Bar-Girl Field Report Broken Down


It’s 1 A.M. (Saturday morning), just strolling in from my grandma’s. Had few Coors Lights so I’m a bit tipsy as I scribe this report [excuse the slurs].

Earlier That Night

*Outside the bar, spotted a sexy 8 entering the joint solo. I rolled in 5 minutes later, went to the bar, bantered with the sexy-hired gun [bartender] about the crappy-ass music they were playing [building social proof for the 8 to see]. Tried convincing her to give me a free drink to no avail [at least I tried lol]. Struck up a little fluff-talk convo with another HB8 on the stool beside me: “Don’t tell me you’re addicted to that too [she was playing 1 of those scratch-lottery thingy]”? She blurted out “No”!

*After some more fluff about lottery and music, the ‘USUALS’ started rolling in, giving me some shitty looks as if I was intruding on their territory. Scanned my periphery and noticed my original target [the 8] sitting alone at a table bobbing her head to the music. At that point, I ramp my social skills up a notch so she sees what a cool/social guy I was. So I engaged the sexier bartender and the lotto-girl in a 3-way chat about beers.

*Took a swig of the Coors, glanced over and locked eyes with the target. We locked eyes for about 1.5 seconds (which is pretty fucking long). I was surprised and impressed that she didn’t look away instantly as she was caught staring and gazing at me. That was all I needed to see to know that it was ‘ON’ like Donkey Kong, and she was liking the merchandise [IOI central].

*5 minutes later, I still hadn’t approached her (kept building social proof by she seeing me chatting with other girls). I wanted to be social proofed out the ass!!!

*Ok it’s time. Enough of the preliminaries and eye contact. We locked eyes again, so I approached her table. I could overhear few guys talking shit as if they were rooting for me to get an epic rejection [Haters]!

*I thought of a quick opening line[canned or what?], then decided to go with a situational opener (opener based on what’s happening around us). Perfect on-the fly opener came to me in a nano-second as I strolled over to her:

Me: [with a cocky, sly smile]”So…just let me know straight up. You like what you see or not”?

HB8: [Giggles and laughs. I actually didn’t expect this reaction] “What are you talking about”?

Me: “Come on SMH: don’t play smart now. I see you checking me out all night. You must like what you see”.

HB8: [More laughter] “I was actually looking at the girl next to you scratching all those lotto tickets”.

[Of course I knew it was instant bullshit].

Me: “There wasn’t no chic next to me. Let me find out you were checking out that old-sleazy guy over there lol”.

HB8: [Laughs hysterically]…”.

I can’t remember what else was said verbatim (word for word). But I rolled off on a good note (leaving her giggly) with all my cock-funny shit. Reason for me rolling off is “pick-up 101”: didn’t want to come off as needy, or as if I was gonna be hounding her all night like a loser. So, by rolling off, it intrigued her and subcommunicated to her that I was a Man of Substance.

*Went outside, fiddled with my iPhone a bit and tweeted what was going down [Soloist knows what’s up], re-entered the bar, chat up 1 of the bartenders and some dude next to me. HB8 looking bored as hell (most likely wondering why I bounced and wishing I’d return). So I went back over to her. This time, I knew that she wouldn’t mine if I stay longer, so I said to her:“pass me the other chair so I can sit. That’s pretty rude that you didn’t even suggest I sit”..

So that was 1 of my techniques of putting the girl on the spot.

*We sat and chatter for about 45 min., with me of course occasionally getting up and leaving for a minute or two to take a piss and chat up some other girls (to let her know that she had to work for my ass to stay).

HB8: “I’ve been coming to this bar for the past 2 months but never seen you”.
Me: [Her interest level skyrocketing] “Actually I seen you the other week and wanted to approach but you had an army of guys swarming you. IDK if they were your bodyguards but I didn’t wanna get beat up”.

HB8: [She hits me on my shoulder/IOI] “These guys here are boring. I sat all night bored”. [Her way of letting me know she’s available and wanted more stimulation].

*Holy shit!!!! This chic had a whole bottle of Smirnoff Vodka for herself [damn she strong]! She told me it was for her and her date. That’s when I figured someone was to meet her. I busted on her about her date standing her up or that we should leave and hide from him.

Flirt meter is on maximum right now!

*We talked about drinking, who could handle the most: women or men, she mentioned that she “ loves to dance and sweat out the alcohol ” [sweating indicates hot-steamy sex to me], then we had a damn-near 10 minutes dialogue on Body Piercings. Said she always wanted a tongue ring [oral baby], I fibbed and told her that I have one, so come closer to see it [but I never followed through]. Then she said, “ What about other piercings like below? “.Woa!!! After telling her I love to see piercings “downtown”, she hits me in a playful-flirty manner[IOI]…

*Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda moment: At that juncture (after she hits me, laughing about pussy-lip piercing, I could’ve gone in for the kiss-close make out right on the spot [fuck man!!].
Now, I know to guys who have no Game, or to the feminists, that’s tantamount to molestation and sexual harassment, by making out with a strange girl at a bar. But to a pick-up artist and a woman in heat: that’s perfectly acceptable dammit!! She craves for a guy who can be that bold to seize the fucking moment. However, I bitched out on the moment to grab her and tongue her down [SMDH].

*She invited me to go clubbing with her later on after the bar. I declined. Why? I’m not accompanying any girl to the club, to then get lost in the charged atmosphere . If I met her at the club: then cool, I have to seduce her there”. But I felt it would’ve been a step backward to take her clubbing. Fuck clubbing! I wanna take her home!

*It’s almost an hour later and her would-be date hadn’t arrived [I knew it was bullshit. She was basically tryna convince me that she was highly desired by men]. I decided it was time to get her #:

Me: “So are you allowed to give out your #? I mean it’s OK if you can’t. I really wouldn’t want your secret-husband to find out that a sexy guy like me was tryna seduce his wife”.

HB8: “LHAO you are funny. I don’t have a husband nor anyone to answer to “.

Me: “It betta not be a fake # or I’m gonna spank that ass! I’m gonna call it right now to confirm, so tell me the truth now if it’s a fake. I won’t be mad at you if it is”.

HB8: “LHAO it’s not a fake. Call it right now-I bet you”!

BTW, that’s a little trick I learned years ago from a natural [calling her bluff by threatening to call her on the spot].

*The # was official (as expected). I told her to “put a sexy name with my # in your phone. Something like Sexy K”.

*As much as I’m down for banging her right away, I had to run some errands for my grandma before it got too late [DAMN!!!]!!! Told her that I was leaving her to the fun & interesting guys since I was obviously making her bored [I was basically rubbing it in since I knew I was the most interesting and ballsy guy in the bar. Ok I know that sounds condescending but…].

*10 minutes later, I sent her a text message telling her to enjoy at the bar and the club later on. And that I might just meet up with her at the club [which I didn’t mean by the way].


The key points in last night’s pick-up were these:

1. Before I approached, I craftily made sure she seen me chatting to other girls and guys. This made her see that I was Social, Safe & Well-Liked . By approaching with this groundwork set: there’s no way on Earth she would’ve rejected me. This is the essence of social-circle game. I was virtually rejection-proof at that point!

2. I approached her confidently and cocky. Not giving a shit to offend by assuming she was checking me out. Assumption openers are my favorite.

3. I False-Time Constraint. That’s pick-up community jargon for positioning your body as though you’re about to leave, or not intending to stay long. So instead of grabbing a chair and sit right away, I acted as if I was leaving, continued chatting then went back to the bar counter.

4. I kept getting up, kept chatting to other women in the venue. Other guys would’ve been glued to the seat all night, giving her undivided attention (which she doesn’t deserve at that point).

5. My vibe said to her that in order to keep me chatting with you,you’re gonna have to work harder and show more interest in me . By getting up continuously, it says to her subconscious that she’s boring me, and I’m not that into her. That would then trigger her to show more interest by subtle signs [IOI’s].In turn, what did she do when I sat back down? She showed more interest in me by smiling more, laughing more, subconsciously turning her body towards me more, flirting more, talking more, asking more questions…

6. I teased her a lot, busted on her, laughed at her…I basically had an IDGAF persona. Obviously, that made her more interested in me [Krauser PUA is good at this.]

7. I never rushed for her phone #. I could’ve done what most guys would: nervously talk to her for half a minute via boring questions. Ask for her # (without any attraction), get the fake # then leave. Or if she does give a real #, she would just not answer whenever he calls. By me getting her # almost an hour down the road: it was guaranteed to be a REAL #, and we would’ve had more rapport and connection.

My 3 Mistakes:

1.) I didn’t touch her often enough [KINO]. Somehow, I felt a bit too pussy to get more physical as usual [I should’ve went Arab Game on her].

2.) I didn’t suggest we bounce together for a walk or something. I stayed too fucking long in the same location!

3.) As the first mistake pointed out: I could’ve been more sexual, more touchy, and went for the kiss as I noticed she was opened for it. Hey Solo, I know you said on Twitter that you wanted some pic’ proof. Stay tuned bro’!

16 thoughts on “Bar-Girl Field Report Broken Down

Add yours

    1. Of course:I’m an interesting guy lol.But I know you probably got lost with all the pick-up community language and terms I was using.

      But from a lady’s stand point,how do you feel about guys with balls who just approach instead of watching you all night for 2 hours without saying a word?


      1. I’m surprised if someone approached me. I’ve been told by many that I give off that “you better not come try and talk to me of I knock you out” look. I don’t think I do, but that explains why its a rare occasion for a guy to approach me…so I would appluad him…depending how he steps to me.


  1. Very good post..quite humorous but damn sure good. Its not often you hear a chick inviting a guy she just met, to join her at the club but then from the conversation you displayed, she probably wanted to get all worked up and then slay you that night afterwards or show you off within the club atmosphere as the type of man she has the ability to pull…like a trophy. Who knows?! lol..


    1. Lmao @ slaying me.

      You catch on fast Bambi.She probably wanted to show me off lol.But the reason I didn’t go with her is that it’s more riskier to lose her in such an enviornment where guys can attempt robberies lol.Another pick up artist could’ve pulled the robbery at the club(if he had better Game).

      Good point again:it is very very very rare to just meet a girl,and a while down the line,she’s inviting the guy to go with her(clubbing).But this happened because of the connection that I’d established.My approach,Game,style was different than any guy’s she had ever met.


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