Traits Of A “Man-Hating” Feminist


Feminism seems to be the hottest topic among the Game-shere, so I felt a need to chime in(again).

Dozens of the guys on my Facebook page have been asking me, “What is so wrong with feminists”?

Well then, let me answer that question with a quick rundown of the 10 most common traits and beliefs of the feminist (in no special order):

1.) She thinks all men are dogs.

2.) She has no men in her life, nor does she want any.

3.) Labels all men as deadbeats and cheaters.

4.) Thinks sex is taboo or forbidden (even though she may be banging random guys in secrecy).

5.) She doesn’t watch reality shows like: Jersey Shore nor Bad Girls Club. She says they are degrading to all women.

6.) She doesn’t, or can’t get laid, thus decides to isolate herself from men or socials.

7.) She’s generally considered unattractive/fat or undesirable by most men.

8.) She doesn’t take shit from men: be it humor and pun.

9.) Talks shit about men all day (rarely anything nice)

10.) Enjoys being a single mom, and prevents the father of her child from being in his-her life.

Now I’m not saying that every chick who displays these traits and beliefs is a feminist…But women who do proclaim to be feminists, or neo-celibate, generally have those beliefs.

The Privateman actually wrote a good, detailed article on feminism. Check it out here: Why feminists hate us.

5 thoughts on “Traits Of A “Man-Hating” Feminist

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  1. Meh not to diss this article but I think the whole feminism tirade is old to me. I think what we need to focus on in the game is how qualify women so we don’t deal with broads like this. However for a beginner this is a good start into knowing what type of chick to avoid


  2. Obviously you’ve never met a real feminist. The only one I would agree with is 5, because Jersey Shore IS trash television, and mostly it just gives people of NJ a bad name. However the rest of your ‘traits’ are asinine. Please actually speak to a real feminist before you make such uneducated assumptions.


    1. As expected:I toally disagree with you on this one.

      Feminism is the worst social movement ever created.I’m all for equal rights in the work place,equal pay and anything else that feminists stand up for and fight for.

      On the other hand,they come off as anti-men almost all of the time.Men supposedly wronged them,disenfranchised them on every level…With an attitude like that,it bred man-hating women.


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