Tequila Sunrise =’s Attraction


Go figure; my first post of the year is about getting twisted and hammered off some exotic-looking cocktails…well not actually hammered but tipsy at least.

What good is a PUA if he doesn’t have good taste in mixed drinks [goes hand in hand right]?

Oh yea, I have to plug my girl Tia for inspiring this post. I’ve been neglecting blogging about alcohol, so when I came across Tia’s article on a pomegranate-based Martini [check it out here], I was instantly struck with a rush of inspiration.

Ok, let’s get it cracking like a dozen eggs!

Whenever I’m rolling in the club or bar, Alpha-swag on high, getting ready to swoop down on my harmless-feminine prey like a hawk on a barn rat [ok bad metaphor]: if I’m not toting a glass of Malibu Coconut Rum with PJ and a splash of Grenadine, I’d most likely have a Tequila Sunrise.

Now, I can already hear macho guys saying, “Hey Kenny, you’re fucking soft bro’! That’s a girl drink! Agreed! But a cocktail with an exquisite look to it is just ‘oh-so attractive’. Kind of like a well-dressed chic compared to a not-so well-dressed girl [y’all get the picture].

Anyway, I’m too fucking lazy right now to post the recipe, so I’m gonna leave it up to y’all to google the ingredients if interested.

The added benefits to a great-tasting cocktail is the ability to open a set (of girls) and instantly hook them via what’s in your glass. I cannot begin to count the amount of times I’m gaming a girl at the bar and she INSTANTLY becomes intrigued by my Tequila Sunrise! That shit is like chic-crack!! Sure separates you from the guy who’s holding a bottle Heineken.

If you wanna attract some hot girls at whichever venue you’re at: just tell the camarero(bartender) to mix you a glass of Tequila Sunrise. And if they don’t know the simple ingredients: request to see the manager to get their ass fired [just kidding]!


7 thoughts on “Tequila Sunrise =’s Attraction

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  1. Tequila sunrise is good, but pink panty droppers are better… too bad you can’t put a pic in a comment, but these martini’s are the bomb diggity, and guaranteed to make your panties drop… hmmmm… I’d call that a fringe benefit! LOL


    1. Pink-Panty Droppers!!!?Lol never heard of it but it definitely sounds like ‘the bomb diggidy’!Plus panties dropping is a concept I love lmao!

      Try to post a link to the drink Blondie(since you can’t post pic in comment).


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