What Separates A Seduction Master From The Rest: Real-Time Filtration [advanced insight]

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Some perspectives on how I see through the matrix on an interaction with women.

Whenever conversing with a girl, a complete stranger, a co-worker or someone with whom I’m already acquainted, every word and physical expression is filtered in, scanned, scrutinized and dissected through the proverbial microscope of my brain.

This is all done within nanoseconds without having to reach into my head to ponder how A ties into B.

This “power” is what separates a master from the crowd.


Video Blog (Vlog) For August 26, 2014

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*Why PUA’s in Toronto don’t get laid.

*Do I hate UK PUA’s, or at least their style of game?

*Why you should go out alone, sarge alone and drop the wingmen.

*Why I haven’t recorded any pick-up videos for the Summer

*How and why I record my amateur stuff.

My Personal Sticking-Point In Game And Courtship

Posted in Eye Contact, Sticking Points on August 26, 2014 by kennyata joseph

As someone who offers radical advice on the subject of getting good with women and approaching strangers, it’s very common to be held in such a standing, particularly by readers who are less skilled, which seems to communicate that I have my shit all together.

Well- I’m here to break the news which is long overdue: I do have sticking-points of my own- some of which I deal with and others that I procrastinate on.

The most nagging sticking-point of mines that I wish to share here and now, is Eye Contact.

While in conversation, I have zero issues maintaining eye contact with the girl.

I am fully adept at that.

My issue is NOT while in conversation but while out of conversation or before approaching the girl to break the ice.

Like if you watch those movies and music videos of guys eyeing down the girl from across the room- I generally have trouble doing that.

It makes me feel as though I’m staring and stalking like a predator, so I avoid eyeing a girl down altogether.

On the approach, I do seek eye contact though.

It is when I’m not approaching the girl as yet, that I get uneasy with looking her in the eyes.

Now don’t get me wrong, by no means am I at the bar with my head and gaze lowered to the floor in order to avoid eye contact with people like a passive anti-social dude!

My head and eyes are always up in the air. However, instead of looking women directly in the eyes, I would elect to scan the room instead by slowly sweeping my eyes and head in various directions.

Ok, so that is my sticking-point which I have been aware of for the greater part of the last 5 years.

Yep- I said 5 fucking years!

Granted I never made a serious effort in correcting this apart from acknowledging the handicap and knowing that it is something I wish to fix.

By the way, this inability to look women in the eyes if I’m not approaching them, only occurs in venues such as nightclubs, bars, stores, restaurants, etc.

If I’m at a fast-food joint ordering a burger and there’s a hottie across the room eating or waiting in another line, I would check her out for sure, but avoid eye contact if I don’t have the logistics to approach her.

If we do lock eyes, I would generally look away.

This is somewhat human instincts by the way [to look away and not stare] which dates back to the pre-historic man…in my hypothesis.

Getting caught staring at another Homo-Erectus’ woman (especially if he’s an Alpha-Male), might get you spared or stoned. So over time, humans becoming self-preservation oriented, began taking measures to appear more non-threatening.

Again- this is actually my theory but sounds plausible. ;)

Anywho, so looking away whenever someone catches your eyes isn’t an abnormal neither rare occurrence.

It’s actually the norm to look away…especially for women since fear and safety are bigger factors for them.

Nevertheless, I would love to eye-fuck a hottie from across the bar counter without feeling like Ted Bundy.

This is something I’ll continue to work on and hopefully master it by year’s end.

I have been making strides over the past week by solidly looking women in the eyes whenever I pass them on the roadside and am unable to chat them up [poor logistics].

Lastly, my sticking-point goes to show that none of us are immune to having glitches in our game.

None of us are too advanced to having flaws neither.

Thus, hopefully you guys will have become comforted by the revelation that Kenny does have sticking-points and he doesn’t have his shit all together.


Getting Rid Of Your Social Anxiety Through This Video Challenge

Posted in Day-Game Sarging, Street Approach with tags on August 26, 2014 by kennyata joseph

A repost of my infamous “approaching 26 girls with the g-string opener’ video, which I’d initially published before the Summer, but had to pull due to a controversial “leakage” which led to a public outcry in the social media-sphere.

It was arguably the fastest growing video I ever posted as far as views go: 252 views in less than 10 hours.

The point of the video was just to demonstrate how one can get away with saying anything to complete strangers without any repercussion.

Therefore, you have nothing to fear in speaking your mind.

That’s what I want you guys, especially the ones suffering from chronic-social anxiety, to take away from the video.

Here it is again!


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