Weirdest Lay Report @ Hotel With Girl I Met On Online-Dating Site

My latest video, which I published today, dates back to the 1st week of April, of a field and lay report of a girl I met on an online-dating site just days before we met up at my hotel while island hopping.

Pretty-hot damn girl as you can see from the photo below…at least body wise.


Check our the video for the entire field report and what actually transpired…everything from erection issues to being hustled…

A Flirt A Day Keeps Stress Away

This morning while heading to work, as I walked the remainder of the way, this slender MILF whom I see around my work area was walking up behind me.

Though not a complete stranger in the face since we regularly see each other around. But we never spoke before…not even a hi exchanged.

As she draw neigh, I stopped:

Me: “How are you”?

MILF: “Oh! Were you talking to me”?

Me: “Yea! I’m waiting on you actually. I know we work in the same area so I figure we’d walk and flirt”.

MILF: “Flirt”!?

She blurts out surprisingly as she blushed in the face.

She asked how I was doing, I asked her in return and the conversation went on as we walked and flirted for another 2 minutes or so.

I don’t know how this happened, but the conversational topic took a turn towards gay marriage and the legalization of pot. :shock:

What a drastic turn from, “You look so scrumptious today”, to, “this world is corrupt and in the next 30 years, every vice will be legalized”…so said the MILF.

The spontaneous interaction came to an end as we reached an intersection where I turned left and she made a right.

I never bothered to get her phone number or anything since this was just 1 of those spur of the moment flirtatious vibe.

However, I want to encourage you guys as usual, to flirt around a bit throughout your daily runnings.

Make a woman’s day by flirting with her spontaneously.

As someone who’s an ardent MILF-seducer, I can tell you unequivocally that you have no reason to fear hitting on older women.

They will almost always appreciate it and show that appreciation with a genuine-gratuitous smile and reciprocation.

It is only in your head and through sitcoms that you foster the belief that older women [let’s say over 35] would somehow feel disrespected if they were to be approached by noticeably younger men.

I’ve had way more younger girls scoff at me for trying to hit on them that women who are older enough to be my mother. :shock:

Hence, bear those factors in mind and learn to flirt with women of all ages and sizes when on your daily journey.

What this will do overtime is to transform you into a flirting and social-fucking machine!

You’ll become akin to a natural who acts off impulse, opposed to someone who has to think and get inside of his head with trying to find the right words and flirt lines.

Everything will naturally flow!


How To Pick Up Difficult Girls [On Facebook]…Part II

Hey guys, the well-anticipated redux to the video which I’d posted a while back on “Tooling guys over Facebook and walking away with the girl”.

I have somewhat of a ridiculous knack for picking up girls on Facebook, though I largely prefer to chase ass in person like any real man would.

Be as it may; I will teach you within this article [with screenshots as real illustrations], the subtle art of picking up bitchy girls on Facebook, and by extension, the internet in general.

As I’ve always preached the following hard-hitting point around these parts: Hot girls on Facebook are usually bitchy and have tremendously high Bitch Shields”!

Don’t know what a “Bitch Shield”> is?

It is a built-in psychological mechanism activated by women whenever they come in contact with guys, particularly of lesser value, who try to make sexual passes upon them.
A woman’s bitch shield is her quasi-protective mechanism which serves to expose and ward off potential suitors.

The hotter the girl, the larger her Bitch Shield.

Over the internet, her Bitch Shield is magnified even more because there are guys in bunches coming at her from every angle with tons of lame-shit ice-breakers and pick-up lines which are equivalent to cat-calls on the streets.

Bearing this in mind: hot girls on the internet are justified with being bitchy.

Most guys don’t see it that way. But the truth is: it is guys’ approaches [lame-shit ones] that turn otherwise courteous damsels into heartless-icy bitches.

It isn’t that women over Facebook are really dagger-wielding creatures who relish at the thought of shattering the hearts of Beta’s.

In fact- most girls who come off as bitchy on the surface, are actually sweethearts if you get to know them!

It is 1 of those contradictions in life whereas the girls who appear sweet on the exterior, are actually mean sour-apples, while the apparent meanies are really the warm dolls.

Anyway, so now that you know why most girls [the hot ones] have to be cold [to screen and ward off losers], let’s get into the fun stuff! :cool: :cool:

How To Pick Up Bitchy-Hot Girls On Facebook

Before I deliver the tactical aspects, allow me to share these screenshots with you from the comment section on a post by a bitchy girl who’s a fellow member of a social-network group on Facebook.

Remind you- she’s just there to network- and NOT to hook up!

This point is absolutely the most missed by men on social-media sites.

Men fail to understand that Facebook is NOT where chicks go to meet guys (for sex)!

There are tons of super-discreet websites exclusively for that purpose…such as Ashley Madison, where disgruntled housewives go in search of extramarital fun. ;)

Facebook is where girls go to gossip, have cyber cat-fights, seek validation from losers and to network in the most pitiful of forms.

That’s it!

Most guys are under the wrong impression: that girls are looking cock on social-media sites.

This 1 misconception is the root of all your girl problems as far as Facebook pulls go.

Now, it isn’t that you can’t pick up girls on Facebook.

I do it all the fucking time!

Every week actually!

Every other day actually!

However, it is my unorthodox approach that gets me the girls on social-media sites.

Ok, so here are the screenshots with the hot girl’s identity censored to protect her from potential stalkers. ;)



Now- how was my approach?

Was I hitting on her?

Far from it!

Now- the average guy’s approach within these networking groups is as if he’d never graced the walls of a vagina before…which is likely.

They go over-kill desperate and lame!

Now you see why hot girls have to pretend to be bitchy in order to avoid this bullshit coming from all angles?

Be as it may, I just want to sum up by saying that if you want to pick up, seduce and shag hot-bitchy girls from Facebook, it is almost inevitable that you will have to fly beneath the radar by employing some “Indirect” Pickup methodology.

You have to show these girls that you’re not (outright) hitting on them, nor making any sexual suggestions.

That will come after you will have isolated the girl by getting her personal details…or even by in-boxing her.

With the bitchy girl from the screenshots that I posted above; she expected that I was to act like 99% of the other guys who approach her online by flooding her statuses with compliments or sexual comments.

However! I did the total opposite.

Also, if you read the screenshots diligently, you would have noticed that she was trying to tell me to inbox her if I wanted to talk. But I kept beating around the bush and playing indifferent.

What that accomplished was that it demonstrated to her that I wasn’t desperate and wasn’t going to inbox her in a heartbeat unless she gives me a reason to do so.

Hot girls chase after guys who don’t readily jump through their hoops.

In other words, a hot girl- a bitchy one- is repulsed by a guy who doesn’t give her a hard time and doesn’t appear challenging.

In fact- all women are turned off by men who aren’t a challenge.

Hence, when you analyze my banterish comments in the screenshots, I was displaying a few key components to attracting a girl online.

Most important of those keys, was my last comment: Nonchalance!

What does a guy do when he sees and wants a hot girl?

Does he put it off?

Does he nonchalantly leave it to “the elements or the right time”?

Of course not!

He pours his feelings and affections out there from the get-go as if it were his last day on Earth!

Doing so over the internet is a HUGE turnoff and the fastest way to get rejected.

When you put a hot girl off for later, it automatically flips a switch inside of her subconscious brain, making her think to herself that you [in this case- Kenny], are a prize!

Not only that, but observing a nonchalant attitude towards contacting her, will at best leave her waiting in anticipation for that communique.

However, you have to make her want/crave it by not hitting on her initially, and not flooding her inbox neither…initially.

With the girl in question: I eventually inboxed her…but not on her terms- on mines. :twisted:

Now- the seduction begins off camera…if you follow my analogy.

The thing is, and this is partly why guys blow themselves out through Facebook comments, is that blatantly hitting on girls in the comment section will not only make them feel uncomfortable, but sub-communicates to the girl that you lack social intelligence and intuition. And if you did have social intelligence, you would know better, that lauding a girl with compliments where others can see/read, will have killed your chances by amplifying the awkward factor.

Lastly, this sort of approach to picking up hot-bitchy girls on Facebook, isn’t just specific to Facebook and bitchy girls, but all girls for that matter. Just that bitchy hotter girls have lower tolerance for being hit on online since guys usually maul them like a wild pack of ravenous hyenas.

A bitchy-hot girl just wants to see that “you get it”, and that you can maintain composure in the face of a hot girl like she is.

That’s it!

She doesn’t want to see you tooling yourself out like some chode who hadn’t gotten laid in a decade by trying to compliment her to death.

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Video-Chat Apps Just May Be Your Ticket To Poon-Town [Comfort-Phase Game]


There are dozens of mobile-phone apps which include video chatting, popping up every week.

You’re talking about everything from the customary Skype video call app, to Tango and Viber Messengers…which are free by the way.

I routinely hear about Face Time for the iPhone. However, it isn’t a cross-platform app, so it’s much better to deal with Tango or any other app that allows you to connect and video-chat across various smartphone brands.

Honestly speaking; I’m no fan of any of these applications besides for texting and the occasional voice and VOIP capabilities.

However, being somewhat of a mad scientist in the field of seduction and dating: a light bulb flicked on inside of my head, bearing with it a brilliant revelation to facilitate the path towards SEX! ;)


In the old school pickup format of Mystery Method, there existed 3 phases of a seduction:

1.) Attraction

2.) Comfort

3.) Seduction

…each leading to the other.

Inherently, this format is applicable to every pickup and seduction which leads to sex.

In order to sleep with a girl, it is a prerequisite to make her feel comfortable…hence the “Comfort Phase” of a pickup and courtship.

What does this all have to do with video chatting over your smartphone?

I’ll explain.

When meeting a girl initially- and this is a stranger to be more specific- your biggest hindrance in getting her to psychologically and physically commit to seeing you again [or for the 1st time], will have been the lack of ‘Comfort’.

When you think about it: she has great and valid reasons to not feel comfortable meeting up with a stranger…especially in such a fucked-up volatile world.

Therefore, safety is an issue. And the fact that she doesn’t know you and isn’t familiar with being in your presence, this will have created much discomfort.

It is up to the guy to make her feel comfortable…hence the comfort phase and comfort game in pickup.

On a side note: this is why social-circle game is much much easier, and why most guys get laid through their social circle of friends, relatives, a peer group, etc.

In such a common situation, the girl doesn’t have much to fear since she already shares mutual friends with the guy.

In essence, he is deemed safe, therefore the girl isn’t likely to bullshit him or fabricate some half-ass elaborate story as to why she cannot meet up.

With that, meeting strangers with the desire to take them to bed, is much more challenging in contrast to trying to hook up with someone with whom you’re familiar.


With video chatting, or even web-cam to web-cam interactions over the computer which is the pioneering apparatus to mobile video-chat apps, this form of communication eliminates the whole stranger dynamics like never before!

The problem with solely texting a girl is that it is super impersonal and has no emotional value attached to it.

This is why girls are notorious as fuck for lying over text.

They aren’t attached to those messages!

After all, they are only characters and words punched into a mobile device and sent off nonchalantly.

This is also why girls are notorious for flaking and standing guys up when they might have agreed to the plans/date over text.

That was just a side tangent to the greater picture.

With the girl actually seeing you in real time- in fact, it doesn’t have to be real time [could’ve been a recording of a video message]- it gives her a sense of familiarity and builds comfort and trust…which is what you want.

Lack of comfort: no pussy…unless it is a case of a one-night stand where everything kind of “just happened”.

Over the past weeks, I’ve been dibbling and dabbling and field-testing this theory of mines, in order to gather some actual proof as to whether this formuli is workable or just a fluke.

To my amazement, the girls whom I’d engaged in video chat were 10 times more likely to actually follow through and rendezvous with me, as opposed to the girls whom I’d only texted.

Talking over the telephone, and even sending voice notes, carry this same weight though to a lesser extent.

Overall, texting is absolutely the worst form of communication when it pertains to trying to set up a date with a girl.

This is why in the old-school pickup philosophy we advised men to only set up the date over the telephone: voice-to-voice.

Voice carries more weight than texts. Just as video interaction carries more weight than voice only [phone conversation]…just as in-person communication- vis-a-vis – packs a way greater punch than any other form of communication between the sexes as it pertains to trying to hook up.

For whatever it’s worth though: always try to move away from the text-only platform towards something more powerful: voice notes, phone calls and video chat.

Friday Night Field Report- Kenny Has Female Fans

Friday evening while running some street game, a Rav 4 SUV pulled up at the corner of a bodega where I was standing and drinking a bottle of rum-cream liqueur.

A passenger exclaimed:


Now, remind you- no one outside of the internet calls me “Social Kenny”, so I was a taken-aback and didn’t know how exactly to take this.

For all I know, this was some SJW [Social-Justice Warrior] feminist, itching to pick a fight with me over my borderline misogynistic articles. :) :(

Lady in SUV: “Are you Socialkenny”?

A bit confused:

Me: “Who wants to know”?

Lady in SUV: “******a”!

The SUV pulled up closer to the curb and to the building I was standing next to.

Me: “Who”!?

Lady in SUV: “Hold on! Lemme pull up”!

The female who was driving the SUV encouraged her to get out in order to meet me.

Lady in SUV: “I watch your videos on Youtube and read you website”.

Me: “Oh for real”!?

I said that with a bit of skepticism and leeriness as I was still trying to gauge what was going on here.

She hopped out of the SUV and approached me.

Though she had a cheerful countenance, since this was sorta different for me, I wasn’t sure what to expect as she approached: a scolding, beat down or a hug.

To my surprise: it was an attempted hug…which led to a full-blown hug.

The female driver of the SUV said to us that she will pull over to the side and park.

I was like, “WTF”!

Too bad for me that they weren’t my idea type.

In plain language: they were fatties…both of them.

Now I knew firsthand how celebs felt being mobbed by unsuspecting groupies and fans: it isn’t an overly welcoming feeling.

Anyway, so the driver parked up, got out and joined her friend and me on the corner.

She went into a long explanation as to why and how she found my videos and how she felt about pickup and dating coaches.

Me: “So…how did you know it was me…Socialkenny”?

Girl: “From the face”!

Me: “So you just spot a random guy and random face and instantly knew it was me”?

After about 30 minutes of discourse, she asked if we could take a pic.

Me: “Sure”.

She and her friend [I supposed] debated over whose cellphone they were to use to take the picture.

Driver Girl: “Your flash isn’t that good”!

Fan Girl: “Yes it is! Take it with my phone and see”!

They took about 5 test photos on their respective Android smartphones.

Driver Girl: “Naaaaaah!!! This one is too dark”!

Fan Girl: “Why I look so fat”!?

Few more pics and they were done.

Feeling star-studded, and since this was so much of a new experience for me [to be approached by a subscriber of mines], I had her bluetooth me the photo.


Socialkenny and a female fan

What q weird night to say the least.

The Bitchy Bartender From Hell Field Report – Part II


A weekend or so ago, I walked into a bar/lounge which I went to some weeks prior in order to grab a drink and toast to the long Easter weekend.

Approached the counter:

“Lemme have a Vodka and cranberry please”.

Bartender: “We’re not serving any mixed drinks right now. Only beers. So when you’re ready to order a beer or soft drink- lemme know”.

Now- the thing is- it isn’t what she said but how she said it.

Her attitude and facial composition as she talked to me, was as if I once fucked her, knocked her up and dumped her like a bad habit.

She sucked her teeth and turned off to deal with another customer.

Generally, I would swallow my pride and walk away.

This time: I wasn’t having it!

I recalled the same bitchy and snobby attitude she gave me weeks prior which I let slide like a skater.

On this occasion: it was not happening again…coupled with the fact that I was somewhat annoyed already that the Easter weekend hadn’t panned out the way I envisioned it.

Anyway, so I gave her a piercing stare in the eyes that could’ve killed!

Me: “If you’re not serving mixed drinks for whatever reason, all you had to do was say so without a stink-fucking attitude you bitch”!

It was like that all-too-familiar moment in sitcoms where the music halts abruptly and everyone in the venue looks aghast at the social awkwardness on display.

:shock: :shock: :shock:

“Did he just say that”, was the look I got from the bitchy bartender and the other on-looking patrons.

Bartender: “Excuse me! Are you talking to me”!?

Me: “Hell fucking yes bitch I’m talking to you! Every time I come into this establishment, you treat customers like shit. When you’re working in the service industry, a certain comportment is expected of you bitch! So you need to fucking learn how to do your job”!

As expected with most hot bartenders, she has her minions of ugly girls who fan the smoke up her ass like a flame-throwing device.

Her friends: “Why is he talking to her like that!? That’s rude and uncalled for”!

As equally expected, some ‘Regular’ who probably blows smoke up her ass also, emerges out of the periphery to offer me some words:

“Hey dude, cool out man! Take it easy”.

I rambled on nevertheless:

“This bitch shouldn’t be employed with such an attitude, let alone serving people who are paying her fucking rent! I’m not like these other muthafuckers who are going to stand for bullshit from any bottom-of-the-barrel servant girl”!

Bartender: “Who other people are you talking about”!?

Me: “All of these muthafuckers in hre who allow you to treat them like shit but are too pussy to put your ass in your place”!

She runs over to 1 of her girlfriends and began to explain to her what happened and why she was so justified in giving me shit.

I approached them and she put a hand out as if to stop me:

“Don’t fucking come close to me”!

Me: “Fuck you…you fat bitch”!

I hit her where it hurts. ;)

If it’s 1 thing I learned over the years as it pertains to women and weight issues, is that every girl thinks to herself that she’s fat.

No matter how skinny she is: she thinks she fat.

No matter how many accolades, prizes and compliments she receives from both sexes on her killer body and how “in-shape” she is: she still thinks she’s fat and needs to lose weight.

Hence, as you’ve probably heard by now, the worst thing you can ever say to a girl, is to call her fat.

After dropping the “F” bomb…the other F bomb, you could see the anger in her eyes like, “How dare you call me fat”!

At this point, I requested to see her supervisor, manager, owner or someone in charge of this creature.

As if to taunt me and call my bluff, her friend yells out to me:

“She’s right outside! Go ahead! The owner is right outside”!

Thinking I was calling bluff here, I went outside and asked around for the owner of the establishment.

A lady came aside and introduced herself as the owner.

I took her to her worker and pointed out my dissatisfaction:

“Every time I come into this establishment, this particular worker of yours seem to have a problem with me and always go out of her way to speak to me with a stink attitude and I believe that it is unbecoming of someone who works in the catering and service industry to not have the menial basic of skills like how to greet and approach people and potential customers”!

The owner took me to the side, away from the loud music, and told me that she has had similar complaints about this same bartender, and she is truly sorry for the inconvenience.

She pleaded with me to forgive her on the behalf of her subordinate.

Owner: “I will talk to the manager and the bartender to apologize to you at once”.

I told the owner that it was okay and that she doesn’t have to go the extra mile to demand an apology.

She insisted and had the bartender come over to me and apologize in front of staff and her male and female minions who were cheerleading her fuckery.

She was immediately knocked right off of her high horse as she was shocked that it went this far.

I explained to the owner that things didn’t have to escalate this way. All I wanted was a Vodka and cranberry mix.

Owner: “I understand and I’m really sorry. We were short on ice and that’s why we weren’t serving any mixed drinks or cocktails at the moment. But we have ice now. I’m gonna serve you on the house for the entire night”.

She then went to personally prepare me a Vodka and cranberry, brought it to me…on the house.

Owner: “Whatever you want, I let her know and she will serve you on the house for the rest of the night. I’m really sorry and I will talk to her to ensure that this doesn’t occur again”.

Me: “Thank you”.

For the remainder of the night, I downed another Vodka cranberry, delighting in the fact that it was on the house and I get the bitchy bartender to serve me…all night. ;) :)

On a parting note, what I regularly observe as I’ve been going out virtually every weekend since 2003, is that guys will tolerate opportunistic bullshit from women: whether they be bartenders, waitresses, club girls, etc.

Due to the beta-ization and neutering of men in society today, a girl is liable to get away with any sort of rudeness towards men without fear or trepidation of being put in her place.

Since men think ass-kissing is the way to get laid, which they have no imperical datum to substantiate but to the contrary, they continue to take rude and foul behavior from women, under the impression that the more they withstand and take, they will somehow gain favor in the eye of the girl.

By no means was I the 1st and only guy whom this same bartender had given unwarranted shit to.

However, I can guarantee that 99.9% of the other men whom she had done this to, simply lapped their tails, secretly spoke to the owner and left it at that.

I on the other hand, felt that she was well deserving of a royal scolding and public shaming in order to gain some semblance of a reality check, that the world doesn’t always meld to her ways as if she were in control of destiny.

I’m a strong proponent of “cussing a rude bitch out” whenever the situation calls for it.

Some in pickup may see this as reactive, weak and so forth.

As I’ve stated numerous times in the past: there’s a time and place for everything.

There’s a case for remaining non-reactive and feigning James Bond cool.

Equally, there’s a time and place where the ‘Cool’ approach must be put aside.

Too many guys allow women to walk all over them simply because of pussy power.

When you’re willing to put a girl in her place, it shows her that pussy isn’t that powerful after all, and dick actually has some power of its own.

All in all guys: get rid of this myth that an Alpha-Male is someone who passively allow others [i.e. women] to trample upon him, and pretend as though it never happened.

An Alpha-Male is a man who is willing to do and say the unthinkable, put others in their rightful place when they step out of line. And an Alpha isn’t afraid to offend for a greater cause.

A Beta-Male is someone who’s passive, and passively allow others to constantly disrespect his manhood.

Bear that in mind.

Picking Up Married MILF In Front Of Her Kid

This field report takes us back 2 weekends while on a voyage to a nearby island…which I’ll talk about in a subsequent post.

Ok, so generally, I absolutely never try to chat up women around their kids.

I find this to be a super uncomfortable task to undertake.

However, right after purchasing a Blu Studio Android smartphone from a cellphone-accessory place, as I exited the store, a heavy shower of rain began pouring down, so I sought shelter beneath a canopy right outside of the store.

Next to me, and also seeking shelter, was a mighty-cute MILF.

Like any social master would- instead of standing there muted- I sparked up a conversation with her:

Me: “Does it always rain so much here”?

MILF: “Oh! You’re talking to me? What do you mean”?

Me: “The rain. By the way, I’m not from here. I just got here about 2 days ago but I notice it rains a lot”.

MILF: “Oh not really. Just today though. So where are you from”?

Me: “I’m from New York but live in Antigua. It doesn’t rain this much there. I probably came the wrong time”.

MILF: “Did you come alone? What’s the occasion”?

Me: “I always travel alone. I’m just here to roam around. A lot of people from Antigua came today for some Reggae concert they’re having. You heard about it”?

MILF: “Yea….”

Me: “So…do you go out? Perhaps you can take me out tonight”.

MILF :lol: “You don’t see I’m an old woman? Those days of partying are over for me. I mean, I go out now and then but not to party like when I was younger. Plus I’m married”.

Me: “Oh really!? Where’s the ring”?

She showed me the ring.

Me: “So, your husband would be very jealous if he found out you went out with a younger guy…and a hot one at that”?

MILF: :lol: “I wouldn’t say that. He can trust me”.

Me: “So how does it feel to be getting hit on randomly by young men coming out of a cellphone store? Does this happen to you often”?

MILF: “Definitely doesn’t happen often. It’s refreshing…and different”.

Me: “Well, you’re very attractive. Too bad I don’t live here or I would try to take you away from your husband”.

MILF: :lol: :lol: “You’re full of yourself aren’t you”?

Me: “By the way I’m Kenny”.

MILF: “Francine”.

Me: “Do you use Facebook, Whatsapp…”?

MILF: “I whatsapp. Lemme take your name and number”.

As a key note here: whenever a girl takes your number or asks for it, it’s a sure sign of her attraction and interests…and also her desire to stay in touch.

She didn’t have her mobile phone with her, so she whipped out a pen and pad to jot down my phone number.

We hugged and parted ways.

This was a strange pickup for me because it all took place literally in the face of her daughter who looked to be no older than 12 years old.

It was probably the 1st and only time I ever attempted to, and managed to pick up a woman in front of her kid(s). Not to mention she was married, and the little girl was likely the daughter of the MILF’s husband. So to see a random guy hit on her mother and picked her out, had to have been weird in some way for the daughter.

Be as it may, I wasn’t invested at all in this set as far as pursuing it further.

I merely proceeded with the pick up just for the reference experience.

However, since I would not have seen her again being that I was only there on an adventurous journey for the weekend, it made no sense at all to get psyched up over this pickup.