What To Say When The Girl Asks You “What Do You Do (For A Living)” + Great Game By Robbie Kramer

It’s no secret already that I’m big on selling a “risk”.

I came across this infield pickup video from my friend Robbie Kramer, of Inner Confidence.

At the 1:32 mark of video, the question of occupation came up, in which Rob said:

“I play professional poker, internet marketing…I’m like a hustler…”

Girl: “So you’re all about the risk”

Rob: “I’m a fucking gambler”

A guy who takes risks is a sex person to women.

Having the odd job, the nondescript occupation or doing something unorthodox or controversial, will serve to heighten the “risk” factor, which at the same time, heightens the attraction as the girl sees you as someone who takes risks, lives on the edge, are free-spirited and lives outside the box.

This is why telling a girl that you’re an office drone, almost always does nothing to heighten/deepen the attraction, neither set you apart from the masses.

Moreover, at the 1:59 mark of the video when the girl questions Rob on his go-getter approach, his gives the perfect answer:

“I thrive off of the pressure and excitement…it’s fun”.

Therefore, an in conclusion, whenever a girl asks you your occupation or “what do you do”, you don’t necessarily have to give her a full-detailed description of your boring job…if you do have a boring job which doesn’t include anything risky or edgy.

If you do something boring and lame; then tell her that you do something rad, exciting and unorthodox.

It isn’t that you have to lie, but you can exaggerate and add a few twists to your current occupation…or make it vague.

For instance, if you work as an accountant in a bureaucracy [desk work]- which is pretty fucking boring I should say- you don’t have to divulge this information.

Tell her that you work with figures online, but that your job is so classified that you can’t really get into details about it or you’ll jeopardize the operation.

Doing so will have build intrigue and heighten the risk factor which will help the seduction.

All in all; women are attracted to guys who live on the edge.

You can project yourself as the risk-free guy who’s all about security. Or you can play to a woman’s sense of adventure and risk by being that guy who lives the life of a gambler and a risk-taker.

What’s Your Story? Conveying Interest During Conversation

What is your story?

Do you even have 1?

Well I advise you to put 1 together right now for your next interaction with a girl you’d like to get to know.

Example: “I dropped out of school to pursue the life of a badboy pick-up artist. I just wanted to do something really shocking in life”.

Well- that isn’t exactly my story- but you get the point, right?

You don’t have to be too specific neither.

Keep it vague actually.

Remember that women process information differently than men do.

Men need specifics in order to latch onto something.

Women, once they’re given all the specifics, they tend to lose interest and become bored.

Create an interesting life story that gets the girl to go, “Wow- that’s interesting”!

You can incorporate this into your little conversational repertoire along with other aspects of good conversation.

2 Simple Tips For Breaking Out Of Your Shell And Becoming Social

Two great ways to break out of your shell:

1.) Ask someone who doesn’t look certain, if he or she needs some help as in directions.

2.) Say hi to someone whom you’re not on speaking terms with.

Nearly 2 years ago, I had a massive falling-out with a certain girl and we no longer spoke since then.

On my way to work, I would see this girl like once a week and we would pass each other without the slightest acknowledgment.

One day I said to myself, “Why the fuck not!? Why not say something to her and totally throw her off guard”?

The next time that I seen her, I’d broken the 2 years of silence:

Me: “Hi V******”.

She was so startled that she almost dropped her cellphone. :)

She reciprocated with a hi and we kept it moving.

Mission successful!

Second example for you guys to break out of the shell is to ask someone if they need help.

While running some errands, I came across an elderly lady who seemed to have been unsure of where she wanted to go but was too flustered to ask for help or directions.

Noticing this, I immediately took the initiative to say:

“Oh you need help with something”?

Old lady: “Oh yes thanks, I was looking for the *********”.

Irony is, she was actually seeking directions to my workplace.

There you have it: nothing fancy, no ulterior motives besides sharpening your social skills which will help you over time on the journey in dating and getting laid.

Plus- you can’t get laid by not being sociable!

Push comes to shove, my most recent video where I’d approached almost 30 random women about their g-string, you can take that approach to push yourself in the right direction…which is to get laid!

A Compliment A Day Keeps Anxiety Away

Whether it be Approach Anxiety or Social Anxiety, both states of mind are crippling and not so easy to keep at bay.

Do I still have bouts of anxiety when it pertains to approaching unfamiliar women?


Anxiety is like a fucking pest which only comes around when you least expect and in situations where you really don’t need it.

I have quite a few ways in which I handle anxiety and I’ve written about them before: No one gives a shit.

A novel approach to keeping approach and social anxiety away is to just give a compliment a day.

Just give a compliment to one girl a day…preferably a complete stranger.

Not only will doing so keep anxiety away but it’ll also keep your social wheels greased and keep you sharp as a social individual.

The reason I recommend “a compliment” opposed to just saying “hi”, is because a compliment raises the bar and stakes while a simple “hi” doesn’t require much psychological effort.

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.