Breaking Up Through Text Message [Openers]

Hey guys, this’ one of my favorite openers (originated by myself), dubbed “Breaking up by text”.

Origin & Idea:

I got the idea for this interesting opener after seeing a news segment on MSNBC, which said that in Saudi Arabia, husbands can legally divorce their wives through text messages or e-mail [talk about informal].

Key Note: as with every opener (canned/pre-planned or not), what makes it successful or resonate is if it’s interesting or not. Topics of such controversies are ALWAYS interesting and intriguing to women.

When and where to use it?

Preferably in casual, slower- paced locals: eatery, supermarket, store (at the counter), bus stop…

But It can be used in more highly-charged/sexual environments like a bar, club or lounge.

Opening Routine (after spotting the target(s)/girl(s) whom you’re feeling):

[However you approach and open is another story for later. But let’s just assume you approached correctly].

You: “Hey guys (girl-girls), I need your opinion on something that’s mad controversial”.

Girl(s): “Sure, what is it”?

You: “Is it ok to break up with your girlfriend through text message”?

[99% of the times, the girl(s) will say no: it’s not OK].

Forward stack with the back story (after the girls weigh in).

You: “Cause I was watching the news the other day, and they had a story about some guy in Saudi Arabia who got fed up with his wife…so he decided to frikkin divorce her with a text message!!! Didn’t even have the balls to face her and let her know what’s up!!! That’s messed up right!!!?

Quite naturally, any girl would agree and weigh in further with her opinion.


This opinion opener/routine is maaaaad simple and highly interesting.

1. “Guys, I need your opinion on something controversial”.

2. “Is it ok to break up with your….”.

3. “Cause I was watching the news the other day, some guy in Arabia divorced his…”.

*The point in any opener/routine is to build interest and attraction. You say something interesting- it builds intrigue which leads to attraction.

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

8 thoughts on “Breaking Up Through Text Message [Openers]

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  1. That is fucked up that you can divorce through text! But it does make of a great opener! I’m gonna try it out tomorrow night and I’ll tell you about it. One of my openers was based off of a real article as well, but it’s in fashion. Did you know that MA has the worst fashion in all the states? Being stationed in MA, this was easy as hell to use. I would usually say, “You know what? This morning, I was reading ‘Vogue Magazine’, don’t ask me why I’m reading Vogue (kino, and laughter ensues), but I came to this article stating that Massachusetts has the worst fashion in the US. Can you believe that?” Usually they agree with me, then we start talking about fashion and start judging what people are like at the bars. lol It may sound gay, but damn it, it works! But I am going to try your opener tomorrow night!


  2. @Anonymous-Lol I like that fashion opener.I’m definitely gonna steal that from you.

    So let me know how it goes if you do field test my text opener.

    But a key point ppl need to understand is that women are drawn to certain topics.I think in the community,this is why we call chick crack.Subjects and openers based on fashion,drama and astrology,women go crazy over them.

    As you said Vogue and Maxim,chics go crazy over such magazines so I’m feeling your opener and the way you framed it[don’t ask what I’m doing reading vogue lol].


  3. That’s a pretty solid opener. It has an interesting hook and you can immediately follow it up with a story – it reminds of me of the classic PUA openers, the old school ones that always work.

    It gave me an idea, actually, for a restart text. Pick a girl in your phone book you haven’t talked to in a while and send her a text,

    “I think we should see other people…”


    1. Thanks for the good rating Alpha.It definitely has an old-school kick to it of the solid canned openers a that worked(as you said).

      Lmao I like that little text line you mentioned.I have so many friggin chic’s #’s in my phone that I haven’t chatted with in over 6 months and don’t know what the hell to do with them.Good tip Alpha.


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