The Quest To Get My Dad Laid: The 3- Some That Got Away [field report from Saturday 11-21-15]

Last Saturday, my father paid me a surprised visit all the way from New York City.

It’s been since 2011 that we last seen each other, hung out and gamed together.

What my dad and I have mostly in common is our love for meeting and sleeping with new women.

As he touched down on island Saturday afternoon, the mission was already set in motion: “Let’s get laid”…albeit I never knew he was to come.

He phoned me in the evening for my whereabouts.

Dad: “Hey brother, what’s up”?

Me: “Oh shit! I didn’t even know you were coming. When did you arrive on island”!?

Dad: “Just minutes ago. Just came from the airport. I meant to tell you I was coming but it was so late notice and I wasn’t sure if I was going to make the flight so I decided to not say anything until I knew for certain. So where are you”?

Me: “By my kid’s mother. Where you”?

Dad: “I’m by the place I always stay when I come”.

Overjoyed at the prospect of having my father as a wingman for the night, I dropped what I was doing, jumped on my bike, sped home, took the quickest shower on record, got dressed and headed to his temporary abode.

The meet & greet went as a normal procession.

We then schemed the evening’s plan as if we were 2 military generals preparing our battle strategies against the enemy. Mostly however, the logistics were left for me to craft since I knew the landscape better than he did.

During the planning phase, an old friend of my father’s popped up and mentioned that there was a grand fiesta taking place at a beach about an hour away.


“I’m down”!

Me: “Pops, are you down”?

Dad: “Yea man”!

Interestingly though, I haven’t been to a beach party in nearly 12 years. That speaks volume coming from someone [myself] who has been living in the tropics 4+ years now.

Anyway, so off to the beach we went the Saturday evening.

We stopped off at a liquor store to grab a few Coors Light.

Pops said to the driver:

“Yo man, you sure you can drink and drive”?

Driver: “This not America. Anything goes here. Cops openly drink and drive so it’s nothing for us to do it”.

We continued the hour-long evening voyage to the beach party with our primary goal in mind: “Getting pops laid”.

The thing is: my father is an experienced cold-approach artist and womanizer- so technically- he doesn’t need a helping-hand in the whoring department.

However, if we can shortcut this process where I share some logistical intel with him, then more the merrier. ;)

Shortly after our arrival at the beach fiesta, I left my dad outside as I went to grab myself a cocktail [drinks were free] at the makeshift bar.

As I returned- “well, well, well”- didn’t take pops any time to dive into conversation with a young hottie.

In the meanwhile, I combed the nearby beachside trying to find some more hotties to game and introduce to my father.

Some girl with humongous boobs gave me eye contact so I stepped to her:

“Hey…is that your friend”?

Girl: “My cousin”

Me: “Cool. That’s my father back there”.

Girl: “Really!? I would swear it’s your brother”!

Me: “I get that a lot”

I then introduced myself to her cousin who’s much hotter.

I called my father over and introduced him to the 2 girls and we chatted a bit.

We then exchanged numbers with the intention to meet up with them afterwards or the following night.

Next set!

I spotted a sexy girl in a pink and black skimpy outfit.

Chatted her up for a bit then introduced her to my father.


Instant match!

The chemistry was immediately felt on a mutual level!

I whispered to my pops: “I think she’s DTF”.

We grabbed her number with intentions to meet up afterwards.

A while later, the same girl approached me:

“Where’s your dad!? Tell him to meet me down on the beach so we can talk”.

Trying to locate pops, I scrambled through the crowds of people until I found him…in conversation with another random hottie.

Me: “Hey, the girl we were talking to in the pink and black says she wants you to meet her down on the seashore”.

We went outside the dancing area, looked towards the seashore and spotted her lying on the sand with another girl.

We walked a few yards until we met them.

The girl whom she was hanging with wasn’t sexy at all, but I occupied her like a stellar wingman so my dad was allowed ample time to whisk away his target.

As they walked the banks further down the beach, some drunk kid kept trailing them, so I ran behind them in order to occupy the obstacle by trying to get the guy away.

The kid turned back and left, probably believing that the girl was either my girlfriend or my father’s.

The 3 of us chatted on the banks for 10 minutes, sorting out the logistics.

Since my pops wasn’t familiar with the layout of the towns, I was there to facilitate the logistics.

As if a light bulb was flicked on inside of my head, the idea of a 3-some popped up.

The vibe was ripe. The girl also seemed to take a liking to me…so why not?

I craftily ran it by my father [the 3 some] and he was down!

After a bit, the plan was set: we all would hitch a cab back to her place and fuck her together.

Our designated driver was hammered so we didn’t quite want to risk our lives going back to her place in his vehicle. Nevertheless, he bailed on us early.

At that time, it was about 11 PM. We had been there since about 7:30 PM.

For an entire hour, we tried getting a taxi but everything was booked up.


My phone had died, and my pop’s mobile WIFI thingy had also died, so we had no way in contacting a cab service by phone.

As if by a stroke of luck, I was able to power on my smartphone and make an outgoing call to the guy who had dropped us off at the party.

No answer!

“Fuck he’s probably knocked out cold by now”!!!!

Phone died again!

“Where are the goddamn taxis”!?

The girl was apparently randy- coupled with the fact that she’s been drinking- and I myself was itching to fuck this girl something terrible!

Dammit we are virtually stranded at the beach with a girl who’s DTF!

I was poised to bang her right on the beach, but pops didn’t have a condom…nor did the girl. Hence why we wanted to take her to our place or hers [though we decided on her place since it was logistically better and a closer ride].

The situation became so pressing that I found myself trying to convince random guys to drop us home for a fee.

This 1 guy said “Okay”…but he isn’t leaving just now. He has to wait until a portion of the bar sells out [his portion], since he has shares in the fiesta.

Apart from the free drinks which were available, beers were sold also. There’s no guarantee that this guy would’ve gotten his share of booze sold off in the next hour, so we definitely couldn’t wait on him.

The girl tried getting a cab…to no avail.

A truck happened to pull out so I chased after it, screaming down the driver, “Yoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Can we get a ride”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He sped off!

Taxis were pulling up and leaving by the second, but they were all pre-booked and stacked to capacity.


A mini-van taxi with seemingly vacant seats pulled up.

I exclaimed:

“Yo, are you available”!?

Driver: “Yea”!

I called out to my father and the DTF chick, “Yo, we got a taxi over here”!

Me: “How much to get to Seaside [where the girl lives]”?

Driver: “$20 per head”.

I had 40 bucks exact on me…enough to cover myself and my pops.

The girl was flat-fucking broke.

We definitely couldn’t leave the girl since she was the most important asset to which we wanted to slide our dirty peckers into.

Me: “You mean you don’t have $20 on you”?

Girl: “I didn’t come here expecting to spend money since the drinks are free”.

Pops pulled out his credit card to rescue the day.

Unfortunately, the taxi doesn’t process cards.


After about 5 minutes of trying to negotiate a deal with the cab-driver, he relented. So the girl gets a free ride.


We hopped in and headed to her place.

Along the way, the girl makes a request which threw us off, and pissed off the driver.

Girl: “Can you stop by ***** street at this address? I need to pick up my child real quick from the sitter”.

Driver: “What!? You’re not even paying! How can you make requests”!?

Girl: “She lives just right there”!

Driver: “I don’t care”!

Pops: “Why don’t you let the sitter hold your child until the morning instead of waking the child this late”?

Driver: “Yea! That would be the best thing”!

The girl and the driver trashed it out for about 3 minutes, yelling back and forth about who’s getting a free ride, leaving the child at the sitter, etc.

The driver decided to swing by the address of the sitter anyway.

Girl came out, knocked on the door for a while.

Driver: “Come on! The people are probably asleep by now! It’s after fucking 12 am”!

The girl pounded on the doors, windows, went around back to pound on the rear windows trying to wake the sitter. Even my father and I got annoyed at the time-wasting. About 5 went by and the taxi-driver was furious, honking his horn!

As the girl jumped back into the mini-van, the sitter emerged.

The girl exited the cab again then went inside the house.

“Damn this bitch”!

We may have to wait another 5 minute while she gather her stuff.

We pleaded with the taxi driver to wait a bit more since he was furious and kept revving the van, itching to leave.

Hopped back in and continued to the destination: her place.

Here is the thing though- and in hindsight- it might have came back to bite us in the ass. :(

Since the girl had to put her kid back to bed and so forth, I told my pops that we should get off about 2 blocs from her place, and allow the cab to take her straight home while we walked the rest of the way [2 blocs].

By that time, she would have already [hopefully] got her kid in bed by then…and also got into something more comfy [as in naked]. :twisted:

I thought it was a clever idea!

Let’s see if it was.

We ran it by the girl and she also thought it was a good idea.

The cab let us out on 2nd street [for instance], and he took her to 4th street [her apartment].

What we didn’t realize was that the cab-driver had a check-mate plan of his own which would come back to bite us in the ass.

Being somewhat familiar with the area, from our vantage point [my pops and me], I could see the girl’s apartment and also the taxi’s trajectory as it drove down the bloc.

We waited and chatted mid-road [on 2nd street] while the cab pulled up on 4th street, across from the girl’s apartment.

By that time, I calculated that the taxi would’ve departed, and within the 5 minute walk, she will have put her kid back to sleep and got comfy…so I hoped.

Strangely enough; the taxi was still there as we got a bloc closer to 3rd street.

Perhaps the girl had told him to wait while she went to collect a $20 to pay her fare. :?:

My pops and I then waited for a bit about a bloc away, hoping that the cab would’ve pulled off by then.

We waited and waited, hoping he would pull off, but the headlights went out. From what we were able to see, the van was now parked, and not just merely at a standstill on the side of the road.


We had no way to call the girl to find out what was happening.

Something told me that the girl may have bullshitted the taxi-driver by telling him to wait outside while she grabbed some cash to cover her fare…hence the reason why he’s still waiting outside.

As we got closer to her place, we spotted a girl who looked exactly like her, exiting the apartment, jumping into the parked taxi across the street.

In fact: it was her!

This became more puzzling by the second.

“Perhaps she wasn’t trying to swindle him after all, and she was actually intending to pay her $20 cab fare. :?:

As we lingered half of bloc away, we realized that the cab was still there…and the girl had entered the cab and has been inside for a few minutes now.


“Could he actually be fucking her”?

“Perhaps as payment, he convinced her to fuck him instead”. :?:

Smart and shrewd move on his part if that’s the case! But surely would’ve fucked our plans for a 3-some.

Charged with quarterbacking this; I cannot just let it go down like that!

In hindsight as I mulled over it, somehow the girl probably felt that we stood her up, and that was the real reason why we decided to plan an early exit from the cab.

Being so DTF and liquored-up from the beach fiesta, she likely would’ve wanted to cap that night off by getting fucked.

However, she misinterpreted our early exit from the cab to mean we weren’t DTF. :( :( So why not bang the taxi-driver?

If that was the case, it would have been a gross miscalculation on my part [deciding to get off 2 blocs away instead of going straightaway to her place…with her].

Anyway, we approached her apartment where the mini-van [the cab] was still parked.

Through the heavily tinted windows, I was able to make out an obscured head bobbing up and down as if a blowjob was being simulated.

Not wanting to appear as a stalker, I ducked and stepped back, motioning to my dad that they are likely fucking.

He was as perturbed as I was.

“All this work for naught”.

I kept replaying the night’s missteps through my head while we stood a few yards away from the taxi as if time stood still for us:

“We should’ve fucked this bitch on the beach”!

“Why did I suggest getting out the cab and walk the rest of the way”?

“The cab-driver is literally fucking the girl [or getting sucked] whom we had worked on for upwards of 2-3 hours”!

I really wasn’t able to process it.

This chick was so DTF that a smelly vagrant could’ve probably fucked her!

We aborted the mission and continued gaming throughout the night at a nearby lounge.


Me and pops over the weekend

Matt Artisan [aka Artisan PUA] Bootcamp Featured On ABC News Nightline

If anyone had seen this, which aired a night ago, feel free to give me a link to an upload on Youtube.

I could’ve simply asked Matt but he’s been tied up as of late.


Well, we all how much the media hate pickup, and see us as rapey dudes going around harassing women. But I’m curious as yo how the portrayed my buddy Matt in this segment.

Capturing Other Men’s Women

A pick-up acquaintance of mines surprised the hell out of me when he posted the following status to Facebook.


To which I gave my brisk take.


Hence the commencement of this post which will tackle the question of why men hit on other men’s women.

Frankly speaking, it is sort of baffling to me that some guys in pickup [those who teach] are still at a lost on this one.

Surely I don’t expect the consensus of those in the PUA community to advocate it [fucking girls who are taken]. But I did expect that veterans in the game would have had a better understanding of why this happens.

Apparently not. So allow me to deliberate here.

During mankind’s history, women were always seen as spoils of war.

This tribe beats that tribe, and their women were conquered and taken into captivity by the conquering tribe.

They weren’t taken just to rare kids around the village. They were bred and ultimately mixed into the conquering tribe.

This was normal on the planes, from the Americas [the Natives], to Africa, the Vikings of Europe, etc, etc, etc. It was a custom to take other men’s women as either sexual enjoyments and or to ingratiate them into the ways of the conquering tribe.

This common occurrence was well understood throughout history from the dawn of man to date.

Today though, we aren’t exactly physically capturing women from other communities and forcing them to meld to the ways of those in another’s community.

However, the theory and the idea are still the same to this day: men seek to conquer and capture other men’s women. Not by the sword exactly, but through other less harmless means: gifts, game, bribery and seduction.

To illustrate how venerable and ancient the average guy’s thought pattern is: men today are still fighting over women…LITERALLY!

This is pretty common today.

A huge chunk of men in society are willing to physically battle another guy for their woman.

In fact- as a guy- if you aren’t willing to do this [fight to defend ownership of your woman], you’ll be deemed a weakling- not only by her- but society itself!

If another guy outright, or even subtly hits on your girlfriend, every guy will almost always feel an impulsive drive to either defend/fight, or remove his girlfriend from threat/capture by another man.

Hence, you have the all-too-common incidents of bar brawls where 2 guys duke it out over a girl.

This is just fucking men!

Any sane guy who disregards this, or just doesn’t see it, needs to get a reality check…or simply go to the bar 1 night in order to witness these subtly tug-of-wars between men.

Furthermore, this is all coupled with the fact that men are territorial in nature, and more so with their prized possessions such as their women.

We Homo-Sapiens [the males] of today react this way to other men encroaching upon our women, just as we did yesterday, 100 years ago, 500 years ago, 1000 years ago, 10 millions years ago dating back to the prehistoric man!

We feel an instinctive need to guard our women [our girlfriends] from being captured/taken by other men.

If our girlfriend even remotely flirts with another guy in or outside of our presence, we chastise her!

Push comes to shove: we’ll likely become aggressive towards the intruding male as a defense mechanism in hopes to retain our women by warding off potential threat in other men.

Sounds barbaric and even juvenile. But it’s the same story today as it was yesterday.

It is just ingrained within the psyche and being of every man to feel a sense of threat whenever other men encroach upon his woman.

Sure a woman feels the same way [threatened] if and when other women hit on her man. However, the reasoning and impulses are different as to the sex’s reactions.

Notwithstanding that, men are likely to push their chests up and to shield their women as other males hover around.

We humans behave like animals because we are animals [at least mammals]!

If you subscribe to the human evolutionary theories of mankind; you can agree with this [that we are animalistic].

This all reminds me of those animal-kingdom shows I used to watch as a kid, where the male creatures during mating season, used to fight off other males that were trying to mate and breed their female companions.

The ones I found most fascinating were the iguanas and the Komodo Dragons and how they would trash it out in order to protect the females from encroaching male dragons.

It would start from a subtle-hissing fest to an all-out brawl.

Reminds me of the stares and sneers that guys dish out towards encroaching males.

The seizing of other men’s women

Guys generally make an ethical argument as to why they are opposed from sleeping with other men’s girlfriends.

“It isn’t right”!

“It is immoral”!

“It breeds bad karma”!

The list of ethical arguments goes on.

Ethics aside for once, let’s look at what actually happens, apart from the historical aspects where ethics weren’t taken into consideration when warriors would capture fertile women from other tribes and clans.

Today, even with the ethics-thumpers, men in general don’t respect so-called relationship boundaries, and they could give a rat’s ass about the girl being “taken”.

Many men talk it: “I wouldn’t hit on a girl who’s taken”, but most of those guys will happily jump in the sack with a girl who’s taken, if she only gives the green light.

Why does a great percentage of men not actively pursue women who are taken?

It rarely ever has anything to do with their moral compass.

Most men simply give up upon the pursuit of a girl who says she has a boyfriend, simply because they [most men] really believe to themselves that women in relationships aren’t gameable, and they aren’t susceptible to jumping ship.


Has nothing to do with morals, ethics, the Bible, religion, etc.

The average guy simply lacks understanding of seduction and women, hence he surmises that once a woman says she’s taken, it is an outright rejection of his advances, and it means that she has branded herself off-limits.

This however is so far from the truth that it is laughable at times.

Hence, it isn’t that guys are so opposed from the idea of sleeping with girls whom are taken. They simply have a misconception of things, and are lacking in the confidence and persistence departments.

Give a guy a shot of confidence juice and I’ll bet he won’t abort mission once the girl says she’s taken.

As for my personal take, whether I am for or against shagging girls who are taken [though I am known to be pro-gf shagging], it still doesn’t change the dynamics on the ground, that guys enjoy the subjugation of other men’s women while pillaging the next man’s goods.

Many years ago, I said to this one guy, “I will never willfully try to go after a girl who’s taken. I’m totally against it”!

He replied:

“I hear you. But don’t for 1 second believe that because you hold that opinion and belief, that other men will think likewise and respect your relationship also”.

Later on, I got a major reality check [that guys don’t respect relationship boundaries] when my girlfriend at the time cheated on me.

The guy with whom she cheated knew me personally, and he also knew that this was my girlfriend. Yet it didn’t stop him from trying, and successfully fucking her.

By no means was he wrong in doing so! The girl was the party in the wrong!

However, since that eye-opening incident years ago, I then shifted my opinion upside down from being against sleeping with girls with boyfriend, to being for it.

That may very well be a mercenary way to flip one’s opinion on things.

It may even come across as “2 wrongs make a right”. In spite of those talking-points, my stance remain the same ever since then: all women are fair game, regardless of their relationship status!

This is a universal position and hardly mines for crying out loud.

I’ve yet to have a girlfriend whom wasn’t hit on by other men who knew beforehand that she was in a relationship.

On that note, I’m reasonable enough to realize that there isn’t any girl in a relationship or marriage walking this globe, whom isn’t sought after by other men.

Therefore, history, human pathology, evolution or whichever other eloquent name you wish to ascribe to this age-old occurrence, prevails as always.

Humans are the same today as we were yesterday! Just that the times have changed. But our mindset, the way we think and operate, remain the same despite the change of time!

Thus, for any guy to cry foul about his precious damsel being courted by other men, shows his naiveté and lack of understanding of himself, women and how nature works.

The Fertility Factor

In keeping with the above passage of understanding women, it is a must that I touch on fertility in women in relation to men and attraction.

Men generally seek fertile women in order to breed and bring forth progeny.

This is why men, even those of elder age, often prefer younger women. The younger, the more fertile the girl, the stronger the chances of bearing offspring successfully.

Contrarily, as the girl ages, her fertility levels drop, hence she’s deemed useless to most men as far as breeding purposes are concerned.

With that, men subconsciously seek out fertile women.

Apart from a woman’s physiological makeup [buoyant tits, ass, hips, youthfulness, etc], 2 other indicators of her fertility are:

1.) How many men are after her

2.) Does she have a partner/boyfriend

If a woman is in high demand, meaning lots of men are vying for attention and body, it is usually a sign that she is highly fertile…which is why lots of men [subconsciously] are pursuing her.

Secondly, she having a mate already, speaks to her fertility more often than not.

Our [men’s] brains subconscious interpret a girl having someone already, or she being highly sought after, to mean that she’s a fertile woman, thus a ripe target for courtship and mating.

Not many guys really see a girl and consciously say to themselves, “I would love for her to have my babies”!

On a subconscious level: we think exactly that way!

Hence, whenever we come across a woman whom we surmise to be fertile, we instantly become attracted to her, regardless of the marital or relationship status.

Our brains kick into an “I must capture her” gear.

Again- this is no different from any time during the history of mankind.

Men were after the youngest and most fertile girls then. Today, it is still the same program with a few minor alterations.

Strongest Survive

The age-old law of the land still applies to the dynamics between the sexes: strongest survive.

It is truly survival of the fittest!

Strongest guy wins [and I don’t only mean that physically].

This theory again goes back to human evolution and life on the plains.

The Alpha-Males- the strongest males- won the female over by virtue of strength alone, or by bashing the cranium open of a rival male and taking his woman by force if necessary.

Though we don’t exactly bash heads open today, we do compete for the attention of women.

This is usually by display of either strength or game.

This is why guys such as male athletes feel an impulsive drive to perform better [even to show off more] while women are spectators to their performances.

We are compelled to put on our best show, best act, best face, etc. as long as women are checking us out.

Subconsciously, we hope to win them over by giving our best, and showing that we are the biggest, baddest, strongest muthafuckers around!

As a guy: you know this is factual!

You aim to perform better as a girl whom you fancy is sitting in the bleachers.

Again- we no longer bash heads open of other men in order to show that we are the baddest and most worthy of the girl.

However, it is the same core concept spurring us on today as it was yesterday.

Does the question of whether the girl has a boyfriend or not factor into our minds as we vye for women out there?

Of course not! So for us men, it isn’t, and it was never about the girl’s relationship status.

If the person is a female: she’s fair game!

Therefore, what we have in a nutshell is men competing for the attention of women.

The props and credit given to men for such exploits are another story.

More than anything else; what makes a man a man within the circle of the boys?

A.) Is it how plush his car is?

B.) Is it how loaded his bank account is?

C.) How about how many women he can conquer or has conquered?

You guessed it!

“C” it is!

A man is deemed a man [by other men’s standard] in relation to how good he is with women, how often he gets laid, and how many women he can conquer.

I mean, this is highly common among teenage boys where they brag and boast about potential and actual sexual exploits.

That is what makes them feel manly!

No teen boy believes to himself that having a big allowance makes him manly.

Additional, no teenage boy gets credits and props for having a driver’s license and owning his own car, “EXCEPT” in relation to the girls he would have attracted by having this car. So it all boils down to girls when it comes to teen boys.

This same mindset transcends stages of life on into adulthood where men still operate the same as when we were little lads.

If you’re an adult male and you cannot get laid regularly, you feel like shit! You feel less of a man!

Not only do you feel that way, but other men will surely chide you out and shame you for it.

On the contrary, the more women a man conquers, the more elevated he and his status become.

Likewise, one of the greatest feat of manliness is taking a girl from another man.

Ethics and karma aside!

We are dealing with real shit here!

What status points does a man actually gain from getting a girl whom he was supposed to get [someone who’s single]?

Not much points I would think.

Now, how much notoriety, popularity, props and even infamy will he have gained if he took another man’s woman [especially if the other guy is noteworthy]?


He’ll be the talk of his circle, talk of his small town, talk of his school, etc.

He’ll be deemed a bad muthafucka! And I don’t mean that in any antipathetic way!

Here’s another sobering and relative piece of information I’ll like to share with you: most- and I mean the vast vast majority of relationships- are born out of infidelity.

Sparingly do you have a situation where 2 individuals who are single, end up getting together as far as a relationship is concerned. Either 1 or both parties are guilty of cheating on someone else [the exceptions are school crushes which hardly count as official relationships].

A relationship is typically hatched out of a situation where guy meets girl, girl is in relationship, guy proceeds anyway, girl submits, sex/cheating occurs, girl jumps ship into the arms of the new guy.

With that, it is almost always a case of sexual advancement where the guy advances in spite of the girl’s relationship status.

You must also realize that a woman will almost always keep her options open, and she looks to upgrade to someone she deems a better man [whatever her criterion of better is].

This is part of the underlying reason why women often relationship hop like it’s going out of style.

She passively hopes to upgrade her boyfriends.

When she will give up this quest is based on varying factors. But this article isn’t about women and infidelity.

Overall guys, I wish to have de-mystified this oft-contentious question of why some guys pursue women who are taken, and the psychology behind it.

It isn’t that some men are plain evil and unethical as to why they appear to chase after other men’s women.

More than anything, as the article had detailed, it’s a matter of survival, fertility [breeding] and raw biology mixed with evolution.

Monday-Morning Pickup Of A VH1 Reality-TV Look-alike [Jenifer Williams of Basketball Wives…Look-alike]


VH1's Basketball Wives cast

There was this reality-TV show on VH1 back in 2011 [when I used to watch television] that I was addicted to like something out of this world: “Basketball Wives”.

The show featured ex-wives of former NBA basketball stars such as Shaquile O’Neal and Doug Christie.

Interestingly enough, the only reason I was so drawn and led to watch this show in the first place, was because of 1 cast member: Jennifer Williams, a high-maintenance, boogie, drama-queen, prissy wannabe Diva type of cougar.


Jennifer Williams

Personally; I hate these types just as most sane people do! But something about her was insanely sexy to me!

Her voice was a starter. But something about her looks, sex appeal and quirky attitude was wickedly appealing!

Every time I tuned into that show, it was only because of her and solely to see her.


In jest, I used to say to myself, “I wonder if she has a look-alike somewhere in the world”?

Well- she does!

This Monday morning while coming from the bank, I spotted a girl who looks exactly like her!

She had the lanky, quirky yet graceful mannerisms and movements.

She was very tall just like the hot MILF from the show.

Same body type, same complexion, same smile, same teeth, same everything!

She was approaching so rapidly I wasn’t able to whip out my recording device just to get a few shots of her.

Me: “Hold on, hold on”!

I motioned to her with my hands.

She gave me a puzzled look as she removed her earphones.

Me: “Where…can I get some earphones like yours”?

Girl: “I don’t know really. These came with my phone”.

Me: “Mines broke about 2 days ago and I’m pissed because I can’t go a day without listening to music. Oh- you were talking on your phone”?

Girl: “Nah! Listening to some music”!

I called out the giant elephant in the room which is sometimes necessary to do.

Me: “BTW I know this is strange to have a random guy approach and stop you while you’re going about your business. But I promise; I am not a time-waster”.

Girl: “Listening”.

Again she gave me a puzzled and perplexed look as she said, “Listening”.

Me: “What time is it now? 11:59. I promise I won’t hold you up for 60 more seconds since you seem like a real busy girl”.

Girl: “Yea I’m just coming from work, heading to the bank then go home and clean”.

Me: “Cool. Well I spotted, noticed you were fucking sexy out of this world and I had to get to meet you and possibly seduce you”.

She cracked her first smile and blush without that puzzled look.

Girl: “Thank you”

Me: “By the way, they call me Kenny. You”?

Girl: “I’m S….”.

Me: “Don’t wanna hold you up any longer since I have stuff to do too. But I can’t just let you go without having a way to contact you”.

Girl: “Okaaaaaaayyyyyyy”.

Again, she gives a somewhat perplexed look.

Note: whenever a girl gives you this look, don’t get nervous! It is normal!

Me: “So…you use Whatsapp”?

Girl: “Yea. But I don’t give out my number”.

Me: “Cool. But how are we gonna stay in touch? We must find a way. I can’t just let you go”.

Girl: “Okaaaayyyyyyy. Well, we may see each other again. You never know”.

Whenever a girl says that to me [or in general], it is usually token resistance, and that is how my brain interprets it. So I never get dejected or anxious. I play it cool as a fan.

Me: “No, no, no, no ,no. I don’t operate on faith. I mean, let’s look at it this way. You’re a sexy girl. I can bet you get hit on 10 times per minute from random dudes. What is the chance that you’ll even remember my face by tomorrow or if we do see each other again”. So…let’s exchange numbers”.

Girl: “Gimme yours”

Me: “Nahhhhhh. Let’s exchange”.

She then got with the program and couched up the digits and I gave her mines.

We hugged it out and went our separate ways.

Me: “If I don’t get a text from you by 6 PM, we’re gonna have problems missy”.

Girl: “You have my number right”?

She exclaimed in the form of a question as we walked off.

Ok guys; quick note time: always expect a girl to give some form of resistances and objections.

Expect it! And don’t freak out!

The girl basically wants to see whether you really want her, or if you’re bullshitting for some reason.

Also, don’t get fazed whenever the girl doesn’t give you the perfect set of expressions!

Not every girl will laugh and smile away.

This actually is a dichotomy and contradiction in itself.

On 1 hand: hot girls are always being hit on.

On another hand; they aren’t hit on at all.

Which of the 2 dynamics is really true?

It depends. It also depends on what one considers “hit on”.

Hot girls are always being cat called, stared upon and having guys make remarks in passing. In that sense; they are hit on every minute of every day since they were about 13 years old!

Being “approached” is another story.

Women in general are hardly ever approached anywhere.

Hence, as a PUA who approaches women, it often takes them aback.

Since women are rarely ever approached, whenever they do get approached by a rare chap, they are often perplexed and thrown for a loop.

Some women can handle this rare instance very well…and with grace

Others cannot! Hence, the weird look and expressions you may get thrown your way from the women whom you approach.

With that being said, if and when you do get that “Why are you stopping me and talking to me look”, don’t be discouraged at all!

I get this look almost every day from the women who I approach. But I’m never fazed by it because I know the reason why it happens.

Therefore, once you realize this [women are rarely approached], 2 things will happen:

1.) You will have gained empathy as you gain understanding as to why women react a certain way.

2.) You will no longer be thrown off your game, hence you will exhibit a calm during the uncomfortable situation.

Another thing I want to touch on finally is the briefness of this pickup.

If you seen a recent video of mines, I strongly advocate for longer sets and longer interactions upon picking up women.

However, if time isn’t on your side, as was the case with this girl, you have to act swiftly in securing a phone number!

This chick was obviously in a rush. Since I am a Jedi-master at reading social cues, I was able to notice this and act accordingly [by getting the # quickly].

However, if the girl isn’t in any particular rush, you want to extend the conversation as long as possible.

All in all guys: it is interesting to see how this 1 cannibalize.

I know that it wasn’t a super-solid set because of time constraint, and I may likely lose this girl due to that. But it’s always better to take that chance than not to.

How Long To Wait Before Contacting The Girl For The First Time

Hey guys, if you missed it, here’s a repost of my latest video [+4 minutes of infield hidden-cam clips] which I posted a few days ago.

I answer a very common question: “When should I contact the girl for the first time after getting her phone number”?

Is the 3-day rule obsolete or still applicable?

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More Tinder Pulls To Hooking Up With Married MILF [“Rameet” was at it again]

Hey guys, as promised, I was to post a follow-up post from “Rameet” of his Tinder exploits throughout Manhattan.

Here’s another text sequence I enjoyed [the vibing].













[After hook-up text below]


Allow me to make this clear statement: it is not about sex or sex talk that makes a woman want to hook up.

“Rameet” is not selling sex to these girls as I wrote about a while back when it comes to my game.

He sells a risky adventure!

Any Joe Smoe can sext with a girl or let a girl know he wants to sleep with her [in vivid details]. However, when most guys attempt to get this across to a girl, it either backfires or lead to nowhere-land.

That is because those guys sell the idea of “I want to have sex with you”, when they should be selling, “I want to ravage you like a fucking animal and take you on this grand and naughty adventure”!

Women are addicted to the idea that they are doing something wrong and forbidden…i.e. cheating.

Hence, it isn’t sex that a woman really craves [she can have sex at the drop of a hat]. It is the adventure and risk that she yearns for!

•Fucking her like an animal!

•Having her cheat on her husband!

•Tying her up and ravaging her body!

•Fucking her in a stairwell!

•Taking her to the park and doing her while others walk by!

•Treating her rough sexually for being a naughty girl.

You get the picture don’t you?

Trying to sell sex to a girl is like trying to sell ice to an Eskimo. Periodically, you may fool one. But that’s about it.

You have to learn how to sell the idea [for instance, through sex talk] that you live for adventure and you’ll incorporate her into that adventure of yours…through sex.

“Rameet” does that well also.

Though I never used Tinder, I can already see that Tinder is a perfect platform to sell raunchy adventure to women.

Also, you must learn to be bold and have a touch of “IDGAF if I lose you” attitude about yourself and your communiques.

The more riskier you are and willing to get nasty, aggressive and rude, the more addictive you will have become to women.

See you guys later!