RSD’s Jeffy Responds To Feminists [video repost]

Hey guys, I promised Jeffy (aka JLaix) over a year ago that I would not post/share this video again on my blog since Jeffy felt that it gave him a bad look ever since the Julien Blanc fiasco.

E-mail proof that Jeffy and I did dialogue on his situation back in 2014 when we were on civil terms.


However, Jeffy/JLaix and I had a falling out some months back (due to him being a dick with me), so I don’t feel that I should have to honor his wishes any longer.

Since it has been a terrible media week for PUA’s worldwide, I might as well post about the most infamous pickup instructor from San Francisco, who was the pickup community’s #1 villain a while back, partly due to a van which was dubbed the rape van by feminist bloggers and sympathizers in the Bay area…though it was a consensual-sex van. :)

They had managed to paint Jeffy as the pickup artist who rode around in a “rape van” accosting women. Again, showing how the media misinterpret pickup tactics as a form of manipulation to case rape.


Here is Jeffy’s video response over a year ago.

Remind you; this video was pulled from Jeffy’s YouTube page, but I had stolen it before it was removed…hence I uploaded it to my YouTube account and re-posted it…with Jeffy’s knowledge by the way.

I wasn’t being a dick about it. I actually loved his take on his media fiasco.

Jezebel, the anti-PUA online heavyweight, had posted a scathing article on this, as they were the ones to engage in a witch hunt against Jlaix.

Prominent pickup artist (Jeffy Allen) who drives around in a rape van

The Media Really Doesn’t Understand Pickup: More Roosh V Fallouts


The media and pickup are no friends whatsoever.

I’ve said this years ago but many seem to not understand.

The mainstream will never accept pick-up artistry as a way to dating.

It kills me when guys in pickup, companies and lone wolves, seek to gain acceptance from the mainstream media, but undoubtedly get fucked in the rear end by the same media that featured them to begin with.

The mainstream media gets it wrong all the time when they equate pickup to some form of rape method.

My Asian buddy from Vancouver, Canada, Jan, of Jan Lifestyle, posted a link about Roosh Valizadeh to Facebook yesterday, where he (Jan) was mentioned along with Roosh as seedy characters in the pick-up world, teaching men how to hate, harass and manipulate women.

A gross mis-characterization of both guys and pick-up in itself.

How can one be a pick-up artist yet hate women at the same time is beyond me…but that’s for another article!

The article link which was posted by Jan, was not only disgusting and downright scandalous, but the publisher gets it wrong all of the time!

The blatant biasness was blaring in the vancitybuzz article which can be seen here.

I guess on the bright side- if there’s any- coming from that article- is the exposure that Jan received, though it was character-assassination in my book.


Roosh, RooshV, Daryush Valizadeh: Did He Finally F$#k Himself Up?

Off the heels of the Julien Blanc global explosion and implosion little over a year ago, my former nemesis, Roosh V, not long afterwards, became the next villain in the pick-up and game world to go global…and I don’t mean in a good way.

Everyone who’s been around here since the beginning would’ve known about my public fights with Roosh V on social media and throughout the game-sphere.

In fact, when the war between Roosh and I popped off in late 2012, I published a string of posts, back to back, taking shots at RooshV.

Socialkenny’s (Public) Message Of War Against Douche V aka Roosh V

RooshV The Chode Still Censoring Comments On His Blogs

Socialkenny Decides To Give RooshV “Virgin” A Break [1 Day Roosh Bashing Spree ends]

My disagreement with Roosh Valizadeh was never on game/pickup.

Admittedly; I have no issues with Roosh’s teachings on pickup, and I have been a subscriber to his writings since his personal blog first launched many years ago.

I just don’t subscribe to his politics and Right-Winged world views. But pick-up wise; I love his shit!

Roosh and I had issues because of some catty shit he did on Twitter, among other things which pissed me off.

Nevertheless, I squashed our beef, primarily because of the urging of other guys within the so-called Manopshere who seen our war as a bad look for guys who were looking to learn game from our writings.

Hence, I relented.

In light of that, I held no animosity towards Roosh (Roosh Valizadeh), the DC bachelor.

However, I believe that his radical politics have caught up to him.

What actually fucked Roosh from the beginning are Right-Wing nuts like his cohort, Roissy, better known as Chateau Heartiste, who seemed to have dragged RooshV into the politics of men’s affair, but on a radical level.

This all spawned the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM); a so-called movement for men, which was supposed to be the answer to feminism.

However, even Roosh himself ultimately came to face the reality and admit that the Men’s Rights Movement is a pile of crap that could never rival feminism, nor could it defend men 1 bit.

The Men’s Rights Movement Is Dead

Nevertheless, Roosh was seduced into, and radicalized by the Men’s Rights nut-job movement, of which he was a co-founder if I’m not mistaken.

It was all fine and well while he stuck to teaching pickup. But as Roosh got lured deeper and deeper into the Right-Winged politics, partly aided on nut-job losers such as Heartiste, I could’ve foreseen an ultimate shit-storm and end to Roosh’s career.

It was just a matter of time until shit caught up to RooshV. And as I stated before; it was never about his game and pick-up ideologies.

Women, or feminists weren’t mad at Roosh for his views on dating and hooking up!

Roosh’s take on dating is no different than mines, nor any other guy who teaches pickup!

The anti-women sentiments, and anti-political system rhetoric were what eventually done Roosh in.

Women have no problems with men who teach how to get laid!

For crying out loud; women are the biggest supporters of PUA’s in that women advocate for men to man up and approach them…which is what we teach in pickup.

However, to incite and launch and almost all-out war against feminists was an ass-backwards move from the gate!


I abhor feminism just as ardently as Roosh does. But you don’t see me shouting that shit from atop Mt. Everest, or creating blogs from which to attack feminists!

Hence, Roosh might have bit off more than he could chew. Well- he actually did.

Now the question is: is/was RooshV looking fame?

Was this all just a publicity stunt as was the case with Julien Blanc who actually wanted to be the world’s villain?

Was Roosh Valizadeh saying the shit he said just for reaction and stir (though the media as usual misconstrue things and take them out of context)?

In any case, shit has hit the fan for him.

Yesterday, I received a link from a longtime subscriber of mines, The Food and Wine Hedonist, to a post on the Daily Mail which broke news of the new reality for Roosh V as he has now been receiving more death threats than OJ Simpson.

His living address has been published, his phone # and all, and this may get pretty ugly for him.


Not only that but they are mulling over whether to ban Roosh from Australia, England and Canada (politicians in said countries were recently petitioned about this).

Here’s the link to the Daily Mail which was shared with my by the Food and Wine Hedonist.

We’ll see how this unfolds within the coming days and weeks.

Juilen Blanc…A Year After The Media Drama

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I checked out any video from Julien Blanc ever since his well publicized media crucifixion for what he teaches.

Since the situation, I felt that Julien had watered down his message and teachings because of the media which had painted him as a rapist of some sort.

What a horrible time it was though for the pickup community. I was even dragged into the fray as the PUA-hating featured an article where they mentioned me for coming to Julien’s aide as the situation broke.


In hopes to vindicate Julien, I even went out of my way to upload a video which I had stolen from the Biography network channel, to my channel.

The stolen video had hit immediately after the scandal in a timely fashion.

The segment on the Biography channel clarified for the masses that Julien Blanc wasn’t teaching men how to rape women, but how to chat them up.

In light of that, I honestly felt that Julien fell off and started to teach some watered-down crap, so I hadn’t watched any of his recent videos.

Interestingly enough, his latest video is some vintage shit: classic hard-hitting Julien Blanc.

I’m impressed that he’s back to teaching in his raw style.

How To Get A Girl On Tagged.Com…For Sex [The Shortcut You Never Took Advantage Of]


Among my many sexual exploits on social-media sites such as Facebook, is actually 1 of my favorite-online spots to pick up girls easily.

If you’re unfamiliar with Tagged, it is 1 of those quasi-dating/social-media websites which was overshadowed by Facebook as the Facebook mammoth hit the scene.

Prior to the launch and subsequent book of Facebook, was “the” online social-media giant trailing Myspace and possibly Hi5.

Interestingly enough, my brother back in New York City was the one who introduce me to Tagged, which completely went unnoticed to me as I was content with meeting women outside of the internet.

The hidden beauty about Tagged, though it’s a social-media platform, it operates as a quasi-dating site where people often frequent to meet new people.

Hence, Tagged is literally used in order to meet, date and hook up, which is a far cry from actual social-media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter which aren’t “let’s get to know each other” platforms.

Okay, presuming that you already have a account, which is why you happened to have stumbled upon this article through a Google search, I’ll spare you the tedious details of how the service and interface work.

There are 3 main features on Tagged which often go unnoticed by its male users.

How do I know this? Because I’m equally as guilty just as any other guy, of being ignorant to these ingenious shortcuts to getting laid on Tagged.

Also, from consultations with other dudes who use this platform, I was able to confirm that they too never took great notice of these 3 main features as far as their importance towards getting girls on Tagged.

What are those 3 main top-secret features which one can easily access with a basic account…might I add?

1.) Who recently viewed your profile

2.) Matches & Meet Me

3.) Who likes you

Matches/”Meet Me” on Tagged


The matches and meet me feature I assume is similar to that of Tinder’s…though I never used Tinder in my life so I can’t confirm with certainty.

Likely than not, the matches feature is akin to Tinder’s, and the system’s algorithm sort of does the work for you, based on your profile settings, info and so forth.

Guys generally take this feature for granted, just as I did for all these years.

For instance, the system would match me with numerous girls, 75% to my liking and specs, but that is as far as it went because I would disregard the match findings and move on to search for random hotties nevertheless.

Most male users usually do the same also.

Since men are hunters by nature and adaptation, we take a liking to the idea of hunting for the girl we want, rather than have her handed to us.

Hence, we tend to gloss over the matches which Tagged provides us based on our profile, and gingerly go about our business.

In hindsight; this is crazy insane!

Why pass up on women who fit your criteria, to then go through a tedious search and find mission, combing through tens of dozens of profiles just to find the same women whom Tagged already provided you as matches?

The no-brainer approach is to begin there and take advantage of your matches just as I’ve been doing over the past 8 months or so.

Just to touch on the “meet me” feature, whenever the girl matches, she can tap a button which will send you a notification telling you that so and so is waiting to meet you.

The below screenshot is a great example from my Tagged profile, where I received notification that so and so girl is waiting to meet me.


That is clearly a surefire way to discern who is into you and who is possible not.

Who Likes You


Another feature which I totally ignored for years is the “like” feature.

It is a quick-screening procedure or play, where Tagged presents you random profiles of the opposite sex (presuming your heterosexual), where you flip through a bunch of random profiles by tapping like, based on what you physically see in the girls’ profiles picture.

Since men are visually stimulated creatures as far as looks are concerned, this ‘tap like’ feature is a no-brainer.

With that, if the girl on whose photo/profile you tapped like, fancies you, she is encouraged to hit like in return (that’s if she partakes in this feature)- and bingo- you 2 match!

The Tagged system would then send you notification that so-and-so likes you or has tapped like on your profile.

Hence, it is a shortcut to screen who’s into you and who isn’t.

However- again- most men neglect to even play this feature let alone act upon it.

In a microcosm, what this is actually saying (neglecting to respond to your likes) is that you’re rejecting girls who are (in)directly telling you that they like you!

How many possible lays and chances at getting girls have slipped out of your hands just by neglecting to respond to your likes?

Insane when you think about it, right?

Who recently viewed your Profile


Another great feature, a free feature might I add, arguable the best in my estimation, is the “who viewed your profile” feature.

Unlike Facebook which bars this feature because of privacy concerns I gather, you can actually see which girls (or guys) been snooping around and checking you out but are too timid to send you a personal message.

This is a great fucking feature which I’d been utilizing to get quick sex on Tagged for many years now!

It is the shortest shortcut among shortcuts!

It is the biggest IOI/SOI (Sign of Interest) as we pick-up artists would term it, coming from women on Tagged, excluding an all-out message.

Without a doubt, if a girl had viewed your profile (unsolicited), 9 in 10 times, this would indicate some sort of interest on her part…or at least curiosity about you.

Why else would she had checked out your profile, right?

“Hint, Hint”!

Assume interest because there likely is.

Action steps towards getting a girl on Tagged

Now here’s the thing, and the part where most guys foolishly go wrong again: they assume that if a girl actually likes them, she would message them.


Whether you match, whether she hits like on your profile photo, whether she’s been viewing your profile over the previous days, or whether she hits the “I would like to meet you button”- chances are- she will NOT take the initiative to message you!

As a man, it is actually foolish to expect and to want to believe that a woman should and will take the initiative to actively pursue you (i.e. message you)!

Why won’t she?

Women aren’t hunters and aren’t chasers (of men)!

Men do the courting and chasing! Not women!

Hence, no matter how much she fancies you and how often she views your Tagged profile; she will NOT send you a private message!

You on the other hand will have to do that yourself bro.

You already have 80% of the game won thanks to algorithm and free features.

You already know that the girl likes you.

Now it is up to you to complete the menial 20% towards getting laid on Tagged.

The hidden beauty here opposed from if you were randomly browsing profiles, is that since the girl would have already indicated her fondness of you, there isn’t much work for you to do as far trying to generate and build attraction, because the girl is already attracted to you by virtue of the fact that she manually hit like on your Tagged profile pic, or she had matched up.

That is 80% of the work done by Tagged itself and the girl herself!

She’s attracted to you, and she admittedly likes you!

Hence, there is no real need for you to have to game the girl as if it were a cold-approach situation where you would have been required to build attraction from scratch via game and social skills.

The only time you need game per se, in order to meet, pick up and sleep with girls on Tagged, is if you randomly message girls while browsing profiles through the browse pane.

That would have essentially been a cold approach pick-up attempt where you would have to spark interest out of thin air with the girl…granted this is how I pick up 99.5% of girls on Tagged anyway…but that’s because I’m a master pick-up artist who’s been doing this shit for many years. ;) :smile:

Be as it may, your work has been made easier for you, thanks to those 3 features mentioned above, so it is pretty much up to you to not fuck it up by being a boring lame.

Your next move is simply to message the girl(s) whom you like in return, and those whom Tagged had matched you up with based on what you’re looking for, your interests and so forth.

There are of course times when Tagged would match you with women who aren’t to your liking. And also cases where girls who viewed your profile aren’t to your liking neither.

You can simply ignore those and only message the ones to your liking.

Also, before actually going ahead to message the girl, you can take another strategy out of my nifty playbook and comment on her Tagged status/update, or leave a comment on a photo or 2 of hers. :)

What this does is that it sort of teases her [in a good way] and let’s her know that you know that she likes you.

Okay, so how would you go about doing this?

Instead of inboxing her firstly, elect to leave a comment on her photo or most recent status, while putting off your would-be initial message for the following day.

She will likely respond to your comment and say to herself, “Wait a minute! I just checked out his profile the other day but didn’t have the cojones to contact him. Our liking must be mutual since he’s now reaching out to me”!

Then you can go ahead and inbox her after she would have responded to your comment on her pic or status update!

Mind you: this step is completely optional.

You do not actually have to comment on her stuff before sending her a message.

Look at it as a bit of flirting before going for the kill [the inbox message].

Note: what kind of comment should you leave on her pic or status?

Please ensure that it isn’t any ass-kissing, complementing, “you are so pretty” comment!

Read this recent post of mines to get a great idea of what not to do and what to do as it pertains to commenting on hot girl’s photos.

When all that would’ve been done; then message the girl(s)!

I must reiterate: since she already likes you, and has indirectly indicated so, your initial message does NOT have to be gamey neither elaborate.

Here are some censored screenshots of countless of random hotties from last year whom I messaged on Tagged, all of whom I picked up, and some of whom I slept with.
[My messages in gray. Girl’s in white]


By the way, “liming” (such as a lime) is a Caribbean English term meaning “hanging out” or to frequent.









If you’re used to my work- or better yet my hobby- you would clearly notice from the chatlogs that this is as non-gamey as it gets for me.

Shoot straight for 2 points when you do message the girl as you would’ve noticed from my chats:

1.) Let’s get to know each other/meet up

2.) Grab a phone number

Generally, this would be a non-ideal and counterproductive strategy (shooting for those 2 points straight away) since not much rapport was built.

It is a strategic blunder to go for the phone number within such short span of time (minutes of exchanging messages).

However, I got away with straight shooting, and you too will get away with it, because of what I mentioned throughout this segment of the article: the girl already likes me so there’s no need to prolong grabbing the inevitable phone number.

I also want to caution you that the theme of your messages such remained based on the 2 bulletpoints above (and below):

1.) Suggesting a meet-up

2.) Exchanging phone numbers

You are not contacting the girl just to chitchat, neither to become her texting-pals!

You’re looking to get laid on Tagged, get dates on Tagged, and ultimately get a girlfriend from Tagged, or the option of becoming an ardent dater for casual encounters.

With that in mind, your approach should be strictly business from your messages.

After you will have gotten her phone number, then is where you will have needed to have some form of gamey and attraction-filled text-game structure in order to hold the girl’s attention before you 2 meet up for a date or “netflix and chill”. :twisted:

If you need some pertinent examples of how to text girls, you will want to check out the following 2 videos of mines.

For more tactics on how to pick up girls on any online-dating site, you can grab your copy of my renown e-product, Kenny’s PUA Online Dating Method.

It is centered around getting laid on Plenty of Fish. But every single tip and tweak is applicable to any online-dating site.

Take It Or Leave It Frame [Big Boobs Mean Nothing]

Hey guys, previous article, I concluded on the note of “take it or leave it”, where I spoke about the attitude in which you should embody when trying to hook up with women.

Here’s a little tidbit on that note: if a girl ever so slightly senses that you ‘need’ her; she will fuck with your head!

If she for a second gets the impression that all of your eggs are in 1 basket- her basket- she will not only mess with your head, but she will lose interest altogether.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to give the girl the impression through text, telephone or in person, that you do not need her.

Not only that, but you are willing to stick to your guns even if it means calling things off altogether.

Case in point; weeks ago on Facebook, I picked up a random hottie who has the most luscious tits I’ve laid eyes on in a long time.

With that: I ingeniously nicknamed her “Big Boobs”. ;)

Here’s the deal: I’ve had this cat in the bag for a while, and sex with her is a forgone conclusion. However, because I have many chicks in the pipeline of which to bang, hooking up with this big-boobed girl kept being bumped back.

Days ago though, I was surprisingly bored as hell 1 morning- and overly horny and up for a blowjob- I contacted her.
[My texts in green. Hers in white]


Now here’s the thing; this girl and I had frame-battled over the subject of oral sex before.

Her position is clear: she claims that she doesn’t suck cock, thus doesn’t want to give me a blowjob if I were to go see her…though sex is in the bag.

My position is also clear: I want my cock sucked, thus I won’t go see her unless she commits to sucking.

We’re now at a stalemate!

She wants me to give her cunnilingus without giving me a blowjob.

Not fair!

Most guys however would still go see the girl, satisfy her desires and put his on the back-burner just to get laid.

I have no issues with that.

There are times where I have yielded and gone through anyway.

Mostly though, if the DTF girl doesn’t commit to my sexual needs; I would call off the sex altogether.



No- really- such a move ties into the theme of this post, which is there are times when and where you should stick to your guns and “take it or leave it”.

For certain; this chick has been DTF. But I can take it or leave.

That is my attitude with her and with women in general.

If I don’t get my needs met: I call it off!

Women do this all the time!

Hence, you must also play hardball and be willing to sacrifice easy sex just to get a salient point across.

On a final note, with abundance of women in your life from whom to choose from, no single girl will ever hold you hostage with sex.


Stop Openly Drooling Over Hot Girls On The Internet + Women Are Not As Sluty As We Men Believe


Facebook game is a delicate art as I speak about ad nauseum.

You can either fumble it or become masterful at it.

Unfortunately- most guys fumble it like a hot potato.

Consequently, most guys neglect to realize that Facebook is NOT an online-dating site!

Chicks aren’t using Facebook primarily to get laid!

They aren’t even using it to get laid period!

There exist tons of online-dating website: everything from hookup sites, social media + dating sites, etc.

If chicks really were in search of dick online, they would chose from a myriad of websites in which to achieve that aim…and they do.

However, Facebook isn’t 1 such website.

Chicks use Facebook for everything except to get laid.

It is no big secret that women enjoy the liberty of having dicks at their disposal wherever and whenever they desire to.

Women do no have shortage of cocks in their life.

It is just that women are very selective and particular about the type of men they allow to grace the insides of their vaginal corridor.

It is because of this reality I recently made a declaration that women aren’t slutty as we men may think them to be.

If we were to put women in our shoes and trade places for a week, to where we men were the ones with loads of options in the opposite sex, men would actually go pussy-crazed and literally try to fuck every single 1 of his options as quickly as humanly possible!

Men would rarely discriminate if we were to have such options and powers of selectivity as women do.

On the other hand, women do have choices and options of cocks to chose from, yet women are very discriminative and selective, and they are NOT out there fucking every Joe Blow who presents them a brand-new shiny dick!

A girl cannot realistically allow every guy who fancies her to have sex with her…or he vaj would be out of commission for life by week 2.

Thus, she has to be ultra-selective, has to discriminate, has to be choosy and has to screen and filter the men who approach her.

A male on the other hand, if he were to have the option of 10 new-hot girls per week vying for their chance to fuck him; he would literally try to fuck all 10 girls within the shortest amount of time possible! :lol:

A female, on the contrary, would scale down the 10 new-hot guys trying to fuck her, and select the most sex-worthy and Alpha of the 10.

She wouldn’t try to fuck all 10 guys on the basis that they are hot!

Therefore, as much as guys may want to believe that women are slutty-little androids, salivating at their chance to fuck a new guy every other day; it is not so…at all!

We men must also bear in mind that women choose the men whom they have sex with, based on different criteria.

For men; it is all about looks!

As long as she has tits, ass and a cute face- or either 1 of those 3 attributes- she is deemed fuckable!

As for women: they more so (and by far) take into consideration the non-physical qualities in the guy…such as his behavior, attitude, style, swag, lingo, confidence, aura, etc, etc, etc.

Not many guys fit her criterion.

On a related note, you must also realize that women have pregnancy to contend with.

In other words; she cannot just let any Joe Blow fuck her, because he can actually impregnate her and knock her off of the dating and mating market for an entire year!

That means she has to endure almost a full year with low-self esteem issues, thinking herself as fat and unattractive, bloated all the time, hormonal changes for the worse…and those are just the tip of the iceberg.

Hence, she has way more to lose by wantonly sleeping around with any old dude who comes along…so she doesn’t do so…which is why she’s so selective and discriminative, has criteria and blows off tons of guys [figuratively speaking ;) ].

A male on the other hand has nothing to worry about (physiologically and biologically) if he sleeps around wantonly with 10 new girls per week…though STI’s from unprotected sex can put a damper on things.

In any case, a guy can realistically sleep with a new girl every single day for the next 2 years- even impregnating a handful of them- without trepidation of being put off of the dating market as in the case of pregnancy.

Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t so-called sluts [though as a PUA, we are encouraged not to view women as sluts…and we don’t], and lots of women sleep around. But it is done with selectivity nevertheless. She isn’t just banging every guy as a man would if he were to have those options.

There is no imperical datum and statistic on this- at least not that I know of- but from my observation, experience and time around women and dealing with women (innumerable amounts of them), I am reasonably led to believe that the average girl who’s sexually active and claims to be single, has roughly 2 sexual partners at the moment, and will maintain this trend for the duration until she either gets into a relationship, marriage or gets too old to be deemed sex-worthy.

Occasionally, a girl who’s so-called single will deviate from her customary pattern and bang an extra guy (a third). But for the most part, the average girl who “claims” to be single, will have been sleeping with 2 guys on average during her “claimed” single-hood.

She may sleep with guy 1 on Monday, for instance, then guy 2 sometime midweek.

She will continue to alternately sleep with both guys, periodically subbing 1 of the 2 for a 3rd. guy.

This “subbing” is due to the fact that she may realistically have a fallout with 1 guy (for myriads of reasons), and decide to sub him out for another, in order to keep that #2 slot filled.

Quite often also, she would at times be content with just screwing 1 guy for the duration if she doesn’t see a worthy guy who can fill that #2 slot.

With all that being said on that matter, women are not maxing out their sex opportunities by sleeping with dozens of guys during a specific rotation.

The average Jane is fine with having just 2 cocks- the same 2 cocks might I add- for the next 6-8 months, even though there are 20 hot-new cocks knocking at her door on a daily basis!

Hence, women are not actual sluts as we may think they are. Because if a guy realistically had 20 hot girls knocking on his door, ready, willing and able to spread those legs for him, he would fuck all 20 of them! :)

“Ok Kenny, so what does this major digression have to do with guys openly hitting on girls online and why they shouldn’t do so”?

Simple: girls have many options outside of the internet and on online-dating sites, so there is no need for them to jump on Facebook and social media, actively in search of cock. Hence the reason they don’t actively, nor passively use Facebook in hopes to meet men!

This however, doesn’t at all mean that they cannot be picked up on Facebook!

I think I’ve already demonstrated hand over fist that women can be picked up easily on Facebook.

It is just that guys go about this the wrong way!

What is 1 such “wrong way” in which guys go about trying to attract and sleep with hotties from Facebook?

Drooling, Slobbering, Salivating, Thirsting, Beasting and openly Hitting on girls via statuses and updates posted by hotties.

Exhibit A: yesterday, a hottie on Facebook posted a pic and status about rearranging her furnitures.

Let the thirst begin!


What was so eye-opening about those comments?

Every guy’s comment got blatantly and purposely ignored but mines. ;)

Also as interesting: my comment was the lamest in the sense that it wasn’t elaborate, wasn’t smooth, wasn’t sexy and wasn’t romantic.

It wasn’t no “I love yous”!

However, the beauty lies in just that: a cheeky comment.

You see, hot girls- women in general- have a sixth sense for spotting bullshit, desperation and neediness in men.

Apart from that, hot chicks also get turned off by men who supplicate and offer their services as in a helping hand.

Take for instance the guy in the screenshot above who commented that he would’ve helped her rearrange her furnitures but she didn’t say anything.

In essence; he’s saying he wants to, and would’ve loved to provide help.

However, his comment was flat out ignored. So again- hot girls are NOT impressed by men who supplicate and provide their service/help when they (the girl) haven’t done anything to deserve the guy’s help.

My comment however, was the only one which had no desperation and thirst on it.

I wasn’t looking to give her a helping hand (supplication of her acceptance).
I wasn’t sneakily trying to get her to invite me over.

I wasn’t complimenting her!

I wasn’t telling her how ripe her boobs are, or how much I’m in love with her!

My comment was dismissive of her hotness: beauty, tits and ass.

Side note: If you want to get a hot girl’s attention (online), disregard her beauty.

Treat her as though she’s an ugly duckling!

How do you achieve this?

Simply by not fawning over her, and not commenting about her beauty or physical assets…just as I strategically demonstrated with my comment which was the only 1 that stood out from the pack of Beta’s.

For shits and giggles, other guys commented after I did. They too got ignored for their lamery and downright neediness. :)


Allow me to drill this point home: if an ugly girl, or someone whom those guys weren’t attracted to, were to have posted that status to Facebook, would those guys have acted the way they did by ass-kissing, offering help, saying “I love you”, etc?

Of course not!

Well- why not treat a hot girl like you would an ugly girl then?

Why not comment in a way which totally dismisses yourself as a potential suitor…as I did?

To us pick-up artists – at least the skilled ones like myself- this technique is called a “False Disqualifier”.

It is when you treat a girl whom you truly desire, as though you don’t want her at all.

Instead of outright hitting on her for the world to see, you would elect to not hit on her at all, thus lowering her perceived-social value so she thinks to herself that you- the guy- are the prize, and not her.

Furthermore, whenever you disregard and dismiss a hot girl’s hotness and beauty by not acknowledging her hotness and beauty at all, it makes her feel inadequate and doubtful about her beauty.

You don’t want to tell a hot girl that she’s fucking hot!

Ok- sure you do and can do so- but you don’t want that fact to be out there too early, or the girl gets to feeling that you’re some lame-ass chump who rarely interacts with women of her caliber.

Though this may strike you as contradicting; I often tell hot girls that they are hot!

However, it is the context and timing that make it work whenever I tell a girl on Facebook that she’s hot, opposed from when you say it, and you get flat-out ignored and dismissed.

Sub-communication is key also.

As I mentioned previously, a woman can sense desperation from a mile away.

She has clairvoyant abilities out the ass!

Therefore, when you tell a hot girl on Facebook that she’s beautiful, she instantly gets turned off because she can sense that your comment is either coming from a position of desperation, neediness or lacking.

Now, when I tell a hot girl online that she’s beautiful [which I never ever do BTW: I would say “sexy” instead of beautiful], she doesn’t get turned off because her perceptive abilities sense that I am NOT operating from a frame of desperation, nor was I telling her that she’s beautiful from a position of neediness and low value.

Therefore, context and the vibe you give off are key to attracting women on Facebook.

What you’ll get away with is depended upon what the girl senses from your vibe [“is he desperate or free-spirited :?: ].

Furthermore, the risk you run by hitting on a hot girl on Facebook, is that doing so would have communicated to her that you aren’t the type of guy who is accustomed to having hot women in his company.

I hinted to this point in the previous article [Fat girls and marketplace value], that if you want a 10, you must first have to be a 10 or act the part of a 10!

In other words, if you’re a guy who’s a 6, for argument sake [personality and lifestyle-wise], in order to snag yourself a girl who’s a 10, you will have to behave like a man who’s a 10!

Tens only get with 10’s…unless you’re a wealthy-old white billionaire who can afford to buy an island! Only then will a girl who’s a 10 take you on board if you yourself isn’t a 10.

Oh- and in 1 other case- you’re a sugar-daddy and are being used for monetary purposes.

However, if you aren’t looking to buy a 10, then you must firstly have to be a 10 or behave like a 10.

For the record- I can’t keep myself from having to have to reiterate the following point: a guy who’s deemed a 10 by women, has little to do with his looks, his face, nor his 6-pac abs!

What makes a guy a 10, or any other # on the attraction and looks scale for that matter, is his personality, attitude and vibe.


Anyways, so how do you attract a 10 in general?

Treat her like a 6 [“False Disqualifier”] while giving her the impression that you are a 10, and that you routinely enjoy the company of women who are 10’s.

In fact, ignoring her hotness will simultaneously give her the impression that you’re accustomed to dealing with hotter girls.

Therefore, it doesn’t take any voodoo-istic charm nor complicated routine in order to get the girl to think that you usually date girls hotter than she is.

The bare-minimum requirement is to simply refrain from hitting on her openly (as via comments on Facebook), restrain yourself from drooling over her pics and selfies, all while turning a blind eye to her hotness.

Listen man, hot chicks know that they are hot!

No need pointing out the fucking obvious!

This is why she doesn’t even pay mind to your comments because you aren’t telling her anything that she hasn’t already heard ad nauseum for the fucking day!

You think you’re the only guy for the day who told her that she’s hot, or that you love her!?

Fucks no!

Twenty other chumps already beat you to it! Just as she’d ignored them; she will ignore you!

Telling a hot girl, whether on Facebook or in person, that she’s hot, is essentially saying to her that you aren’t used to talking to girls of her caliber…hence the reason she rejected you because you aren’t in her virtual league.

With that, you must give hot women the impression that hot women, according to your standards, aren’t these frikkin’ idolized goddesses with whom you have minimal to zero contact.

Give her the impression that hot girls come and go!

You wouldn’t go crazy over Masa Toro with caviar if you’re accustomed to eating it [$240 a plate] at Bar Masa in Downtown, Manhattan every weekend, would you?

We humans only go crazy over things that are out of our reach, and which we place high value on…such as a hot girl talking to us, pricey cars, precious jewelry, etc.

However, if you’re accustomed to lavish things, you won’t at all go crazy over them.

The hot girl with perfect boobs, shapely ass and the cutest face, won’t at all excite you, neither will you be propelled to leave kiss-ass comments on her Facebook statuses and pics…as though you never laid eyes on a stunner before!

By the way, this mindset/frame of mines isn’t just applicable to the hottest girls.

You want to adopt this frame of mines with women in general (online especially): regardless of how high or low they register on the proverbial hot meter.

If she’s an HB8; treat her like a 4!

Instead of pointing out how beautiful she is whenever she posts selfies with caption, “I’m so beautiful”, point to something random in her photo which has nothing to do with her looks, and comment on that.

Here’s another tangent that you might not be aware of: women often post photos and statuses to Facebook in order to fish for attention and validation from men.

They want guys to scoop their poop!

Ironically, the guys who fall for this bait and do comment something lovely and complementing, are almost always the ones to get rejected by the girls who were coyly baiting them to praise them in the first place!

On 1 hand: women do want the praise and validation whenever they post stuff. But they get turned off by the guys who actually offer those validating words.

It isn’t that women are confused bitches who don’t know what they want.

More so, men are the problem, as we fed into the media and pop-culture hype and lies about what women really want in a man.

Coupled with that, are parents (mothers primarily), who at a tender age, feed their sons garbage about how women are queens and should be treated likewise.

I have no qualms with girls being princesses and queens and demanding to be treated as such! But dammit- boys are princes and kings by virtue of equity, and we demand to be treated as such…that’s if women want to be treated like royalty!

Let’s be fair about it! And that is the problem with mothers and the western media; they pump the “treat women like princesses” rhetoric, yet they forgot to mention that boys/men should also be treated like royalty.

Anyway, at the end of the day, women are NOT looking to have their poop scooped, and they are NOT looking to be treated like queens! Because at no point in human history, women on a whole as a gender, was treated like royalty.

If you’re in doubt as to my claims that women were always the subordinates to men: you can simply consult the Bible or the Quraan if you subscribe to the religious philosophies.

With that, because women in human history aren’t used to being pedestalized and deified like goddesses, they don’t know how to act accordingly if a guy were to treat them as such.

This is why whenever you treat a girl (too) nicely, ingratitude quickly sets in and she takes you for granted and subsequently treats you like disposable goods.

We’re all all-too-familiar with the cliché, “Nice guys finish last”.

As cliche as it is: there are lots truth to it…and most quote unquote nice guys can attest to this [I was also a nice guy].

Women aren’t fucking over badboys or taking advantage of guys who aren’t taking care of their every need.

They’re only screwing over so-called good guys. And this is because women don’t want to be spoiled rotten by men. And even if she verbally claims that that is what she wants, chances are, she won’t know how to manage it, therefore she would screw it all up by taking the nice guy for granted, cheat on him and subsequently dump him.

In light of the mouthful I said about women historically aren’t accustomed to praise-worthy treatment from men, you should now get an even more clearer picture of why women on Facebook often repel men who openly laud them with praises and direct compliments.

You want to give off the impression that communication with women of her caliber is customary for you.

You cannot appear to genuinely give off this impression if you’re drooling over women’s pics and statuses!

That is NOT the way in which a guy with options behave!

You must be able to walk through a den of lions and keep your cool…at least on the surface!

Learn to harbor an “I can take it or leave it” attitude.

Women find that interesting and appealing!

Personally, I’m so accustomed to sleeping with random hotties (from Facebook) that I can take it or leave it. Not only do I embody and exude this belief; but I live it.

I will talk more about this in a subsequent post.

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