Day2 With Sexy-British Indian Girl + How To Structure Dates And Be Persuasive

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Remember the British Indian girl I’d picked up Friday afternoon, the one I wrote about in this field report: Don’t allow women to outsmart you ?

I actually didn’t know she was full-blooded East Indian born in England until we chatted about it.

Well, as expected, she did not get to outsmart/out-frame me by putting off our Day 2/meet-up for a later date.


We actually met up that Friday night after picking her up the same day earlier.

It had totally slipped my mind that I even met up with the Brit [shit like this happens when you have options and meet random women on a daily basis].

This was actually the same night I’d deleted the # of a girl whom I picked up that same Friday evening too: More pussy- less patience.

PUA Field Report

Anyway, so after her dinner with family, she had plans to go on a date with some guy right afterwards [someone whom a relative had introduced her to].

If you’d read the field report detailing the pickup, my known intention was for her to flake on the guy by standing him up somehow and instead meet up with me.

This’ a tall fucking order. But once you’re able to lead and persuade women; convincing them to ditch prior plans is very possible.

Hence, she stood the guy up and rendezvoused with me instead. ;)

Aren’t women evil! :evil: :twisted:

Just kidding! ;)

Ok, everything comes down to frames, frame battle and frame control.

Whenever a girl tries giving me her phone # with the promise that we’d go out sometime in the near future: I take that as an attempted brush-off, a diss and stall tactics…because it usually is.

Therefore with this girl, I didn’t allow her to pull that stunt on me after grabbing her phone number.

I made it clear to her while picking her up, “I will call you later after your family dinner and you and I will meet up…”.

Now, she could’ve simply ignored my call and blew me off altogether.

However, my frame was pretty convincing on a subconscious level:

“It’s either now/today or never”.

Whenever I pick up a random girl, such is my attitude. Since I own my shit; women usually comply with my frame/my shit.

Hence when I insinuated to this British Indian girl that she should flake on her date, she bought in and felt that seeing me would be worth it more than meeting up with the other guy whom she obviously knew prior.

The calling card of a master PUA is 1 who has the ability to get a girl to fuck off her prior plans with another guy for him instead.

This chick had zero reason to blow the other guy off for me. But she bought into my insistent frame.

Ok, so I rang her Friday night after 7 PM when I figured her outing with family might had concluded.

She answers:

Me: “Hey N******, it’s Kenny. The shy guy who you picked up earlier today”.

Girl: “LOL so funny. :) So what’s up”?

Me: “Remember my suggestion earlier, that we should hang out prior to your date”?

Girl: “Yea”

Me: “Well I’m driving through your area so you can meet me and we chat for a bit. It’s not a date or anything”.

Girl: “You don’t even know where I live let alone my area”.

Me: “Ok- you got me. So…where can we meet? How about at the same location we met earlier”?

Girl: “I don’t even know where that was. I’m not familiar with the area. Only been here twice in my life for vacation”.

Me: “Ok cool. Gimme your address and I’ll meet you and we take a walk in your area. I don’t want us to go too far since you aren’t familiar with the area”.

[This was basically a verbal gambit to allay her fears of telling a stranger where she lives]

She puts me on hold to ask 1 of her local relatives the name of the area, street, etc.

Girl: “Ok, it’s ****** street off of ***** drive, the building facing the ****”.

Me: “Ok cool. I know where that is. I’ll swing by and pick you up shortly”.

Girl: “Will be waiting in front the building”

It just so happened that I was about a 5 minute walk away from her place, so I got there pretty fast.

Girl: “Where’s the car? I thought you were driving”?

Me: “I parked it nearby since we were gonna walk”.

A little-white lie wont hurt nobody. ;)

Anyway, my intention wasn’t a dinner, movie nor formal date.

This should make you ponder why she flaked on the other guy. Could it have been that he planned on taking her to a formal and lame dinner date at some fancy joint to wine and dine her?

Most likely!

No wonder she stood him up for the more casual pressure-free walk and chat with moi.

There are key-logistical reasons I almost always suggest a walk and chat opposed to a dinner date or something lame as that.

1.) No pressure

2.) The girl doesn’t have to dress to impress for a walk and chat

3.) Casual

4.) Less nerves at play since it’s super informal

The most important reason I take women for walk and chat, is that I can always get intimate and sneak the girl off to my place if the logistics permit.

Seated in a restaurant or on a dinner date, the logistics of the venue itself, will fuck you out of intimacy.

Hence, always opt for a walk and chat meet-up and NEVER dinner and a movie…unless she’s your girlfriend or someone you’d already slept with numerous times.

Ok, so we walked some blocs and made our way to a restaurant which was already closed.

We didn’t go there looking something to eat. We were looking somewhere to sit. And the restaurant had this outdoor patio type of setup, so the Brit and I sat there to get acquainted.

Nothing much worth talking about occurred besides me lifting her up and putting her to sit on a railing, a bit of hugging and other romantic KINO PDA gestures just to create an intimate frame.

What I really wanted to highlight is something that I’ve noticed and been hammering home for the past months, which is that it is highly possible to convince and persuade a girl to essentially abandon her previous plans.

Most guys never attempt to try to get a girl to drop her plans in the 1st place, so attempting this would seem highly unlikely and impossible for most of us.

However, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get a girl to flake and stand up another dude to hang out with you instead.

At the end of the night: I did not get laid.

How come?

No excuses but my girlfriend had wanted me to handle some stuff for her around 9:30 PM. The so-called date had already gone pass 9:45. So my hands were tied to forfeit sleeping with the Brit that Friday night.

No worries: we’ll be meeting up again perhaps tomorrow night [Thursday] for the D3…that’s if something else doesn’t come up.

All in all, this goes to show how you can meet a girl today (complete strangers) and take her out the same day/night and not have to go through the customary BS as talking over the phone, texting, waiting, scheduling, re-scheduling and so forth.

While walking back from the so-called date, or the “walk and chat” as I like to term it, I snapped a few photos in which she was camera-shy so she kept out of camera view as much as possible.

“The bearded Alpha”: shattering the myth that you have to be well-groomed to pick up girls

Shattering the myth that British girls are hard to pick up

Shattering the myth that British girls are hard to pick up

Holding hands as we walked (creating a romantic vibe) instead of being hands off

Holding hands as we walked (creating a romantic vibe) instead of being hands off

PUA acronym and term list

The Black Dons: Socialkenny & Company Weekend Of Carnival Madness [2007 Field Report]

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It’s about that time again in the island of Antigua: the annual Carnival Festivities held in July to August!

Carnival is akin to Mardi Gras but on steroids.

This field report takes us back to early August 2007, the only year that I actually attended this week-long festival.

The boys and I [the Black Dons], who were all coworkers at the time, working for a sand-mining firm on the island of Barbuda, we decided on a Friday afternoon to hop on the ferry [The Barbuda Express] to the neighboring island of Antigua for the 45 minute voyage to the poon-fest.

Our pre-conceived plan was to ditch work for 4 days, essentially risk being fired just for a time of frolic and girls.


We were all either in our early 20′s to mid 20′s [the 5 of us], so taking such stupid chances and being whimsical about life, was a mere afterthought.

What brilliant excuse will we cook up for our boss as to why we will have missed 4 straight days of work?

“We fell ill over the weekend due to food random fish poisoning from a restaurant we ate, so we were advised by the doctor to stay put as this poisoning was very contagious”.

However, we’d need a sick-leave medical slip as proof [didn't think of that].

Cerca 2007 (after a day of work). In those years, I always wore hats

Cerca 2007 (after a day of work). In those years, I always wore hats

By the way, I’d been employed as a seasonal worker since 2004 to 2009, for the said sand-mining company on the island of Barbuda (as a MACK truck-driver). Since I would travel to Antigua virtually every Summer or Winter from New York City, my job was always guaranteed for that time. But the lure of pussy in a Mardi Gras type of atmosphere, was just too promising to pass up on and not risk losing my seasonal job…which was high-paying needless to say.

Anyway, we touched down in the neighboring island of Antigua and crashed out at some vacant dormitory on a University campus…which was illegal by the way, since we weren’t medial students, hence weren’t allowed to stay on campus [go figure].

We were tryna conserve cash any way possible, so bumming a spot was ideal to renting an expensive-hotel suit or stay at a guest-house. Hence, a crooked-medical student whom we knew, had snuck us onto campus with our luggages and showed us a spot where vagrants and illegals running from immigration crashed out.

Talk about risky! :shock:

We were crammed in a somewhat spacious room with not only the 5 of us [the Black Dons], but other strangers whom we knew nothing about: prostitutes, drugees and other guys like ourselves.

The room surprisingly was fully furnished with running water and electricity.

First phase of our 4 days of Carnival completed: we got a place to stay…free of charge. :)

My intention as an ardent Pick-Up Artist back in 2007, was to get laid, and not merely to have fun for fun sake.

My coworkers [the Black Dons], weren’t PUA’s, didn’t know anything about it, but they did somewhat decently for themselves in the girls department…however with no consistency. So they all relied on me to pull girls back to the University hideout in order that we get laid.

Our 1st night there [a Friday], I went out alone and the boys split up in 3 and 2 but we all met up eventually at the Carnival festival grounds in St. John’s City.

The guys attended some cultural shows inside the stadium while I elected to stay outside and try to pick up girls on cold approach…something which was foreign to my coworkers (as it is to most “normal” guys].

I met a girl [can't remember her name] aimlessly standing around outside of the stadium, so I picked her up.

We end up taking the long-ass walk back to the medical university, snuck onto campus by scaling the wall nearest to the highway, dodging security and made our way to the decrepit dormitory which was supposed to be vacant.

Surprisingly, no one was there out of the 10 or so people whom I’d counted earlier.

As we were shagging down (the girl and I), someone walked out of the shower and startled the hell out of us!

It was an illegal, a national of The Dominican Republic, who was hiding out due to his transgression of the immigration laws.

He eventually excused himself and the girl and I resumed the raw-god humping.

We got a cab ride back to the festival grounds, we parted ways and that was that. 1st night there, got 1 lay under the belt.

Met back up with the Black Dons/coworkers, but they were too wasted to coherently aid me in pulling some more girls back to the spot.

Cerca 2007, Socialkenny (in blue) and the Black Dons (coworkers)

Cerca 2007, Socialkenny (in blue) and the Black Dons (coworkers)

Next night [Saturday], same shit again: we hit the city, circumvent the festival grounds, had massive fun as the previous night.

I managed to pull a set of girls from the streets to the festival grounds, introduced them to my coworkers and we all went back to the university campus, scaled the walls and snuck into the should-be abandoned dormitory.

The electricity was out so we had to use our cellphone lights to find our way around the room. I noticed that a pair of my sneakers was missing, my cellphone charger and some other stuff out of the luggages.


A drunken orgy ensued throughout the early morning.

When the sun rose, the girls were grossed out at the state of the place: random guys sprawled out on the floor, opened condoms wrappers and jizz-filled condoms beside the beds…totally fucking gross shit!

They left that Sunday morning.

We were starving to death and hadn’t eaten since midday the previous day.

A fat girl whom I’d picked up weeks earlier on [she deceived me by using fake photos of her trimmer sister], I contacted her and got her to cook some breakfast for the Black Dons.

She snuck over that Sunday morning, stayed on the outside of the University wall of the campus where Black Man [1 of the Black Dons] met her to collect the foods which were crammed into foam plates like doggy treat for us.

The “big girl” came in handy after all! ;)

At this point, we were flat broke; all 5 of us!

On average, each one of us brought along between $850 to $1,000 for the 4 day stay.

We literally blew all that cash within 2 nights of partying and barely thought that we would need to eat. :( :lol:

Sunday night, we were too broke to attend any of the paid-entry shows and festivities so we virtually loafed around in the city like vagrants trying to pull some bitches back to the grotesque dormitory.

This was taking place inside the festival grounds (photo from Antigua Carnival 2013)

This was taking place inside the festival grounds (photo from Antigua Carnival 2013)

We were unsuccessful that night but did manage to collect some phone numbers at least [in retrospect- what how pitiful].

At the end of the day, I got 2 lays in 3 nights [Friday night and Saturday night], and could’ve banged the big girl who’d deceived me, had I been sexually repressed, to make it 3 lays in 3 nights…but I outed not to.

The Monday morning brought forth what is called Jouvert [Ju-vay], which is Mardi Gras on steroids: wild shit from sunrise to sunset!

Although this field report dates back to 2007, this event happens annually. We attended the 2007 Jouvert, but it’s the same shit every year.

The following video is from Antigua Jouvert [Ju-vay], August 2012, just to give you a sense of what it’s like and what goes on there. Folks of all ages, sizes and ethnicities getting wild.

Todd Valentine HotSeat: You’re Never Too Advanced To Learn

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“You’re never too advanced to learn”.

RSD Todd Hotseat

I don’t know how late I am on this (perhaps weeks), but I’m super excited about the RSD Todd Hotseat which has just been launched recently.

Pickup, I view it as a never-ending learning process.

Not only myself actually, but anyone who’s consistent and good in this, will tell you that they are always learning, progressing, improvising and improving.

You’re never too old to learn some new tricks, new tactics and new theories about attracting and getting women.

Personally, I’m a junkie for field testing and learning novel pickup ideas which I can incorporate into my already deep repertoire of seduction firepower.

One guy whom I’ve been learning massive amounts of new stuff from over the past 7 months, is Todd Valentine.

When it comes to picking up women, Night Game [picking up women in nightlife environments] is my forte. Hence the title of my blog a few years ago featured the image below.

Todd Valentine is a savage at night game, to include picking up chicks at bars, clubs and parties. So basically right up my alley.

I wanna encourage you guys, that if you’re looking to get more sex, more makeouts, more chances of becoming intimate with women, quit being day-game junkies [picking up women during the daytime] collecting phone numbers which 9 in 10 times leads to nowhere.

Night Game or the nigh time in general, is synonymous with sex, romance, intimacy and frolic.

Women will be 10 times more susceptible and opened to random acts of intimacy, such as random makeouts and going home with strangers.

It has nothing to do with alcohol consumption, but more to do with the time of day [night], atmosphere, ambiance and lights of nightlife venues which serve to distract women from their logical tendencies.

Most guys find nightlife environments and venues intimidating, so they elect to not participate or go out. But that’s like loving the beach and you live right next to the beach but are afraid to go swim. Guys love pussy (easy ones especially) but are cowards to meeting women where pussy is available [go figure].

Todd, who happens to be a Facebook buddy of mines some years now, in my eyes, is the most dynamic Pickup coach in the game when it comes to night game and getting laid through that medium.

Lastly, he isn’t what Hollywood would consider the guy with perfect looks. He isn’t tall, isn’t slender-built, nor society’s ideal of a handsome guy…yet he gets the job done which hammers home the point that looks don’t fucking matter but only that you make them matter!

Because quite frankly, the most good-looking guys, are NOT pulling girls out the bars and clubs, not even once in a while.

However, not so good-looking to average looking chaps like myself, can consistently make prince charming bow down out of shame that he is unable to do what non-traditional handsome guys can.

Hence, don’t make looks or height (shortness) an excuse. And don’t be so stubborn to learning new ideas to meeting women and getting laid.

Todd Hotseat

4 Japanese Girls Pulled Back To The Condo For Sex From The Club [Squattin Cassanova Infield]

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Squattin Cassanova

Squattin Cassanova

What I really liked most about this video is how a good wingman can actually help you get laid.

The thing is, with most men, we are terrified to approach women in groups, hence we roam around until we spot lone wolves…which as we know already: hot girls are rarely ever alone in public gatherings.

In this video, the PUA coach, Squattin Cassanova aka the Asian 50 Cent, including his students, approached a set of Japanese girls coming from the club.

Now, as expected, the objective of a PUA when meeting women in such circumstances (bar, club, etc), is to get One-Night Stand sex.

This becomes trickier and more difficult in cases where the girl is with friend(s), and your wingman, doesn’t have game/skills to make the process easier to pulling the girls back home.

The blessing in disguise here (in the video), was that Squatting Cassanova and his novice pickup students bumped into a PUA from RSD [a Pickup company, who then aided in winging the guys to taking the 4 Japanese girls back to their place for a morning of sex.

Who was the RSD guy?

Beats the shit out of me.

I’m not quite sure if it was an RSD instructor or just a normal PUA practitioner who uses RSD style of pickup.

Nevertheless, he has game and tactical skills which made this pull possible.

It’s great to have a wingman who knows his way around women and logistics (such as the RSD guy…who is anonymous).

Another lesson here from the video that you should extrapolate, is to not let indecision and indecisiveness on the part of women, fluster and kill your chances.

The girls couldn’t make up their minds on whether to go party some more or to go back to the guy’s place.

A little-white lie actually came in handy when the guy from RSD told the girls that Squattin Cassanova had a karaoke machine back at his place, in order to propel the girls to want to come along and be entertained.

It was a lie of course. But why not, when it means getting the girl(s) back to your place?

This also hearkens back to a recent post of mines where I reminded you guys to never let women outsmart you when it comes to hooking up and meeting up.

To get laid often, it is necessary to learn how to think on your feet, improvise and act decisively- whether alone or with a wingman.

This video demonstrates this fully.

Squattin Cassanova, a PUA veteran and coach, including the RSD guy who randomly appeared to wing by chance (another PUA veteran), were able to think on their feet, handle the logistics, lead the women, and withstand their indecision to then take them home.

Not to mention that dude had already banged another girl earlier in the night (raw dogg as he admitted), so this was an encore for him.

Just some skills you’ll learn once you begin to advance in the field.


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