Bar-Girl Field Report PT. 2 (continuation)


If you hadn’t read part 1 yet from the previous night (Friday); check it out here:Bar girl field report broken down.

I’m just gonna get straight into tonight’s details.

*This morning, the HB7 I met last night at a bar called me (woke me up actually) around 10 AM. We chatted for about 15 min.

Now Saturday Night:

*8:30 PM: I Texted her.” Hey Sh***n, I’m gonna be at the same bar in a bit. Feel free to meet me there”.

*9:30 PM: Stood outside bar, she passed and went in.

*I went in 5 minutes after, seen a guy friend of mine, chatted with him for about 30 minutes.

*Guy offers to buy HB7 drink, she declines politely, I approached her table, sat, chatted…

*Found out she does have a BF. Told her I sought of have an on-off GF (currently off), so we’re even.

*Flirted, chatted about many things [building comfort] from kids to her ideal type of guy [which resembles me].

*10:00 PM: Told her I had a favorite hang out at the pier nearby. Very chilled atmosphere, and that I was gonna be heading there in about an hour, and I want her to come along.

*Hesitantly said it sounds good but don’t know about tonight since her allergies are acting up.

*11:00 PM: Told her that the bar was kinda dead tonight (obviously), so it’s best we bounce. I’m definitely bouncing to the pier.

*11:15 PM: Lied to her that I over heard the staff saying they were closing early (soon) since it was a pretty-slow night. So we should go chill just outside.

*She hesitated to get up,so I got up first [leading], then she followed [submissive role]. Both of us went outside, chatted for 10 minutes in front the bar.

*Told her let’s take a walk, she complained about her new shoes being too tight so she doesn’t wanna walk much [token resistance], so I slightly walked off[leading] so she followed [submissive role].

*11:36 PM: We walked to the pier, chatted about the nastiest stuff we ever ate (turtle), held her hand for 3 seconds, released.

*11:50 PM: Got to the romantic-darkened pier aka lover’s lane [this spot is typically where lovers and cheaters go to do them], guy in a van (most likely a cheater) got startled as we came so he revved his engine and bounced.

*We sat lover looking water,15 minutes later, took her hand and led her to a huge boat that’s docked up there. Playfully said if I plan on her drowning by going on the boat ’cause she doesn’t swim. I kept leading her,we went on the boat, sat down on the railing.

*Chatted about how much fun her BF is [lmao go figure], I killed the BF subject by asking if she has music on her phone. She cranked up some disco track.

*Took both of her hands, lifted her off the railing, she cracked up saying she’s not gonna dance, I start grinding on her thighs playfully, she said “OK, I’m gonna dance just this once”.

*We danced and grind on each other on and off for about 10 minutes,took her hands, led her to the other side of the boat over looking the sea, grind on her booty while I massaged her shoulders.

*Her fucking phone rings, she looks at it, sucked her teeth then put the phone back in her pocket.

*A minutes later,phone rings again, she sighs disgustedly, tells me to be quiet for a second, she moves away a bit and answers, “I’m at the pier. With a friend. No, it’s a guy friend. Nothing. Just catching up. Where are you? We’re not doing anything we’re not supposed to. Hello, hello, hello…”

*Apparently he hung up on her, she comes back over, I held her, caressed her, said he seems pissed now and that she might be in trouble. I ignored her, she kept bitching about him hanging up.

*He calls back, tells me to be quiet. As she talked, I was caressing her shoulders and playfully trying to over hear the convo.

*Hangs up and said she has to go home (in an “I can’t believe he’s upset laughing manner).

*I’m subtly tryna convince her to stay, she slowly walks off saying she’s ready to leave. I’m cursing in my mind saying I should’ve fucking escalated faster to bang her right there!

*I take her hand while she walks off to slightly stop her by pulling her back but she insisted on going [not in an upset manner. More like a combo of shocked and playful].

*Figured at that point, her BF was probably speeding on his way to the pier, so it’s safer we just bounce.

*As we walked from the pier, threw my hands over her shoulders, stopped her, embraced her from behind, sniffed her hair [Mystery’s classic move], caressed her neck a bit while I tugged on her bra strap, she pulls away playfully.

*Kept saying she can’t believe he’s upset or hung up on her just cause she’s talking to someone.

*Sensing ain’t shit else going down tonight since the BF fucked up the vibe, so as we approached an intersection, I told her I’m gonna make a right (while she goes straight).

*Said good night, walks off, I grabbed her hand,pull her back to me playfully, she chuckles. My intention was to kiss close her but some fucking car came screeching down the street. I’m thinking it’s her BF enraged with the intentions of running us the fuck over.

*So I released her hands and let her continue walk as the car came shooting down the road.

*Got home about 20 minutes later, texted her saying that I had fun and want to run my fingers across her body.

It’s now 1:37 AM and my ass is retiring to bed. Ready to leave off where we finished hopefully tomorrow. Just hope she doesn’t get all sorry for almost betraying her BF thus try to flake on me next time. Fingers crossed.

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