Facebook Rejection

[My texts in blue. Hers in gray]

You’re stupid if you really think I just got rejected because I didn’t say “good “morning.

Whenever a chick wants to reject a guy, she will pick at the slightest and most trivial point on which to reject the guy…in this case me.

Hence, why did she reject me just now?

Was it my shitty or super-duper opener/icebreaker?

Was it the fact that I didn’t show any manners and say “GM”?

No No No!

Some chicks just aren’t down/interested.

As we teach in pick-up: you won’t get every girl!

Big deal!

I surely don’t get every girl! Hence, take rejection like a man and move on to the next chick who would love to be a part of your party.

However, I must reiterate; if a girl isn’t into you, she will find the least elaborate excuse in the world to reject you…in this case; I failed to say “good morning”.


On that note, I would just like to say that I get rejected often…way more so than the average guy can fathom!

However, because of the law of average, I also pick up and sleep with way more girls than the average guy can fathom.

One in three attempted Facebook pickups I attempt, fail!

That sounds like a hellova-LOW ratio if I’m pulling every 2 out of 3 girls I inbox on Facebook.

What you’re not factoring in, is how many random girls on a daily basis I am attempting to pick up on Facebook.

How many girls do I attempt to pull on Facebook alone per day?

Roughly 10.

Of those 10, I get rejected about 3 to 4 times.

Those 3-4 rejections are rarely ever harsh.

It is simply a case that the vibe doesn’t go anywhere and we both go our separate ways due to the lack of chemistry.

With that, I only get about 1 true/harsh rejection per day, out of the 10 attempted pickups over Facebook…per day.

This was just 1 such case [harsh blowout] of which occur with every 1 in 10 girls per day.

What I want you to take away from this post are few points:

*Don’t take so-called rejections to heart.

As with this so-called rejection, I never attempted to cuss the chick out…though she had blocked me. Had she not blocked me, I would’ve pushed until she either blocks me or conforms. Either way, I would not have been butt-hurt about it.

*Some girls are just socially inept.

Truth is, some chicks are just fucked and aren’t that sociable/approachable. This should be expected.

*It isn’t your approach: it is the girl.

This isn’t true in all cases. Some approaches, whether openers and icebreakers, are just downright shitty. My opener with this girl is very solid! It works like butter to open with a 99% success rate…in getting a reply from the girl.

Hence, since it wasn’t my opener that killed me, it is the fact the girl simply wasn’t interested in me, coupled with the fact that she may have personal issues. But if you fail to get a girl, don’t think that it was too much of your approach, instead of the girl’s state of mind at the moment.

All in all, when you learn to cultivate abundance with women, the ones who get away won’t matter.

You’re basically screening for the chicks who are down while sifting out the ones who aren’t.

Chick Logics Pt.iii – Kissing Is Cheating But Sex Is Not

Recently, I wrote an extensive and edifying post on Chick Logics and how women see logics differently than men do.

Well, if you read my previous post about entitled and spoiled women, this post will cover the interesting aspect of Chick Logics that was very telling in the screenshot that was posted along with the post.

Again- here it is [the screenshot].

Now, what I intentionally failed to mention in that post was that this fuck-buddy of mines has a boyfriend [go figure].

The greater reason as to why she blew me off over the past 2-3 weeks was because her boyfriend was in town…though I didn’t quite know this at the time.

The thing is, I’m a smart fucking guy. The reason I say that is that I am not as foolish and socially inept to ignore the fact that if a girl is spending time with her boyfriend who’s in town for the week, it isn’t likely that she would ditch him to come hang out with me.

Hence, I understood why she brushed me off and ignored my text messages.

I wasn’t all butt-hurt about it in the least. I merely went about my business knowing she would come crawling back for sex when the BF leaves town.

Anyhow, let’s delve into the interesting aspect to this occurrence: and that is the comment/text she made about wanting me to go down on her sans [without] her going down on me…sans kissing altogether.

She doesn’t want to kiss but she wants to fuck!

In essence, what she’s saying is that kissing me would somehow constitute cheating. And fucking me would somehow not amount to cheating.

Do you get that?

Re-read the screenshot if you didn’t get the underlying point and the subtle insinuation.

This girl and I have kissed countless times before.

In fact, I am not much of a kisser and she always insists on us kissing during foreplay.

Now, she does a 180, not wanting to kiss.

Do you know why?

Do you see why?

Listen dude: kissing for some women is seen as cheating, while full-blown fucking another guy behind their significant other’s back is a mere occurrence!

Kissing is a very intimate act for some women! So is sex! But exchanging oral fluids through the mouth and tongue wrestling is much more intimate than balls slapping against buttox…for some women.

Just 2 years ago, I wasn’t so privy to this as I am nowadays.

I would have a girl in the missionary position then try to kiss her but she would shun my kiss by giving me her cheek or chin to kiss instead.

Some girls would flat-out say they don’t kiss, or don’t want to kiss me.

I never knew why this would always occur with 45% of the girl I shagged.

At times, I thought my breath was the problem…though I’m extremely particular about oral care like a compulsion, hence I keep my breath smelling like a pasture of freshly grown mint leaves!

I just couldn’t understand why these girls didn’t want to kiss…albeit they were cheating on someone.

After doing some studies, research and experimentations, I received the revelation that the reason for this is because some women [45% in my experience] viewed kissing as either cheating [if they had boyfriends] or too intimate of an act to perform with someone whom they barely knew…but they would still gladly fuck him…which brings me to the culminative point of chick logics and why women are illogical creatures.

How the fuck on Earth is kissing more intimate of an act than penetration aka fucking!? :shock:

I mean, for a guy, and any rational-thinker for that matter [which are only men], kissing is a mute-fucking point in comparison to wrestling in the sack!


However, a great score of women out there don’t see it that way.

They see kissing as very intimate and crossing a quasi-red line, while all-out fucking is acceptable!

This is HIGHLY ILLOGICAL for any man to come to grips with!

For women [some of them]: this is reasonable!

Now, here is the kicker: kissing outside of the bedroom is NOT a big deal at all for women!

Meaning, kissing a random guy in the club, on the dance floor or on the streets, is within reason [“it just happened”], as long as it [kissing] isn’t within the context of fucking.

This is why we teach in pickup that kissing a random girl on cold approach isn’t a big deal at all.

I always reference this kiss-close video from a few years ago from my PUA buddy out of England, Steve Jabba, who made out with a random Colombian girl within a minute or so of meeting on the streets of London.

Women KILL for the spontaneous moment to be swept off their feet by a ballsy guy via some random act of boldness.

Hence, trying to make out with a stranger [outside the bedroom] isn’t seen as something flagrant to women.

In reality, you have an innate contradiction: women with boyfriends are open to being kissed outside of the bedroom, but those same women aren’t as open inside the bedroom where sex is inevitable.

This contradiction exists because of chick logics and the way in which women interpret/see things of an intimate nature.

For chicks who have boyfriends, kissing the guy on the side is a forbidden act and it violates the sanctity of their relationship [no pun intended :) ].

Even with such girls, this isn’t always so…which adds another twist.

What I mean is, she may have allowed you to kiss her and even participated in the makeout on prior occasions.

After a lovely conversation with her boyfriend, seeing you [the guy on the side] later on that evening, she will not allow for kissing due to the fact that the presence of her boyfriend [be it via phone call] is still so fresh in her mind…But she will still allow you to shag her…but not kiss her.

In addition to that: she won’t go down on you either as the chick clearly said to me.

Why not?

Sucking a cock is too intimate [or nasty] and it is tantamount to cheating…though fucking you is A-Okay! ;) :shock:

Not to mention that this same chick had given me a blowjob on every occasion prior.

This time however, because her boyfriend was just in town, hence his presence is fresh on her mind, sucking my cock would be cheating…but me performing oral sex on her, and fucking her, are okay.

Do you see how women think and operate?

This is why it is HIGHLY fucking STUPID for a man to ever trust a woman fully or even 20% of the way!

I don’t give a rat’s ass if she’s your wife!

It is highly stupid to trust a woman!

It isn’t her as a person, per se, that you shouldn’t trust.

It is her judgments and her ideologies you should be wary of and un-trusting of [her illogical interpretation of things]!

I tell my girlfriend of 6 + years the same thing whenever the subject of trust comes up!

Me: “Babes, don’t take it personal but I would never trust you. It isn’t personal and it isn’t you as a person whom I don’t trust. I just don’t trust your judgments…and I mean that with all respects”.

Sure she may not like that her boyfriend [me] doesn’t trust her [rather her judgments], but she has to accept it!

I am safe-guarding myself from unnecessary pain by keeping a lid on expectations of women.

I’ve fucked too many of men’s wives and girlfriends to know better than to trust any woman [97% of the women I sleep with of the last 10 years, all had boyfriends or were married]!

With that, it isn’t that you shouldn’t trust women. You shouldn’t trust their way of thinking.

As you advance on your journey into dating and pickup, you will have met women who hold some mind-blowing opinions on matters of the sexes, such as those with boyfriends and husbands who insinuate that kissing is forbidden yet sex is permissible.

It is all chick logics so you won’t quite get it as a man.

Good luck bros!

For shits and giggles:

:) :) :)

How Freezeout Tactics Work On Entitled Girls

Karma is a fat bitch.

Now, this chick has been blowing me off for the past 2 weeks because her ex-boyfriend came back in the picture.


I get that! And I get why it happens.

Anyway, so I wanted to hook up with her again over the last 2 weeks and she kept brushing me off, ignoring my messages, etc.

Now- last night- she hits me up with this message.

Did I reply that same night?

Of course not!

I did what she had done to me: purposely ignore my messages.

I’m a firm believer in giving people a dose of their own meds…especially times where chicks come off as spoiled-entitled little brats.

When I wanted to fuck; she wasn’t available.

Now she wants to fuck; I’m supposed to jump up and go?

The game doesn’t work that way.


Anyway, so I purposely declined to answer her that same night. But I did answer her the following morning as a way to taunt her by saying I was busy and didn’t read her texts. :twisted:

Should this be considered “Playing Games”?


However, it is a necessary form of head-games that women often play, but men refuse to play because men are more practical and women are more emotion-based [impractical].

Be as it may, I want to touch on the 2 main lessons to take away from this post:

1.) Entitlement

2.) Freezouts

Alright, most hot girls are entitled.

In other words, they usually have whatever they want at their disposal, and they get whatever they want at the drop of a dime.

Who are these men providing their wants and needs at the drop of a hat?

Beta-Males, Provider-Types and Nice Guys…all of who are the same by the way.

With that being the case, spoiled/entitled women, ‘EXPECT’ that every guy should and would spoil them and be at their beck and call.

This obviously has ramifications in that guys like myself- Alphas- has to be subjected to the bullshit also.

Secondly; the old freeze-out tactic and its powers.

Ignoring a girl who feels she’s entitled and that she’s at liberty to call on any guy, is a very powerful frame as you would’ve realized by the screenshot posted!

Freeze out is basically a pick-up term for strategically ignoring someone.

As I mentioned earlier with this girl, who’s a fuck-buddy of mines, I wanted to hook up a few weeks ago but she kept dismissing me and ignoring my messages.

In essence; she was freezing me out. :(

What she didn’t realize was that attempting to freeze-out a master PUA, was not going to have the same effect as it would’ve had on a spineless Beta-Male who lacks options with women.

Hence, I never texted her again within those 2 weeks, something that was totally unexpected since hot girls aren’t used to being ignored.

This led to her texts last night about wanting to hook up. So, in order to keep a girl honest in such a case; you ignore her [freeze her out], then ignore her attempts of trying to get something out of you. In this case, it is sex that I denied her.

No guy in his right mind would turn a hot girl down for sex…unless he’s a high-valued guy who has options…or crazy. ;)

In the follow-up article, I will address a really interesting point on the topic of chick logics in relation to this girl.

In the meantime, I just hope that you would have realized 2 things:

1.) Hot girls always expect, and rarely give unless they are given a dose of their own medicine.

2.) To put and keep a hot girl in check- and chasing you- you must subject her to a bout of freeze outs.

Frame Control And Dick Pics

Average guy sends a dick pic to a girl he barely knows on FB; he either gets scolded, ignored, blocked or deleted [or all of the above].

Kenny sends a dick pic to a chick he barely knows and she gets all fresh and cunty, I get her to virtually apologize by saying, “I was messing with you”!

How come? It’s all about the “Frame” [controlling it], and my attitude [I am the prize].

If a chick reacts negatively to my random dick-pic: I’ll ignore her as I did here…knowing that she would come running back wondering why I haven’t spoken to her in days.

However, this can only happen if and when you manage to create the right frame from the get-go: “I am the prize”.

At the end of the day- sending dick pics is still a lame thing to do [unless Sexting]. But if you are going to do it, you have to set the right frame from the gate or else you will turn the girl off royally and get yourself blocked!

[Girl’s texts in gray. Mines in blue].



Apart from controlling the underlying frame, is you willingness to walk.

Whenever I interact with a girl, I always give off the vibe that I can care less whether she likes me or not.

With such a carefree and detachment from outcome vibe, it keeps girls in check.

Hence with this chick, after she questioned why I sent her the dick pic, I said what I said and discontinued texting for about 2 days…that was when she responded with “I was messing around/joking”.

Therefore, once you can give off the vibe to a hot girl that you won’t take her shit and that you’re willing to walk, she will chase and get in line.

As for the dick pic: why did I send it in the first place?

Ok, by now I’m guessing that you’re quite familiar with my screenshot gig in that I take screenshots of things women post to Facebook, and apply them to game/pickup.

One of the main pet peeves women have on Facebook, is guys sending random dick pics and expecting a positive reaction.

Chicks see red when guys do this for the most part!

Even if she nonchalantly replies with what seems to be a positive reaction to the random dick pic, it won’t go anywhere whatsoever.

It’s like trying to convince a girl that she should fuck you because you showed her an image of your dick.

It’s like saying to her, “I don’t have anything else to offer as far as interesting convo, so here’s my cock”!

It doesn’t quite pan out that way brodie.

Hence, it often does more damage than good.

I get away with this all the time [or whenever I do it] because of everything I pointed out above.

However, I sent this dick pic in order to prove a point to someone who’s struggling with this…meaning, whenever he sends the random dick pic to the girl’s inbox, he gets shut down or de-friended from her Facebook.

Therefore, my point to him was that I can send a random dick pic to a girl whom I barely know, and get her to chase me still in spite of her bitchy response…and in effect, it’ll even make her want me more. So that was the reason for my dick-pic experimentation with this girl.

Additionally, any sane girl will be taken-aback if she opens up her inbox and there’s a fucking dick staring at her…from a guy whom she had no prior discussions of dicks with.

That was the case in my case.

However, not every girl will apologize, take it back and chase the guy who committed the lewd infraction.

That is the difference between someone who sets the frame/vibe of he being the prize, instead of the girl being the prize.

Moreover, whenever I interact with any new girl, I am the prize!

I am not as foolish to say this to the girl. But my vibe exudes this…and she know it.

With that being said, the next time you’re engaged in a texting session, ask yourself: “Am I the prize, or is she the prize”?

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Mass-Liking Everything A Girl Does on Facebook [Bad-Online Game]

Guys, I’m big on the idea of NOT DLV’ing yourself when trying to attract girls online.

DLV [Demonstrating Low Value] is anything a guy does/says that makes himself appear less attractive to women.

Mass-liking everything a girl posts on Facebook, is a subtle form of a DLV: Demonstration of Low Value.

Here’s a screenshot from a female friend of mines which was posted to Facebook yesterday.


How many of you guys are guilty, or have been guilty of such low-valued shenanigans in the past…and present?

Most of you!

Why do you do this?

The same reason most guys thank women for accepting their friend request: the idea that subtle ass-kissing would win them some brownie points with the girls they are vying for.

It is equivalent to the dancing monkey going, “Like me, like me, like me”!

What often times happen is the girl ends up getting super annoyed by the mass likes on her statuses and photos, and the guy ends up killing his chances before the ballgame even begins.

On that note, my advice to you- if you are guilty of mass-liking everything a girl does/posts- is to quit now!

If you’re looking to seduce a girl through Facebook, you want to ensure as much as possible that she sees you as the guy who’s somewhat aloof, distant and unattainable to a point.

To be in her face proverbially, on everything she posts, will kill your chances…granted she’s a girl whom you’re trying to get with. If she’s someone in whom you have no sexual interest, then feel free to mass-like everything she does! You have nothing to lose!

However, as long as you have an interest there, keep the “likings” to a bare minimum!

Hitting like on everything she does will NOT help you by any chance!

I see guys do this shit on a daily basis, and I just sit back with a bowl of popcorn and laugh at the clown spectacle at hand. :lol: :smile: :lol:

Not to be too big of a dick: I’ve been there also, so I empathize!

However, now that I’ve kicked your ass about, you have no further reasons to continue harassing women online by mass-liking everything they do.


Oh- before I go- I encourage you to buy a copy of “Facebook Bang”, which teaches you how to pick up girls on Facebook and into your bed.

This is my personal method with real-world examples, and not any rehashed bullshit that does work…like 90% of the fluff products around the net.

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Texting Shy Girls – What You Should Know [text-game examples]

I will share with you a recent and typical text-conversation between myself and a super-shy hottie.

Normal text-game rule of keeping the convo balanced, should be discarded because a shy girl isn’t going to open up and have a balanced conversation.

Therefore, you must invest way more as the guy trying to seduce her [95-5 at times…you doing 95% of the texting].

With shy girls, you also must learn the art of fucking blabbering and rambling!

That is to chat/text until your mouth/fingers fall off!

If you let up; she won’t carry the conversation!

Not that she isn’t interested. But she’s overly timid and too reserved to express herself.

Hence, if you rely on the girl [especially a super shy one] to carry the convo; IT WILL GO NOWHERE!

You will notice how imbalance the conversation is, where she’s mainly providing 1-word answers and I’m blabbering away.

This is a must with super-shy girls! Just fucking blabber about anything!

Don’t expect her to provide much interaction.

It doesn’t mean she isn’t interested!

Remember; a shy girl is NOT going to carry the conversation!

Therefore, you have to carry it almost fully or else the convo will stall and she will move on since she relies on you to do the work. Not because she’s a selfish bitch, but it isn’t within her to divulge much of her opinions…especially if she’s someone you just met.

As RSD Jeffy famously said; learn how to have diarrhea of the mouth!

[My texts are in green, and hers in white. In no specific order].










Ok, so that was the chat log from Whatsapp Messenger.

Very one-sided to say the least…as expected.

When I’d posted these string of screenshots to my Facebook, a student of mines chimed in with the following comment.


His concern is a genuine and realistic one.

The average guy will believe that the reason why the girl isn’t responding more actively is because she isn’t interested or doesn’t care to respond in great details.

Here’s the thing: this is only true in cases where the girl is NOT a shy one.

If a girl is half-way sociable and she only replies with short answers like: “No, yes, nah, hmmm, maybe, sure, IDK, why, true”, then it is likely a terrible sign of her disinterest.

However, if she’s a shy person, then you cannot expect elaborate replies but just 1-worders for every 2-3 texts you send.

I know of scores of men who would give up immediately if they aren’t getting much in return via text from the girl.

Most guys would feel as though they’re talking to themselves and just abandon the interaction and hit next.

The thing is, if the girl doesn’t reply at all, then you might as well throw in the towel.

Sending 2, 3, 4 texts without any reply, is usually an IOD [Indicator of Disinterest] for whatever reason…which means you should move on.

However, as long as the girl replies; you are still in the ball game!

It is when she never replies that you truly have to move on.

Nevertheless, seducing a shy girl is time-consuming and it is a much slower and longer process than if the girl were expressive and open.

Not only do you have to expend more time and energy texting and talking, but you have to do a lot of feeling-out for yourself. If you’re unable to read women, this may become somewhat challenging.

On a final note, rambling is pretty much all you need with these very shy types.

Verbal diarrhea as RSD Jeffy calls it.

Just spit, spit, spit every other day until the opportune moment presents itself, where you can suggest meeting up with the least amount of objections.

I must re-emphasize that a (shy) girl is NOT going to seduce herself, neither is she going to seduce you by chatting you up!

This [rambling] is also applicable in set- in person- whenever chatting up a girl: shy or not.

Again- most guys C&B [Crash and Burn] whenever chatting up a hottie, be it online, via text or in person upon cold approach.

Hence, it is a must that you learn how to keep your conversational skills fluid and constant.

With past students, upon analyzing their text conversation, I am flabbergasted to see how easily guys guy up under the impression that the girl wasn’t interested because she kept her messages in reply to a minimal amount of words…and the girl said that she was a shy type to begin with.

I’m like, “Dude! WTF are you thinking!!? The girl literally told you that she’s shy yet you were expecting her to participate and give 50-50! That is stupid on your part dude!!! The most you should expect from a shy girl is 20-80: she doing 20% of the talking/texting”!

Too damn often guys blow themselves out and reject themselves by thinking that the girl wasn’t into them because she wasn’t saying much.

I reiterate: This is only the case if the girl is NOT shy!

Therefore, scroll back up and scan the lopsided text-log via screenshots, with my texts in green and the shy hottie’s in white.

Don’t focus so much on what I said/texted.

Take note of how much more I texted in comparison to her.

In any normal text-game situation [with a non-shy chick], this would be proverbial-fucking suicide [over-texting]!

However, with shy types, there is no such thing as over-texting and texting too much. So you can, must and will have to break that text-game rule if you intend to convert a shy girl into a notch!


More PUA Instructor-Level Text-Game: “False Disqualifying”, Push-Pull & Playing Hard-To-Get With Hot Girls

Ok guys, some more personal text-game examples via screenshots for you.

Some days ago, a hot chick from the past hit me up on Facebook…I guess to catch up.

Background: I picked her up during some street game a few years back [perhaps 4 years ago].

We hit it off of course, but because she had to fly out, I wasn’t able to pursue the bang.

Whenever I miss a bang opportunity in such a fashion, I usually NEXT the girl since I don’t believe in long-distance romancing unless the chick will return shortly…in the matter of a day or 2.

Anyway, upon departure, she friend-requested me on Facebook. Though I wasn’t interested anymore, I accepted the request anyways.

Although she returned shortly after, my interest level was at zero, since I had a plethora of other chicks on my proverbial bang-list.

This is the beauty of the masterful PUA who has attained a level of abundance with women: any 1 girl does NOT count!

Doesn’t matter how hot a girl is- and this chick is smoking-fucking hot by the way- a master PUA who enjoys an abundance of hot women, does NOT get hung up on any 1 particular chick.

Anyway, so few days ago, she hits me up on Facebook out of the blue.

Remind you: I had deleted her from Facebook over a year ago.


Because I can! ;)

I have a knack for treating hot girls like disposable paper.

That is part of my bad-boy persona: to flip the script on women, and become the one who plays indifferent and hard-to-get.

One cannot play hard-to-get when he has no options.

When you have options; brushing women off will have become easy-breezy.

Be as it may, here is the text-log via Facebook Messenger from a few days ago [Saturday].

I want you to take note of my vibe, disposition and push-pull strategy.

By the way, an obscured photo of this HB is below.


[Her texts in gray. Mines in blue]


She confirmed that I did delete her from my Facebook…and I did. Again; deleting a hot girl for no apparent reason, will deliver a punishing blow to her hot-girl ego since no guy out there has the heart and balls to pull such a move on such a hot girl.


I did add her back the night before, after taking notice of her through a mutual friend’s post.


I flatter her a bit as an attempt to butter her up. She claimed that I put up a front when we first met so she moved on. So- why did I put up a front? I didn’t! I simply had more girls on my plate whom I needed to prioritize before her…so I put her on the back-burner and she took it to mean I was being a dick, putting up a front and playing hard-to-get.


Basically, she assumed that I wouldn’t date her…if she were single. When a girl does/says this, it indicates that she’s qualifying and she’s the one in the position of lesser value/power. She’s the beggar, and she’s in the seller frame. This is a far cry from the usual frame where guys are trying to get a girl into a relationship. She is trying to get me into a relationship…if she were single she claims. ;)

She also said “I know you”. In other words; she knows the type of guy I am…someone who enjoys abundance with women, and isn’t about any drawn-out affair.



Again, she tries to make her case/pitch as to why I should want to be in a relationship with her: I would get her sexy body as a perk of the relationship. In essence, she tries a subtle bribe. Now this is where I get creative with some “False Disqualifiers” by telling her that she’s too young for me. She then “qualifies” herself by saying “so what”…meaning she isn’t too young for me. That is the power of effectively using “False Disqualifiers”.


Again I rained on her parade by telling her that she’s too young and not my type in other words, if she isn’t over 28. I mean, which man in his right mind would say this to a hot 24-year old? NONE…except a man who has lots of women and choices in his life!

She then mentions that she’s close to 28 [being 24] :smile: :) .Again; she qualifies herself to me. This is what you want happening when trying to seduce a hot girl. You want her begging and trying to prove herself worthy to be with you.


I play hard-to-get even more by telling her in other words, that it isn’t practical for me to wait until she reaches 28 because anything can happen tomorrow. Then she qualifies again by saying in other words that 3 more years isn’t a long way.

I then throw her for a loop [push-pull technique] by telling her that I like her. Remember what I told you recently that you want to become a contradiction with women? You go left then suddenly take her right. Say/do something which contradicts something you’d said/done previously. This is exactly what I’m doing here.


I’m making her feel a bit inadequate by saying that she doesn’t measure up since she isn’t 28 +. Again, she tries to convince me that she doesn’t have issues as most girls under 28 do…according to moi. ;)


I don’t quite know why the hell she would think I was open to marriage. Anyway, I told her that I break hearts. Adding to the bad-boy frame which I try to project.


Here, she tries to match my bad-boy, heart-breaker frame by implying that she and I are alike…or that she’s more heartless than I am. Again- she qualifies herself again and again and again.

Ok, so what is this “Qualifying” concept I keep citing?

“Qualifying, or “to qualify”, is a pick-up term we use to describe the act of one trying to prove him/herself to another person.

It is equivalent to the average job interview process, where the interviewee presents his or her credentials and “Qualifications” for the job or position.

That is qualifying.

The person who attempts to show/prove that he or she qualifies for the job [for instance], is essentially at the mercy of the person to which he/she qualifies.

The one who tries to qualify, essentially has less value!

The person seeking the job [the qualifier], has less value than the one who hires.

Just as the boss, supervisor or manager has more value than the employee whom he or she oversees.

Hence, in dating, the one who presents their qualifications as to why he or she should be taken on board, is the one having lesser value than the other.

Therefore, when I say to a girl, “You’re too young for me”, and she goes, “No I’m not. I’m old enough”. She is essentially saying that she qualifies and has the qualifications though she’s younger than what I’m looking for.

Do you get it?

When it comes to dating and getting laid a ton, it is often a power play on both sides.

However, most times, it is the girl who has the guy trying to prove himself to her [qualifying] through words and actions.

My text-game method flips the script, and gets the girl trying to prove herself to me instead.

Hence, I am the one with the power, leverage and the chooser’s frame.

With that being said: how do you get a girl to qualify and try to prove herself to you…and chase you like this girl is doing?

A combination of factors which emanated from my vibing during the text-log.

1.) Learn to dismiss girls!

2.) Ignore her texts ever so often!

3.) Delete them from your Facebook!

4.) Develop a rebellious vibe

5.) Give off a player vibe and hit on other women [pre-selection theory]

Those are just 5 key factors in how I get hot girls to chase and qualify themselves to me.

Do you have to do this with every hot girl [dismiss her, etc]?

No you don’t.

However, since hot girls are accustomed to guys chasing and begging, it is a much wiser approach to utilize this sort of text game.

Also, this works great with girls who are stuck-up and snobbish.

Overall, I’m hoping that you realize how powerful it is to be the chasee and not the chaser.