My moment of desperation and towing the stalker line

Ok guys; confession time.

But first, let me say that we’ve all been there.

Not specifically in my shoes, but we’ve all done weird- DLV shit in attempts to pick up.

Surprisingly though, what I did actually seemed to charm the girl opposed to weirding her out!

Now I don’t know how many guys do this or maybe I’m just the only one to think out the box.

Ok enough with the suspense-here it goes:

Reading a local newspaper one day [the Antigua Observer, ran across an article about “employee of the month”.

It featured an HB9 who actually won the national award (kudoos).

Ok cool so far.

But this chic was smoking like a house on fire! Nice ass, decent tits, good smile…

So what a ladies’ man/PUA to do?

You guessed it!

Contact her!!!

Ok, maybe that was a desperado-beta move- so kill me!

Anyways, took out my smartphone then immediately looked her ass up on Facebook.

Fount her, poked her, she replied, I replied with some lame-ass reason as to how I knew her.

Surprisingly, it actually went well.

We # exchanged and it was ON from then!

Wow, what the F*** was I thinking!!!?

I must’ve really been bored.

That was borderline stalkerish when I retrospect.

Thought she would’ve rejected me once I told her how I got her info(name).

Maybe it’s the way transitioned playfully and kept the mood light; which in turn allayed any possibility of fear.

If I’d online approached her with, “wow Im so in love with you”, she’d probably run for the hills [rightfully so].

I’ll have a part 2 breakdown to this.

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

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