Q & A of the week: “When should he call”?

Ok guys, I promised a Q & A segment to my blog where I would ask some of my female Facebook friends questions on dating.

With their consent of course[Kenny does have etiquette at times], I’d be posting a pic’ with a fake name [Fuck off stalkers!!].

The questions were asked in real time via Facebook chat BTW(interesting), so these are women I generally chat with.

Every guy who dates or picks up chics, has heard about the ‘3-Day Rule’, where the guy shouldn’t call nor contact the girl before 3 days of getting the digits. For obvious reason of not looking desperate.

Being a curious bastard as I am, I wanted to get a general feedback from every-day women on this subject.

Ok, here we go!

20111214-075241.jpg T.T.

Cool-sexy chic I met days ago via mutual friends on Facebook, so I threw her in the fray.

Q. If a guy was to get your # and he calls the same night, would you see that as desperate?


“Nope. Not really. Says that he’s interested”

Q. Ok cool. Should he wait to call?


“Well to me: it doesn’t really matter but it shows that he’s interested. But others have their own opinion”.

Me: Some women say that the guy would look desperate calling the same night.


“Unless he reaches the point where he’s just calling str8 then that’s another story”.


KW’s a hot MILF I’ve been Facebook friends with for a while now. We probably have like 40 mutual friends, so she’s essentially in my social circle (online at least).

Q. Ok, if you gave a guy your # and he calls the same night, would you think he’s desperate?



Q. So how long should he wait to call? Few days or what?


“No just call her”.

Me: “Some women say that it looks desperate to call the same day. What do you say”?


“No it’s not desperate…what’s the difference if he calls the same night or 2 weeks lata”?


Cute Bronx chica I’d met on POF dating site.

Q. If you give a guy the digits and he hits you up the same day/same night, would you say thats’ needy and desperate?


“Umm no not desperate but I need to keep my eyez open lol”.

Q. Lol, so when should he call?


“Maybe that same week. But can definitely text show that he’s interested”.

20111214-105853.jpgAsian-Queens, NY

Cool Asian girl I met on POF too. She’s quite interesting with her insights.

Q. If you give a guy your # and he contacts you the same day or night, would that seem desperate?


“Yea. Why”?

Q. Ok, but why would that be?


“Maybe he just wants a booty call”.

Q. So generally, how long should the guy wait to contact you to not seem desperate for a booty call


“Umm maybe a week not sure”.

Findings & Conclusion

Wow- that was interesting to find out where women stand (supposedly).

We in the seduction community, already know that what a girl wants and expects LOGICALLY, isn’t what she wants, expects or goes for EMOTIONALLY.

Anyway, the most interesting finding here (for me), is that most of the women I surveyed, do NOT think it’d be needy and desperate to call the same day/night of getting the digits.

Yet it’s still a catch 22 though with going for what a girl says and what she actually responds to.

Nevertheless, I like the point made by Miz (the Bronx chica) about the guy texting same day/night to show that he’s still interested.

That’s key! And I happen to do that shit most times. Rather running the risk of the girl forgetting who you are, it’s worth it sending a short text with built-in humor (based on the initial chat).

The hidden beauty of this Q & A post is that it could be used as an opinion opener in street approaches or wherever.

Cool shit right?

BTW, I got the concept for doing this post from my boys Solo and Drew, who’s doing an interview-type thing in NYC for his blog via Twitter.

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