Cock-blocked By British-Indian Girl’s Sister [Botched Day3 Lay Attempt]

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East Indian Brit' girl on D3 (3rd meet-up) @ fast-food joint

East Indian Brit’ girl on D3 (3rd meet-up) @ fast-food joint


Quick background:

Two Fridays ago while heading home from work, I met an East-Indian hottie (on 3 weeks vacation in Antigua) from England, while walking the streets.

That same Friday afternoon that we met, we met up later in the evening for a “walk and chat” type of rendezvous…which did not end in sex because quite frankly- I didn’t have the urge for sex that night. :shock: :(

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This past Friday [the 25th] after an early night @ the lounge, as I got home just before 12 AM, the Indian rang my phone and wanted to hang out, but I was too tired to crawl back out of my lair even with the lure of fresh-foreign poon which I hadn’t tapped into as yet.

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Saturday, she seemed to have been busy (myself also) so we didn’t contact each other at all that day.

Sunday afternoon, I shoot her a text:

“Hey ***, I’m gonna grab a quick bite @ a fast-food joint around 8 o’clock. Feel free to join me”.

She immediately called me:

Indian: “Hi Kenny. I was just thinking about getting out of the house later too. I don’t know where this restaurant is. How will I get there”?

Me: “I’ll pick you up at your place and we’ll go there and take it from there”.

After 7 PM, I passed by my grandma’s for the customary Sunday-evening dinner.

Burned some time before I was to pick up the girl in the taxi.

Cock-Blocking Field Report

After a while, we met up, the taxi dropped us off near the fast-food joint (which was in my part of town).

We walked in and I ordered 2 cranberry juices at which point, she went into her purse intending to pay for both.

I typically get this a lot from UK girls; they almost always elect to pay for both orders and never to go Dutch neither to have me pay for 2. They almost always are overly willing to pay.

Quick pointer: always seize opportunities to make women invest. The more she invests [pays, buys, calls, walks, etc], the more she will have liked you and the easier sex becomes.

This girl’s attempt to invest in purchasing the juices was enough indication of her liking for me, so I payed for both drinks since I already had the cash in hand.

This had nothing to do with being a gentleman [I'm the furthest from a gentleman], but to reward her for the attempted investment and the fact that she accepted to hang out in the 1st place. So purchasing both drinks was my way to reward her compliance.

Read: Make her earn it!

Anyway, we took our juices and I led her to sit outside where there were benches…plus privacy away from other patrons.

While she took a phone call, I took a photo of her with my Sony digital camera which I rarely ever use.

East Indian Brit' girl on D3 (3rd meet-up) @ fast-food joint

East Indian Brit’ girl on D3 (3rd meet-up) @ fast-food joint

This phone call will come back to bite me in the ass a bit later.

We chatted about random stuff (for starters)- fluff and so forth.

My intent was NOT to stay there all night but to get her back to my place…which is why I chose this spot to begin with since its favorable logistics of being in walking distance of my apartment (10 minutes away).

With such comfortable logistics, I believe that I played it too fucking safe and got complacent in retrospect! :mad:

I really didn’t believe anything could intervene short of a sporadic emergency.

Her cellphone rang again:

Indian: “Hey ********, I’m at a restaurant in the Park district area with my date. It’s a really nice spot. They even have a retro drive-in movie theatre in the courtyard”.

It appeared to me that her sister at that point, took this as a goddamn invitation to come along rather than casual conversation!

She gave her the name of the establishment…which I didn’t think a big deal about. Totally wasn’t expecting the sister to show the hell up, knowing she was on a so-called date!

I was wrong!

Not long after: guess who showed up in a taxi?

Yep- the fucking older sister!


The bitch strolls over nonchalantly as if she belongs here.

I was merely acknowledge by her but for a nod of the head- totally violating the process.

The sister: “I was so bored at home I had to get out”.

In my head I’m like, “Ok bitch! If you were so bored then there are dozens of other places you could’ve gone instead of here to sit as a 3rd wheel on your younger sister’s date”!

This was definitely an “I must protect my little sister from getting fucked” move on her part.

In layman’s term: a goddamn cock-block!

I tried playing nice and cordial as possible by engaging her in conversation, so we went on to talk about British politics. Politics which is like a no-go topic on dates. But I frankly was trying to make her so uncomfortable that she leaves. But I also wanted to create a good enough 1st impression on the sister that she sees me as a guy whom she can trust with her younger sibling. Hence, this was a balancing act to say the least in trying to tame the cock-block. I’m hoping it doesn’t backfire in some way or another.

Perhaps if I behave frosty, the sister will leave after realizing that her presence isn’t welcomed. :?:

Hence, I went silent and aloof for a good 10 minutes while they chatted across the table.

The sister mentions a bar she wanted to go to, so she phones a friend to ask if it’s open tonight.

The person on the other end apparently said yes.

In my head, I’m doing cartwheels, elated that she may possibly leave us alone!

Another 10 minutes elapsed and she’s still here!

Twenty minutes later: still frikkin’ here!

She asked us if we wanted to go to the bar with her.

“Hell No”!!!

Well I didn’t actually say that aloud- but you get the point.

I said something to the effect of,…well thinking about it- I don’t think I’d remarked on it ’cause I was so frustrated internally.

Here it is, been on this so-called date with the girl for 30 minutes, then sister shows up for another 30 minutes, so that’s 60 full minutes without even a hug, touch, kiss, makeout, groping…NADA!

“Why is the sister fucking me like this dammit”!?

Due to proximity of the sister (sitting across from us at the table), I wasn’t allowed the opportunity to eye-code my date to tell her to ditch the sister or to do something here!

It was about 10:30 PM as I was forced to check the time since the sister had asked me for the time.

She kept suggesting that we all 3 go somewhere else, either to a bar or karaoke joint.

Is this bitch retarded!?

She’s the unwanted 3rd. fucking wheel here!

She literally crashed the date!

Now she’s cooking up suggestions on where we should go!? :shock:

Holy shit! :shock:

This lady had to have been in her 40’s yet she doesn’t understand basic protocol: shit like, “dates are supposed to be between 2 individuals”!

Now the thing is, there might be some guys reading this going, “Kenny, why didn’t you go along with the bar idea and then try to make an exit to your place with your date”?

Well the simple answer to that is: “Stupid move”!

If the sister won’t allow us free time here at a fast-food joint, why on Earth would she consent to her little sister and I leaving from the bar…without her?

Granted we could’ve left without her knowledge, but there’s no guarantee she would’ve left us alone at the bar anyway. So best bet was to stay here and hope she leaves and I can take my so-called date to my PUA pad for some romancing.

We were there so long that the fast-food joint closed on us while we sat in the courtyard.

My plan was to only be there 20-30 minutes tops then bounce to my place but we’ve been sitting here well over an hour…perhaps 2! :shock:

For those who aren’t too experienced, had I tried taking her directly to my place or suggested she come directly to my place, it would’ve sparked some resistance. So that’s why I suggested grabbing a juice then off to my place where it wouldn’t have looked like sex is the sole intent…which it was. :twisted:

Hence, everything is strategic and should be.

Being cock-blocked last night was outside of my doing. It was unforeseen and it speaks to the issue of cock-blocking and not bad planning on my part.

My plan was perfect! And that isn’t to deflect and defer responsibility.

Ok, so after a while, realizing that the mother-hen of a sister wasn’t gonna allow her younger sister to be dragged away and fucked, I figured to bring the so-called date to a conclusion.

I pulled out my cellphone, looked at the time:

“Wow, it’s 11 o’clock already”.

They both got the hint and we said our goodbyes and that was that.

I felt there was no further need to waste more time on a 3-way date since the sister was adamant on cock-blocking the entire night.

Do I blame my date for not telling her sister to not come?

Not really.

That wasn’t her call.

Had she told her sister to not come, it would’ve appeared as though she was up to something inappropriate…although it shouldn’t be a concern of the sister’s anyway.

As for lessons here, there isn’t much I can say but that unforeseen situations can arise to spoil and foil your plans.

Also, having a cock-block management plan to troubleshoot such occurrences should be a priority.

I got caught sleeping in the sense that I didn’t have a plan for handling a cock-blocking sibling.

My strategy was hatched on the fly which was either to:

1.) Turn the cock-blocker off so much by being standoffish, that she leaves.

2.) Make such a good impression on the cock-blocker that she feels comforted in knowing that her sister is out with such a cool and well-mannered guy, that she leaves.

Neither plan worked, so tweaking that strategy and coming up with a real 1 will be a priority of mines from henceforth.

I felt cheated out of sex to say the least.

The 3 East Indian sisters leave to England on Wednesday, so I have 2 more days to pull out all the stops towards getting the notch.

With the situation being so exhausted, my next move can either be a hit or miss by suggesting she come directly to my apartment.

There’s nothing to lose at this point since she’s a visitor, so it’s always worth a huge leap as a last-ditch effort.

Ok, so if you haven’t been following, the posts below details the seduction of this girl, including the previous 3 meet-ups.

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From the previous meet-up

From the previous meet-up

Friday Night Field Report: Too Tired To Party + Declined 2 Girls Who Wanted To Hang Out

Posted in Field Report with tags on July 26, 2014 by kennyata joseph

Too tired to do the after party, after the party, after the other party! :shock:

Friday evening, as part of my ritual, I hit the streets around 6:30 PM to sarge [that is- to hunt for women to pick up].

There were zero frikkin’ game-worthy girls in my part of town, so I hit up my grandma’s area which usually has a larger concentration of hot-fuckable women.

Same shit: zero hot girls walking the streets…very unusual! :shock:

Sarging on an empty stomach had me hungry as hell so I hit up a fast-food joint and got me a chicken-cheese burger with fries to fuel my body for what should be a good night of partying.

Eventually went to a lounge/bar to see how the prospects were.

The girls there were either all sitting at tables with a bunch of guys while the lone wolves were very unattractive and not to my liking. So I grabbed me a Corona Extra beer while chillin’ in the venue awaiting some hotter girls to appear…which didn’t happen.

About 10:30, my 1st bout of yawning ensued.

Perhaps I didn’t get enough sleep the previous night, or all the sarging and chasing ass had me spent. :?:

By the time 11:30 PM came around, my eyelids felt like they were attached to a pair of dumbbells forcing my eyes shut. I was that fucking sleepy!

A sexy 25 year old nurse chick whom I knew for a while now (but never tried to fuck), kept hitting me up on Facebook to come hang out with her at a lounge which was about a 50 minutes drive from my grandma’s area.

I was too tired to even contemplate that move so I blew her off.

This nurse chick sent me like 20 inbox messages about how bored she is sitting alone and wanted to hang out (although she went with a girlfriend).

As much as I wanted to hang out and possibly get laid, the bed was calling, so I headed home about 12 AM.

Just as I walked into my apartment, guess who rings my phone for the 1st time since we hung out last Friday?

The East-Indian visitor chick from England

Walk and chat date with East Indian

Walk and chat date with East Indian

Indian: “Good night Kenny. Hope I didn’t wake you”.

Me: “Nah! I just got in”.

Indian: “Ok. I’m heading home with my sisters. Do you wanna hang out”?

Me: “Would love to but I’m pretty tired to be honest”.

Indian: “Sorry to hear”.

Me: “Will you be here tomorrow or Sunday or you’re leaving to England by then”?

Indian: “I’ll be here. We’re leaving next week. We can hang out tomorrow [Saturday] then”.

Me: “Ok cool”.

Heaven knows how much I wanted to shove my cock into a new hole but logistics were terrible for me apart from the obvious (tired).

All in all, an unproductive night in the sense that I didn’t get to sleep with anyone, nor did I get to party, which was my primary goal last night.

I guess there’s no moral to this story.

If there’s 1 thing I wish to impart here is that with options and abundance, you’ll not only get women to chase you wanting to hang out, but you’ll decline to hang out, essentially doing to women what they do to men (declining date, etc).

My New Slate Of Pickup Openers

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Pickup Openers

For those who didn’t know: I’m a fan of canned/stock openers.

Not because I have to use them [a crutch] but simply because we all use them.

“Hi”, could be classified as an opener…however the lamest opener ever with the least amount of built-in attraction…yet it is still an opener.

An opener basically is a conversation-starter or ice-breaker, hence the name “opener” as we’d say in Pickup.

Quite often, pick-up openers have been misinterpreted as pick-up lines. This is false and somewhat true. They’re pick-up lines in that they’re meant to ultimately pick up the girl. They are NOT pick-up lines in that they are NOT meant to woo neither impress the girl, as most pick-up lines are often elaborate and cheesy attempts at just that.

One obviously has to open the girl to talk to her.

Over the past months (perhaps 7 months), my pickup openers/ice-breakers have been situational ones, opinion openers, statement openers and asking for directions:

Me: “Hey, where can I buy some good lunch around here”?

Me: “Yo, you have a twin? I swore I seen a girl who looked just like you today”!

Me: “Why are you checking me out like you want me”?

Me: “I like your g-string”

Those 4 have been my go-to openers over the past 7 months, albeit brilliant stuff with a success rate of 98% in actually getting the girl to stop and chat.

“So what is the problem Kenny”?

I’m fucking bored with the same shit so I’ve been brainstorming some novel openers which I’ll start to implement into my seduction repertoire ASAP!

3 New Canned Pick-Up Openers

“Hey, can you tell me where can I buy some coke?…I mean Coca Cola”

“Hey, I need a quick female opinion on something. Should a guy dump his girlfriend if she makes out with another guy”?

“You have 10 seconds to name 1 thing you like about me”

Ok, so there you have it: Kenny’s new-canned openers which I’ll be utilizing from now on until I get tired on them.

From experience, I can already predict the reactions I’ll get from women towards those 3 openers: laughter, smiles and intrigue…3 positive reactions by the way.

I’m also open for suggestions. So if you have some ingenious openers I can borrow, feel free to hit me up in the e-mail or post them in the comment section.

“Let’s Get Girls”: Teenage PUA Duo In Toronto Infield Video

Posted in Seduction Videos with tags on July 24, 2014 by kennyata joseph

I came across a video featuring an Indian and white teen duo in Toronto gaming girls on the streets.

I was highly impressed to see dudes so young [17] with so much skills in the field, that I had to post this as an encouragement to guys who aren’t willing, or simply too afraid to step up to the plate and meet women.

If you see these guys in action and you’re a grown man, not only should you be ashamed of yourself but you should be motivated to get out there and sarge!

On a related note, when guys say that it’s hard to game in Toronto because the women there are bitchy and resistant to pickup, this video shatters that myth.


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