Just because she’s being polite doesn’t mean she wants you!

We’ve all been there.

Whether chatting up a girl online or at the corner store: it happens in every arena where male-female interact.

But women seem to have this sort of stuff in-check and understood (for the most part).

I’ve never met a girl, nor over heard a girl saying, “he wants me”, based on a polite “hi” or cordial chat.

Somehow, we friggin’ men are so inept that we’re unable to discern “NICE” from “I wanna fuck you tonight”.

I can get into all the psychology of how women were hit on since pre-teen age, so they’re more socially aware than us men.

However, there’s no excuse for a 30 year-old man to think that the hottie waiting at the bus stop wants to be fucked by him, solely because of a 2 minute chat about fluff or the weather.

We all have guy friends who are like, “Yo I think she’s into me”, all because the pretty-piece of ass said hi in return.

Don’t get me wrong, I subscribe to the community’s notion that it’s always ON.

But not every polite ‘hi’ is an AI (approach invitation).

This happens a lot online, where the guy messages the girl (chat or inbox), she replies [out of politeness or curiosity], he then assumes it’s instant love or lust.

Which inevitably leads to C&B (crash & burn).

Later guys; I’ll have a part 2 to this.

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