Dealing With Bitchy Girls And Snobby Attitudes [Shit Tests]

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Wish I’d caught this on video to better illustrate for you guys.

While grabbing a drink at a road-side vending stand, 2 girls [1 apparently very bitchy] were in line debating about who’s cuter, in reference to 2 NDF [National Defense Force] military guys who had just walked by.

I butted in:

“None of them are cute OK”!

Why did I do this?

Five reasons:

1.) I was bored.

2.) Why the hell not?

3.) I have to live up to my pseudonym as “Social” Kenny.

4.) I’m a dick-head at times.

5.) Doing so will consistently build my resistance to dealing with bitchy girls and shit tests.

All the reasons you should also butt in conversations instead of standing there muted like a mannequin.

Ok, so I said to the 2 girls [1 being apparently bitchy]: “None of those soldier guys are cute”.

Both girls kinda paused for a nanosecond being taken aback by the social jolt and ballsiness then they giggled at what I said.

They kept on talking, I butted in again shortly with another snarky remark, the pleasant girl chuckled but the bitchy one said to me [as expected]:

“We weren’t talking to you”!

Alright, before I proceed, to those unfamiliar with Pickup, this’ what we call “Shit Tests” and or Congruence Testing.

It’s when a girl challenges you with a trivial or rude question, or she says something rudely to you.

The purpose of a shit test could be to get you to leave or simply to push your buttons [most of this done unconsciously].

Whether the bitchy girl wanted me to leave or was just testing to see if I was a man or a man-boy; I really didn’t give a shit.

My purpose derived from the 5 pointers I’d cited earlier:

1.) I was bored.

2.) Why the hell not?

3.) I have to live up to my pseudonym as “Social” Kenny.

4.) I’m a dick-head at time.

5.) Doing so consistently will build my resistance to dealing with bitchy girls and shit tests.

I was NOT trying to pick them up.

Anyway, so shit test it is:

Bitchy girl: “We weren’t talking to you”!

Now how do you handle this?

The worst way is to become visibly affected in a negative way or to lap your tail and silently fade away out of embarrassment.

Doing so means you FAIL the girl’s shit tests and you showcased how much of a social-inept pussy you are!

What I did instead:

* Stayed there

* Remained unaffected (negatively)

* Looked at her with a sly smile

* Continued to listen to the convo

Me: “Listen, those military guys are not hot. I’m hot! I’m hot as the sun baby”!

Shit test PASSED in flying colors!

Both girls smiled and laughed…even the bitchy one who said to me: “We weren’t talking to you”.

This time, the bitchy girl doubles down and reissues another test but a “Congruence Test”:

Bitchy girl: “Who fooled you that you were hot”!

I simply smiled, waved bye, paid for a coke and left.

Had I had the time to burn, I would stay and chat shit with those girls strictly to further strengthen my shit-test management skills and to polish my social vibing.

The sly smile alone before leaving in response to her backhanded question, was enough to handle the congruence test.

Guys, the lesson here is twofold:

Never back down from a verbal challenge or bitchy remark coming from a woman.

Women really mean well but they often times have to test you in order to discern whether you’re a time-waster and a guy who’s easily ruffled and thrown off his game, or a playfully stern guy who doesn’t get frazzled in the face of backlash.

Another lesson you can take away from me being a dick with this set is the practice value.

Most of your time spent outside of the confines of your home should involve fine tuning your craft with women in some way or another.

For instance, I work at a specific firm from A PM to 4 PM few days of the week.

On my way to and from work, I’m keen on any little aspect of the commute which can help me better learn how to understand women, learn how to communicate with people in general and learn how to get laid in various ways.

While at work itself, I’m super keen on the social dynamics of the room and how to spot certain nuances and intricate details of male-female interactions between I and my coworkers and potential clientèles.

On my lunch break, I spend it picking up new chicks, shooting amateur footage and fucking around with random girls on the way.

This video illustrates just that:

While in line at the snack joint or grabbing a hot dog at a roadside vendor, I’m bantering with the cashiers, chicks in line and so forth.

I’m field testing routines and theories of seduction.

I’m gauging how little or much I can get away with, pushing buttons, etc.

Hence, each day or night that you’re out for whatever reason, you should be learning, teaching, testing, flirting and doing whatever it takes to learn more about social dynamics and interactions.

Screw The 2%! They’re The Reason You’re Not Getting Laid

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Two percent is sort of a rough estimation that I throw out there.

I surmise that you probably know, talk to, or grew up with about 2% of the women in your town or city.

That # may fluctuate but it really doesn’t matter.

The point is: you- the average guy- is likely dabbling with the 2% of women in your town who aren’t interested in hooking up with you.

Those 2% of girls, since they grew up with you or around you, they’re reminded of your pre-Pickup days when you were still that loser dude who they didn’t want anything intimate to do with…which is why they’d friendzoned you.

However, the average guy who just doesn’t get it, will spend his entire life chasing those 2%’ers who have already written him off 10 years ago or perhaps 2 months ago.

Since guys aren’t accustomed to meeting women through stranger approaches as we do in Pickup, they don’t even consider the remaining 98% of girls in their city or town whom they could likely seduce.

This is why I say screw the 2% of women whom you’re already acquainted with, instead pursue the 98% whom you’ve been alienating.

Check out the video to get the full breakdown of why and how this is practical [seducing the 98%].

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

Girls Want Sex Too [Detailed Article]

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photo courtsey of

photo courtsey of

Yep- girls want to get fucked just as much as we men want to fuck!

My latest video on women and sex sparked an interesting discussion through the social-media vine.

In the same token, guys were looking clarity on the subject and how to apply that information to their interactions, so here is the article to address it all.

First thing that we must realize and fully embrace it, is that chicks dig sex more than guys do.

Whether this is true or not; hold it as truth!

If you don’t already believe this, then it makes no sense reading any further.

Alright, if you’re still here, allow me to continue.

Wanting and liking sex isn’t the dilemma for women.

The problem is, that guys seem to not believe this so they inadvertently hoist women atop of a pedestal which they don’t exactly want to be in the first place.

Women on a whole want to be perceived as sexual saints but they don’t want to be treated as such.

The innate contradiction in such a statement is what puzzles the shit out of most men: “do women want to be treated as sexual objects or not”?

This depends from which angle you’re viewing it. But the law of expectation applies here: if you expect a girl to act like a prudish damsel then that’s what she’ll be.

If you expect her to be a normal-fucking person with normal-human desires for normal-human functions such as sex, then a sexually opened person she’ll become in your presence.

This is what you must understand about the social workings of women: they’re socially conditioned to behave a certain way depended on the guy or gal with who they’re interacting.

You can’t expect a girl who’s at least half sane, to be sexually expressive and open with her college professor or the pastor at church, irrespective of how much she’s attracted to him…unless he’s sexually expressive with her [mutuality].

Therefore, she’s sane enough to mask her sexual expressiveness by acting accordingly with the individual with whom she’s currently interacting.

This is where most men go wrong. We interact with a woman whom we’re sexually attracted to, as though we are her life-coach or asexual gay-best friend.

In that case, why should this new girl be open to having sex with you?

On the other hand, if you interact with a woman as though you actually have a dick in your pants and that sex is normal; then she will act accordingly and allow her inner slut to hang out.

Hence it boils down to you, the guy, and the way in which you present yourself to women.

Ask yourself:

“Am I coming off as her potential lover, or her guidance counselor”?

Chances are, and be fucking honest, 9 in 10 times, you aim to project yourself as Mr. Do-The-Right-Thing.

Years ago, I came across a very important piece of advice through a seduction website which radically changed my dating life and results like never before:

“You cannot be a girl’s counselor and her fuck-friend at the same time”.

Now what this means in simpler terms is that you cannot preach to a girl that she should be a nice girl, faithful, get her education, etc. then at the same time, try to undermining everything by trying to fuck her.

I was notorious for making this mistake as most men do.

I wanted to counsel girls yet fuck them at the same time.

I would meet a girl, we’d connect solidly, I’d begin to share my opinions by indirectly preaching to her about what is right and wrong in life, then I’d wonder why she never fucks me but instead chooses to fuck the guy who isn’t preaching to her, neither is he encouraging her to stay in school, start a small business or any of that pious stuff.

Therefore I had to learn the hard way that it’s impossible to try to guide a girl aright and for her to be sexually selective with men, while expecting that she hops on your cock and become a dirty-little whore for you.

She now gets the big-brother vibe from you, so how the fuck then do you expect her to want to sleep with you- her older brother with gives her father-figure advice?

So it goes back to the original point I made earlier. In other words: you get what you give [karma style].

You encourage a girl (whether inadvertently) to be non-sexual or anti-slutty; she will behave non-sexual and give you the impression that she’s never sucked a cock in her life. :shock:

Now, what does this all have to do with women loving sex?

No matter how much she loves sex, she will act otherwise if you discourage her from being sexually free.

Hence a so-called slut will feign being Mother Theresa if she senses for a split second that you [the guy] are sexually non-expressive and anti-slut.

For the record; It’s very fucking easy to land yourself in that non-sexual bracket without doing much to put yourself there.

Guys who tend to land themselves there are ones who don’t believe in One-Night Stands thus their default-modus operandi is to go the “take-it-slow” route.

The problem with that frame is that a chick will NEVER EVER tell you that you’re moving too slow and that you need to move fast(er)!

Had you watched my last video, I spoke about a female cousin of mines [hope she isn't reading] who wanted sex so bad, that she had me sneak her through the window in order that she walk the town in search of a man who gets it.

Why I had to sneak her out is a story in and of itself.

Now the thing is, when my cousin got back to the house, obviously without getting a dick-fix, she complained to me about the 1 and 2 guys whom she did have an interaction with, that all they wanted was her phone # when in all reality: all she wanted was to get laid.

The thing is also, you’re expecting to see DTF written on a girl’s forehead as indication that she’s up for sex.

As an advanced seductionist: I can spot the elusive DTF signals, but as a less advanced guy (assuming you are), you won’t be able to spot subtle signs of DTF even if you had a fucking microscope fastened to your face.

What I’m saying here is that 9 in 10 girls whom you will encounter on a daily basis, will have been DTF…assuming they’re in their sexual prime!

Hence, you’re literally walking by women who are internally screaming SEX SEX SEX, while you, as the average Joe who’s lost to the Game, is preoccupied with DATE DATE DATE, # # #: essentially wasting women’s precious time.

Ok, so how do you counter this?

How do you stop the time wasting of chicks who are out for sex?

1.) First recognize that sexually active girls want sex.

2.) Stop counseling women whom you’re trying to fuck, on right and wrong.

3.) Quit making phone #’s your greatest aspiration when chatting up women. A phone # is a dead end (9 in 10 times).

4.) Make One-Night Stands your new aspiration.

When those 4 keynote pointers have been fully understood, you’ll be ready to get into the technique aspect of getting easy sex from women who also are in search of easy sex. But it first begins with the mindset and expectations.

I’ll put together a follow-up instructional article on how to put this all together.

In the meantime, check out my most recent video from last night just to give you a better perspective on the matter of women wanting sex.

Girls Want Sex Too [weekend-video message with a story]

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Yep- girls want to get fucked just as much as we men want to fuck!

While in the flow of my usual Friday night swing, I stopped off at the public locale to record this super-insightful video on women and sex.

You’ve heard by now that chicks want sex just as much as men do. But I took it a step further to really clarify this point with a real-world experience of mines involving a female relative.

Cheers to the weekend. And remember: girls want to fuck!

Also hit “like” on the Youtube video if you enjoyed the insight here:

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.


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