Why you shouldn’t buy girls drinks!

Hey fellaz, another really interesting post which correlates with bar/club game (that is: picking up girls in those venues).

Very informative for guys who enjoy going out and having fun in the nightlife.

First off, let’s address the EXCEPTIONS to buying her drinks:

Exceptional Cases

* You already know her, i.e. she’s a relative, former fuck buddy (ex-girlfriend), acquaintant, etc.

* She’s a girl in whom you’re not gaming nor trying to seduce.

* She’s a part of your social circle: which entails the above 2 exceptions. You’re not gaming her (for whatever reason) but she might’ve gone to the club with y’all.

Why is it OK to buy drink(s) for such girls in the above 3 exceptional cases?


You’re not expecting anything from them (sexual nor physical). So feel free to get your P. Diddy on and buy the whole damn bar out!!

Those girls won’t be psycho analyzing you and your intentions, saying to themselves, “Why is he buying me drinks? Is he tryna buy me? Does he think I’m that easy? He might have bad intentions. I gotta be cautious with this muthafucka”!

Hence, it’s ok to buy drinks for girls with whom you’re already acquainted, since you’re not trying to pick them up. Therefore, they won’t question your actions of ulterior motives.

The girls you should NOT buy drinks for

This is polar opposite to the girls you MAY buy drinks for.

Simply put…Do not buy drinks for girls you’re trying to pick up!


Unless she’s earned it!

Therefore, that fine-ass lass who’s looking all bored and lonely hovering at the bar, whom you’ve been eyeing all night – “Do not approach her with the opening line being an offer to buy her a drink!

Do not approach her trying to break the ice with, “May I get you a drink”?

One of three things will happen:

A.) She will say, “yea-sure“! Then drink you out for the whole fucking night while pretending to be into you.

Note: She isn’t to be blamed for accepting the drink(s). Your dumb ass should be blamed for buying the drink(s)!

B.) She will say, “Yea-sure”! Get the drink, come up with some clever/bullshit excuse for coming back, “I’m gonna use the restroom for a sec.”. Then she never returns: leaving you like an asshole frozen in time in the middle of the club, while she dodges you all night and tell her friends how much of an looser you are, who thought he could buy his way into her skin-tight jeans!!!

C.) She will simply say, “No thanks“.

Note: She would be wise to say no since she doesn’t know you. For all she knows, you’re some creepy fucking stalker looking to date rape her by slipping one in her Mimosa.

Hence it’s a much safer bet to NOT approach her at all with “buying her a drink line”.

Save your time, cash and esteem.


“So…, what should I do instead”?

Do what you’d normally do as an opener. But exclude the ‘drink proposition’.

If she’s earned it (down the line)-feel free to splurge a bit.

It’s that simple!!!

There’s not a worst feeling in the world to a girl, than when a guy subcommunicates his intentions through a drink.

Also let’s be real here guys! How many times had you bought a girl a drink while saying to yourself, “I hope this bitch gets hammered and pissy drunk and ends up coming home with me”!

If not that exact line, some variation of it.

To avoid the social stigmas of being a Date-Rapist, Creepy Guy, Charming Guy who makes her weirded out by doing kind acts, just don’t buy her a drink at all (or as yet)!

The insane irony is- “95% of girls WON’T even ask the guy to buy her a drink!

Therefore it kills the shit out of me that guys would even suggest buying drinks, as if it’s a prerequisite to conversation!!!

Girls with at LEAST an ounce of class or a tinge of dignity ,would feel cheap asking a random guy to buy her a drink.

Even the lowest of girls on the social totem pole, would have enough social value to refrain from begging drinks from strange guys at a bar, whom she’s only known for 5 minutes (via chat).

therefore, if the girl herself won’t ask; then guys…WTF are you doing buying!!?

What I’ve witnesses:

I’ve been clubbing hard-non stop for the past 9 years, as if I were a coked-up version of some fist-pumping Guido from the Jersey Shore!

The MOST common theme I see play out [a painful theme at that], is guys buying fucking drinks for random girls (when they haven’t earned it)!!!

Then at the end of the night, they’re going home with whom they came: their buddies or by themselves.

Ultimately, trying to get the girl drunk by feeding her drinks after drinks didn’t pay off.

In Closing:

There are exceptions to every rule in life and between the sexes.

Sure, it does happen where buying drinks may pay off and result in a lay. But how often?

One in 10 cases?

For reference sake, let’s say there’s a nightclub: we’ll call it Club X.

Perfect ratio of dicks to vaginas: 300 dudes, 300 chicks.

Knowing how scared and socially inept men are (compared to women), let’s assume 100 of those men have enough cravats to approach women in Club X.

It’d be rational (from trend) to surmise that 80 of those men would offer to buy drink(s) for the girls they’d approached and chat up.

Sixty of those girls are crazy, thirsty or broke enough to accept drinks from the random guys.

Now, the 60 out of 300 girls at Club X who’d accepted drinks, how many of them do you think actually go home with the guys who bought them drinks?

Don’t fucking lie guys! I know we’ve all been there so it’s painful to admit.

Any rational guy would assume that not even 5 of those 60 girls, who accepted drinks, actually got laid afterwards by the dreaded Drink-Buyers.

That’s a WHOPPING 5 out of 300 girls who may actually go home with the drink buyers!

Im no Einstein, but that’s fucking 6%!!!

Only 6% of girls at the club ‘MAY’ go home with a random guy who’d bought her drinks!

And remember, I’m not talking about girls whom you might’ve known prior, neither a girl you’re on a date with. I’m talking about RANDOM strangers whom you’d cold approach in the club.

So the lesson here is: Don’t buy her drinks unless she’s earned it.

I keep parenthesizing “unless she’s earned it”.

Click the following link to read part 2/continuation to this article, of the 1 TRUE exception to buying a random girl a drink:

How does a girl earn drinks from me

16 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t buy girls drinks!

Add yours

    1. Short and simple!

      I have buddies who typically use that line.

      They would say to the girls that they don’t drink alcohol so they wouldn’t feel right buying them alcohol.

      That’s genius lol!


  1. @Damnsmooth-Lol I like that concept.It’s basically reversing the roles by having the girl by the drink instead.

    Funny thing is,guys are so used to this pedestalling behavior of buying drinks that they never even attempt to ask a girl to buy them drinks instead.


  2. I think a girl/lady/woman decides in that first instant she meets you just how far you both will get. That may change during the course of the conversation or whatever mode of interaction goes on. On point though – not big on the club scene but I’d rather not be asked to be bought a drink by some random stranger. If I do accept before the end of the night I’d have found a way to return the gesture.


    1. Well that’s so true. Ultimately,the girl decides,but it’s up to the man to nudge her into the direction he wants. She ultimately decides how far it goes is so true.
      And great point to with not accepting drinks from randoms. It kills me why girls do it
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