7 Ways To Stay Motivated In Pickup

Ok, in a recent post, I dealt with why guys drop out the game so frequently.

In this article, I’ll deal with how to remain constantly motivated with a step by step plan based on my personal format to remain motivated after all these years.

Frankly- it doesn’t take anything for me to stay motivated in meeting women.

It’s natural :) ! Why the fuck should any guy need to be motivated or need a plan to chat up chicks on a daily basis!?

Well I just realize that not every guy is as crazy as I am ;) .

Realistically though, chatting up women should be a natural staple in every guy’s life just as one doesn’t need constant motivation to take a dump, bath, eat, piss, etc.

Be as it may, the average guy still crawls back into his cocoon of self-loathing after a stint in the game.

Before I give some tips, I want you to realize that progress takes time.

You must have this demarcated and stamped into your brain before you can proceed.

Also, failure with women shouldn’t be seen as failures but learning what to do and what not to do.

Alright, 7 things that I do regularly which can keep you motivated in picking up women [in no order of importance]:

1.) Read-PUA centered blogs.

*This should go without saying.

*I have probably 100 PUA seduction sites bookmarked on my phone, and I make it my business to read at least 10 pickup articles per day from sites such as that of The Introverted Playboy, UK beckster, Gareth Emery, Steve Jabba, just to name a handful.

2.) Create your own blog.

*Never in my wildest dreams I thought I’d ever blog. Few years deep and I’m now addicted to sharing my pickup advice.

*Start a blog and begin to share your ideas!

3.) Watch Pickup videos on the net.

*There are thousands of hours of free pickup videos on the tube, metcafe and vimeo (just to name a few sites)!

*On rare days where I just feel a tinkle of inactivity; I’d watch a PUA in-field video and baam- I’m ready to hit the field and pick up a set of new chicks!

4.) Keep stats.

Personally, I don’t keep stats nor track of my progress neither the amount of girls I laid, etc.

However, I can see it as a tool to keeping yourself psyched-up, especially if your stats are decent.

5.) Start to record your set.

*Rituals are addictive. Create a ritual of pickup.

*If you’re shy to record in-field videos or you’re just not savvy enough to shoot hidden-cam footage; then start out with audio only.

*While chatting up women, record the interaction from your cellphone, an mp3 player or some other source of recording, then share it with the world in order to gauge your progress. Or save them for personal analysis of what you can and should tweak.

6.) Set goals and tasks for yourself.

*Periodically, just to fuck with myself, I would set a goal for a particular evening:

“Can I pull a bartender while on her job”?

“Can I pick up a girl with her mom”?

“I’ll try to fuck a girl in the restroom of a nightclub [which I've done a time or 2 but never climaxed]“.

*Goal setting will keep you motivated if you need to be.

7.) Go out (nightlife)!

*Pickup was born out of the nightlife scene but there’s a huge portion of men in society who don’t like to go out and are intimidated by nightclubs and bars.

*Learn to get rid of this fear and go out!

Frankly, I need none of the above tips to stay motivated in the game.

I personally recommend them, but never had to use them in order to psyche myself up.

I don’t have a set time or set hour in which I game girls.

As long as I’m out of the house; it’s game fucking on!

On my way to work; I’m in game mode.

On my lunch break; game mode!

Leaving work; game mode!

While at work; game mode (as I’d be field testing a novel-seduction concept on my female coworkers)!

Surely I’m not always “In State” [the state of mind to pick up chicks] but regardless, I’m always ready to pick up a hot chick.

When you view meeting new people and meeting new women as a natural part of life, you begin to see it as NOT work, NOT a chore, NOT a procedure but what comes natural.

On the flip side, if you’re looking at meeting new chicks as some sort of feat or something in which you have to actively work yourself up to, then you will lose steam.

If you’re new to the Game however, it’s quite natural to feel those constant bouts of anxiety. But as you become seasoned [if you last that long], you’ll begin to experience that flow state of naturality.

Whenever I leave my casa at 7 AM to head to work, my camera/video recorder (both) and wireless mic (both) are always priorities in the case I come across a hot girl in which I want to record for learning purposes for those who follow my blog and Youtube channel.

That ritual is sort of a way I keep myself motivated in the game.

It’s a huge adrenaline rush to approach a random stranger not knowing how it would go, but power up the recording devices anyway to record the set.

Another reason why lots of men drop out of the game (especially coaches) is due to monogamous relationships.

There are tons of stories of advanced PUA’s who drop out of the game after meeting a hot girl who become their girlfriend.

Now, this is often times a stupid move because relationships rarely last!

Therefore, those guys would drop everything about Pickup, dedicate themselves to their GF’s, the relationship falls apart, they beat themselves up, jump back into the game but has to start from scratch again.

Had they just kept gaming other women, the relationship probably would not have imploded in the first place [since women nowadays only stay with men who have other women], and their pickup skills would still be at peak performance.

In retrospect, I was wise enough to not make such a foolish move to ditch Pickup when I’d met my GF in December 2009 ;) .

All in all, there’s no magic formula for staying motivated.

Women walking the surface of the Earth should be the sole motivator for any guy to continue to hone his skills in the dating arena.

With that, I leave you with this short video from “The Attractive U”, as he chimes in a bit on motivation in pickup and life in general.

3 Responses to “7 Ways To Stay Motivated In Pickup”

  1. You’re right about starting your own blog, you’re one of the reasons why I chose to start my own blog.

    Its nice to see your growth when you read back on some of your articles, how you gain a broader sense of knowledge and well, it improves your writing which is always a good thing!

    Like this

    • Yea thanks bro. I remember you mentioning I was 1 of the reasons you started.

      As for growth, I’m shocked also when I see that I’m still learning in this field. So the saying is true that you never stop learning.

      Like this

  2. […] 7 Ways To Stay Motivated In Pickup […]

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