Taking It Slow With Women: ‘A DEADLY Mistake’!!


I’m back muthafuckas!!! Well I been back. Never left actually, but haven’t been posting any seduction/pick-up tips and advice lately.

A lot of my fellow pick-up artists have been beating me the fuck up on Twitter & Facebook saying that I’ve sold out and succumbed to the lure of “PUSSY”-aka female bloggers. And that most of my recent contents has been random babbling to please female bloggers!

With that said: I have something for the fellaz!!.

Ok, those familiar with the pick-up community, would’ve already known that : 1 of the BIGGEST mistakes a guy can ever make when trying to get with a girl, is to take it slow.

The guys who believe that what I said is sheerBullshit: do me a favor and Castrate yourselves!

Better yet: Kill yourself, since you’ve fallen for the fucking proverbial okie-doke!

It’s 2012 and Beta-Males (average guys who know nothing about getting laid) still have this flawed idea that you should take it slow! Well, if you’re reading this [I know you fucking Betas are]: consider this post a life-saver and a means of getting your little peckers some action.

Why do men take it slow?

Three reasons:
1.) Social pressure
2.) Fear of rejection
3.) Being flat-out PUSSIES!

Let’s address “Fear of being rejected by the girl”.

*Whenever an average guy meets a 7 to 10 [on the looks scale], or any girl who’s normally out of his league, his first instinct is to ‘not lose her, not offend her, not to turn her off’. So he’s essentially afraid to be rejected by this girl who’s out of his league. With that fear in mind: he commits the stupid mistake of taking it slow.

Why should I not take it slow?

1. The girl WON’T respect you as a real man if you move slow.

2. You obviously WON’T be getting any any time soon if you draw out the process.

3. You WON’T be able to compete with other guys who are faster. Thus the fastest guy gets the girl.

And let me leave you fellaz with this key-parting note that’d get you banging more girls from now on (by moving fast); She will NEVER tell you that you’re moving too slow and to pick up the pace and fuck her!!!

Therefore, your rule of thumb should always be to move FAST as possible! If she rejects your advances (which every girl would initially): then re-calibrate, ease the fuck back and try again.

Playing this ‘Mr. Respectable’ rol, and moving like a snail, she will Friend Zone your ass!!

That is where taking it slow leads to: the dreaded friend zone, where you’ll be walking her home every night for the next 3 months, while a fast-moving badboy like I am, will be banging her (although I just met her 3 days ago).

You want her to say, “Stop! You’re moving too fast”!

Opposed to saying, “You’re moving too slow”. And as I mentioned before: no sane woman on the face of the planet will EVER tell a guy he’s moving too slow.

She will gather with her BFF’s over some cocktails and shame the fuck out of you for moving too slow! So don’t become the laughing-stock of her social circle as “the guy who just doesn’t get it”.

She won’t respect you for taking it slow!

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  1. Kenny is BACK! Priceless information right here homie. This you to happen to me all the time. Taking things slow and hanging out with women for months without making a move. Just growing up with some women as I like to call it now. Once I become bold with my game and started just not giving a fuck, I stop having this issue. I’m working out myths men have about women and this is definitely one of them. I will definitely shout you out. Great work.


  2. Very good socialKenny!
    Girls are so emotional and when we like a guy and feel comfortable with him, we want to take it to the next level. If a guy moves too slow we second guess how we feel and move on.

    Taking it slow is good sometimes but if it’s too slow is just annoying.


    1. Thanks Sunshine.I still see most of the women commenting are still tryna be modest and somewhat reserved by saying that ‘Slow’ is good sometimes.Bullshit!If you like a guy:the last thing you would want him to do is take it slow.The only guy you wouldn’t want to move fast is a guy you’re not into period.


      1. I think Kenny’s right on this one. A man should be decisive! & a girl wants to feel like he could recognize how precious she is right off the bat & doesn’t want to risk her slipping through his fingers!


  3. You are right…moving slow gets you the blue balls in the long run. I want to know that you can be a damn man, take charge! I mean don’t be too aggressive then I might have to take you down a notch and I hate to hurt men ego because you all looks so sad when that happens! But yes you are right moving slow makes you look slow. I’m not saying I’m going to give you the golden kitty on your first attempt but it surely moves you closer to getting it…


    1. Lmao sounds nice(golden kitty).

      Point well taken girl.Worst feeling in the world is being friend zoned by a girl you really wanna bang.And when a man has been put in the friend zone/deemed harmless,it’s almost impossible for him to crawl out.You can address that Ms.Freaky-I mean Serenity lol.Once a guy is in the friend zone:that’s it on his hopes of ever getting any,right or wrong?


  4. Friendzone?! HA! Damn right again…if you move slow, we are so sensitive we begin to think…hmm maybe he doesn’t think I’m hot or maybe he just want to be friends so dropping your azz right in friendzone and guess what…now we looking at the next prospect! Im just sayin


  5. Hmm…there is always hope! LOL!!! Yet sometimes once you fall in friend zone and try to become a “MAN” it feels weird to the woman. I guess it depends if she is still available, she might entertain you if you really come at her right! Now you probably got to do a mind game on her but I won’t tell you how to do that part…hehe


    1. LOl you have to remember that this is what we do(or I do):We seduce women on a psychological level,so whatever secrets you know-I probably got it in my briefcase already.

      But what we teach in the underground seduction community is that once a woman put a guy in the friend zone:it’s next to impossible for him to have sex with her.Girls don’t have sex with their platonic-guy friends.That’s been 1 rule of the community for years.If I’m wrong about that,let me know so I can tell the fellaz lmao.


  6. You know you are really right on this…we hardly ever sleep with our friend/boy! LOL He no longer gets the option to be our boyfriend…but you know if he catches her lonely one night at a very vulnerable moment….like going through a terrible break up, divorce or something she may accidentally give him some coochie! HA!!


  7. AMEN! I am living proof of not taking it slow. As a matter of fact,with each progressive date,you’ll get less and less if you don’t try and accelerate. What do you have to lose anyway?


    1. Good point to add to this post KidWeinie.As each date or meet-up goes by,chances of sleeping with her will have diminish.

      There’s nothing to lose.The guy is just thinking that the slower he moves,the more she will respect him for not rushing.Which is complete BS as we all know.


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  8. Agreed. I’ve had that happen way too many times, where I thought I was being respectable and I should “take things slow”, only to end up losing the girl.

    If you don’t want to lose her, you have to move faster (e.g. escalate), instead of taking it slower. Taking it slow is a sure-fire way to lose her.

    My mindset now is I either move things fast, or I’ll lose her/never see her again. (She finds someone else, she loses interest/thinks I’m a pussy, she gets sick, her ex comes back in her life, etc — All of which are usually out of your control)

    A good thing to remember when you’re going fast and you’re getting resistance (girl says “no”), it means: “not yet, try again later”.


      1. Lol,yea Coldman and I are part of the underground-seduction community,and that is one of our concepts:when a girl says no,it doesn’t mean NO,but try again when(she’s warmer).Just as when a woman says,”I don’t wanna have sex with you”,yet she’s lying in your bed.She doesn’t mean she doesn’t wanna have sex.She means that she is not reved up to the idea as yet,so keep working on her.


    1. Great advice Coldman.As a guy who’s in the pick-up community also,I’m totally aware of the phrase that “no doesn’t mean no,but not yet”.

      And good mindset to have bro’.A guy’s frame should always be to escalate fast.Even if you have to convince yourself that if you don’t move fast,she’s gonna get with some loser.

      Thanks for checking in from Rotterdam bro’.


      1. Yeah, that’s my experience anyway.

        btw man, lately I’ve been kinda pushing it too far, like when I’m 1on1 with a girl and pushing for sex and she says: “No, we’re not having sex”, I’m like: “Yeah, okay… I know ;)”, and just keep escalating physically. They reach a point where they get mad and call me pushy, obviously I’m not getting anywhere this way.

        Now I’ve been keeping the “No means not yet”-phrase to heart cause it has served me well in the past, but I’m starting to doubt it, cause it’s not the first time the above scenario happened to me lately. I’m starting to believe that I might be too pushy, and being a social retard when it comes to the girls’ boundaries.

        I’m starting to think that when she’s “ready”, she’ll give me the green light and come to (or escalate on) me, but I’m also thinking that I’ll be giving up a lot of opportunities if I’m taking this passive approach.

        What’s your take on this?


        1. I know what you mean bro’.

          In the seduction community,we’re taught that the best move for LMR is to agree and still proceed.That is the best counter move from my experience.

          No meaning not yet is a key part of chic logic as you should know.

          Well,I probably need to recalibrate with LMR.

          How about trying this other technique.I forgot the mPUA I read this from,but he was saying that when a girl gives LMR when trying to escalate,you can just stop,freeze out a bit,turn away and be silent.Let he re-engage you,then re escalate.I don’t recall trying it but worth a shot.


          1. haha, that never worked for me. I tried that a couple of times. They never re-engage. We usually end up just sitting next to each-other talking or watching tv. That’s one of the worst advice for LMR, no surprise that it came from Mystery Method.

            I talked to my natural friend about this, he said that there are just some girls that will be really difficult like this. I think it was just my luck to find a couple in a row. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and see how it’ll turn out. Thx anyway though 🙂


  9. Ok so I’m slightly confused here… you say move fast.. yet if WE move fast then y’all don’t respect US & think we’re easy & not wife-able. WTF??


    1. Why do you think that we have to move fast? Most girls want it, but have to play stupid games to make it seem like they don’t want it, to appear as “not too easy”, like giving guys the cheek when she obviously wants to kiss him. You’ve done this too, don’t lie. 😉 They do this because the average man WILL think less of her when she gives it up too soon. Branding her a “slut” or a “ho”, sadly they don’t realize that all girls are “easy” (e.g. they’d sleep with a guy in seconds if they didn’t fear the social pressure of appearing too easy, a.k.a. as a slut).

      If we don’t move fast, the girl will lose interest because: she wants him, but he’s not taking the steps necessary to make it happen. Thoughts like: “Why doesn’t he just kiss me already” enter the mind. Believe me, if he knew you wanted it, he’d give it to you. But girls pretend like they don’t want it and the average guy never takes a chance, for the fear of being rejected and looking silly.

      Sadly this is the society we live in.

      That’s why we move fast and you guys resist (to not appear too easy), so we get closer to sex incrementally with both parties keeping their social standards in tact.

      Personally I don’t think less of her in any way, but that’s just my point of view and I’m not the majority.


      1. Lol good point Coldman.

        It all comes down to chic logics and how women are illogical beings.

        No matter how much they wanna have sex,they will rarely ever make that obvious to a guy who she never banged.

        It’s sought of like a dance that you eluded to.


      2. BTW,why don’t you move your blog over to a wordpress?Blogger and blogspot makes it hard as fuck to leave comments on their blogs.For the sake of me,I don’t know how to subscribe to your blog.


      3. Bahaha last time I gave a guy the cheek kiss when he went in for the real thing we ended up dating, so I guess it worked 😉
        Shit if people wouldn’t think of me as a slut, there’s like 5 guys I currently would love to fuck the shit out of… I’m painfully holding myself back though lol. I do agree though that you have to make a move at the beginning, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be trying to get the girl in bed.. even just a kiss, holding hands etc would work, something that shows you do like her.


        1. Lol those 5 guys know that you’d like to bang the hell out of them?Let us know if you give them any low-key hint of this.I may blog about this insight soon.Do you give off a certain vibe of conscious hint to them?


          1. No no they don’t know.. I’ve been trying to calm my lifestyle down & get serious about settling down with someone so I make sure I don’t give off the ‘I just wanna fuck you’ vibes.. didn’t want potential prospects looking at me as just a piece of ass, although it doesn’t seem to be getting me anywhere lol. Maybe I should just stick with what I know best lmao!

            You know, its honestly been awhile since I really went at someone like that.. Steve (the guy in town this last weekend) is the only one I’ve been with since November. I never really paid attention to what hints I give men that I want to get with.. I’ll have to pay more attention from now on & then I’ll let y’all know what I figure out.


        2. I agree, I always thought if you wanted a girl you had to sleep with her a.s.a.p. Or another guy comes in and ruins it for you. I got this from a guy living in Las Vegss, and while I think it’s true for in that city, because there’s a lot of shit happening in that crowded place. It’s not the ssme for other cities.

          So I agree, just kissingvor showing her that you like her is great for the beginning and not trying to instantly Fuck her


  10. @Coldman-Lol yea I do believe it was a Mystery Method technique for LMR(last minute resistance).

    The worst thing about that routine is that when you freeze her out and she doesn’t re engage you,it becomes awkward,then the only rational thing left to do is say,”I’m gonna go now”.Then leave lol.

    I prefer to escalate too.If she recolis and stops me,I’d jus recalibrate until it gets to a nice balance to the F-close.


    1. Well it would never get awkward, cause I’d just roll back onto normal conversation. But I still wouldn’t be able to escalate. So it would just be like hanging out with friends.


  11. I’ve read so many of your blogs the last few days I can’t keep them straight lol, but I think this is the one you commented that you’re afraid you’re being too pushy when trying to get the girls in bed?

    You can DEFINITELY be too pushy. No matter how slutty the girl is or how many men she’s already slept with, if you come at it too pushy & like you just EXPECT her to fuck you, she’s gonna hold back on purpose!! During my wilder days if a guy came at me EXPECTING to get laid it WASN’T happening!!! Never never expect it to happen, we can sense that shit from a mile away. Idk why we get angry & defensive-like about that, but I know that’s how I was. I think it may be a control thing. You think you’re in control & you KNOW we’re gonna sleep with you, so its our way of taking control back of the situation. So, just a heads up for ya.


    1. Good looking out for participating lol.

      Nah that wasn’t me about the aggressive part.That was Coldman,the other PUA who had that issue.But good advice though.

      But the thing is,as PUA’s,we don’t have this problem.We never let it be known that we wanna fuck.That’s what players do and mwn who don’t know how to get ass,that’s what they do.

      We as PUA’s already know what you said is correct(since that’s what we teach).

      Coldman’s issue was with LMR.That is Seduction community term for Last-Minute Resistance.LMR happens when you’re for instance at the guy’s crib,on the couch,and the guy is kiss you and trying to fuck.98% of girls will put up some resistance(LMR).It’s expected.But Coldman was saying that during LMR,he usually get stuck by moving too hard.

      Good advice though.Men out there are learning lol.You’re teaching some technical stuff that we in the PUA community is teaching also.


      1. “You’re teaching some technical stuff that we in the PUA community is teaching also.”

        Who knew I was learning so much during all those years of playing the field… guess my teaching license HASN’T been revoked lol. There’s still a LOT I need to learn though.


        1. Lol playing the field really paid off for you.

          If you keep being the bad girl you are,I may want you to bless my blog with a guest post for the fellaz.But the moment you become a saint,it’s a wrap lol!!


  12. @Coldman-I mean it’s cool,I was just saying that blogspot and blogger makes it difficult as hell for people to follow your blog and to comment.I read a lot of solid pick up stuff on your blog,but it’s almost impossible to leave feedback on your articles.

    I know this might sound like a lot,but why not just create a wordpress blog?And basically start it off with like you last 3 post from your blogspot?


  13. I wish I’d read this in early September 2010 before I met what would end up being one Hell of a bad case of virgin (on my part) oneitis. I could have fucked her and didn’t out of a misplaced sense of decency and out of putting my virginity on a pedestal – and as a result, she did everything she said you would here.

    I was showed up as a clueless dork to her friends, I was left for another guy who clearly moved faster in less than a month, and she did a complete 180 in her opinion of me. If anyone is reading this, know that this article has my 100% endorsement as the best early relationship advice you will ever get.


    1. Hey Dan, thanks for your endorsement in advising other guys who may read this to pay close attention. We’ve all be there. Wish you’d read the post before too to avoid headache.

      We all want to come off as respectable and not offend, but in reality, not moving fast and not making a move will be seen as offensive towards her.


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