Build The Right Energy For Picking Up Girls In The Nightclub!


Hey fellaz, another kick-ass blog post coming at y’all!

Hidden beauty is that it coincides with the weekend (since it’s Saturday): which means clubbing, bar-hopping and partying (Yay-lol)!!

Ok, earlier I was having a Facebook dialogue with Hundred Plus, who’s a cool-ass PUA/ instructor out of Australia (Evil Pickup 101).

I love this quote he made concerning “State & Energy”, while at the club or basically in any party venue:

“So if you’re at a club, and you want to talk to some girls, and the party is kicking…you have to kinda go over there and come-in “at a vibe that just as, if not slightly more, excited/fun/viby than the group you come in to??

Like think about this: seriously how fucking stupid are you guys?

You wouldn’t want to be a downer, would you. No wonder none of you fuckers were getting laid. Evil Pickup will not tolerate inferior genes.

Mystery: hate to weed you outta existence, dude, kinda hard now, but evolution was telling you something bro: it’s too hard to keep your bloody genes going…”

Wow!! That was in your face!

Allow me explain this concept further:

Average Joe enters the club, he sees a girl or girls enjoying themselves-full of energy, life, and all giggly bubbly.

The wrong approach would be to come in set with an energy level “LOWER” than the girl(s).

You’d essentially be ‘downing’ the set, or raining on the girl’s fucking parade!

Thus, they’re gonna blow your ass out by either:

1. Ignoring you
2. Rolling off (leaving)
3. Answer you in a not-so nice manner

I see this shit play out in the club every weekend.

Girls are super hyper and bubbly, yet some weird-friggin guy comes in with a monotone vibe, in-animated to say the least. Boring the set and bringing down the girl’s high.

In other words: party-pooping!

“So…what should I do”?

Calibrate you prick!

Gauge the vibe of the girls. If they are apparently having fun, which isn’t hard to discern: they’re laughing, seems high off something, dancing, etc.

In that case, you will have to come in with an equally high energy, or just a bit higher and a bit more animated than the girls.

The girls are dancing? Approach dancing also.

The girls are laughing? Approach laughing also as if you’re in on the joke they’re laughing at.

Do not approach with a serious fucking body language and tone.

Serious vibe kills!!!

Likewise, if the girl(s) seems a bit bored, down, not yet enjoying herself, her glass of Margarita hasn’t hit her system yet, you (the guy) should then approach matching her tone.

Or be a tad bit more excited than she is.

You don’t wanna approach girls who aren’t warmed up yet as if you’re high on coke or some shit, like a dancing monkey.

Therefore, as a rule of thumb, match the girl’s vibe and her tone.

This is essentially called ‘mirroring’: which is a powerful concept in pick-up.

With that, the next time you’re thinking about approaching that hot girl at the bar, or those girls at the club: Remember to never down the vibe!!

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

3 thoughts on “Build The Right Energy For Picking Up Girls In The Nightclub!

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    1. Exactly!Guy need to understand that they gotta appear to be having fun in the joint.Even if shit ain’t going as planned:still fake it if you have to rather than walking around the club bored and serious-faced.


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