Meet Girls In New York City Over The Holiday Season: Tom Torero Infield

Tom Torero

Tom Torero

While chatting with a friend over the weekend who’s from the islands, he told me that he was headed to New York City over the Christmas holiday for a week or so and would love some tips on how to pick up girls there.

Being an xpat New Yorker, I shared with him some simple tips on how to hold girl’s attention, especially in busy areas like Downtown, Manhattan where everyone’s in their own universe moving at 1,000 MPH!

You basically have to snap them out of their world and into yours.

It would’ve been nice to demonstrate this personally for my friend, but I came across an interest in-field video from Tom Torero, the lead PUA-dating instructor and owner of

Tom is from England but happened to have visited NYC for a stint. Basically, he’s in unfamiliar territory just as my friend will be in a few days.

As much as I’m not a fan of direct game [I hate it actually], it’s no big deal either way.

This video is super instructional for guys who are visiting the city but want to hook up while there with no strings attached.

It’s also a huge plus if you have an accent, particularly because NYC girls (the Americanized ones) are suckers for accents!

Tom drives this up some notches by accentuating his British accent and always making sure to tell the girls that he’s from London, which will flip the attraction switch in the girl’s mind as he’ll be deemed “Well Traveled”, which is a plus whenever trying to attract women!

Therefore, if you’ll be visiting relatives or anyone in another town or country over the holidays, learn how to project your foreigness which will propel girls to want to sleep with you even faster…simply because you’re just a visitor and will be leaving shortly ;) .

You’ll get way less rejections, way less flakes and absolutely ZERO head games!

Tom’s style is definitely a winner!

37 Responses to “Meet Girls In New York City Over The Holiday Season: Tom Torero Infield”

  1. Tom is energetic as hell the way he running on the platform

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  2. Not a fan of direct game neither. Comes off as too standard to me but I guess whatever works. Nice sets by tom though

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  3. This post is so timely I was just booking plans to go new york from ohio. not exactly foreign terretory but far enough. Any tips for mid west dudes?

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  4. Funny you mentuoned accents. I met a guy from Kenya recently and his accent bothered me because I keep having to say “huh?” It’s distracting until you get used to it. I’ve dated other guys with accents (St. Lucian, American southern, Guyanese) and didn’t have an issue. I’m a NYC girl as you know, but it really depends. Here’s a link: http://www.npr. org/2010/11/16/131359561/unfamiliar-accents-turn-off-humans-and-songbirds

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  5. Seems like Tom Torero improved a lot in his game. I like his relaxed and cool attitude when he approaches. Imho that exactly how direct approach should be done, he conveys safety and relaxation to girls and his approach (the non verbal part of it) starts with rapport and not with attraction.

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  6. That’s one of my favorite videos of Tom, I recognize all those places haha.

    Your friend must be crazy–usually people go in the OPPOSITE direction for the holidays, from NY to the Caribbean, lol! It was freezing rain here all last night man.

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    • I think I’ve spotted a comment or 2 on from you, so I know you’re a regular over there ;) . I don’t recognize any of the spots in the video.
      Lmao @ the friend. I know right. But usually though, lots of ppl head up to the city to visit relatives for the holidays so it’s that kinda situation.

      BTW, in the video, where are some of the spots? I think Union Square was 1.

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      • I gotcha, yeah people do crazy things for family haha.

        Let’s see, the first one looks like it might be the Met, but I’m not 100% sure on that. Second one is Whole Foods, might be the one in Columbus Circle. Third looks like a place called Cosi in Union Sq.

        Fourth is Grand Central Station of course.
        Next is Columbus Circle mall (that tells me the Whole Foods was indeed the one in Columbus);
        Columbus Circle mall again (ground level);
        Barnes and Noble bookstore (has to be in Union Sq);
        L train platform in Union Sq station;
        Central area of the Union Sq subway station;
        this is a Starbucks, I’m guessing the one in Columbus Circle;
        and the Red steps in Times Sq

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    • Have you ever ran into justin wayne over the summer or any other nyc coaches who frequent downtown?

      that question was meant for introvert.

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      • Yeah I’ve run into Justin Wayne a few times around Union Sq. I’ve seen or met a bunch of coaches, especially in the clubs; Tyler Durden, Asian Playboy, John Keegan, Eric Disco and others

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        • Thats a deep roster. eric is from anxietycom or something like that if I remember correctly

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          • Yeah; I don’t think it’s online these days though; it was a really good site

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          • Wow that’s crazy. I happened to look up Disco’s site and seen it’s unavailable. It’s crazy how the guys who seem to have the most steam are always running out of steam. Unless it’s just marketing why some guys seem to be on top of the world when they really aren’t? I’m wondering how the 6 Steps Away program did

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          • I’m not sure, I know he did a big revamp of his site a few months back. Maybe he’s redoing it again. As far as I could tell, his program did pretty good.

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        • Although NY isn’t known as a seduction Mecca, there’s a good amount of coaches and companies there. I never knew John Keegan was out of NY until I listened a recent podcast of Vince Kelvin’s.

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          • Yeah the city is so small if you’re active or going out on a regular basis you’re almost guaranteed to run into these guys. I usually run into a friend or two into pickup if I go to Union Sq when it’s nice out.

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  7. New York my dream city. Meet a girl at New York is very easy as there as a lot’s bar and night club. This article teach the right way to meet a girl at New York City.
    Thank you.

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