Ever got caught blogging about a girl?


Did a little brainstorming
And came up with this interesting topic.

I know my boy Reema got busted few times (I believe), for blogging about a girl he had gamed or banged.

In fact, I think he said it actually ruined the situation, where the girl felt a bit leery then started back peddling.

Sorry if I read it wrong Reema lol.

Anyway, so far I’ve blogged indirectly about 3 girls [if my mind serves me right]: using pseudonyms/nicknames to avoid any backlash.

I frankly don’t have shit against posting any chic’s name in my blog. As far as I see it,I would’ve been giving her some publicity, so she shouldn’t harbor any malice with that ultimately.

Getting ready to write an interesting post on an OYD (object of my desire) who’s been playing some serious cat & mouse with me.

Curious to know if any other guy in the bloggersphere has had any negative backlash. Or some chic threatening to sue them or something.

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7 thoughts on “Ever got caught blogging about a girl?

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  1. Haven’t happened to me yet, but the great Solomon II (three different guys) had to shut their blog down because someone passed along the password and a subject found out and went apeshit.


    1. Wow that’s crazy!

      Well 1 of the girls I blogged about so far(a big girl/fatty),she got offended that I wrote a post on fat girls being insecure,etc.She took it totally personal eventhough I indirectly blogged about her.


  2. Little Frathouse was the first one to find out and she didn’t take it to welll. After that I started cupcaking to make it up to her. Of course that just made everything worst and she flaked on me at the last second (text me 20 min before the date to cancel). That’s when I said F this and walked away. It was hard because she was a certified dime. My baddest prospect. NYC model chick. Oh well, at least I know with game I can get another one.


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