HBO’s “Game Change” Movie Review

Palin brought McCain down

Palin brought McCain down

Let me start off by saying: This was the best film I ever seen EVER! Hands all the way down!

I’m not really fond of movies. In fact, I don’t watch them (unless based on true occurrences). But so much positive hype and anticipation was drummed up behind this film (by Chris Matthews of MSNBC)- I just had to see it.

Plus my love and affection of everything politics, made watching this a “must-see” event. I even put aside a night of seducing hot chics at the bar, just to see “Game Change” [now that's critical]!

What did I learn?

1.) John McCain was actually a decent guy (as much as I hate his positions on war). His campaign team wanted to go negative and dirty on Obama, but McCain was adamantly against dirty politics, in spite of an inevitable defeat.

2.) Sara Palin was a political hot-mess on steroids!! She was a basket-case and a lose cannon, who fucked up McCain’s chances at presidency [although his team was at fault for picking Palin as his running-mate].

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie so much (which debut tonight I believed), I actually watched it twice- back to back on HBO! Now that’s a fucking treat!!

4 Responses to “HBO’s “Game Change” Movie Review”

  1. [...] Bloggers  and critics alike have praised the film.  Game Change has been so well received that it appears to be a serious contender for more than one Emmy award.  The funny thing is that Game Change is based on the non-fiction account of the 2008 election, and the Undefeated is supposed to be a “documentary.” [...]


  2. Perfectly composed content , Really enjoyed reading .


  3. [...] back to Sarah Palin in the recent HBO film, “Game Change, when she was watching 1 of Obama’s speeches and she said to the members of her staff, [...]


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