I’m really digging the ‘Casual’ look for the Spring season

This look says ‘Badass’20120118-092029.jpg

Long gone should be the days where men donned over-sized white t-shirts which fall below their knees, or the sleeves extend beyond their elbows [that’s just tacky]. My boy Reema wrote about this a while back.

What I’m actually feeling though as of late: The casual/preppy look. I’ve always been a versatile dresser[urban, casual, pro- to sports-look]. However, nothing says sexy as a guy who can pull off the casual look. The dating coach/PUA, Mark Manson gives a good fashion lesson in an article over at his Post Masculine blog. You can read it here.

I’m just gonna post some random pics’ of ‘the casual look’, in which I’m enamored.

I thought this was a bit too preppy but it’s doable. 20120118-092426.jpg Not the suit, jacket and blazer type. This definitely says Alpha. 20120118-093449.jpg
Dude rocks the hell out of this leather and scarf! 20120118-092733.jpg I was never a fan of short sleeves under vests, but I can pull this off and feel fashionable. 20120118-093859.jpg
Sitch got more swag than Obama!! I like the combo of urban with a touch of casual.20120118-094021.jpg I just love this dressy shirt and how the jeans compliments it. 20120118-094607.jpg I can dig this look [well-fitted leather]. 20120118-094714.jpg

Ladies, feel free to chime in. After all: we men do base our fashion on what chicks perceive as fashionable.

13 thoughts on “I’m really digging the ‘Casual’ look for the Spring season

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  1. OMG love love love the casual/preppy look!! A man in nice fitted clothing is sexy. I wanna see the shape of your ass in those jeans, I wanna see the outline of your torso… one strange fetish I have is ankles. If a man is wearing fitted pants that are just short enough that when he moves the pants lift a little to flash me some ankle… oooooh man, sexy!!! Haha! Of course he’d have to be wearing sandals or ankle socks with his tennies so I can actually see his ankle. 

    But I do like the skater look too. I think it’s cuz a lot of them I see do the pants/socks combo that flash a bit of ankle lol (I’m very weird, I know), but also I love a man who can pull off wearing a cap & of course a lot of skaters wear caps. Gotta LOVE a man who looks sexy in a cap… mmmmm 🙂


    1. Lol damn Rox,I thought I had weird fetishes!Ankles take the cake big time lol.

      I guess we all have weird fetishes.I get sexually excited over stretch marks lmao.I don’t know why.


      1. LMFAO!! Oh hell no Kenny, you got me beat!! Stretch marks?! I don’t get it lol, but its nice to know that once I do have a kid those dreaded stretch marks might come in handy sometime 😉


      1. Lol well I think its more that I want to see your figure as a whole, when your pants are so baggy they’re falling off that ruins your body’s outline when I’m looking at you.


        1. Lol good point.That’s why I don’t wear baggy clothes anymore.It just looks fucking tacKy and stupid.

          On the stretch marks issue:yea that’s very comforting to any chic I get with,that she doesn’t have to get all insecure about them.


  2. preppy done right is super sexy, If a man can pull it off without looking too overdone, that’s even better. It’s a no-no for me if dude looks like he spent all day planning his ‘get-up.’


  3. My biggest problem with the fashion is that it is always looks like it’s been designed by gays for gays, the normal guy will just look weird dressing up like they suggest.

    Some elements can be used of course and will bring lot’s of impact of ones look, but I never could see myself applying those weird combinations 🙂


  4. Yeah I can dig the casual myself man, but the preppy side of it is a little much for me….I tried it and I just wasn’t that comfortable. Then again I don’t go for that pretty boy look often, lol….


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