SocialKenny’s video blog [bar-girl update]

Ok guys, I wanted to get creative (for a while now), so I’m posting my first-short video blog to get the ball rolling.

If you can’t see the vid’ clip, let me know so I can tweak it.

Anywho, for those who hadn’t been following (or probably stumbled upon the blog just now), I’d picked up an 8 the other day at a bar[# closed and all]. Met up the following night (Saturday), didn’t manage to seal the deal.

Fast forward a few days (now), I’ve been getting some flakey-ass vibes from her when it comes to meeting up again. Reasons for the flakes could be endless.

1 of those evenings, I’d set up a meet with her (at the same pier we met up our second night), but she flaked.

Made plans with her 2 days after that-but she flaked again. Or at least, she hit me with some excuse why she couldn’t make it.

Yesterday afternoon now, I made her know firmly that it’s her 2nd. strike, and she should get it together if she wants us to hang out or further get acquainted. Later that night, she tells me some BS excuse that her roommate left, and isn’t returning until tomorrow (today), so she wont be able to leave the house or some shit like that [classic/don’t-add up BS].

This now leaves me with two choices now: 1.) NEXT her , 2.)Keep pursuing it [hell no] or 3.)Back off and let her chase (by ignoring her and giving her space). I’m going with #3 for the next few days. If Saturday comes and this chic doesn’t decide to meet up, I’m then gonna go to step 1: which is to NEXT her.

As I already stated at the top of the year: “No fucking flakes allowed for 2012”.

22 thoughts on “SocialKenny’s video blog [bar-girl update]

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  1. You are definately not going to still pursue that. Charge her to the game my dude. 3 times flaking is way too much. We both know that if I girl flakes without giving alternate plans, its over. She’s just not with it. Also, the video didn’t work


  2. You probably better off going for push with this one and creating space and let her to pursue.

    Given how many times she flaked it makes only sense to meet with her if she is the one who suggest, and even than just let her join to your already existing plans, because the probability of her flaking again is quite big.

    Imho her behavior is big turn off.


  3. Yay! Video worked…So you nEXted her? She was going to be a waste…LOL! I like this video blog thing…well for you anyways! hehe


  4. Um…you know how I feel about pics and videos on the web! But it did peek my interest. I know another chic who has a video blog and she talks all the time on hers…Probably get more ratings…LOL


    1. Yo ma,why you let that chic discourage you from being you?You were open to postin pics,now since that Princess chic filled your head up with all that crap,you on some other *ish now.We wanna see what you working with[with my Snookie sad face on].


  5. It wasn’t her that made me reluctant about sharing my pics on the web…it was my bad experiences with my pics being taken before…No one ever dictates how I feel…I’m my boss **in my sassy voice** LOL


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