Why Women Get Clingy After Hooking Up

Posted in After-sex on November 28, 2014 by Socialkenny

There are some chicks who are totally fine with hooking up- “hit it and quit it” style.

Then, there exist those who get all clingy in a genuine sense and a portion of those, just to save face.

I met a girl last week whom I end up hooking up with 2 nights ago.

Last night, she sends me this text message via Whatsapp messenger.

Her concern was that I hadn’t contacted her since hooking up nights ago.

She also kept bugging me about my non-responsiveness toward her messages last night. Therefore, I said to her [in the screenshot], I haven’t reached hom yet to charge my phone…because I told her that my phone was on its last batter which is why I hadn’t responded [that may be true or false].

Nevertheless, what bracket does she fits in:

A.) The girl who just wants to save face after hooking up by ‘PRETENDING’ to not want just a 1-off?


B.) The girl who genuinely gets clingy after hooking up?

To be honest; it is too early to tell and I haven’t really dissected the variables.

What I have no patience for though, are women who get clingy after hooking up: whether her clinginess is feigned or genuine.

Couple with the fact that I do NOT mislead women into the belief or notion that I want more than just sex or more than a 1-off.

Likewise with this girl. When we first met, I stated clearly that I just want to fuck!

Now, not all cases you can be this direct with a new girl and still get her to concede to your desires.

However- with this girl- she apparently registered high on my proverbial DTF meter. So there was no need to beat around the bush.

Regardless of those factors and pre-managed expectations; girls are still liable to get all emotional and clingy…even after just wanting to hook up.

This brings further credence to the old-adages of pickup that:

* Women really don’t have a clue of what they want!

* You should never take at face value anything a woman says she wants.

In addition to that, my good buddies and fellow seductionists, Wayne Jordan and Dominic (Donny G) chimed in on the Facebook post with some pertinent points as to why girls will get clingy after hooking up.

Wayne’s point is from an evolutionary biology one. And it’s clear to see how and why it’s super valid on the subconscious level.

By all means, a girl should be super concerned about sleeping around simply because it’s very likely that she can be put out of commission for nearly a year to then have a newborn to care for. So by all means; girls have a valid reason to be concerned after hooking up.

Donny G makes another great point which is more surface level but still as important.

Anti-Slut Defense (ASD) is basically a girl’s mechanism [saving face] to appear non-slutty.

Anyway, while hooking up is great and all, most guys don’t take into consideration the pending headaches that come as a result of post-sex management by the girl.

RSD Tyler Finally Speaks: Secrets Of Social Conditioning…

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The world has been waiting for the founder of RSD to speak ever since the Julien Blanc fiasco.

Tyler has remained silent while sparingly commenting on his forum. But he comes clean now as to why he isn’t speaking to the media on this issue, including why people get shit wrong.

Fuck Feminists!

There’s Only 1 True Shortcut To Getting Good With Women

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I scoff at the idea of a shortcut to getting good with women.

Most guys who get into pickup, are undoubtedly in search of a quick fix.

Arguably the most annoying e-mails I receive on a daily basis, are the ones which read as such:

“Hey Kenny, I love your stuff and I’ve been learning gradually. What is the quickest way I can learn this all…you know…the shortcut”?

Such messages I really don’t even bother to read further as the e-mailer is quite deluded as to how to get good at this.

This isn’t a fucking race to the finish line guys!

Those who ultimately get good at this are the guys who are dedicated and in this for the long haul.

Getting good with women does not have a timeline.

No one can predict how long it will take Joe Blow to reach mastery level, as each individual has his own idiosyncrasies, learning curves and personal sticking-points.

It may take Kenny 5 years to become consistently good to the point that he can get laid on any given week.

With the same information and guidance, it may take Andy 10 months to get there!

Nevertheless, there exist no magic pills and shortcuts to pickup!

How fast you get good depends on how much work you put in and how willing you are to hit the field to interact with women.

Guys seem to want to play armchair-quarterbacks like Homer Simpson, sit at home 6 days a week eating Cheetos, watching Football and browsing the internet, then miraculously become chick-magnets without doing shit.

The only way to get good (fast) is to get out of the house for starters!

…And no…chatting with women online does not constitute conversation, nor is it a viable substitution!

Ok, so what is this “true” shortcut to it all?

Before I get to that, lemme address the reality on the ground.

Practically every one of us who is new to this field, will have suffered from Approach and Social Anxiety.

That is the devil in the details here…in a sense.

No matter how much theoretical knowledge you accrue about picking up women, if you aren’t able to approach without shitting your trousers, then everything you will have learned was for naught.

Hence, managing your approach is a prerequisite to this shortcut.

However, there’s still a little caveat with a glimmer of hope.

What I’m gonna tell you guys is this: your (perceived) skills with women will have been easier to execute on women whom you deem to be of lesser beauty and lesser value.

In other words: ugly girls are easier to approach and way more easier to chat up!

Can we all agree on that?


If you’re scared shit to approach hot women: 9’s and HB10’s, then why the fuck aren’t you approaching 6’s and 5’s then!?

“But Kenny, that’s gonna lower my value”. :(

Fuck your value! :mad:

You have no value!

You’re coming from a place of poor game to begin with!

You have absolutely nothing to offer hot women!

Why aren’t you approaching the fatties then?

“They’re not in my league Kenny”.


You’re worried about league!?

You don’t even get laid!

You’re not even playing in the fucking league as it is buddy!

Most new guys who get into this, are under the DELUSION that they’re entitled to a 10!

For whatever reason, they seem to think that the world owes then a super-hot girl, and any chick below that barometer, isn’t worthy of a conversation.

I partially blame the early pickup gurus for this miscalculation and dereliction to teach newbies how to work their way up towards the hotter girls.

Listen- as a newbie to pickup, or perhaps a virgin suffering from sever to minute social anxiety, if you were to pick up a smoking-hot ten tomorrow, do you know what will have happened as a result?

You will fuck it all up in less than no time!

It’s akin to giving a 10-year old a machine gun as a new toy for his birthday.

He will shoot everything and everyone the fuck up…himself included!

Likewise, giving a newbie an HB10 is like playing with dynamites; they’ll blow up in his face in no time.

Therefore, if you’re new to pickup and new to managing this part of your life, then you aren’t deserving of a hot girl…yet!

You don’t possess enough (social) clout to handle a fucking 8, 9 or 10!

Not only will you not get to fuck this super-hot stunner [presuming you managed to get her phone number], but she will turn you topsy-turvy, so much so that when she’s finished with your ass, you will have submitted your proverbial-resignation papers and go back to living a life of non intimacy. :shock: :shock:

This is no different than the old-rich white guy who lands himself a super-hot young girl, young enough to be his granddaughter.

This guy doesn’t deserve a hot-young girl for his age!

Hence, the girl knowing the old guy’s value [no value at all], will likely rape him for his wealth while fucking other men young enough to provide her with the sexual satisfaction she needs.

Therefore, the old-rich guy gets sucked dry while getting nothing in return.

This is what happens when you date a girl who’s outside of your league in the sense that she has way more social value than you the guy does.

Donald Sterling can testify to this.

Donald Sterling and his hot girlfriend

Donald Sterling and his hot girlfriend

Therefore, while you think it’s cool to have a super-hot girl. You must have the know-how and the wherewithal of how to manage it also.

Hence, you do not deserve a super-hot girl if you yourself don’t see yourself as an equally super-hot guy!

You have to see the girl whom you approach as your equal or of lesser value, in order to have a shot with her!

Thus the only “true” shortcut to getting good with women is by approaching girls whom you deem are of lesser beauty, value and lesser importance than yourself.

That’s it!

That is the only true shortcut to this!

When I first started out in pickup many years ago, much of the concepts taught were still raw, unrefined and unexplained (though tested).

It was 10 times more difficult and challenging to get good back then.

As newbie students, it was incumbent upon us to approach the Playboy models, super-hot strippers and the smoking bartenders whom every other guy was vying for.

We were expected to approach the 10’s of all 10’s…no ifs ands or maybes!

Hence the reason why it took guys like myself back then a long time to become super good at this.

As an adult man who had never said hello to a random girl in his life, you were expected to and forced to chat up that playmate!

This expectation is pretty much still so today.

I am actually the 1st prominent instructor in the seduction/pickup community to come out to publicly declare that this ideology is actually retarding guys’ progress.

I am also the 1st coach to advocate this method of “working your way up to the hotter girls”, instead of bolting full steam ahead into the ocean.

Personally, I have no need to approach unattractive girls as I’m already way passed that phase and stage in my development.

I have no anxiety issues in approaching drop-dead gorgeous women.

However, that is largely because my frame and mindset are that of, “I’m the shit! I’m the one with higher value! It is my party and she’s just some random chick tryna sneak her way in”!

I met a female-celebrity singer [Faith Evans] from the USA on a particular occasion here in the Caribbean, while touring some historical sites about 2 years ago.

Faith Evans

Faith Evans

While every guy gawked at her from a distance and every girl begged her for social-media selfies, I played a completely different role.

I didn’t ignore her as a person in order to look as though I was un-fazed by her SOCIAL status [though I was].

What I did ignore though, was her ‘CELEBRITY’ status.

I spoke with her as if I were chatting up a low-status 6 at the grocery store.

Certainly I knew who she was [Faith Evans], but I pretended as though I had no clue. :twisted: :twisted:

It was so calculating and uncomfortable for her, that she curiously said to me at some point during the convo, “Do you know who I am”?

That is the frame you want to adopt when faced with people of perceived-higher status and value.

For the ordinary guy though who’s reading this, such a nonchalant approach and chitchat to a celebrity, isn’t quite possible with things such as anxieties, nerves, tensions and awkwardness to contend with.

Ok, so that’s from a master’s perspective where those hindrances wouldn’t be hindrances at all.

For the guy who isn’t as brave to approach a female celebrity or a super-hot ten, it’ll be logical to work your way up towards it.

Those not-so pretty girls, the ones whom you gingerly bypass on your way to work, because you deem them somehow beneath you: I bet that you wouldn’t feel an ounce of anxiety to approach and ask them a random or relevant question. :?:

Additionally, you won’t feel (much) anxiety or fear in approaching the fatty, simply because you aren’t attached to an outcome.

You have no agenda or ulterior motive apart from what you’re executing then and there!

Those are the girls you should be approaching and practicing game on!

However, in your ignorance, you pass up on these prime sets, thinking you’re above the process.

Why make the game harder for yourself?

Fuck the ego and allow yourself to learn!

What you will have noticed as you begin to practice on girls who are beneath your perceived standards, is that you execute pickup way more effortlessly!

With the absence of anxiety and fear as you’re not looking to impress a girl who’s beneath you, fucking up and making mistakes won’t even be factored into the interaction.

Everything and every aspect of pickup will seem a piece of cake to execute.




Easy breezy!

As you gradually run your game on this plateau of women: the 8’s, 9’s and 10’s down the line, will have become less scarier.

You just need to get over the hump of approaching women in general!

I made a video on this a while back where I’d approached a girl on the thicker side (though cute), just to illustrate to my followers just how this is done and the practicality of it.


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