My reality check about Same-Night Club Lays: Girls just wanna have fun


Whoever wrote a book about how women are such emotionally attached creatures when it comes to post-sex…Kill yourself!!!

This article isn’t addressing all chicas [I love Spanish]. I’m specifically talking about the club/bar girls.

Now, I’ve learnt a lot about women, being immersed in the seduction community.

But one piece of advise which really pays dividends is this:

“Always assume that a girl is a one-nighter or same-night lay”.

And that quote is specifically addressing club/bar chicas.

We guys tend to always prejudge women as being angels, re-incarnations of Mother Teresa, prudish, monogamous…when we should enter the interaction with the mindset, “she’s down for whateva”.

Ok, let me fast forward to the relevancy of my situation.

Few years ago, I’d picked up the hottest girl in the club [ read here ].

We made out, with some PU tactics, I managed to get her back to my guest house.

Not having a fucking condom, I wasn’t able to bang her.

Side note: it seems like whenever I forget to buy rubbers, those are the times I’m presented with most lay opportunities!

When I do have a stack of condoms on me: I’m never getting lays [talk about a paradox].

Anyway, so we settled for some mutual- oral play since I wasn’t able to bang her raw dog.

Holy shit: this girl literally squirts!!!

She’s the first and only squirter I ever met! This chic fucking squirts like 10 yards: no fucking kidding!!

I gave her like 5 squirting orgasms within 15 minutes via finger fucking her.

I felt like a kid in a candy store or a guy who just discovered some crazy shit!

Anyway, we had fun! It’s in essence an SNL eventhough we never had intercourse.

Even the occasions I did bang girls the same night after the club-the same theme almost always plays out, which is:

‘The girl moves on’.

I was leaving that morning to go back to the neighboring island(Barbuda), so she walked me to the ferry just around the corner.

A day passed- she never called me.

I phoned her later, we chatted few minutes but I felt a coldness about the vibes, as if she didn’t wanna talk.

Not as if she felt hurt or dissed, but her vibe was as if she’s not fucking into me. Like “why is he calling”?

Not getting the hint that “girls just wanna have fun”, I phoned her the next day but no answer.

Phoned her few days later, no answer!

Phoned her from someone else’s mobile about a week later, she answers, then her tone sunk as she realized it was Me.

Believe me guys: I wasn’t being needy here like some AFC pussy.

I was merely following post-sex protocol: which is to not totally cut her off if I’d liked to see her again.

But I never got the memo nor the hint that this chic was merely looking to get laid that night!

So wasn’t looking for strings attached nor the possibility of an LTR (relationship). She wanted to fuck!

But we men find it hard to believe that women can be so “like us”, or promiscuous.

So I treated this case and girl as status quo and end up looking like a needy dick in the end.

Moral of the story?

Never assume that the girl at the club/bar whom you’re gaming is looking for something long term.

Assume she’s a Same Night Lay, and treat it as such by pressing the issue to bang her that night.

If you do manage to pull it off: don’t get excited like I did!

Be nonchalant and let the vibe flow.

Don’t call her after sex.

If she’s interested in seeing you again: she will call!

If she’s really just a one-nighter, then she won’t call. Or she would call just to allay the perception that you’d see her as a slut [woman’s #1 fear].

But I’d totally played that the wrong way.

Peace out fellas!

16 thoughts on “My reality check about Same-Night Club Lays: Girls just wanna have fun

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  1. This is what im seeing more and more,in the past i was thinking that regular girls dont do one night stands as much as guys yeah you would get the occasional wild girl that is into it but i think going out with the thought that they are looking to just have fun changes your mind, @socialkenny your right if they like you they will call if not they were just looking for fun or they are embarrased cause they were drunk lol,thing is i think most guys including myself want to keep a hot girl around to see her more thats why guys want to keep in touch after a one nighter…


    1. Yea that’s true. I fell into this trap too where I wanted to progress things with a ONS chic. But with backwards rationalization and stuff, the girl is just gonna regret that it happened and it’d be all weird and she’ll want to avoid you.
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      1. Yes this is a big thing to digest that lots of girls regret what they did the night before they are not going to get depressed about its that they are not that logical at the time to think of any consequences thats why i love meeting girls that are open minded and dont mind having fun,i think also if the girl is attached or married and you find out after i would stay far far away


          1. @socialkenny I was talking about finding out that the girl was married thats why she wasnt responding to a guy after i have been in situations that i find out that the girl is married thats why she didnt talk to me after a ONS,and then i stop trying to connect to her thats all,i have no issues banging married women if thats what they want,but if they dont contact me i wont call them on their home phone


          2. Lol oh I get what you mean now. Thinking about it, the girls that not responded to me the days after out hook up, it could’ve been that they had someone. Good point that I didn’t take note of.
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