I wouldn’t bang her with a 10 ft. pole!!!


It made me cringe just to look at the above photo of that MILF from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills [I do watch it when I’m bored now and again].

As much as I’m now against banging fatties and girls who blatantly neglects to take care of themselves (physically)…On the opposite side of the coin, I’m equally as REPULSED to banging Stick-Figured Chics[eew, nasty]!

As I browse my memory bank, I don’t believe I ever banged a scrawny girl in my 29 years of physical existence.

Seems counter-intuitive since the pick-up community usually lauds and drools over near-anorexic chics. But if you’re 1 pound shy of seeming bulimic, or towing the line of anorexia: I wouldn’t touch you with another dude’s dick.

It’s fucking repulsing and nasty!!!

The key to the girls I’m attracted to are the ones who strike a nice balance in physique: not scrawny-not obese.

Any guy that’d bang an Anna would be a sick puppy!

Might as well bang a crack-head from down the bloc.

Basically, when I’m at a party or function, I screen out the too skinny and too fat, then proceed to seduce the ones who strike a decent accord and balance.


16 thoughts on “I wouldn’t bang her with a 10 ft. pole!!!

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  1. Dude thank you!!!!!!

    I’m slim as it is. I love my girls short and thick with a preference to butt over boobs. I don’t see what dudes find attractive about pole thin women. It’s just not feminine to me. I like women with curves that’ll kill if you try to drive them in an F1 racer. I can’t do the pole. I’m no stripper lol.


  2. Dude, the name “Annie” is used for anorexics already – but Anna may be fair game. I know there’s one for bulimics as well.. I think I’d rather go thinner than fatter, though. Simply because of energy and ability to move around and get flexible. But what the hell do I know, I’ve been married for 16 yrs


    1. Lmao I had to laugh at how you corrected me with Annie.Thanks for that one Hedonist.I’m still puzzled on the one fore Bulimic .

      But good point:we’d all prefer to go thinner opposed to a border-line obese woman.Great point.

      Congrats on the 16 years of marriage.


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