Muammar Ghaddafi was a good man. He was known for aiding and helping many poor-black African nations. And instrumental in aiding many small islands in the Caribbean while the rich America never gave a shit about anyone else who wasn’t American.

Same as president Bashar Al- Assad of Syria, he’s known as a stand-up guy in Syria. He doesn’t oppress his people one bit (never did). He’s a muslim, yet Christians of Syria are free as can be to attain anything just as their muslim nationalists.

However, because he opposes America’s darling Israel, and allied with Iran: America deems him a terrorist, no good and has to go.

I think it’s time that nations of the world man up and tell America to stay the fuck out of their business! And if Americans had balls, they would stand up and tell their president, congress and politicians to stay the fuck out of others’ affairs! No wonder 9-11 happened.

Just saying!

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